1. Looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll show more of Andy’s “12 Days of Christmas” gifts.

  2. Yay! So excited! Hopefully that’ll make the DVD as well. :-)I was wondering why there weren’t any deleted scenes too, and kept checking NBC.com. Now I know why. Thanks for the info Tanster!

  3. Merry Christmas to us! That’s wonderful news. I loved the episode just as it was, but was looking around for deleted scenes and not finding them. Looking forward to watching this!

  4. Great news! Wouldn’t the upcoming marathons be on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, not the 23rd and 30th?

  5. Aw that little 10 seconds JAM melted my heart…why didn’t they leave that in the episode? It was so short but so sweet
    And I loved the whole warehouse/office contrast…interesting storyline, wish that stayed in the episode too. But hey, I suppose you can’t fit it all
    Overall the new scenes made me love the episode even more

  6. YAY! I am glad we got to see some Jam action. My favorite part was The Nard Dogs solo, I want it as my ringtone!!!

  7. Awesome early Christmas gift! It’s the first episode in a while (maybe since ‘Niagara’) that I can imagine myself watching over and over.

    Loved the extra footage, and of course the JAM mistletoe smooch was a long-dreamed-of moment for many of us. But I think my favorite moment was the Pam/Jim ( John/Jenna?) laughing during Dwight and Andy’s karaoke. Their expressions were priceless!

  8. Awww Jim and Pam under the mistletoe! Why couldn’t they keep that in the show? Oh well, it still made my day! I loved Jim saying “not in front of the kid!”

  9. Hahaha.. my favorite part was everyone cracking up during Michael’s “foot’s asleep” thing. You can hear someone laughing in the background, presumably Steve, and see Ellie, Mindy and Ryan all about to lose it.

  10. I’m glad that some of the warehouse workers (Calvin and Madge) got lines, especially Madge being nicknamed “Garfield”!

    Look liked Ed was also about to crack when Michael’s foot was asleep. If you listened closely, you could heard a muffle from someone’s laughter!

  11. I was a little surprised that it was considered odd that the warehouse staff would be at the Christmas party. In other episodes they are quite obviously part of the Dunder Mifflin “family”. Loved the additional karaoke with Andy, and Ryan’s threat to sue the company. Nice Jam moment too, not sure why they chose to leave that out, it would have made so many folks happy and it was very short.

  12. What a great Christmas present to us. I am so glad they had that JAM moment in there. I just can’t figure out why they keep editing their moments out. They bring the balance to the show and all it’s craziness. Angela was also fantastic.

  13. That was great! I, too, loved watching everyone struggle for control of their laughter when Michael was trying to wake up his foot. Ed had to completely leave the shot! I don’t blame them; Steve was hilarious there.

    Thanks for the early Christmas gift, NBC.com! :)

  14. So awesome! I too agree that the JAM moment was so sweet. That’s all I ask for – just a 10 second JAM moment now and then and I’ll be happy!

  15. I liked the episode, but this made it the best episode of the season! Wish they could have aired this!

  16. Yay for some Jim/Pam stuff. Loved the kiss, the mention of their baby and the cute dialogue. Why oh why did the producers cut that? It’s just what the episode needed to make it perfect.

    Oh well, thank you producers for giving us a producers cut!!

  17. Maybe they could have made it a super-sized episode like “Casino Night.” If this aired, it would have been my third favorite episode behind “Niagara” (my favorite) and “Gossip” (my second favorite).

  18. I really wish they would have left it an hour long. It made me love the episode so much more. All I can say is “Thank you for a JAM scene!”

  19. Oh my God…It was a perfect 10. I have watched the producers cut 8 times. Find something new and even more funny each viewing.

  20. I love the new cut. Nice JAM sweetness, and the extended scene with Michael’s foot falling asleep can best be described as inspired lunacy. Made even funnier with everyone trying to hold back their laughter.

  21. I really wasn’t that fond of this episode when it first aired, but with the additional scenes, it’s one of my favorites. Perfect JAM scene (which, I agree that it should have been left in) and the scene with Michael trying to wake up his foot, and Jim getting party ideas. Definitely one of my favorites, behind Niagara and Gossip.

  22. The “Garfield” nickname seems to be getting around – I heard it again on SNL this past Saturday, where they compared “Snooki” from “Jersey Shore” to that cartoon cat!

  23. Is there anywhere, where I can get the script/dialogue of this producer’s cut? My area can’t watch these videos, and I really want to know what happened in the JAM scene.

  24. I really wish they cut out some of the Michael-as-Jesus stuff, which was just too long and uncomfortable for my tastes, and left in most of the warehouse storyline. It still wouldn’t have been season 2 perfect, but it would’ve felt closer. There really was a lot of good material here, more than usual as of late. I’m just not sure they’re making the wisest editing decisions.

  25. Yes, I’d buy that in a second! It’s up on Hulu as one of the top things, so it would be pretty successful.

  26. Everybody keeps talking about this hilarious “JAM” scene. I watched the producers cut and I didn’t see a scene that relates to jam. What is this magical, non-existent scene I’m not seeing in this episode? I need to know.

  27. #39, rachael,

    The “Jam” scene is where Pam kisses Jim under the mistletoe. It’s near the end of the episode.

  28. I already subscribe to the season on iTunes but I’d buy this producer’s cut too – I could watch it several more times easy!

    [from tanster: i really want it, too! i’ve asked nbc if they would consider making the producer’s cut available on iTunes for purchase. haven’t heard back yet.]

  29. I love this! Does anyone else hear someone laughing (off camera) at about..8:05ish? ‘Cause I do.

  30. I loved this! The extra scenes were perfect. I loved Jim’s talking head about actually caring. :)
    The JAM moment was also wonderful. Lalalala.

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