1. He’s on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly along with others in the Little Miss Sunshine cast. Although he’s interviewed for the article, there’s only one mention of the office in the piece.

  2. Has anyone else seen Little Miss Sunshine? I saw it last night and thought it was great. I highly recommend seeing it.

  3. I saw it about a month ago. In that time, it’s officially become my favorite movie.

  4. Thank you for the heads-up! And since this is my first time commenting here, thanks soooo much for this website. You do an AMAZING job. For someone as obsessed with The Office as I am (I’m sure my friends think it’s a little odd now), this is just fantastic. My new favorite website. And I feel so at home! Look at all the other fans! It’s exciting. :)

  5. I agree, Genevieve, Steve was fantastic on Craig Ferguson last night! I loved that it was a looooong interview, too. Both of them reciting the names of all the Teletubbies was too funny.

  6. If by “notice” you mean “momentarily considered driving down to the CBS studios to try and steal the DVD set so I don’t have to wait until September 12th to own it”, then yeah, I noticed it.

  7. Yes, Crystal, that is EXACTLY what I meant. ;)

    Seriously, I was thinking, hey, the discs have been pressed, they exist, they’re out there, where’s mine?!

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