1. Just thought this was worth a mention:
    Gay Witch Hunt has spent 2 days at the #1 bought TV episode spot on iTunes. The Office Season 3 is the most bought full season, Season 1 is the 4th most bought, and Season 2 is the 8th most bought. (Now, that may seem outrageous being how much better season 2 is, but, because its only 6 episodes, season 1 is only $11.94).

    Also, in new stock photos showing all of the capabilites of ipods, the office is used as its TV show example.

    A week or so ago, at a big product anouncement, dubbed “Its Showtime”, when talking about iTV (wikipedia it), Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple) showed the audience the “Philanderer” scene of Casino Night. (you can watch the webcast on apple.com)

  2. And the ratings will never reflect those stats. I mean, how many people downloaded the Grey’s Anatomy clip show the next day?

    As for S1, I don’t even have a video iPod, and I downloaded those six eps.

  3. Wow. That is so cool! I think the last thing I won was a baby guinea pig after our class pet reproduced. I’m so glad I don’t have to feed an iTunes Office episode.

    And J — a week or so before that, Amazon announced they would offer TV shows to buy as well and the Wall Street Journal used a picture of The Office on an iPod screen to tease the story on their front page. The front page of the most subscribed paper in the country. So cool!

  4. I’d just like to tell you that I got my Dwight on Friday (the 29th of Sept.) and I love him!!

    When I saw the UPS truck driving through my neighborhood, I started freaking out and ran to my front door to see if he came :) (And he did :):) )

    Thank you sooo much! I love you and your site! A belated congrats to all the episode winners too!

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