The Office baby coverage

Jim and Pam’s baby arrives in a one-hour episode tonight March 4th, 9/8c!

Here’s a summary of OfficeTally’s baby coverage:

One more thing:
If you’re a truly rabid Office fan, watch for something extra funny in the hospital tonight!


  1. T minus 2 Days 22 hours and counting!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost Thursday!!!

  2. I’m so behind the times. I just noticed that two different directors are working on the two half-hours – Seth Gordon and Harold Ramis. I knew they were originally planned to run on two weeks, but it’s going to be very interesting to see how episodes from two different perspectives flow together.

  3. I just saw an update from The Office on Facebook!!! There’s a clip on from ‘The Delivery’ about “Pam’s Distractions”!!!!! It is awesome!!!

  4. Waiting for Baby Halpert throughout the day today is about like waiting for my niece to be born almost seven years ago … PURE TORTURE!!!

  5. I am SO excited. I’m throwing a “baby shower” on my blog featuring PB&J cupcakes in honor of JAM.

  6. I was thinking about it just now (cause I can’t stop thinking about it for the last few days) and I JUST noticed that they’re not giving any clues either – in the episode clips we’ve seen so far Pam is wearing BOTH pink and blue. I got excited for a second thinking “ooo she’s wearing a pink sweater! nice clue!” but then I noticed the jumper is mostly blue….. ulch. Wardrobe department you have foiled me again!!! :P

  7. Oooh, this is so exciiiiting! I’m kind of counting the hours now.

    What caught my attention with this batch of updates, though, was the Knox grad playing “a co-worker’s girlfriend.” Tell me I’m not crazy for thinking the co-worker is probably Dwight, what with the numerous Rainn mentions in the article. I mean, you have to wonder what Dwight’s been up to since Dwangela ended.

  8. YAAAY!!!

    It’s finally “Thursday – after the Olympics – on NBC”

    And if there is any snowstorm, freak hurricane, monsoon, or car chase that the local station has to break in for, I swear to Ed Truck that heads will roll.

    Welcome to the world, Baby Halpert!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  9. OMG, I just opened my People magazine and was SHOCKED to find they RUINED THE OFFICE BABY SURPRISE WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!!

    Now I know the gender and name of the baby and I have been trying for so long to avoid any and all spoilers! I’m so mad, I emailed the editor at People magazine! There was absolutely NO spoiler warning just a giant picture of Jim and Pam holding their baby with the baby’s name and weight in a giant bubble next to it.

    I’m so upset I’m on the verge of tears right now!

  10. @10 (Kristina)

    Oh my gosh are you serious?! I am so, so sorry! I would have been so upset. I hope NBC gets on People’s case for this!!!!!!

    and, side note, OMG OMG i’m exploding with happiness at how 100% amazing this episode was.

  11. OMGosh, Amey Riekelman/Isabel must have gone to college with my brother in law. Cool.

  12. I would consider myself a truly rabid Office fan but I am not sure what the extra funny thing in the hospital was. Anyone know what it is?

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