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Thanks to Gene, Jill, Samuel, J, and everybody else who sent tips on the various articles! My inbox runneth over. ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, look at Jenna in that photo!! *jaw drops* Wow, she is so beautiful! Thanks for all the links also, tanster. :D

  2. That really is some photo, right up there with the Jane shot.

    Thanks for this collection of goodies, tan. It got me through a very, very slow, almost Dunder-Mifflin-esque afternoon at work today. Whoever said no news is good news didn’t work in news.

  3. wow this website rocks, thanks for these links. They give me the fix i need to keep me sane thru out the week. Thanks tanster.

  4. Yeah, CZJ, Roush gave one of the best reviews I’ve read…his take on the epis was like mine, except that I loved Dwight throughout, and I was a little more depressed at Jim’s transfer. But stellar review—great to see!

  5. Can someone explain the ratings numbers? Is the number before the slash millions and the number after percentage?

  6. I caught the tail end of a promo last night on NBC that was talking about Jim’s return. Did you see it Tanster? Can you provide a link to it?

  7. Thanks for all the great links! Okay, I want to know more about the NBC teaser of Jim’s return to Scranton!!!!!

  8. Thanks, tanster. I have now learned that it is a pretty tricky thing to get. I think I had a momentary grasp which has already turned to fog.

    I was, however, accidentally almost correct about the millions thing, since the estimated number of households with TVs happens to be 110 million something, so one rating point happens to be a little over a million.

    Anyway, it’s much easier when they say “30 million people watched American Idol last night.” That I can get.

  9. I think I had a momentary grasp which has already turned to fog.

    I agree with you completely, NSpector. I always understand it when I read the explanation, but then it leaves my brain immediately afterward.

  10. Author Meg Cabot also (briefly) mentioned “The Office” in her latest blog:

    “Oh, also, I keep missing all the new shows that are coming on, like HEROES and JERICHO and the season premieres of shows I want to see, like THE OFFICE…”

    I know it’s short and not very elaborate, but still.

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