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UPDATE: congratulations to jessica, priskiller, and cara — in a poll conducted February 23-28, your icons were chosen as fan favorites:

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  1. Say it ain’t so! They can’t get rid of Wallace. Andy has brought so much to that role. I hope they can keep him somehow.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! He was so cute!!!!!!! ANd a nice guy, despite his less than stellar business decisions. Please keep David Wallace!!!

  3. CFO (not his initials) cannot leave the show.

    Well, technically he can, of course. But such a sane (if somewhat ineffectual) and balanced presence will be very much missed. I, for one, will be profoundly sad if we have seen the last of David Wallace. (And very grateful to the writers and the actor for having introduced him in the first place).

  4. Something about David Wallace is just…awesome. He’s so funny even though his character was never really meant to be. He’s such a nice guy and he cares about Michael ten times more than anyone else does.

    I remember watching Crime Aid in season five and thinking “This episode is so good”. Then the show came back from commercial and in walks David Wallace and I thought “This episode is amazing!”

    David Wallace CFOrever!

  5. How can there be a dunder-mifflin without a David Wallace? Makes no sense.
    Mainly I want David Wallace to stay because his scenes with michael have been epic. from Valentine’s Day to the Deposition to the Duel to Broke- all great scenes.
    David Wallace: world’s best CFO
    no question.

  6. I’ll hate to see him go as well. It’s such an interesting character. He seems to be a nice guy, but he screws Michael over so much. It’s like he knows how the business should run, but just doesn’t have the heart to get rid of Michael. I’m interested in seeing how Kathy Bates does, but I’ll miss Wallace!

  7. Andy Buckley really brings something to the show as David Wallace. I don’t know what it is about the actor/character, but when he steps into a scene, he just adds something to it.

    And if we lose him…*sigh* I don’t even want to think about that right now.

    Forget the cheerleader! Save Wallace. Save the world!

  8. Please keep David Wallace! He seems like a truly nice guy (both the character and the actor). He is not like Jan that dived off the deep end. Perhaps he can come work in Scranton!

    Whatever happens, Andy Buckley was a great part of the Office that will never be forgotten.

  9. I agree with WiseWithWorms/TheRachel84… David is such a nice guy, and he treated all the employees well. The only time I had a problem with him was when he transferred Holly to Nashua.

    And, yes, he made some not so great business decisions. But he doesn’t need to go!!! Save Wallace!!!

  10. I know his character won’t have much use in future, so at the very least I hope we see what happens to him, maybe the next time one of the Dunder Mifflinites are in NYC he’s their cab driver?

    Andy is a good actor, though.

  11. I have always honestly loved Wallace. I think he’s a great balance between the necessary seriousness and the humor of the show…And Andy is a great actor in my opinion.

  12. I love David! Keep him! Maybe he can work in Scranton, wouldn’t that be wild, hehe. Wherever he goes I wish Andy the best of roles but please DON’T LEAVE DUNDER MIFFLIN!

  13. Save David Wallace!!! I’d hate to see him go! They have to find a way to get him back. His interactions with Michael are perfect and priceless and it would be such a huge loss to never have that! SAVE DAVID WALLACE!!

  14. We’ve been terrified of losing David Wallace these last few episodes–he’s one of my favorite characters on the show. Michael needs a good straight man, and Wallace manages to be both compassionate and firm with Michael. He’s a fantastic foil to all the silliness in Scranton.

  15. He’s a perfect foil for Michael and I hope there is a creative way to retain this awesome character (and he’s SOOOO handsome to boot!) SAVE WALLACE!

  16. Team Coco and SAVE WALLACE! We must all have our weekly David fixes!!! He is a great character and brings sanity to the otherwise would be crazy exec board of Dunder Mifflin.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we can’t lose David Wallace! If he gets fired in the buyout, perhaps he can come back as some type of consultant who visits the Scranton branch from time to time. If DM can tolerate Ryan coming back after all he’s done to the company, they can certainly continue working with David Wallace! Worst case scenario, he can go to work installing refrigerators for Vance Refrigeration!

  18. David Wallace is one of my favorite characters. To me, his character is the most “real” or believable on the show. I hope they decided to keep him. It seems like most of the mistakes came from those higher up than him so I could see them doing so.

  19. I’m going to echo Dan –

    Save Wallace!….and Grommit ;)

    …and bring back Holly already.

  20. You just can’t lose Wallace!! Who else is as patient and kind with Michael? Who else is tall enough to play basketball with Jim? Whose house will the Christmas party be at?!? Don’t lose one of the most important non-leads!!!

  21. I love Andy Buckley as David Wallace – he’s a great, very believable actor, but let’s get real – David Wallace deserves to get canned in the buyout. If his handling of Michael is an indication of his skills, then he needs to go. First, he blabs all kinds of “secrets” to Michael, which he should learn by now he can’t do. Second, he hired Ryan, who committed fraud right under his nose. Third, he got himself into a position of having to hire back Michael, Pam and Ryan at more than would have been to have let well enough alone. He’s a crummy CFO; maybe he could come back as a temp!!

  22. Andy Buckley’s portrayal of David Wallace is one of the great treats of watching this show. My husband and I adore his character, and love the painful realism he portrays with a forehead wrinkle or sigh on the phone. His appearances are something we look forward to tremendously. We’d be crushed if he did get the axe. Save Dave!

  23. Hopefully David Wallace can be saved. We need him to keep Dwight’s Diabolical Plan of getting Jim fired from coming to fruition.

    [from tanster: omigod, i totally forgot about that. yes, very good point!]

  24. We need someone to photoshop David Wallace with Gromit beside him and a big save Wallace overhead. :)

    I like Wallace. Ever since they ruined Jan, he’s the necessary foil the show requires and the actor does a good job. Ideally I’d like them to bring back Jan and make her sane but we all know that’s not going to happen.

  25. SAVE DAVID WALLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to be sooooo sad if he is fired. Corporate will be really lame without him!

  26. I really hope Andy Buckley continues to act. One of my all time favorite Office moments is during the phone call Wallace and Michael have at the beginning of Beach Games. “May God guide you on your quest.” “…Yes.” Brilliant delivery that cracks me up every time.

  27. David Wallace is the most perfect boss – I wish he was my boss!

    Also, Andy is very nice to look at ;)

  28. NOOOOO! I love you David Wallace!
    You are adorable and sweet and put up with all Michael’s crap and were so nice!

    Don’t fire Wallace!

  29. This is a direct plea to the writers:
    please PLEASE, keep David Wallace! I love him so much!

  30. I love David Wallace’s character. He lends a bit of sanity when it is (often) needed. And he sort of gets Michael and his value to the company… I don’t know if it would be even remotely realistic to find another person that can pull off that vibe. David Wallace’s character is a gem. Please say it isn’t so that he’s gone forever!!!

  31. Hopefully David Wallace can be saved. We need him to keep Dwight’s Diabolical Plan of getting Jim fired from coming to fruition.

    [from tanster: omigod, i totally forgot about that. yes, very good point!]

    * * * * *

    You know, I thought it was brilliant that Michael’s final voiceover in the clip show was over several clips to remind the audience of the current storylines, like Dwight and Ryan shaking hands all evillike, and Michael pointing at Pam’s belly.

  32. I’ll add my vehement plea to the chorus – Save Wallace! He is a brilliant character and so perfectly portrayed by the fabulous Andy Buckley. He just brings a certain warmth to all of his scenes, and it’s been a joy to watch. I hope it continues! (please?)

  33. I agree…there’s just something great when Andy Buckley’s David Wallace is on screen with Steve/Michael. I always love every scene Andy Buckley does. SAVE WALLACE!!

  34. David Wallace is not only H.O.T., but a vital part of The Office. He brings balance. His interactions with Michael are some of my favorite moments. Please, please for the love of Thor keep him.

  35. David Wallace is a wonderful character…warm, caring, and a perfect foil for Michael. Please don’t let this important Corporate character be written out. Who can ever forget the scene in the board room after Michael has to testify re Jan’s termination, and the looks of mutual respect between David and Michael. David is the voice of reason, and so perfectly and warmly played. Please keep him in the cast forever!

  36. Oh god, I really hope he stays! He’s such a good character. A perfect balance for Michael and the chaos at Scranton.

  37. I LOVE when David Wallace shows up in episodes. He is fantastic, and his interactions with everyone in the office make me crack up every time. We can’t lose him! He is a great asset to this cast, and to the show in general. Save Wallace!

  38. ROTF LOL @ #39’s comment!

    I’ve already said what I wanted to say but for the sake of it – SAVE WALLACE!

  39. I so look forward to the episodes when I know David Wallace will be making an appearance. Please, Please find a way to keep David Wallace at Dunder-Mifflin.

  40. Oh plz save CFO David Wallace!!
    Start a love connection between him and Meredith, if you have to! They can be the new Dwight/Angela!

  41. What will become of the Coalition of Reason? Who will guide them, lead them, inspire them?

  42. Andy is such a wonderful actor and he does such a great job. He needs to stay on the show.

  43. I don’t want to live in a world where Michael has a steady job and David Wallace doesn’t.


  44. David can’t go! I don’t think anybody will be able to handle Michael so well! The two of them are hilarious together…

    I hope this whole Sabre buyout is just a short arc (a la Michael Scott Paper Co.) and everything goes back to normal with Dunder Mifflin (as unrealistic as that would be)

  45. Dirk I’m borrowing your phrase – CFOrever!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Andy at the ’08 Scranton St. Pat’s parade and he could not have been more lovely. He is so dedicated to the show and is absolute perfection as Wallace. Team Wallace unite!

  46. I really like his character! I hope he can be reassigned in this restructuring of Dunder Mifflin.

  47. I LOVE David Wallace appearances! He has great delivery and wonderful facial expressions! Please please please keep him on!!!

  48. There’s just something wrong with a company that keeps Michael Scott and loses the gem that is David Wallace!!! Dunder Mifflin has to keep DW!!

  49. Please keep David Wallace! He’s a great character and brings a good balance to everything!!

  50. Please, save David Wallace.

    I swear if he is fired every single piece of copier paper in this town will have the F word on it. The F word. You have one day. (Always give an ultimatum.)

  51. Please, for the love of all that’s right and good in this world, do not fire David Wallace.

  52. I’ve harbored a deep and abiding love for David Wallace since his very first appearance. At risk of sounding cliche (and sounding cliche by saying I sound cliche), he’s just such a wonderfully decent guy, you know? He tolerates Michael in such a lovely way, and he bought out the MSPC, and he acts like BFFs with Jim. He improves every episode he graces with his corporate presence.

    So, to heck with polar bears and rainforests and starving babies! If you want to save someone, save David Wallace!

  53. Andy Buckley brings so much to his scenes, even when his presence is just via Michael’s speakerphone. Even with his limited screentime, David Wallace is crucial to the show- a voice of reason who nevertheless shares our soft spot for the Scranton branch. David Wallace scenes unfailingly add to the quality of an episode. I’m pretty sure that the David-Michael scenes in Broke factored hugely in Tallyheads voting it the best episode of Season 5. David Wallace MUST stay!

  54. Save Wallace! Why must they take our senior DM team away from us? First Jan and now David!?!

    Maybe wallace can get a job at the scranton office and be a co-co Manager?

  55. Let’s make a trending topic on twitter! We know some of the Office writers are there, maybe they’ll listen to us! #SaveDWallace

  56. Much as I love David Wallace for being the senior-ranking member of the coalition of reason, I think he should go. The irony is that by keeping one of the most reasonable characters on the show, the show will lose even more of its credibility. Why would an old CFO stick around after a buy-out? Sure I love him, but it’s just more believable and realistic if he were to go

  57. Um, I’m pretty much in love with D-Wal! So we definitely need to Save Wallace! And the whales. And Ferris, I guess. But mostly Wallace. Save Wallace!

  58. Maybe we should try to put on a celebrity telethon to Save David Wallace. I’m sure we could at least get Sting to perform…

  59. Save Wallace! I have loved the character since we first met him, and he adds a layer of normalcy to an otherwise zany office setting. Don’t let him leave!!

  60. Definitely! Absolutely! SAVE WALLACE
    He’s everything the other posters have said -he’s the voice of reason to Michael’s craziness, but still accepts him and embraces his accomplishments. He’s also HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please don’t fire him, give him another job so he can be in more episodes!

  61. We need to save David Wallace, and bring Jan back..

    Maybe in the restructuring, he could be reassigned to a Scranton position or a new Sabre position? Andy B and Melora H are integral characters, even though they aren’t main characters.

  62. Love David Wallace. Such a good character. I really hope he can negotiate with Sabre so that he can stay.

  63. David Wallace is hilarious and awesome! It’d be a total let-down if he’s not on the show anymore! Say it ain’t so NBC!

  64. It would be very disappointing to see David Wallace go. Certainly Sabre could use a guy with a strong sense of how to run a business, but who can also accept that sometimes the oddball ideas (which curiously always come from the Scranton branch) can lead to success as well.

  65. As soon as I saw the Secret Santa ep, I thought, “Oh, no! David Wallace is one of the best parts of the show!” Please don’t take David from us!

  66. I definitely hope Wallace can stay. He has been awesome since first appearing. His intrigue and probing of Michael has made for some of the best material on the show! The Office needs David Wallace!

  67. Gotta keep Wallace – he’s competent and likes Jim. Those two give the show some balance between crazy and sane. That balance is necessary to keep the show from being ‘over the top.’ (It gets close sometimes.)

  68. Oh, you can’t get rid of Wallace. He’s the reasonable and compassionate boss everyone wants.

  69. Please save David Wallace. His reactions are spot on. He is so great on the show and not bad to look at!

  70. Just a couple days ago I was watching a rerun of the episode where Michael and David Wallace first meet (where Michael is supposed to make a financial presentation and ends up making a movie about everyone at the office) – it reminded of just how great the interplay is between Wallace and Michael – he’s the perfect foil for Michael’s insanity. Save Wallace, for sure! Maybe Sabre can back out and DM can be bought out by a management group including Wallace. Maybe the writers have already planned this. Maybe I’ve spoiled everything.

  71. I would hate to see David Wallace leave The Office. He has always been one of my favorite characters. Save Wallace! :)

  72. I love David Wallace! The episode where he invites Michael to corporate is one of my favorites!

  73. please don’t leave us wallaceless…. he’s always been one of my favorites. the best straightman in all of television!

  74. David Wallace has been one of my favorite characters-I work in corporate america and thought he really represented a typical manager-not a one dimensional, bad guy caricature like so often seen on TV but basically a good guy trying to do the best he could…he provided a critical balance and grounding to the over the top craziness from Michael. Without David Wallace, the show risks moving farther away from the roots of what has made it so funny and relevant. PLEASE save David Wallace!!!

  75. Save David Wallace! He’s always been one of my favorite characters, and it’s a shame to see him go :(

    The Office would not be the same without him, and there’s no reason to let him go.

  76. David Wallace is my favorite character on the show and as it turns out, Andy Buckley is the cutest actor on the show too! SAVE DAVID WALLACE!!!!

  77. I loved David Wallace last night! sadly did not see the whole episode but did catch David and Michael at David’s house, super funny. Save David Wallace!!!!!

  78. Definitely keep Wallace, he is one of my favorites! I was bummed when Jan’s previously strong, straight woman character became unstable and then disappeared. (why do strong female characters so often get written as unstable?)But back to Wallace–save him!

  79. Don’t you dare get rid of Wallace! After seeing him on last night’s episode, I want him to stay on the show even more! He has to finish SUCK IT!

  80. Save Wallace!!
    But does he want to be saved? And be Michael’s boss again?
    He’ll need to get a job soon, especially to make house repairs, since Dwight found termite damage!!!

  81. David Wallace is my absolute favorite character on the show. But his story has ended in the most perfect way. To bring him back would be to cheapen the arc in a big way.

  82. Even if David Wallace can no longer keep his position with Dunder Mifflin, there are many other creative ways to incorporate him into various episodes.

    “Sabre” was an excellent example. It was a joy to see him again and the plot line was very creative. I’m sure that David’s/Andy’s likability will prompt the writers to work him into the storyline as often as possible.

  83. I always liked his character on The Office, and now I like him even more after seeing him shirtless in the hot tub on last week’s episode! SAVE WALLACE!!

    Also, I have to agree with the other comments here about characters suddenly suffering dramatic personality changes. Pam went from being meek and delicate to assertive and sharp-tongued; Jan started out as the straight-laced, savvy business woman and suddenly became an unstable alcoholic. Now David Wallace? NO!!

  84. Save David Wallace! He needs to have one of his ridiculous ideas hit it big and become a billionaire so he can buy Dunder Mifflin back!

  85. I totally don’t know how to do this, but, I LOVE the ones that have been created. Great contest!

  86. SAVE WALLACE… i’ll miss hearing his sigh around the office ;) and… i almost feel weird saying this… but his wife IS a very lucky woman, lol. i love how bonkers he was last week.

  87. Oh, what a good idea!
    I’m in Canada and I already have a 2010 wall calendar. Can I create an icon just for fun? Please?

    [from tanster: of course!]

  88. I hope David Wallace comes back to The Office. Just like I hope Conan comes back to Late Night! Maybe we can get a support system for Wallace like there is for Conan!!

  89. Just saying, “nebuloze” isn’t a word. “Nebulous” is, though.

    [from tanster: have you watched ‘booze cruise’?]

  90. My new question I ask myself when I don’t know what to do….WWDWD? What would David Wallace do? Guidance for everything!

  91. [from tanster: posted!]

    David Wallace is a hero of mine as well as Bob Hope, um, Abraham Lincoln, definitely, Bono… uh, and probably God would be the fifth one. And, I just think all those people really, uh, helped the world in so many ways, that it’s, um, it’s really beyond words. It’s really incalculcable.

  92. Save Wallace! He’s the rock of the show, the one person I can count on to stay sane in all of Dunder Mifflin’s craziness (aside from the last episode, of course). It’s too soon to see him go!

    [from tanster: posted!]

  93. I think all of these are amazing! We’ve got some pretty talented Tallyheads! [I especially love the Jello one.]

  94. Please join me in saving David Wallace in the Michael Scott’s Sabre Dunder Mifflin Scranton David Wallace Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.

  95. I really enjoy the character and hope that he becomes a major part of Sabre. After all, he was only the CFO. Surely the financial disaster that was Dunder Mifflin wasn’t his fault.

    OK. That wasn’t good. Logic was faulty.

    He followed the instructions of the upper management.

    Hmmm. Gotta try something else. Flailing here.

    He’s bright, he’s handsome, he’s personable and we’ll really miss him. He’s got a lot of fans rooting for his return.

    Yeah! Trying the truth worked.

  96. I’m honored!!! It is literally the highest honor that a Northeastern New-York-based mid-sized Office icon regional designer can attain, so…

    Thanks so much to Tanster and everyone who voted!! Wallace 4eva.

    [from tanster: hahahaha! thanks for the morning giggle. :) ]

  97. Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I dunno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll make an icon to save a beloved TV show character… So sue me– no, don’t sue me. That is opposite the point I’m trying to make!

    Thanks for the votes, and thanks OfficeTally! I’m so excited!

  98. Jessica, Priskiller & Cara! Congratulations…well done! You’ll be receiving your very own Suck It once the prototype is finished. Outstanding work by all that entered….really really funny. Thanks a lot for keeping it going…..we’ll see the fate of Big D Wallace. Until then, Wallace & Son will kick off their Summer ‘Suck It’ Tour June 23rd @ the Pocono Race Track! Be There People!

    [from tanster: thank you, andy! :) ]

  99. Just a couple days ago I was watching a rerun of the episode where Michael and David Wallace first meet (where Michael is supposed to make a financial presentation and ends up making a movie about everyone at the office) – it reminded of just how great the interplay is between Wallace and Michael – he’s the perfect foil for Michael’s insanity. Save Wallace, for sure! Maybe Sabre can back out and DM can be bought out by a management group including Wallace. Maybe the writers have already planned this. Maybe I’ve spoiled everything.

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