Re: Jenna/John NYC appearance

From Jenna Fischer’s latest MySpace blog:

IMPORTANT NOTE – Autograph Signing in NY on Thursday

Lauren from Brooklyn, NY wrote me and said that they starting giving out passes to the autograph signing starting TODAY the 19th. There are only 45 passes as John and I will only be at the store from 9-9:30am on Thursday. The first 45 people to buy a Season 2 DVD from the NBC Experience Store in NY, starting today, will get a pass for the signing on Thursday.


  1. Melissa – You serious?! So if someone was visiting NYC and got a ticket, they wouldn’t be allowed to see John or Jenna cause they didn’t live there? Gesshh, that is a rip off, lol! Gahh…New Yorker’s get all the luck.

  2. I’m not someone who would go to an autograph signing, but I think the way they did this stinks for anyone who would go from out of town. I realize they did it this way to try to avoid utter chaos given the limited amount of time. But to do a signing for only a half hour in the first place is a set up for disappointment, anger or even worse trouble. Bad idea, bad planning, lame.

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