Tori’s Review: The Deposition

Last night’s episode of “The Office” marked an important moment in history.

It’s a moment I never thought I would see. When it was over, I was sad — but also proud.

Last night, Michael Scott had a moment of clarity and did the right thing.

“The Deposition” started with Michael and Jan’s road trip to New York so Michael could testify in Jan’s unlawful termination case.

This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season.

I love how much this show can make me laugh, but I sometimes feel Michael can be crazy to the point that I don’t like him. I need one of these episodes every so often to reset things. To remember that behind his mania and enormous sense of self, Michael is just a sad, sweet, possibly bisexual guy who wants to be loved. Plain and simple.

I enjoy laughing at that guy too.

Jan should have realized her deposition was going to be a disaster when Michael had to come up with an acronym to remember one word. But, when four million dollars is at stake, people will do crazy things, and even involve Michael.

Two parts of the deposition scenes were my favorite; the stenographer’s account of Michael’s bathroom trips, and Toby getting his lunch pushed to the floor. While I am still not happy with Toby for withholding Jim and Pam’s love contract, I thought it was sweet he tried to reach out to Michael. Hopefully next time, he will remember to have a firm grip on anything loose around him.

Jan is right. I bet Michael is above average at a few things — but lying is not one of them.

The truth is, what Jan said in her performance review was absolutely correct, and deep down Michael knew it, just like he knew he would have had no business in Ryan’s position. TWSS. Michael had to choose between his two favorite things: Dunder Mifflin and the twins. In the end, he took the one he probably has the longest future with. Good for him.

Kelly’s smack-talk was some of the funniest stuff this season. Over the years, Pam has made an effort to be friends with Kelly, but no matter what, Kelly will always be jealous of her.

I liked how feisty Pam got over someone talking bad about Jim, and I loved hearing him called her “boyfriend.” In the past, she probably didn’t have much of a defense when someone trash-talked her man, “What drinks too much, and left you at a hockey game?” Yeah … that was Roy.

Jim tried his hardest to defend his lady’s honor, but Darryl is still a way better ping-pong player, and Jim’s okay with that. He got out of most of a day’s work. Score!

The truth is, while Jim might be a floppy haired girl, and Darryl isn’t a bad guy, Jim will probably always be a better boyfriend to Pam than Darryl is to Kelly, and Kelly knows that. That’s all the trash talk Pam needs.

Kelly can save it for Michael when he gets back from New York …

“What has two fake boobs, but not 4 million dollars?” Yeah … that is Jan.

See you again on the other side of this strike.

A big thank you to writers, cast, and crew.

In solidarity!

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.


  1. Bisexual? Err…odd.

    Anyways, I still don’t understand why Michael supported Wallace after he found out he never took him seriously for the job. I don’t think Wallace was being nice at all, but I don’t know. Time for a re-watch.

  2. i’m glad michael supported the company. i don’t think michael’s boss was being mean to him at all by not taking him seriously for the job. he did try to avoid the question and answered as nicely as possible, even complimenting michael as a nice person.

    great episode, the second deleted scene is great!

  3. The bisexual comment is in reference to his description of Ryan in his diary.

    I think deep down Michael knew Wallace was right.

  4. Michael supported Wallace for these reasons:

    1) Michael realized that the picture of Jan was an accidental thing with no ill-intentioned results, while Jan stealing his diary and then using it as evidence was a calculated move that really hurt him (as you could tell in the episode).

    2) Dunder Mifflin has never exhibited a “pattern of disrespect and inappropriate behaviors” to him – unlike Jan (who has).

    3) Even though Wallace admitted that Michael was never being seriously considered for the job at corporate, in the read testimony, Wallace called Michael a “nice guy.” That alone was enough to win Michael over.

    Michael loves Dunder Mifflin. It’s obvious. It’s really the only time he’s happy. Think about it – when he’s not at work, he’s either with Jan (who makes him miserable), at home doing nothing, or getting in trouble at improv for always pulling a gun. Dunder Mifflin is Michael’s safe place. And although everyone there may not agree with his management style, they like him.

  5. I totally agree with #5. Going back to what Michael said at the end of the episode, “You expect to get screwed by your company, but you never expect to get screwed by your girlfriend.” Personally, I wouldn’t trust anyone at work to borrow a pencil, let alone anything else, but when the one person in your life that you love stabs you in the back, where do you go from there. I do believe that Michael knew deep down that both David and Jan were right, but geez, at least David used an amount of decorum. Jan was just blunt and mean. I too, would have sided with the company. Good for Michael for standing his ground.

  6. I love the review and I’m happy you love the episode! Two issues though: “Michael had to choose between his two favorite things: Dunder Mifflin and the twins.” It’s not that great to refer to a PERSON by their breasts. He had to choose between Dunder-Mifflin and Jan. He went with the person he didn’t necessarily have the longest future with (because I do think things can work out) but with the pattern that he did see in terms of respect as mentioned by the commenter below.

    “Jim will probably always be a better boyfriend to Pam than Darryl is to Kelly” I disagree. I see no evidence that Darryl wouldn’t be just as good of a boyfriend TO Kelly. Darryl and Pam (or Jim and Kelly) don’t match up at all so that then they both would be bad boyfriends.

  7. I loved the bisexual comment — a small theory of mine since season 1 that I’m glad to hear you maybe agree with.

  8. Re. #4: I too believe that Michael likes to shop at Staples AND Office Depot.

    I don’t think DM is a great place to work for; however, Michael tends to personalize everything. David Wallace is a nice guy; therefore, DM is a nice place.

  9. 7 | Anoel

    Sorry. I should also stop referring to my husband as “the testicles.” I think it is funny, but I do sometimes see the hurt in his eyes.

    Sure, I don’t disagree that Darryl could really fall for Kelly, but at this point it seems like he is just having a good time with her. Kelly sees that Jim and Pam are in love – for realsies.

  10. Tori – I always look forward to Sat. mornings so I can look at your review! I always LOVE it and agree with every word you say.
    #7 – She was making a funny.
    Tori – I never thought of Kelly as jealous of Pam. Do you think she’s aware enough to be jealous? Elaborate please! Thanks!

  11. Nice review. I have a question: When Michael is asked how long he has know the plaintiff, what was he thinking it meant?
    And then when he says “the firm”, is that the movie?
    Thank you.

  12. 11 | PamHalpert

    You make a good point. I don’t know if Kelly would recognize that she is jealous of Pam but her trash talk certainly indicates it. People cut down other people down to make themselves feel better.

    Pam’s a plain girl and Kelly saw her as someone who really needed to be taught how to be a strong independent woman (or at least Kelly’s version of one). But, plain girl has a guy who would do anything for her. And not just any guy, but a guy who she really connects with and who wants to be her best friend and boyfriend. That is something Kelly has figured out how to find.

    Thank you for the compliment!

  13. The one thing Michael should learn from the Deposition is DO NOT photoshop or email a picture of your girlfriend!

    Kelly is so jealous of Pam!

    Great review, I hope it isn’t a long time till the next one.

    Go writers!

  14. Once again, excellent re-cap Tori. I agree with you about not being too happy with Toby. I actually think Toby’s crush on Pam has well crossed into creepy territory. However, I loved the Toby and Michael moments in this episode. Seeing Toby crack up was a lovely sight as well.

    I also agree with you about Kelly being jealous of Pam. Pam has what Kelly desperately wants, what Kelly convinced herself she was going to have with Ryan.

  15. #7 – Remember, Michael was NOT going to get back together with Jan until he saw that, while Pam’s advice was good, “Jan’s was bigger”. Because of that, Tori is pretty right in saying that he had to choose between DM & the twins, seeing as they never would be dating right now if it wasn’t for the boob job.

  16. Thanks Tori for a great review!

    I really loved this episode. It made me laugh out loud sometimes and sometimes it made me quiet.

    I don’t know if I would say that Kelly is jealous of Pam though. I think she just thinks that when two guys are fighting, you should always just talk trash… I don’t think it was personal.

  17. Glad to see the Kelly/Pam jealousy discussed in this review. In the real world, there is always someone who hates the one person in the office who’s really impossible to dislike. There has been a Kelly storm brewing for some time.

    All Kelly ever wanted was to marry Ryan & have babies. Pam represents all that Kelly doesn’t have. She was engaged for forever & wedding planning was the only thing that Pam had in common with Kelly, irregardless of the fact that both intended grooms were wrong for both gals. At Phyllis’s wedding, Kelly captured Pam’s discomfort in saying it was supposed to be Pam’s wedding and in no way was she “fine” with it. After Pam breaks up with Roy the second time, Kelly pretty much doesn’t have anything to do with her. In “The Job” Kelly says that Pam’s confession was “patheticville – no offence” and later she tries advising Pam that Jim’s just not into her and for her to wake up. She’s really talking about herself, but Pam’s the target.

    For Pam to have landed Jim while Kelly has lost Ryan is more than Kelly can take. She’s so done.

  18. “…and I loved hearing [Jim] called her ‘boyfriend.'”

    I had the exact thought when I heard that word, too. So glad that the writers stick in things like that so we can revel in the relationship!

  19. Wow, #19 Dunderhead
    –You hit the nail on the head. Perfect!
    I love that Kelly THINKS she’s winning, but at the end of the day…Pam gets to go home with Jim.

  20. not to knock the review, but she says every episode is one of her favorites. that means nothing.

    [from tanster: really? where does tori say that?]

  21. Spot on, #19. My feelings exactly. I hope that we get to see more of the Kelly and Pam differences in following episodes, hopefully after this writer’s strike ordeal is over. Again, great review Tori. One of my favorites.

  22. Kelly smack-talking was the only thing that I thought was truly funny. There were a few Michael moments but nothing outstanding. Kind of a serious episode in my opinion.

  23. Thanks, Jennie :)

    23 | john d’arc

    I actually did a search to see if I have said that before — I haven’t. I do, however, often mention favorite parts of each episode, so in that respect you have a point.

    If I were to name another favorite from this season it would be Money. Not that anyone asked…

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