Thanks, you guys!

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!

As we are currently experiencing a heatwave in the SF Bay Area (it’s supposed to hit 93º today) and my condo has no A/C, I will be spending the day in a nice air conditioned mall or cafe. With wifi, of course.

Thanks again. You guys are the best!

:) Jennie (aka tanster)


  1. I never got a chance to wish you a happy birthday, so happy birthday :) I hope you have a great day Jennie.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for running such a wonderful website, and for sharing your love of “The Office” with us all. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work! THANK YOU!!! And I hope you have a fantastic birthday =D

  3. Happy Bird-day, Tanster!!!!

    Skip around the room, skip around the room… or the food court!

  4. I didn’t know it was your bird-day! Happy summer solstice as well, haha :)

  5. Happy birthday!

    Matty and I will hoist you up on a chair at some point later today, just a warning….but we’ll be careful and keep your head from going through the ceiling :)

    Is a Fudgy the Whale cake acceptable? :)

  6. 93 degrees? That’s nothing. I’m currently in the Bay Area myself. It’s nothing compared to SoCal heat. =) Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for all the effort you put into this site. You are greatly appreciated.

  8. The heat is forcing you to leave your home and go to a place where you can buy something nice for yourself.

    (Happy Belated Birthday!)

  9. Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything you do with the site. :D You’re the best!

    It’s triple-digit-weather here in SoCal. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to survive the day, haha.

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, Jennie :)

    I do feel for you and your 93 degrees (Though I must say, I feel more for my 113 degrees I am enduring today) and I hope you find refuge in air conditioned malls and can forget the awful heat for a bit as you enjoy your birthday.

  11. I moved to Berkeley from LA in October. I feel like I’m back home in SoCal in this heat! Too much!

    Oh, and happy birthday. :)

  12. Happy birthday, Tanster! :) Thanks for all your work on OT! Oh, and enjoy the air conditioned mall!

  13. Happy birthday Tanster!!! Since it’s so hot out, you should go find yourself some ice cream… maybe some MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP! You deserve it!!

  14. Happy Birthday!! we had the heat wave a last week, it was 100 degrees in MD and it sucked. go see get smart in the air conditioned movie theater!

  15. Tanster is so old, [how old is she!?] she walked into an antique store and they kept her!

    That wasn’t even mine, I got that off the internet.

  16. 93?! It’s 108 down here in my yard in San Jose! Have a nice birthday somewhere with lots of margaritas, air conditioning and ice cream to keep you cool! Or do you want some birthday peach cobbler??

  17. This is future Jenny, someone has poisoned the coffee in the cafe. DO NOT DRINK THE COFFEE! More instructions to follow.

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  18. haha, 93 degrees. I would kill to get it that chilly down here in Atlanta, lol :) But I hope you have the best birthday EVAR ! [/kelly]

  19. Oh, come on, friends. It’s 113 today in Phoenix. I do not feel sorry for any of you. :)

    Happy Birthday anyway, tanster! Maybe you can buy yourself an air conditoner for your birthday?

  20. Happy birthday! I live in North Bay and it’s in the mid-90s right now. I live in an apartment without air conditioning. (Why do people think that they don’t need air conditioning in the Bay Area? I’ll never understand it.) I, too, will be heading to the mall or the public library for some much-needed relief.

  21. Happy Birthday Tanster! Thanks for doing such a FANTASTIC job with Officetally! Hope you have a nice, cool day.

  22. Happy Birthday Tanster!! Thank you so much for what you do for us fans. I think I check this site about 3 times a day for Office news. It is so awesome!

  23. Do NOT have a happy birthday…

    Reverse psychology is an awesome tool. I don’t know if you guys know about it, but, basically, you make someone think the opposite of what you believe.

  24. Yikes, I thought I had it bad today at around 84. Good ol’ Canada!
    Hope you’re having an awesome birthday tanster, and hope you’re NOT spending it moderating all our birthday comments haha

  25. Happy Birthday Jennie! I hope you have a great day, you deserve it. Without you, I would have no idea what was going on with anything related to The Office. You are an incredibly dedicated person and thank you so much!

  26. Happy Birthday tanster!

    p.s. I feel ya with the weather. I just spent 4 straight hours outside in SF. Soo hot! :) Hope you’re staying cool!

  27. I know! I’m in SF and it hasn’t been this hot out here since a long time ago.

    Today… is beach day.

  28. Jennie,
    Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun! (Happy Birthday in Indonesian.) Hope it is a great one!

    ;) Angela Kinsey

  29. Hey, I just noticed. You have the same birthday as my grandmother! Happy B-Day (again)

  30. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you’ve done for us office fans. I really appreciate it! :)

  31. Happy Birthday, Tan-Monster! :) I think we should all chip in and buy an AC for Tanster! I’ll be hitting the bars for one of my friends’ birthday so I will make sure to toast to the awesomeness that is you!

  32. I’m having my relatives in Los Gatos drop some Nightswept on your doorstep. Is that stalker-y? I don’t mean it to be stalker-y. happy birthday!

  33. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Tan-Monster!!!! Thank you for everything you do! I LOVE so much about the things that you chose to be!

  34. Happy Birthday, tanster! I hope you’re having a ton–no TWO tons–of fun. Don’t let this abomination unto the world known as a heatwave stop you!

  35. Happy Birthday Tanster! Hope you had a wonderful day (and were able to keep cool in the warm weather)! :)

  36. Oh! I’m late in saying but, Happy Birthday Tanster, thanks for all that you do.

  37. Happy Birthday Tanster Jennie! May your day be filled with bologna sandwiches, ice skating and trick candles.

    Respect the Birthday!

  38. Sorry I’m so late, but happy belated birthday! I hope someone raised you up in a chair (but without removing a ceiling tile with your head)!

  39. Happy Belated Birthday! Did you know you share the same birthday with Prince William and Brandon Flowers from The Killers….and Ms. Ruth in post 61 :-)

  40. Happy Birthday, tanster!

    I can’t believe I missed your birthday yesterday! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your birthday donuts with me. Think about it, now you get to hear Happy Birthday for two days instead of one!

  41. Is #56 the REAL Angela Kinsey? Holy crap!

    [from tanster: yes it is! isn’t she a sweetheart? :) ]

  42. I know I am a day late but I was walking 24/7 in the Relay for Life yesterday. I’m in the Bay also, and yes it was HOT!!! But just wanted to say…

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, TANSTER!!! Hope you were able to stay cool! Thank you so much for all that you do. We SO appreciate you!

  43. Sorry I’m a day late. I hope you had a great day and were able to stay cool.

  44. Adapted from “Michael’s Birthday”: Oh, fun fact. You share your birthday with Doug Savant (from Desperate Housewives). So you have a perfect icebreaker if you ever meet Teri Hatcher.

  45. Happy Belated Birthday Tanster! I hope it was dawesome! The bay area has seriously been having some weird weather lately..

  46. Very happy belated birthday! Best wishes for the whole year! Hope you got to escape the heat and enjoy some good A/C this weekend (maybe in a movie theater watching Get Smart or The Promotion?!) Thanks for this great site and all you do for the Office fans! The hours you put into this must reach from here to the moon, and it’s so awesome. You are really appreciated!

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