1. Happy Birthday to my future husband, John Krasinski.*
    haa. me & GMMR were fighting who loves him more. haha. i love him more gmmr. ;]
    love him!
    Melissa aka ARM_to_Tanster

  2. John, fun fact. Did you know you share your birthday with Viggo Mortensen? Now you have something to talk about if you ever meet Elijah Wood. Have a happy birthday!

  3. So tanster, it’s John’s birthday but you get the gift of a deleted scene you’ve never seen before? You are a bad gift giver. It’s like giving someone an oven mitt or something.

    Happy 27th!

  4. Happy Birthday John

    I wonder if the cast is throwing a party and we’ll see picts on myspace?

  5. Happy day of your birth to you John! Hope it’s a good one.
    Hey, fun fact. You share a birthday with my friend Diana, so you have the perfect icebreaker if you ever meet me!
    PS: Thanks for posting that clip, Tanster. Shamefully enough, I’d never seen it either!

  6. Happy Birthday John!

    “Are you sure? Because I thought we had the same birthday”

    Today’s my birthday too. :)

  7. I hope he has a very happy mint-chocolate-chip-wallet-in-the-vending-machine-jelloific birthday! Happy Birthday John!

  8. i must say, that clip showcases Jenna/Pam much more than John/Jim. That winky face is really quite hot.

  9. Happy Birthday everyone!

    And is Jenna cracking up in that clip, or is it in character? Either way, very cute.

  10. That means John’s half birthday is 4/20. I wonder if he celebrates ;) Just kidding he’s totally straight.

    Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!

  11. poor Jim…
    Pam is such a tease. when she winks and gives him the kissy face. she’s such a flirt

  12. Ah such a cute scene! Really creative actually
    Yeah Pam IS quite the tease
    Gahh i love this show

  13. yeahhhhh..this is about 2 days late but whatever. happy belated birthday to john! one of my favorite actors! :)

  14. Alex Prewitt, if John got a Hat FM for his bday – just might be the best day of my life :)

    My wishes are late also, but heck, i’ll say it anyway: Happy (belated) Birth Moment, John!

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