Reading Jenna Fischer

In the September issue of Esquire magazine, Jenna Fischer wrote an article called Ten Things You Don’t Know About Women.

Here is a video, created by Preston Conner and shot entirely on a camera phone, of various Office staff members (including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, Kate Flannery, Charles Esten, Ed Helms, John Sparano, and Dan Beals) reciting from the article.

Warning: Definitely NSFW! It’s pretty raunchy stuff …

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  1. I loved the Esquire article, but this…this is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen. Not only was it amazing in the first place, but then we had John Krasinski sitting on a man’s lap. And THEN we had a hot guy in a Red Sox hat.


  2. Did anyone notice that Rainn’s name is spelled wrong in the credits, it’s spelled Rainne and Carell has two R’s in it.

    Inside joke maybe?

  3. When I first read that article I was ROTF laughing. But this..this is the great…

    Yes John, get it all out of your system. :P

  4. I probably should have known better after Lollilove and the NSFW tag. But that was absolutely shocking.

    Are you sure that wasn’t Sarah Silverman?

    Not that it wasn’t funny — and I’m not saying I definitely did find it funny either — but I’m finding further affirmation that I’d rather date Pam Beesly than Jenna Fischer.

    And given that one is a fictional character and the other is a married, successful actress, I don’t think I have to concern myself with facing such a decision.

  5. Plain White Jim, your comment perplexes me. Now, I am in no way suggesting that you actually “go” for a married woman, but I, as a hetero female, find Jenna far more appealing than Pam. If nothing else, this article proves that she is eloquent, open, HILARIOUS, and liberal-minded. Strong, intelligent, LIBERATED women who have the courage and eloquence to speak out are pretty rare in this world. Jenna’s a treasure because she’s not afraid to get gritty, and it’s a smart kind of grittiness we’re talking about here. That’s pretty effin’ sexy. Good for her, don’t you think?

  6. Plain White Jim,

    Pam Beesly is sweet and kind and funny, but almost a little unrealistic. You just have to keep that in mind. I don’t know any women in real life like her. And why Pam over Jenna anyways? Pam isn’t very open and is a bit prudish in her ideals. Hell even Phyllis is more open than her (“yeah, you’d have to put out.”) It’s okay to like Pam because her character is really cute and likeable, but keep in mind that Jenna’s a real woman.

  7. My comments perplex myself as well. I’ll take whatever I can get, I don’t care.

    Either way, call me conservative (and I am), but I am finding myself lacking appreciation for the article the more I think about it. More disgusted actually.

    Different strokes y’all.

  8. Oooh yeah the hat guy was pretty smokin.
    Guys, this really isn’t thatt raunchy–definitely not as bad as Sarah Silverman at all, common!

    As The_Other_Bri said: That is hilarious, but where does it come from and why does it exist?

    I’m sort of confused? Cause if it was made by Jenna Fischer why are the names spelled wrong & other things just seem sketchy about it. Who knows

  9. Well it was written by Jenna Fischer but created by Preston Conner. I don’t know who that is but… ?

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  11. Calvin, here’s my hypothesis…

    The cast members don’t even know who Preston Conner is. He managed to sneak on set with his camera phone, and everyone just happened to be reading — out loud mind you — the same article from the same magazine.

    Feasible, no?

  12. I love it…
    Thanks guys for all your comments both pro and con. Tanster found my little video well before the youtube masses got a hold of it.
    It’s great to hear such varied reactions for the material.
    Here’s a little inside info for you die hard fans:

    We did this on set one day while the cast and crew were filming on separate sets at the same time. She [Jenna] didn’t know about it until it was done and I showed it to her hoping that she wouldn’t get mad about it. Luckily she was crying from laughter and suggested that I post it.

    I’m not a grip on the show…or a damn PA (not that there’s anything wrong with those professions)

    no inside joke, I just can’t spell for crap and didn’t have the crew/cast list when I put the credits on. Jokes on me.

    The guy in the Hat… I’m not sure if he wants his identity revealed but he seems to be quite beloved by the ladies. (And yes, he’s really dreamy in person too)

    I’m also surprised at how many people know the great scott tag… It was so obscure I thought it was just something for us Office folk.

    Glad you like it. Thanks for watching.

  13. Proudgirl, I think what Jenna Fischer wrote was funny, but I’m not sure it’s evidence of her eloquence or courage or intelligence. I’ve no doubt she has these qualities in abundance, but this column isn’t exactly proof of them.

    After all, this isn’t quite Susan B. Anthony demanding the franchise.

  14. this article was amazing. i don’t get HOW people can NOT love her after this. it’s just shocking.

  15. Jenna wrote that article for GQ magazine and those guys took it and had the cast/crew read it.

    If you think she is funny, you should read the stuff her husband James Gunn writes.

    Both are brilliant comedic writers.

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