1. Very creative! I wish I had some talent…
    I just got my Dwight bobblehead in the mail today! Whoot!

  2. Those are so adorable! They have motivated me to try to do cartoons of my own. I’m terrible, but whatever!

  3. God, I’m still geeking out about this. Jennie, a million thanks for putting the icons on here. And thanks for all the comments everyone!

    ((And yes, I am Diana aka tacos-rebellion.))

  4. Tanster, Brian, I completely agree. Cartoon Pam is just as cute as real Pam, and it’s the OMG that sells it. Very cool little toons!

  5. Those are AMAZING! You’re so talented Diana! Thanks for putting them on here Tanster, and for all your hard work on this dawesome site!

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