1. Steve Carell has been written off the show and replaced by Stone Cold Steve Austin?

    [from tanster: oooooh. unfortunately, i have no idea who that is.]

  2. Oh, the suspense! It’s zero degrees here in Pittsburgh, I was looking for an excuse not to go out tonight, and you just gave it to me, Tanster! Screw you, Benjamin Button, I’m hangin’ with Office Tally tonight!

  3. Haha, yes Teach. I’m freezing here in Pittsburgh. Spent my entire day watching the office. And at officetally. Not a bad way at all to spend a snow day.

  4. I’m a little skeptical, to be honest. This will be very difficult to pull off in a show as subtle and low-key as the Office.

  5. Skeptical about what? Dwight obsessing about safety? Michael asking for a roast? Watching a movie in the office? Seems like classic Office to me.

  6. I was actually cheering for Philadelphia to win yesterday – Philadelphia versus Pittsburgh followed by The Office – an “all-Pennsylvania” Super Bowl. Oh well. I think the synopsis sounds fantastic and I’m very proud of our show for landing this coveted spot – I feel like a proud parent watching her kid grow up and take on the world. Weird, I know, but true.

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