Kate Flannery’s TV Guide blog debut

Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) now has her own TVGuide.com blog!

An excerpt from her first post:

I play Meredith on The Office (not on Grey’s Anatomy) and may I say: never underestimate the redheaded drunk in the back of the room. I get a lot of dirt. I will try to stay sober long enough to give you the full story. Okay, I’m not exactly a redheaded drunk, but I play one on TV.

Thanks to Denise for the tip!


  1. I think thats funny about the cast having their own security guards. I’m guessing that the majority of those guards are for John Krasinski. Someone needs to protect from the screaming ladies.

  2. So will we still be getting blogs from Jenna? Maybe they’ll trade off, or maybe it’s just Kate now. Anybody know?

  3. I’m pretty sure that in one of Jenna’s last blogs she said she’d not be doing it during the summer but would be coming back when the new season started up.

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