1. Pam speaks, whaat? ;)

    This is funny, I love Pam’s little whimper thing when she’s just staring at his nose, haha.

  2. yeaaa that was such a pam-less episode. this deleted scene was great. pam almost looked evil staring at andy’s nose.

  3. Poor Andy! I feel so bad for him in this episode because he’s so happy and just wants to have a perfect wedding. I did love Pam’s tactics and Michael tried the way he does to tell Andy and it just doesn’t happen :(

  4. Poor Andy! I feel so bad for him because he is just that clueless and has no idea what’s going on. I loved how Pam avoided looking him in the eye. I think she did the right thing by saying yes because if they all know it may not happen, why does it matter if they say yes. Great clip!

  5. You know, this is really turning into a trend – the deleted scenes have oft-times been the funniest in the entire episode this season. The editors really need to think harder about what they are cutting out and what they are leaving in, because in many, many cases they’re taking out the funniest stuff.

    C’mon Office writers. Get it. Just get it.

  6. I wish they had more time to keep this scene in the show. I really do feel bad for Andy!

    What doesn’t make sense is why does he need the RSVPs now — in January — when the wedding isn’t until 10 months from now in November?

  7. This is what the episode should have focused on, seriously. The duel and car attack were so lame.

  8. Loved how Dwight and Jim avoided Andy by pretending to be on the phone! That is such a classic office move – I’ve done it many times myself.

  9. This was a really good clip. Jim and Dwight pretending they were on the phone. Pam following Andy’s nose. haha Should have been left in!

  10. “It’s going to take me a very long time to answer that question.” LOL Dwight!

    I also enjoyed the “haps” scene, although I still want to know how Michael found out about Dwight and Angela.

  11. They should have left this deleted scene in! I loved it!

    “The haps can be terrible…” haha love it.

  12. Haha! That is such a Pam reaction. The phone answering by Dwight and Jim also genius. Should have been in the episode.

  13. Clip Two is probably the single greatest deleted clip of The Office ever. I’m certain John covered his mouth during Phyllis’ line to keep from cracking.

  14. Both scenes being left in would have made the episode a lot better, especially the second one.

  15. That 2nd clip was priceless! One of the best!

    Everything Stanley says is hilarious – “Do you fully understand that the prize is Angela? OK, give them both guns.” LOL

    Great deleted scenes to go with the best episode of the season so far in my opinion.

  16. Wow they definitely should NOT have cut out that 2nd group of scenes! Those were AMAZING!!! Stanley and Phyllis had the best lines. “Do you fully understand that the prize is Angela?” I love you, Mr. Stanley Hudson. And there’s the Toby everyone was sort of waiting for to show up in this episode. Really, just…none of that should have been cut. I understand why they had to, for the sake of the plot, but yea. Damn shame.

  17. The second clip was awesome! It was good to see more of the characters in this clip.

    Also, I love that it’s common knowledge that Dwight keeps various weaponry strategically placed around the office. Even Toby knows.

  18. OH MY GOD. These deleted scenes, the second one especially are SO FUNNY. Can’t understand why they didn’t cut these in.

  19. Yeah…I like the fact that that second scene wasn’t in the episode…but only because I think only those who took the time to go online and look it up, deserved to have watched it.


    …a little bit…

    “I say give them both guns!” and Creed.
    The Best!!

  20. I liked the episode, but that 2nd deleted scene just made my night. Classic Office, I love it, and will happily re-watch it to infinity and beyond. Hilarious!

  21. Once again, I am completely disappointed with the way the show is edited. The second scene was hilarious, not to mention incredibly important! Toby needed to be there. To maintain realism, HR has to be acknowledged when the story revolves around an ostentatious conflict between employees.

    This is like a less severe version of when towards the end of Season 4, the Office fandom believed that Toby was trying to get Jim fired. Everyone hated Toby for that. However, there was a deleted scene clarifying that it was RYAN, not Toby, going after Jim. That was such unforgivably horrible editing, because a major plot point wasn’t clear to viewers any more. It’s not something that could be “cut out for the sake of time” either, because it’s a priority for the audience’s understanding. For people who didn’t watch that deleted scene, the story was completely obscured and almost unanimously misinterpreted.

    The Office is my favorite show despite its flaws.

  22. Why do they always delete the BEST lines….I say give them both guns. Darwin baby, Darwin. This deleted scene is funnier than half the episode.

  23. Wow.

    The second clip just reaffirms my belief that Jen Celotta is the single most underrated comedy writer on the planet right now. That was brilliant.

    See? This is why this show needs to be an hour long. Always. Stop cutting out brilliance like this.

    And I know some people thought the car was a bit extreme. But come on. “It’s a Prius. Silent under 5MPH.” Classic. Andy would drive a lamesville Prius and to think he’d use it for that purpose is genius. I loved it.

    Jen Celotta, you’re my hero.

  24. Well, this seems to be the consensus, and I’ve never said this about a deleted scene, but the second clip ABSOLUTELY should have stayed in the episode. I laughed out loud pretty much the entire time. Golden like the Gate Bridge.

  25. Brilliant! If this had been in the episode, this would have been an instant classic. I loved that John had to cover his mouth when Phyllis said “screwing” — I love that Jim is really trying to be there for Dwight, I melt a little more inside.

    I wonder how many takes this took, because I know there’s no way I could have made it through this. I seriously question why in the world this didn’t make it in — this is one of the funniest scenes of the season!

  26. Just want to echo the comments that the 2nd scene shouldn’t have been cut! I hope they do a “producer’s edit” for this over the summer because the world needs to see that little gem. Phyllis is my hero!

  27. LOVED these two scenes!!!! especially the second one. Creed, Pam and Stanley were the best. “Give them both guns.” “TOOOBY!!!!” LOL why have they been cut?

  28. Absolutely the 2nd clip should have stayed in! Phyllis is really becoming more outspoken this season, and it’s hilarious! “screwing the beet farmer weirdo,” classic.

  29. Yeah, why wasn’t that second one left in? I would have loved to see what everybody else thought!

  30. Like so many of you, I totally loved the second scene. It was comedy gold, and should have been included. Maybe they could have cut the part where Jim was collecting the weapons hidden around the office, because that joke is recycled…we’ve seen that before. Loved Creed, Phyllis, Pam, Kelly and Stanley in the second scene. This kind of ensemble comedy acting is why The Office is my favorite show!

  31. usually i watch the deleted scenes and i read people’s comments that say “why didn’t you leave that one in??” and i’m always like c’mon people they can’t keep every one in there! but this time i gotta say, why didn’t you leave the 2nd one in?? it was hilarious! lol

  32. What the haps is….is those 2 deleted scenes were better than 80% of the episode.

    Deleted scene 2 is AWESOME!!!
    Phyllis and Stanley are my new heroes!!

  33. I loved the second clip! Especially the part where Dwight was talking about his Great Aunt’s grave. I agree with everyone else–why weren’t these scenes left in the show. Some of the best material is in them.

  34. ‘Leave me alone’ is not an answer it does not help me with my guest count!

    lol I loved the first scene. The second one was good, too.

  35. 2nd one was awesome. Love that andy suggested his quail-hunting gun and dwight thought an elephant-hunting gun was a fair match.

  36. First, I can only imagine how difficult the job of a quality tv editor is, but I must agree with the majority of the folks that the editors really missed the boat here. I was not a fan of this episode, aside from the Michael/Wallace scenes, but the second set of deleted scenes was pure comedy, while still adding richness to the plot.

    I blame the recent decline of TO (imho) not on the editors, but squarely on NBC execs who want to make it more mainstream to get higher ratings. And I’m torn because it’s a business – if people don’t watch, then there is no more ‘Office’. I guess I should be thankful that these classic scenes exist somewhere, albeit on the cutting room floor.

  37. Wow. Really shoulda had those in the episode, especially the second clip.

    “Darwin baby, Darwin.”


  38. admittedly these were great deleted scenes, very funny, but i don’t see how the argument can be made that they were somehow essential to the plot or crucial and that by not including them the episode was somehow lacking. they were a “ha ha” moment not an “aha” moment

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