Server problems today

OfficeTally experienced some server problems today, causing it to be offline for several hours this morning/early afternoon.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

Remember that you can always check my MySpace page at for the latest network status.

(Now if OfficeTally and MySpace ever go down at the same time, you’ll have to sedate me for the mental distress.)

Thanks for your patience. :)


  1. There’s no inconvience really. I was just worried my favourite website was going away.

  2. Don’t worry Tanster, Zach Mayo wasn’t really going to blow his brains out. All it means is that your site and Zach Mayo are friends. Where else is he going to go for everything Office related?

    I mean, if OfficeTally went down, I wouldn’t blow MY brains out.

    Ok, maybe I would too.

  3. Of course, I would go to Northern Attack, because episode summaries there just happen to be my favorite distraction.

  4. This is a great site. It’s like the Cheers Bar of the internet…for Office lovers at least

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