TV Guide podcast mentions The Office finale

I’ve been a regular TV Guide podcast listener since the beginning — the program is sharp, funny, occasionally ribald, and always entertaining.

But one thing I started to notice is that they hardly ever discussed The Office.

That is why I was happy when, on their special 50th podcast released yesterday, the TVG crew discussed The Office season finale (around minute 18).

Angel Cohn said it was the “best finale of the whole season” and “fabulous fun stuff.”

Daniel Manu said “I can’t imagine The Office finale not being my top three favorite of the season … possibly my top two.”

It wasn’t a unanimous verdict, however. Michael Ausiello said he liked the finale, but can’t stand Dwight, calling him “the low point of the show for me.” (HUH?!)

Check out the podcast here, it’s good fun! Other shows discussed: Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Prison Break, Smallville, and That ’70s Show.

P.S. Check out one of TVG’s earliest podcasts, with special guest Jenna Fischer!


  1. It’s hard to believe people don’t like Dwight! I remember I didn’t at first, when I first started watching, but he’s one of those characters that becomes really endearing. I still kinda hate his personality, but I love his character, he cracks me up so much. What would the show be like without him??

  2. How can anybody not like Dwight? That Michael Ausiello is one big meanie. Dwight should ninja chop that sucka.

  3. Dwight – the low point? What? I remember saying to my fiance that I wished the finale had been more Dwight intensive.

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