Rainn on Conan and Regis

  • Just a reminder that Rainn appears on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ tonight. Other guests include Stephen Colbert and Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials. I’ve confirmed this at NBC.com, TVGuide.com, Yahoo TV, and my TiVo. It’s a little confusing, because the show is on Wednesday late night and appears on the Wednesday schedule, but because the show starts after midnight, the correct date of the show is Thursday, July 13th.
  • Rainn will also appear on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ tomorrow morning.
  • As for tomorrow night, Brian alerted me to the fact that NBC.com is no longer listing The Secret as part of the Thursday night schedule, so as Jim says, that’s what I’ll be working on the rest of the day. ;)


  1. According to NBC.com they are only airing the pilot on Thursday. So many good episodes in Season 2 and they re-air the pilot?

  2. What? It looks like they are replacing The Secret with America’s Got Talent. But I haven’t seen The Secret and I have the pilot of DVD. ARGH! I guess the new webisodes will have to be a good substitute.

  3. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE! The Secret is the ONE episode that I have not seen, and they pulled it for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT???


  4. I made it through 10 minutes of America’s Got Talent, and decided I’d rather clean out the cat box. A big heads-up should have been David Hasselhoff as judge. I am extremely unhappy at this turn of events by NBC. Secret! Secret! Secret!

  5. No! The Secret is one of my favorites – and my boyfriend accidentally deleted it off my TiVo (BEFORE they invented the “recently deleted” folder) so I’ve been desperately waiting for it to re-air so I can have it again.

    I suppose the Two Days of Rainn will make up for it….

  6. NOTE!!! On the NBC schedule for overnight tonight, they’re showing an episode of Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno: All Night with John Krasinski at 2:05 AM. Whee!

  7. Nomadshan, thank you so much for the tip! I have now set that on my dvr. Sweet!

    About the whole Secret episode, i, too, am somewhat angry that they’re not showing it (and what’s worse, airing America’s Got Talent instead). Blasphemous! It’s such a good episode (and i don’t have it on my dvr)! Anyway, i was hoping that they would air more S2 episodes instead of S1, b/c i have them all on dvd, but i don’t have all of S2 on my dvr. Dang.

  8. I guess NBC is less concerned with catering to faithful fans like us than they are with hooking new viewers over the summer. And showing the Pilot kind of makes sense then. But still, America’s Got Talent instead? Really?

  9. Apparently I’m in the minority by thinking that

    1. America’s Got Talent is decent entertainment
    2. The Secret is not a very good episode (comparatively speaking, although it’s still better than the pilot)

    To each his own.

  10. Oh no.

    I was sick all day yesterday, but I was able to stay up for Conan to see Rainn, but fell asleep right before the interview. Any news on a youTube release??

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