1. I swear I feel like just going and stand outside to see if I can meet them before they go in or when they come out!

  2. That sounds like it would be a fantastic event. Hopefully someone will post here that went and fill us in on all the details! :)

  3. Any SAG members out there who want to bring me as their one guest? I hope we get a good report of what they talk about!

  4. And Rainn :) funny part was that when I was talking to BJ my mom told him that she loved the part when Dwight was saying Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! But she said Brian lmao x_x

  5. Um, Stacy…yeah, i’m really really jealous right now…yeahhhh…

    Ha ha, that’s awesome you got to meet them! I probably would have pissed myself ^^;;

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