1. Wee, I contributed :D

    I love Andy’s constant quoting of Anger Management sayings. It’s nice to have “Drew” really attempt to be better. However, I have a feeling,that, by the end, due to Dwight, Michael, and comments like “Are you going to beat me up?” will soon wear away Drew and bring back the old andy. OR at least an “An-drew” (as close of a mix between Andy and Drew as I can get at 12:30 in the morning. Yes, i know its an actual name…”

  2. I have a feeling that he will snap again, and it’s gonna be bigger than the last time. I think the show will inconspicuously build up to it.

  3. I hate to burden you guys again but this isn’t available in Canada. If someone can give us Canucks a summary it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. #4 – Kevin and Andy are in the kitchen. Kevin’s taking the last of the coffee.

    Andy: Is that the last of it?

    Kevin: Sorry.

    Andy: It’s okay. I can’t always have what I want, but I can always want what I have.

    Kevin: Well, would you like a cup of…NO coffee? Cuz that’s what we have.

    Andy: Is it fresh? *winks*

    Kevin: Are you going to beat me up?

    Andy says nothing and looks a little uncomfortable.

    TH Andy: People don’t need to be afraid of me. I can’t achieve anger anymore.

  5. “I can’t achieve anger anymore.” That should have been in the episode, I laughed!

  6. I don’t know if you guys have seen this but let the deleted scene play all the way through and let it load the next video. They are different things like a action video about Dwight, the recap of Pam and Jim and other things. REALLY COOL

  7. Andy can now go out and achieve more than most, and without the use of his anger.

  8. The jerks at NBC won’t let us Canadians see the deleted scenes but they will show us the commercials that play before the deleted scenes.

  9. Andy and Drew are both nicknames of Andrew. I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for here. =)

  10. I’m glad Andy is back… I started to miss him after a while. Even though he was a MAJOR JERK. But he’s changed… for now. ;)

  11. Aaaaahahahaha! That Borat impersonation is so badly hysterical! I’m crying from the funny.

    Not nicccce!

  12. HA HA HA HA HA!!! LOVE the Borat impression… horribly, horribly wrong, but that’s why it’s funny.

    HIGH FIVE!! lol

  13. Very niiiiiiiiice. I wish the Borat had made it into the episode. And City Slickers.

  14. :) A bad impersonation of Borat isn’t enough, Michael has to be confident that it was funny. Too good.

  15. That is great that they make fun of Borat impressions because it is getting so annoying. This might help put an end to it.

    Plus anyone notice that the episodes BJ Novak writes he tends to put himself in it more.

  16. Deleted scene #3 confirms my feeling that this episode was the Dwight Showcase! He has never been in better form.

  17. Scene 3 makes me think that at least they were trying to think through the physics of it, regardless of the fact that it wouldn’t work anyway.

  18. Just call me an ignorant slut because I’m British and no deleted scenes for us! Anyone who fancies laying a nice little write up of what the frak happens in deleted scene #3 would be muchly appreciated.

    If this has already been asked, then I apologise and feel free to shun me like I’d forgotton to save the oil from a can of tuna.


  19. These are very good…. the episode would have been better, and less disjointed, with these included. I think it goes to show how “The Office” suffers from being forced into a half-hour format. I wish they could “super-size” all of them.

  20. Ignorant Slut: (why does that feel so wrong to say?!)

    The writers who double as actors are strongly encouraged to add more of their character in the eps they pen themselves, especially BJ and Mindy.

  21. Don’t know if this has been mentioned here, but Angela’s April 15th blog entry on her MySpace page mentions a deleted scene. She describes it thusly:

    “Ext. Dunder Mifflin – Parking Lot

    Spy Shot: Angela calmly walks in a full circle around Andy’s car (identifiable by his “Cornell” sticker), DRAGGING A KEY ACROSS IT the whole time. She then circles it a second time.

    Ha! It was to be part of Angela Martin’s revenge on Andy. She keys the crap out of his car. Then there was a shot later in the episode where Andy walks out to his car and sees all of the scratches and get really angry. ;)”

    I’m not sure that would be quite in character for AM, and I’m not clear on why she is exacting revenge. But I’d still like to see it.

  22. #4 is up as well – good stuff! :-)
    Kelly cracks me up. “You have a cute butt!”
    Also, Ryan’s attempt was nice.
    I’m sad that they cut that scene – it was a good run snapshot of everyone’s personality and relationship with Michael.

  23. OMG THAT WAS AWESOME. that SO should have been in the episode.

    thanks for posting that. I’ve been SO bored . . . and I can’t believe this week is another rerun.

  24. “Kiss the moon! Kiss it! I love this show. WHY wasn’t this in the airing? Shoulda been supersized. But then again I think they ALL should be supersized…who am I kidding, they should all be an HOUR! I loved Ryan’s reaction when Michael said he’d miss him the most too. And Kelly! “I’m so cute” — Ohmagosh.

  25. I love Stanley “you know damn well what we’re talking about.” He is so smooth.

  26. Scene 4 showed the ensemble nature of the cast that we missed since the rest of the episode they all traveled in packs.

    39-That would have been a good scene to have in the episode too. Angela’s been pissed ever since she realized that Andy was the reason that Dwight quit. As we saw in “Christmas Party,” Angela’s not afraid to let out her anger.

  27. That fourth one is so great. I hope it’s in the DVD. I agree, this should have been supersized (even though I just railed against that in the ratings topic) to have included more moments like this.
    “This is why you always take 10,000 to 1, you never know!”

  28. Haha! Oh Kelly. “Oh my god, I did NOT just say that! I’m so adorable!” while Jim just looks on like he’s sick.

  29. omigosh…im still laughing. they definitely should have stuck that in there….WHATS YOUR DEAL MAN! lol

  30. 50 Andrew (may I call you Drew?)
    Thanks… I was looking for the motive for Angela’s revenge. I would have liked to have seen ALL of these scenes included in the airing.
    As one of those who lamented the content of “Safety Training”, I truly believe that the show suffers from a 30 minute format. This episode could have been great, had it not been butchered in editing.
    I look forward very much to the DVD of Season 3.
    ps: I love “The Office”. Please don’t flame me if I occasionally criticize it. It is the best show on TV since Arrested Development went away.

  31. These will more than likely be on the season 3 DVD right? I really hope so.

  32. this scene helps the episode make so much more sense.
    WHOEVER EDITED THIS – if you are listening, let’s try an extended version on the dvd and put this scene back in.

    I mean, several cast members didn’t even have LINES in the final cut. The part where Angela is talking about things he needs to sign by 4, excellent.

  33. why, oh why was this cut? we got great moments from 5 characters in less than a minute!! i especially love kelly, stanley and kev….”this is why you always take 10,000 to 1- you never know what is gonna happen! brilliant work!

  34. “grab a comet,kiss the moon!….”kiss it!”

    I loved Pam’s little ‘no-more’ gesture when Andy/Drew says he should reach for the sky.

    Also, when Ryan grabs the mike, does Dwight say something like “C’mon pretty boy”

    I agree tanster, that should have been in the episode.

  35. What a juicy morsel, that clip 4! Definitely needs to be on the DVD.

    Stanley just rocks and his candor simply rules!

    Poor Jim. Similar reaction to Kelly when he was temporarily relocated to Toby’s old desk across from hers in ‘The Carpet’: “Will you talk to him (Ryan) for me and see if he likes me? Oh please, Jim? Please, Please, Jim? Please, please, please, I like him so much. I would do it but I’m too shy…Oh, please Jim!”. His face told the whole story.

    I love this show.

  36. Yep if this had been in the episode it would have been one of the highpoints.

  37. Write ups …

    Scene 3:
    Dwight and Michael in the parking lot next to the trampoline
    Dwight: Go!
    Michael jumps forward weakly
    Dwight: One mississ…okay, you went that far on “one mississ” “ippi” would take you to about here. (examimes lot and building height) this trajectory times the propulsion from your quadriceps will be about three Mississippi maybe three and a quarter. (walks forward dramatically) One mississ, correct? ippi, (leaps forward) two Mississippi, three Mississippi. right here.
    Michael: Okay, good thank you. Gotta take our time, do this right.
    Dwight pulls the trampoline closer to the building

    Scene 4
    Dunder Mifflinites in the parking lot
    Creed: (with megaphone) Michael you cannot fly. You cannot I have seen this too many times.
    Kelly: gimme that thing I wanna try
    Jim: (taking megaphone) we should probably save the batteries
    Kelly: (shouting) I was just thinking you have a cute butt! (leaning on Jim) Oh my god oh my god did I just say that? I’m so adorable
    Angela: (to Dwight) I know it’s bad timing and I hate to be a nudge but there’s stuff he needs to sign that needs to be mailed by four
    Dwight: Okay, if he’s not down by four I’ll bring the papers up to him
    Angela: Okay, its 3:48
    (pan back to Jim)
    Jim: hey, Ryan I think you can do this
    Ryan: Oh, no I don’t…
    Jim: Come on
    Stanley: Don’t play dumb you know damn well what we talkin’ about
    Ryan takes the megaphone, encouragement from others, “come on Ryan” “he’ll listen to you” etc.
    Dwight: Come on pretty boy
    Ryan: Michael, you have…always…taken a great…interest in my career
    Michael: I will miss you the most Ryan
    Ryan: (screaming in a whiny voice) What is your deal man? Seriously!? I don’t get it!
    Andy seizes the megaphone
    Andy: lemme borrow that chief. Michael you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Just don’t jump to prove anything to us. Okay, that said if you need to prove something to yourself you should jump. It’s up to you
    Jim: nope nope nope
    (Kevin is seen nodding in the background)
    Andy: If you do jump, I want you to reach for the sky.
    Jim grabs the megaphone
    Andy: grab a comet! Kiss the moon! Kiss it!!
    Kevin TH at bouncy castle: See? This is why you always take 10,000 to 1. You never know.

  38. Does anyone know anywhere else these scenes are posted? I am from New Zealand and can’t access them from the NBC website. They sound hilarious though, maybe i’ll have to wait for the dvd…

  39. 4th deleted scene – brilliant. A shame it was cut from the broadcast. BJ outdid himself; ditto Mindy & Ed Helms, Angela…some choice acting.

    This scene had the slowness & focus that was lacking in the episode as a whole.

  40. Tanster,
    you are very right!
    this scene did deserve to be in the episode.
    i love it!!!

  41. how did that 4th clip notmake the episode, that would have been one of the funnier clips in the episode

  42. “Don’t play dumb, you know damn well what we’re talkin’ about”
    “Come on pretty boy”
    How dare they leave this scene out!

  43. I don’t understand the Office editors. Clips 3 and 4 may have been some of the funniest scenes of the season. Why cut them out? Either NBC needs to get its act together and permit supersized episodes every week, or the editors need to recognize that jokes matter over perfect plot narrative.

    Maybe this is why the ratings are tanking on Thursday nights.


    Maybe LOST is the first show to really understand how problematic it is to take long breaks between episodes. American television needs to understand that in the age of DVD, internet entertainment, an On Demand programming, viewers have no desire to wait five weeks for a new show. By then, we’ve found out that 30 Rock is funnier.

  44. Love Ryan in that scene!!!!!! Kelly is so adorable! Oh that Drew. heehehehehehe…I love all of Stanley’s lines. hhahahah

    that totally should have been on the air.

  45. Ok, I keep thinking and hoping that there is going to be a jim and pam deleted scene. It just seems like we missed something from last episode to this one.

  46. why are people complaining that the clips weren’t in the episode? as long as we get to see them, what’s it matter?

  47. Has a release date been set for the Season 3 DVD? The deleted scenes won’t play in Canada. I have even tried changing the settings on my PC, with no success.

  48. Dementia Al is 100% correct. Cuts 3 and 4 would have definitely added depth to the episode. I think the producers need to find a way to keep these types of scenes in. That, and keep them coming…the many weeks between new episodes is getting old. I am a loyal fan, but this season has been very disappointing from a momentum standpoint. I don’t want to see re-runs. That is why I invest in the DVD at the end of the season. They have talented writers- can’t they pull the money and talent together to write a few more episodes and then stop all this re-run business? The show has a strong following. It could be leveraged into more shows, more money, more advertising.

  49. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who wrote up dialogue and descriptions of deleted scenes. Much appreciated!

  50. I dont understand why this show isnt just supersized every episode. NBC can have three shows (Office, Earl, 30 Rock) supersized from 8 – 10, until ER starts. They obviously have enough material to make the show this long every week. Most of the time the episodes go by way to fast and take away from it.

  51. Concerning whether the deleted scenes end up on the Season 3 DVD: Am I correct that the deleted scenes on the previous releases are seperate and NOT edited into the episodes?
    It seems a shame if we won’t ever see the episodes as “Director’s Cuts” with the deleted scenes included and intact.
    Hope TPTB read comments here at OT….

  52. It really is a great scene, and I think it might have made it if Andy didn’t inadvertently encourage Michael to jump. I’d think that’s risky for NBC. As Kevin said “You never know”.

  53. When Drew is trying to get Michael to “not jump” Pam is in the background, signaling for him to be cut off – hilarious!!!

  54. The deleted scenes on the previous DVDs are accessed through a separate “Deleted Scenes” menu.

    I hope the Season 3 DVD lets you watch them integrated into the episode, though.

  55. Oh my God! I can’t believe she said that. Kelly’s so adorable. Between her and Stanley, I’m laughing my head off. Literally, even.

  56. Michael does have a nice tushy! ha ha. That one DEFINITELY should have been in. Ahhh… so many funny scenes, so little time. The EXACT reason why The Office needs to be longer.

  57. I think The Office and 30 Rock need to be supersised and lead in the Thurday night line up every week.

  58. that was amazing. that fourth one.

    my personal favorite part was when ryan said “Seriously.. i dont get it”

  59. These scenes are funny. Today is the first time I sat down to watch them. By the way after reading some of the comments I can’t believe that I didn’t come to the conclusion of Andy/Drew (Andrew). I feel like such a moron. I’m glad a few people pointed it out. :)

  60. Poor Andy! That was a little sad – no one liked his cookies and he is sitting right there! Glad they cut that one. #4 was great and I wish it had been in the episode.

  61. Sheesh…. If the script had this much material that wouldn’t fit in a half-hour format, no wonder many felt the episode seemed disjointed and lacking. They had to hack the crap out of it to force it into 22 minutes.

    This show needs to be longer every week.

  62. always be the first to make fun of yourself. because if they make fun of you before you do…you might lose your mind.

  63. I’m glad the writers “fixed” Andy. He was a one-time character in his original mold, and now that they’ve started him over they can re-write him to fit on the show in a long-term basis.

  64. what was with all of bj’s sexy little smirks through out the whole show?? definitely not complaining though. and i think i’m over jkras now. bj is such a hottie.

  65. Is there gonna be an option on the DVD to play the episode with the deleted scenes included? That’s so much easier to do.

  66. ok,creed caring, kelly yelling that michael’s butt was cute, ryan losing it, andy saying to jump and reach for the sky, AND jim FORCEFULLY grabbing stuff?

    i think #4 broke my brain…

    and is it just me, or does kelly sound more like mindie in clip 5?

  67. in scene 5, at the very end it looks like Stanley is about to crack up laughing, right after Drew/Andy does his *wave fist in air*

  68. wow there is literally over 5 minutes of deleted scenes I am wondering if this episode was originally suppose to be supersized and then they changed it —

    The whole drew/andy subplot was cut —

    They really should think about making this an hour show–

  69. Ed Helms is awesome in this episode…it’s the first one I’ve REALLY liked him in. And YES that 4th scene DOES deserve to be aired. It may be one of my favorite deleted scenes ever. Ryan: Dude, what is your deal!!!!!

  70. oh my god, number 5 is SO funny!! i started cracking up when andy started waving his fists and saying “no one likes my cookies, i am so angry!”

  71. oh man, number 4 is amazing
    number 5 is so uncomfortable–very glad they didn’t show it

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