1. According to Colbert, all Stevens spelled with a V are jerks. LOL

  2. so so funny!! i remember watching them on the daily show together way back when. seeing both despicable me and dinner for shmucks the day they come out! love steve carell beyond words, i’ll miss him so much after this season.

  3. WooHoo!!! Half my wish has come true. Now we just need to see Colbert Guest star on The Office and I can die happy.
    I went to see Eclipse tonight and I want my time, Money, and brain cells back. Then I saw Steve’s intro and felt overwhelming joy. Carell’s Corral *snerk* I’ve been cured of the Funk Eclipse put me into and the creeped out feeling I got from being surrounded by Team Edward and Team Jacob.
    Forget Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Colbert and Carell show us what true sexiness is. And Stewart making an appearance? Awesome. The Holy Trilogy of Comedy together again. Now Ed Helms needs to go on the Colbert Report too. And I wouldn’t mind seeing some other office cast members like Rainn Wilson, Kate Flannery or John Krasinski on the Daily Show. Creed could play Rubber Tree on the Colbert Report.

  4. Oh man, that was all kinds of AWESOME!! Jon Stewart needs to stop hogging Steve for his own show & let him go over to the Report more often. More “Carell Corral” after Steve leaves TO please!

  5. there’s the steve we all know and love! where has he gone?! these two are perfect together. my favorite is when colbert says, “10 seats? you could give one to each person who saw dan in real life!” LOVE.

  6. Maybe Colbert can become the new boss on The Office if/when Steve leaves.

  7. This was amazing!! Even Stevphen … I always loved that segment from The Daily Show of yesteryear. Boy, was it great to see it again! And I would totally watch The Carell Corral.

    The rest of this episode was great, too – I’m going to start telling people that I’m from “Land Hawaii.” ;)

  8. Hilarious!! God I miss the two of them together. Even Stevphen was always my favorite!

  9. Loved it! So fun to see Even Stevphen again. :) Two of my favorite Daily Show alum together again,ahhh…

    Hey, maybe when Steve leaves The Office he’ll go back to doing spots on The Daily Show or show up on The Colbert Report, that would be cool.

  10. I would totally watch the Carell Corral! Even Stevphen was a dose of pure joy in my week. Thank you Stevphes!!

  11. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that both Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert were cast members together on the short-lived Dana Carvey Show in the mid-90s (along with Robert Smigel and Dana Carvey, of course). There’s some funny (though partially outdated) stuff on that show.

    You can watch it on Hulu and YouTube.

  12. AHH! that was amazing. and induced so much nostalgia. easily the best colbert interview or carell interview i’ve ever watched.

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