1. What a great story. My company just had a CPR class last week that I participated in and the instructor also told us about doing chest compressions to the beat of “Staying Alive”. If anyone has the chance to take a CPR class, do it! It’s easier than I thought and at least you won’t feel as helpless if you’re ever faced with an emergency situation.

    The instructor also showed us the CPR scene from The Office which had the group in stitches. :)

  2. Having learned CPR to “Stayin’ Alive” for years, I am LOVING that my fave show incorporated this admittedly really geeky tidbit of info!!! I have been renewing my CPR certification while singing this song for years!
    According to several people who have taught my CPR classes, apparently the reason Stayin’ Alive is so great to sing/keep in mind while doing CPR is that the ideal rate for chest compressions is ~100/minute. The song, if sung close to the correct tempo, has a beat that encourages that rate almost exactly. WAY TO GO office. As if I needed any more reasons to love this show : )

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