1. I am so happy that they were all there to support Steve. So awesome.
    And the convention is soon! EEK! :D

  2. oh my goodness, I had hoped they would come up with something better before releasing it. I won’t be getting it =( It would be cool to have a decent Office Simulation game though…I absolutely love SIM-like games!

  3. I marvel at the contrast between Andy Bernard, the most annoying person in the world, and Ed Helms, who seems to be a really nice guy.

  4. Okay I don’t like my work cause half those links are blocked… geez. What do they expect me to do here if I can’t waste time looking at Office stuff? haha

    Melora looks amazing in the photos that did come up for me.
    I hope the game comes in Mac form as well…. but I can’t see the photos yet so I might regret saying that.

    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Safe travels to the convention everyone! Scranton has been buzzing about this weekend for a long time. It’s going to be absolutely amazing! See you all there!

  6. I love that the cast support one another in their non-Office projects. I personally love Ed’s “Harry Potter glasses” in those photos! ;) And that video of him with Tony Hawk is great. Who knew he was a BMX biker?

  7. For a little more fun on that fill in the blank game, try it with the sound off. still easy though.

  8. I got to beta test it and it was REALLY fun- it’s like a lot of time management games except you play against another office member. There are tons of actual voice clips from the show “This is a Schrute buck, do something good, and you will get one Schrute buck”…I really thought it was a lot of fun and can’t wait for the real version…

  9. On Tuesday night I got to see a special preview of Dan in Real Life and it is awesome. Steve Carell amazes me in his ability to act. He really does such a superb job. This and Little Miss Sunshine have proven he is not just a comedian, but, so much more. There is a hilarious dance scene in the movie that immediately made me think of Booze Cruise. This movie is hysterical, endearing and real. This is a must see for Office fans.

    For those of you going to the Convention, I am jealous, but, I hope you have a great time. I can’t wait to hear about how great it was.

  10. Wow… that just doesn’t look right.

    #1, Yeah I do, I expected so much more from the looks.
    Well, let’s hope the gameplay is good, ’cause you can’t judge a game entirely on it graphics.

    Does anybody know if they are going to make a demo?

  11. My love for Ed Helms just grew considerably (which, considering how much I loved him before is a feat).

    And *why* are they making an Office PC game? It looks so, so lame.

  12. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from the game, especially coming from the people who made it, but I think it looks really funny and cute and I am totally going to go buy it. Hey, if I get to see cute little 3-D versions of Jim and Pam running around playing pranks on people, sign me up!!! I’m stoked!

  13. A computer game? For the Office? What?! That. looks. horrible.

    See you in Scranton tanster!

  14. I am at school at took the quiz with no sound and still got 10 out of 10. Whoo.

  15. It would be fine for a free game on MSN or something, but to actually pay for it… But it is kinda cute that you can distract your opponent by getting Pam to prank them.

    Why do Angela & Karen look like long-haired men?

  16. The Office PC game definitely needs more work! The only way I can figure out who some of the characters are supposed to be is by process of elimination. The wonderful Office cast deserves better than this!

  17. Oh wow! Ed Helms is only a couple of years older than I am. He seems like and old man to me… well not OLD, but like an older gentleman.

    Have fun Jennie!

  18. I know it’s silly, but the one thing that bothers me about the game is that the characters aren’t sitting at their ‘correct’ desks. No, Kevin goes over there! Why is Phyllis opposite Meredith?! And is that Darryl?

  19. hmm weird. i didn’t see any pics of jenna on there… the office game looks cute. the graphics are kinda bad though.

  20. How adorable is Ed Helms? Oh my God, I have a newfound sweetspot for Ed Helms. And he’s only 33? He’s like all my friends’ age. Too cute. I LOVE that he skates and tried BMX.

  21. The PC game looks awful. Pretty disappointed. Quiz was a piece of cake, but did anyone else notice that on round 7 after you select the answer that underneath the video it says where the clip is from and that it says its from “The Dentist” instead of The Coup??

  22. Sorry for the double post, but WOW for Clint’s The Office! That was absolutely fantastic!

  23. the iesb.net pictures of kate were really good – she looked really pretty : )

    i also loved melora’s earrings, but i really didn’t like ed helm’s glasses…they look like he ripped them off a mr. potato head and squeezed them on

  24. I can’t believe there is going to be an Office game and that’s what they come up with….maybe it’s going to be cooler than it looks? One can hope.

    The fill in the blank game was a waste of time too…maybe some things just aren’t meant to be games. I love my Office friends but they belong on my TV and that’s it.

  25. love the faux eastwood video and the one with tony hawk. the game looks really stupid. i hate the animation and it does’t even look like the characters!

    i liked that fill in the blank game. easy, but nevertheless fun!

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