1. I’m a little surprised Steve makes so little. It almost seems like he could make that in 1 movie. He has to be bringing in more than 2.5 million from The Office alone since he is the lead actor and a writer

  2. I’ll give Steve more money if it means he’ll be #86.

    *writing check*

  3. Long Tim he’s also a producer. But I think they are talking about what he asks per movie.

  4. It’s awesome Steve is on there, I am also very excited that Tina Fey is on there! Yay :)

  5. It’s funny how ‘Seinfeld’ has been off for like 10 years and Jerry Seinfeld is still number 25th.

    BUT, how is Drew Carey ahead of Steve Carell?? What sort of power does Carey still have??

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