The Saturday Tally


  1. Jane’s actually mentioned The Office quite a few times in her blog. She’s a big fan apparently.

  2. What is the deal with the crazy “B” from hell sitting behind Jim… I mean don’t even think about it, he’s for Pam!
    I wish he was back at the Scranton office. :(

  3. Hey, maybe its just me, but when I fire up my RSS reader, it says the OT feed is having an “XML Parse Error”

  4. Jennie, I seriously don’t know how you keep track of all this Office stuff, but I am a grateful fan nonetheless! All I need to do is check Officetally and GMMR and I am caught up on anything I missed during the busy work week. Thanks so much for all you do! :-)

  5. Regarding the profile on Rashida JOnes- anyone noticed it said she will be in a recurring role alongside actor B.J. Novak. Am i reading to much into the statement or when the 2 branches merge she will be a new love interest for BJ. (kelly is not going to be happy!!!) lol

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