Send in your Tater Top Award noms

E! Online is now accepting noms for its 2006 Tater Top Awards.

What are the Tater Tops? — this is “the only TV kudofest where the winners are chosen solely by the fans,” and the noms are fan-driven as well.

Last year’s Tater Tops included two nods for The Office — for Male Breakout Star and Favorite Comedy. (Neither won.)

Here are the categories that I think The Office could clean up in this year:

  • Best Chemistry: Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski
  • Favorite Funnyguy: Steve Carell
  • Best Kiss: Jim and Pam, Casino Night
  • Best Comedy: THE OFFICE!

Find the full list of categories here.

Send your suggestions to [email protected]. Feel free to copy and paste my list right into your email!

I know this ain’t the Emmys. But it is more exposure for our show. And that’s a good thing.


  1. Don’t forget this category: “Show you look forward to the most”

    Also, what about Best Breakout stars? Even though the office is in its second season, it’s may be still considered a breakout show. Maybe John or Rainn for best Breakout Male and Jenna for Best Breakout Female? Can’t hurt I suppose…

  2. Hi Lindsay!

    I think “show you look forward to the most” may be for brand new shows.

    I originally had included “best breakout stars” on the list, but then thought these might be reserved for “first season” shows.

    As you say, though, it can’t hurt to nominate The Office in as many categories as we can! :)

  3. The fight from “The Fight” so has to be in there for Best Fight.

  4. Here’s Mine:
    Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV: Shane finds the “Blackberry”- Survivor
    Best Fight: Shane vs. Everyone- Survivor
    Best Chemistry: Pam and Jim- The Office
    Best Bitch: Angela- The Office
    Best Love Triangle: Jan/Michael/Carol- The Office
    Favorite Funnyguy: Steve Carrel (Michael Scott)- The Office
    Biggest Shocker: “I was just … um … I’m in love with you.”- Jim Halpert- The Office
    Best Kiss: Pam and Jim, Casino Night- The Office
    Show You Look Forward to the Most: The Office
    Best Comedy: The Office

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