The Finale Tally

The Office Paper Dolls
Photo used with permission by YDR.COM.

Back in the early days of OfficeTally, I used to put together Tally posts on the weekend, which would list that week’s most interesting articles.

Given this is the final week of The Office, it seemed right to bring back the Tally.

One last time.

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  1. I have a question, Tanster. In one of these articles (can’t remember which, I’ve read all of them back-to-back) it says that you were referenced several times on the show. Which episode/s have you been referenced in and what did the character/s say? I’m curious lol!

  2. Love these stories. Can’t wait for part two of the tvguide series. Bring tears to my eyes seeing the stories of my “friends” come to an end. :'(

  3. Thanks for these, Tanster, it’s wonderful to have these all in the one place. I had read most of them before, but the St. Louis article was new to me – it’s really lovely, and I can’t get over Jenna’s old journal entry about her dream job, it gave me shivers down my spine!

  4. #2 Nard Dog: the NY Daily News article said “She has appeared on the show and been referenced on the show.”

    You need to watch deleted scenes from Season 5’s Company Picnic and tell me if you can spot the reference. :)

  5. how could you NOT love it from the pilot? that is one of the best episodes and usually pilots are awful. I never get hooked into shows based on a pilot, but this one I did, I still remember watching the premiere in march 05 with my brothers. awesome times.

    p.s. i think you should make a new blog, there will have to be a show that you love, even if it’s not as much, you never know what will become of it, i mean, did you ever think this blog would be what it is? :)

    [from tanster: thanks! officetally was my first blog ever, and no, never in my wildest imagination did i think it would turn out the way it did. it’s been an amazing journey!]

  6. How cool! Thanks for posting my art! And most of all thanks for asking too! I’m a huge Office fan!

  7. Aww, thanks for bringing back OfficeTally if only for this final week! I used to love reading OfficeTally links and would anxiously await them each week. Off to read all these articles . . . thanks!

  8. Oh, the Tally! I’d forgotten about the Tally. This is (and always was) so great! It’s little things like this that make me feel THE END the most… the first thing that made me cry about Paper Airplane? I realized during the opening that it was the last half-hour episode EVER.

    I know everyone’s saying it, Tanster, but I want to say it too–you have done such an incredible job here, all these years!

    [from tanster: thank you. this is going to be a very emotional week.]

  9. What episodes were you in? And what references??

    [from tanster: i appear in season 5’s company picnic, and andy buckley (‘david wallace’) mentions me by name in a company picnic deleted scene!]

  10. Tanster, perhaps you’ve answered this many times; if so, my apologies: What will become of this site once the immediate comments and write ups about the finale and whatnot have subsided/are over with?

  11. Aww, I had forgotten about the Tally! I’ve loved this site almost as much as the show. Thanks, Tanster.

  12. Man I’m getting no work done today reading these. I’m just hiding in my cube with tears in my eyes.

  13. Loved the interview with you, Tanster! You really have done an amazing job over the years and are probably the number one reason I get way less work done than I should…(That’s a compliment, really!)

    [ from tanster: lol, thank you! :) ]

  14. Along with all the other links you’ve posted recently, I LOVED the article about you, Tanster! It’s easy for us to forget that our Tanster is really Jennie Tan, who has a REAL job outside of OfficeTally. You are an amazing “superwoman” and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done! I can say with certainty that if it wasn’t for stumbling upon OT years ago, my life would not be nearly as full. My love for The Office obviously grew, but I’ve also made some wonderful friends and had awesome experiences because of this site. You deserve all the recognition you have received – and more!

    [from tanster: xoxoxoxo]

  15. Although I’ve only posted a very few times, Office Tally and tanster have been a huge part of my family’s Office fun since Season 2.

    Here are my top 5 favorite OT things:
    5. Taglines at the top. Sometimes I refresh the page just to chuckle.
    4. April Fools’ Day pranks. I know these weren’t for everyone, but the one where Jennie “sold” OT was genius. No more spoilers, y’all!
    3. Q&As and chats with the cast and staff. Wow.
    2. Contests! So many fun, creative things either started or shared. Peeps!
    1. Comment policy. Seriously, read it. It’s funny, and without it we could never have this joyous place where respectful disagreement is welcomed (as well as proper grammar.)

    And, my top 5 tanster moments:
    5. DMI goofiness. Go, Racine!
    4. Company Picnic, of course. Hope you’re in the finale, too – with lines!
    3. Tanster gets a Dundie. It says “bushiest… no, BEST Office Fansite”
    2. JK Prom Pose! “I can see how one might squee.”
    1. Kind of everything – the thorough, thoughtful, funny, fun, and wonderful spirit that makes OT awesome. THANK YOU.

    [from tanster: omigod, you just made me laugh and cry! i love you! and that april fool’s prank was one of my proudest accomplishments. ever.]

  16. How are you holding up, Tanster?

    I’m already a wreck reading all of these articles and interviews. Loved reading yours! You’re such a rockstar and as someone who came in around Season 3, it was great to geek-out over everything that had been archived. It made me feel like I didn’t miss out. Thanks, again, Jennie!

    [from tanster: not so well, i’m afraid. i’m so sad! luckily, i have so much to do today getting officetally ready, writing up some behind-the-scenes stuff that i’ll hopefully post later tonight, that i’m kind of ignoring my feelings and just focusing on what i need to get done.]

  17. Still stuffing all my feelings, la la la…that “leave your comments for the cast and crew” thread just looks deadly to me. I can’t bring myself to click on it! I’ll have to post my feelings later on…no deadline, right? We can safely assume that Greg & Co. will always be lurking some way or another?

    I can’t believe I never bothered commenting here before this season. I’ve been reading since at least 2007, but I guess I never realized before how important being an *active* part of the fan community is. So I’m so glad that OfficeTally will continue, and I promise to keep reading and commenting. And reminding everyone of that time Kevin swam in chili. (THINK OF SLOPPY CHILI KEVIN, GUYS. IT WILL GET YOU THROUGH THIS.)

    Question: Do you guys think we can safely assume the 8 PM special tonight will be on the season DVD? Or will NBC be bastards about it and make us buy it separately, or as part of a full series DVD set?

    [from tanster: glad you’re here!]

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