The Office: A Benihana Christmas, 3.10-11

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the office a benihana christmas

Writer: Jennifer Celotta, Director: Harold Ramis

Summary (NBC): Michael gets his heart broken by girlfriend Carol. Andy takes Michael out drinking with Dwight and Jim. Tensions on the party planning committee cause rival parties to form. Hour-long episode.

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The Office A Benihana Christmas quotes

Dwight: Don’t worry, she’s dead … oh wait… he’s dead.

Dwight: I accidentally ran over it. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Dwight: Do we have any cayenne pepper in the kitchen?

Dwight: And circle gets the square.

Dwight: So can you watch this? I’m gonna get my carving knife out of the trunk.

Dwight: Once I brought in a duck to prepare for lunch and people got upset. Apparently they got attached to the duck and didn’t want to see it killed.

Dwight: He was already dead, and we Schrutes use every part of the goose. The meat has a delicious smoky rich flavor. Plus, you can use the molten goose grease and save it in the refrigerator, thus saving you a trip to the store for a can of expensive goose grease.
Jim: Wow. Win-win.
Dwight: Exactly, thank you, Jim.
Phyllis: I like goose. If it’s already dead, is it so crazy if we eat it?
Creed: That’s crazy. It’s crazy.

Toby: Clean it in your car.
Pam: I would like it off my desk.
Dwight: Oh, Pam. Take a chill pill.

Michael: Hey! I would like a nice slice of Christmas Pam. Side of candy Pams. And perhaps some Pam chops. With mint …
Pam: Can I help you Michael?
Michael: I’m looking for the toy drive box.
Pam: It’s behind you.
Michael: Okay … well, I need to put this bike in there. I hope it’ll fit, with all these little knickknacks …

Jim: Is that your old bike, Michael?

Michael: This is going to be the best Christmas ever. My girlfriend Carol is coming to our party tonight, and I have a little surprise for her. (Singing) I’ve got two tickets to paradise! Pack your bags, we’re leaving day-after-tomorrow! Um, taking her to Sandals, Jamaica, all-inclusive. All-inclusive. You know what that means. Right? Yeah. (Leers)

Jim: Oh, I think you’re supposed to put a toy in the box, Creed.

Michael: A Christmas Carol.

Michael: You’re about five hours early to the party. Oh, you’re such a blonde.

Michael: This is my girlfriend, Carol. This is just the front of her.

Michael: Ski-son’s Greetings.

Carol: This is so weird.

Jim: It’s a bold move to Photoshop yourself into a picture with your girlfriend and her kids on a ski trip with their real father. But then again, Michael’s a bold guy. Is bold the right word?

Michael: You need to think this through in Jamaica’s largest freshwater pool.

Michael: You walk out that door, and it is over.
Carol: I know.

Jim (reading Dwight’s file): “Last year, my boss, Michael Scott, took a day off, ‘cuz he said he had pneumonia, but really, he was leaving early to go to magic camp.”

Pam: You get to decide what his top secret mission is. Sorry I didn’t wrap it.

Jim: I feel like there’s a chance for me to start over. And if I fall back into the same kind of things I used to do, then … what am I doing?

Michael: I’d like everybody’s attention. Christmas is canceled.

Michael: Jim, take New Year’s away from Stanley.

Michael: Carol and I split up. Amicably.

Jim: Will they still air ‘Rudolph.’

Michael: It hurts my heart. It hurts my stomach. It hurts my arms.

Dwight: It appears we’re one bathrobe short.
Michael: Take it from Toby.

Angela: Phyllis, I need you to pick up green streamers at lunch.
Phyllis: I thought you said green was whorish.
Angela: No, orange is whorish.
Karen: Uh, so I had a couple of ideas to make the Stamford people feel more at home. Each year we have a Christmas raffle …
Angela: It would never work here.
Karen: Ok … um, another idea was karaoke …
Angela: No.
Karen: A Christmas drinking game …
Meredith: Yes.
Angela: God help you.
Karen: What?
Angela: These are all terrible ideas … and none of them are on the theme of “A Nutcracker Christmas.” I think you should leave.
Karen (laughing tentatively): You’re kidding.
Angela: You tried this out, and it’s clearly not for you. It’s time to go.

Dwight: Why don’t you just buy the whole song?

Michael: I don’t need to buy it, I just want to taste it.

Karen: Does anyone ever stand up to Angela?
Pam: I think one of her cats did once. She came in with scratches all over her face.

Pam: If you’re interested in the way more fun party, all the info can be found here on our more brightly colored flyer.

Kevin: I didn’t see where it was.

Jim: Could you please keep it down? I’m in session. I’ve determined this committee’s valid.

Dwight: Permission to join the Validity Committee.
Jim: Permission denied.

Andy: I can’t concentrate when I know you’re in pain, man.

Michael: C’mon, we’re going to Asian Hooters.

Ryan: I’m not feeling so well. I’ve got a ton of work to do here. MSG allergy, peanut allergy, I just ate there last night.

Jim: Wow, thanks for taking all the excuses, dude.
Ryan: Doctor appointment, car trouble, plantar warts, granddad fought in World War II. Use your head, man. I keep mine in here. Look alive, Halpert. Welcome back.

Michael: Bros before hos.

Michael: And then … and then suddenly she’s not yo’ ho no mo’.

Dwight: How can I be there for Michael if I’m here for Michael.

Angela: Pam, don’t tell her what to do! Phyllis.

Kevin: I think I’ll go to Angela’s party, because that’s the party I know.

Ryan: I miss the days when there was only one party I didn’t want to go to.

Angela: Your paychecks will be arriving as scheduled on Friday. And they will be in the correct amount that they are normally in.

Angela: Meredith, if you don’t come to my party, you will be very, very sorry.

Kevin: I hear Angela’s party will have double-fudge brownies. It will also have Angela.

Angela: Brownies. Cupcakes.
Kevin: Don’t push it.

Karen: Are we taking this too far? You know what, I don’t think we’re taking this far enough. (Looking at Pam) What?
Pam: I got goosebumps.

Angela: I don’t back down. My sister and I used to be best friends, and we haven’t talked in 16 years. Over some disagreement I don’t even remember. So … yeah. I’m pretty good.

Everybody: Darryl! Darryl! Darryl!

Cindy: Is he the hot one or the giant baby?

Angela: I don’t walk into your house and steal your Hello Kitty backpack.

Pam: In the name of Nutcracker Christmas.

Michael: My little gal over there. Babe-alectable.

Michael: You know how all waitresses look alike.

Michael: Are you going to tell me that Stevie Wonder doesn’t love his wife just because he’s not sure what she looks like?

Michael: Is she in the fridge? Where is she hiding?

Dwight: Monkey, this is Possum. Do you copy?
Angela: Copy, Possum. What’s your twenty?

Cindy: No … I have school.

Michael: I can’t believe I gave her my bike!
Jim: Yeah.

Jim: You just had a rebound.
Michael: A rebound.
Jim: Yeah. Which, don’t get me wrong, can be a really fun distraction, but, when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one that broke your heart.

Michael: Domo arigato, Mr. Scott-o.

Michael: It’s all-inclusive.

Oscar: Too soon.

Dwight (reading text message): “You have been compromised. Abort mission. Destroy phone.”

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  1. Had I been drinking something, liquid would have been spewing out my nose when he marked that chick.

  2. I missed the first fifteen minutes, but from what I did see, that may have been the most far-out episode of The Office yet.

  3. omg, jim was sooo talking about himself.
    why didn’t oscar stay…nevermind, i don’t blame him.
    and poor toby. but pam was so sweet when she gave him a robe. aw.
    really great episode. ryan seemes more loose with kelly…or was he just drunk.

  4. WOW! That was AMAZING! I loved Kevin
    “I think I’ll go to Angela’s party because that is the party that i KNOW”

    and i love tyhe CIA!

  5. That was without a doubt the best ep this season. And probably in the top 5 of all time. So many laughout loud moments and finally every character was included in one show since casino night. I wish the office was always 1 hour long.

  6. wiahhhh 7.58 rating?

    haha tonights episode was AWESOME… that rebound speech was my favorite thing jim has said this whole season. no joke.

  7. It had its parts but overall it was awesome that it was an hour. It just didn’t seem as funny as the 30 minute , excuse me 21 minute, episodes. Don’t get me wrong I still loved the episode.

    Even Jim knows he is still in love with Pam!

    Michael and Jan to Sandals, CRAZY!

  8. Wow…I loved it…Especially the rebound with Jim at the end…and Jim/Dwight/The goose prank at lunch was great also

  9. love love love it. this was my favorite angela episode. and my favorite dwangela episode. i can see their relationship slowly coming out in the open! yes! toby’s “why?” broke my heart and made my stomach hurt from laughing. i loved how jim always says what he really means without realizing he’s saying it. and i WONDER who’s going to jamaica with michael… : )

  10. The rating is low now but it will pick up. I give the ep a 7/10. A ton of people rate every episode 10/10 probably which is kinda ridiculous…if there wasnt so much “love it no matter what” attitude there would be a lot more episodes in the 7 range.

  11. Very satisfying..and FUNNY….all the relationships sort of encapsulated….loved every second of it.
    Glad to see the sisterhood is still powerful…sistahs before mistahs!

  12. What a great episode! It really was dragging at first but picked up nicely.

    I loved the robes, too. Anyone else glad to see Michael and Jim getting along?

  13. Man I loved that episode. It was very charming. I think that is the best way to describe it.

  14. Face of Scranton-
    I think they have always gotten along, Those moments with Jim and Michael show how good of friends they are in the office with all of the other stuff going on.

  15. That episode was a real roller coaster. I laughed almost nonstop, but I think I laughed hardest during the opening with Dwight and his goose, when Toby felt the back of Kevin’s robe, and when Michael put the black mark on the girl’s arm. Despite all the laughs, it seemed like the episode was really bleak until the last 5 minutes, at which point I think they did a great job of wrapping everything up. Not the best ever, but definitely one of the better ones of the season so far.

  16. Anyone know what movie Jim and Karen got? I tried to look but I just coulnd’t tell what it was.

  17. I really hate to admit it, but I actually like Karen a lot now!

    The theme of this episode was really “rekindling romance”. With JAM’s comeback, Dwangela’s return, and a likely Michael-Jan hook-up, the writers have set themselves up for some serious drama come the New Year.

  18. Ahh i want to know so bad who Michael is going to Jamaica with! It doesn’t seem like it’s Jan-but who would it be??

    And i think Pam and Karen being friends is really entertaining to watch. I feel like Pam never actually connects with anyone other than Jim, so it was strange seeing her hang out with Karen.
    I could see them using this to drag out the Jim & Pam thing for sooooooo lonnnggggg.

  19. Was that the movie chuck? I am looking at the cover, I will have to wait until tomorrow when I can dl it on iTunes so I can match the cover :)

  20. Patman,
    That song is “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt.

    Tonite was fantastic!! It was so hilarious and when Michael made his sad face I spit water across the room.

    Great episode.

  21. i think it was bridget jones diary – probably the second one. the episode was different because it wasn’t nearly as awkward funny that it usually is. very different than gay witch hunt or the convict. it’s kinda a nice difference to balance it. a feel good and still funny “office-like” episode. i love how the show varies like that.

  22. Aww… I really liked how they tied everything together at the end. I felt bad for Oscar, but I’m glad he had a moment. I thought Toby was absolutely amazing in this episode. It was so perfect to make him actually show that something bothered him for once. Usually he just gives up… I’m glad Pam gave him the robe.

    And that rebound speech from Jim??? I mean how much more do you “Team Karen” people really need to hear after that… It’s so completely obvious that Jim and Pam are without a doubt meant to be. He still loves her… that’s very obvious. And we all knew Karen was going to be the stepping stone, which I dont mind just as long as Jim and Karen work things out well in the end. I loved Karen tonight, I thought she was brilliant!

    I gave the ep. an 8/10. I laughed, but there were SO many commercials, that it was pissing me off. This one won’t even be much longer than the extended version. However, I’m looking forward to the deleted scenes.

    Anyone know what the gift was that Roy gave Pam??? I couldn’t see it…

  23. Not sure it was the best yet, but I loved it anyway. LOL-ed more than a few times. How do we make the “Hour Long Office” permanent?

  24. WOW! great episode.

    angela hiding hiding the karaoke cord in the plant.

    jim translating for dwight…. narcolepsy!?

    this show just breaks down barriers of real life comedy.

    i’ve seen this before somewhere… oh yeah, i live it everyday.

  25. Michael’s marking of the arm scene was probably one of my favorite Office moments…ever!

    Steve Carell is the heart of the show and no one else (outside of Gervais) could play the role as well as he does.

    No Michael Scott = No Office

  26. Of course they’re going to drag Jam out…
    but my God… he called Karen his rebound.
    Woah. Big Jam moment there….
    I actually like Karen now, but that makes me giddy. In a dorky-i-shouldn’t-be-living-vicariously-through-this-show-way.

  27. I loved the waitress’s comment:

    “Is he the hot one or the giant baby?”

    See, even benihana waitresses think Jim is hot.

  28. God, that was amazing. So funny with some really touching scenes. Pam giving Toby the DM gift bag, Jim’s rebound speech, Pam and Karen making amends with Angela, Angela singing karaoke! So good.

    But the James Blunt scene made me want to kill myself, I can’t stand listening to that crap. I have such hate for his “music” and the scene left my Office-loving heart conflicted. To mute or not to mute?

  29. kathlee-great comment about living vicariously through the show. just know that you’re not the only dork around!

  30. Fantastic episode. It really does deserve a high rating. There are just to many great moments for me to list right now.

  31. There are SO many funny little things in this episode (besides the funny big things!) that I can’t remember.

    To name a few though:
    -When the waitress whisper’s in Michael’s ear & he says “That’s what she said.”
    -After Angela rips down Pam & Karen’s poster you can hear Kevin say “Hey, I didn’t even get to see where it is.”
    -When Toby rubs Kevin’s back
    -The things you can hear Dwight saying while the camera is focused on Andy and Michael talking
    -The fact that Michael was only playing the 30 second iTunes preview
    -Kelly putting a candy cane on Ryan’s nose

    My favorite episode so far this season!

  32. Cara-
    I think when the waitress said the hot one I have a feeling she was referring to Ryan. Just a thought ;)

  33. Of course, it was Jan. The episode was great, and it clocked in around 43:45. It’s not that short. That is average for a hour-long episode.

  34. Jordan, Ryan wasn’t at the restaurant with them. It doesn’t make sense that she would talk about him in that context.

  35. I just can’t warm up to Karen. I feel like if Pam hadn’t felt bad and said something Karen would have continued the duel party thing and continued to be mean to Angela. I feel like she doesn’t know how to joke around the way Jim and Pam do.

    Absolutely loved seeing Dwight and Angela show a little affection toward each other… soo cute!

    And i’m happy Jim said that rebound speech towards the end it made me soo happy!!

  36. Face of Scranton, I think she directed Drug Testing. I seem to remember a woman named “Jenn” doing the commentary for that episode.

  37. I know I’ve made like 5 comments already, but I just remembered one of the best things ever: Ryan singing along to the Alanis Morrisette song. Wtf!

  38. I thought this episode was awesome. I just got back from the emergency after watching the Office from my bed. Even the nurses love the show! When Kevin was singing karaoke it nearly killed me. I mean it almost did cuz the nurse was sticking an IV fluid in my arm and I was laughing so hard that she missed my vain…it hurt really bad.

    I loved the JAM moments too :)

  39. You’re probably right but from the way that she said the lines, I thought Michael told her that, like dwight is a baby and how Ryan is hot. I’m probably wrong though :\

  40. A++

    Michael being Michael and his many faces
    Jim still loves Pam
    Sweet Dwangela scenes
    Pam warming up to Karen
    Karen’s “he’s cute, you should date him”
    Oscar showing back up, “it’s too soon”


  41. The thing I loved about this episode was the amount of things they referred to from previous episodes.

    I really can’t think of any specific moments right now but having watched all the episodes I really enjoy when they talk about the past.

    Plus, it’s realistic for people to talk about the past.

  42. The rebound girl speech is a deathblow to Team Karen. To bad for Jim though that Pam and Roy seem like they are going to get together again

  43. There is hope for Jim and Pam. At the end, when Roy gave Pam the gift, and Jim saw, at first it was like, “Hmm, she’s moved on?” but that look quickly turned into “I still love her.” The second half totally looked like a season two look, when Roy was actually being kind to Pam. And then the very end totally got us to a happy place, I see a lot of Dwight torturing in the future, Halpert’s gonna try to get the girl back, I can tell.

    Oh, and I kind of like the idea of Pam and Karen being friends, if there wasn’t this whole Jim thing, like if she was a complete outsider.

    I loved this whole episode, it was totally great, and the Dwight and Angela scenes were amazing, I loved them holding hands and the walkie-talkie part.

    oh Michael, that is probably all I can say. lol.

  44. I can’t get Kevin singing You Oughta Know out of my head.

    Or Kelly’s off-key version of We Belong, as Ryan chugged a margarita….

    That scene between Jim and Michael toward the end was just classic. I love how they show them being almost normal friends at times. It makes you realize why Jim puts up with Michael being such a giant baby so much of the time…

  45. I don’t think that the writers would actually have Roy and Pam get back together. Not after Pam’s grown so much and become independent. That would be… just disgusting, honestly.

    I do think, however, that they’ll taunt us with the possibility as much as they can get away with.

  46. With Michael marking his girlfriend and
    “You have been compromised…Destroy this phone,” I’d have to say it was one of the better episodes this year.

  47. That was so nice when Pam gave the gift bag to Toby. I feel so bad for him sometime, and he looked so happy that I was just like “awwwwww”.

    And Dwight and Angela on the walkie talkies. Classic!

  48. Wow! Just… wow. So good! My heart just about melted in two places. 1)Langley, VA 2) The hand hold with Dwangela. *sigh*

  49. This was by far the best episode ever! The longest on record if I’m not mistaken. So many good parts, but my favorite would have to be tie between:

    -Karen and Pam merging the parties (mostly Pam though, I think her and Angela are better friends than we think)
    -Everyone joining in singing the Alanis Morsette song, its funny how it relates to so many people there (coincidence that Kevin sang it? *ponders*)
    -And the scene of everyone when Creed is singing. It just shows off the best of everyone in the office. Usually we’re focused on like Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, etc., only like a few at a time. I really liked that we saw everyone having fun and just, okay, I’m rambling. Still, best episode ever (so far…..)

    P.S. Anyone else think that it was Jan that accepted Michael’s invite? Who knows, we’ll see. ;)

  50. While I really hope Michael is taking Jan to Jamaica, my real guess is that he’s taking his mom!!

  51. I love how Michael marked Cindy. haha. ;]
    and how cindy took the bike anyway! I also like Karen a lot more than i did going into the episode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a FULL-ON JAMMER, but Karen is okay to me now. :]
    and btw, Jim’s little speech at the end, i’m like, Isn’t he just a little oblivious to himself & Pam? He definitely didn’t like seeing Pam hug Roy, and Pam didn’t like it when Jim hugged Karen. They’re going to end up together. That’s my JAM note.
    I thought Angela singing ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ was so funny. real good fun. and at the end, when Jim accepted the gift. Ahh, Destroy Phone. haha. i loved it. my fave of the season so far. but i say that every week. :]

  52. 7/10, I would say. I might rate it higher after a few more viewings, but it was a great episode! Michael marking which girl was ‘his’ was brilliant. Pure class. :)

  53. This was such a great episode! Mind you I was a bit disappointed as I expected more JAM, but none-the-less it was great and added a little bit more hope for those of us who believe in the power of JAM and a little more pain to the fact that there won’t be a new episode until Jan. 4th.

  54. I LOVED Karen and Pam as friends. They totally clicked. I love them together.

    “Fun Distraction” – despite liking Karen and loving Pam/Karen’s friendship, Jim’s line referring to Karen as a fun distraction made me SO FRIGGEN HAPPY.

    The Kareoke (wow, that totally looks like it isn’t spelled right) songs were inspired. Just…WOW. Kevin’s inner rage at You Outta Know was priceless. Kelly’s blinding love for Ryan as he downs shots. Michael realizing he doesn’t know who his date is. Creed Brannon rocking out as Creed Brannon.

    Jim and Pam They know how to hurt me and then make me fall in love with them all over again. They just CLICK. They really belong together. I hated him pulling away and rejecting her gift, but I understood why he did it. I loved Pam reaching out to Karen because she hadn’t done anything to her. I loved Jim’s realization that when his ‘fun distraction’ is over, he is still going to have those feelings for Pam. And I LOVE them sliding effortlessly into the prank. Gah. I love love love them.

    Dwight and Angela surprisingly had some very sweet, sincere moments.

    Best episode of the year, hands down. In my top 3 overall, but I have to further scrutinize and analyze before laminating my final list.

  55. In case anyone is interested, click on my name to be taken for the website for this week’s torrent.

    Great ep! Thanks Mr. Ramis!

  56. I love the part where Jim steps into his roll as #2 and forms “the committee to determine the validity of the committee for planning parties”.

    “mmmmmmmm. Permission Denied.”

  57. Prude Hawkeye, does that download only work for PCs or something? For some reason it’s not working for me…

  58. Does that Pam/Toby interaction make anyone else think that we might be in for some TAM? Maybe he’ll finally get his nerve up and ask? I think Pam’d say yes. It would make for an interesting triangle.

  59. Pretty good episode. Not nearly as good as last years, but this one was good. I think in terms of this season, it’s one of the strong eps. Overall, it probably falls somewhere in the middle, and definitely not at #9, where it’s currently at.

    I still don’t get how Branch Closing is #1.

  60. I found this episode a delight from start to finish…it didn’t necessarily make me laugh hysterically all the way through, didn’t tug on my heart strings the way some have…but it was truly solid throughout. A new holiday classic!

    Like so many others, I would love to see more one-hour episodes.

  61. Does anyone know what DVD Karen and Jim exchange as their gifts? It looked like maybe one of the Bridget Jones movies.

  62. Classic episode!
    The goose; the mark on the arm; the party flyers; Jim being conflicted about his professional duty, but then giving in to Pam’s CIA prank idea was beautiful. Likewise, Jim and Michael having a serious chat like on the Booze Cruise. So much good stuff. And the awkward, painful uncomfortable stuff was amazingly handled…now I have to picture Kevin singing the other parts of that A. Morisette song ((shudder)).

    And Pam continues to be my favorite character – shining through with pure sweetness.
    Great writing; great directing; great acting. Great Xmas gift to us!

  63. Dwight and Angela? So cute. And Angela, I think, might steal my vote for the quote of the night with: “I don’t come into your house and steal your Hello Kitty backpack.” How delightfully racist of her! Perfection! This quote slightly bested– maybe tied, I’ll need to watch again– Jim’s “Will they still air Rudolph?” Phenominal.

    Oh. And everything Creed Bratton does makes me wish he were my dad.

  64. This was the best this season… Well I did like parts of it more than other episodes. I was kind of ticked that Jim went all serious. I was glad to see it work out in the end.

  65. Where was Bob Vance? He is always with Phyllis at the parties.
    I was soooo happy to see Oscar, but I wasn’t expecting him to turn around and leave. I think it was because Angela was singing and it brought back what she did to him.
    Loved Ryan and Kelly dancing
    Michael marking the girls arm? unreal!!!
    Pam and Jim setting up Dright
    Dwight waiting on the roof-hilarious
    Can’t believe we have to wait until Jan. 4th.

  66. any show that can get almost the entire cast to sing and or dance in an episode has got to be the greatest of all time!! :)

    there’s hope……. ;)

  67. Karaoke!!!!!

    Great episode. I think this season has been solid but the last episodes with Jim back have gotten better and better. “It’s a Christmas miracle!”

  68. “Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They got your back after your ho rips your heart out, for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other ho’s in the world. And then suddenly, she’s not your ho no mo’.”

  69. Pam’s whole CIA thing reminded me a little bit of “Future Dwight”. Also, this was kind of like one of the British episodes where Tim tells Dawn they shouldn’t mess with Gareth and then he decides to anyway. Finally, Jan and Michael going on a trip together?!?!? freaking hilarious! Loved this whole episode.

  70. angela singing little drummer boy brings back dwight doing little drummer boy in the pilot…genius.

  71. Season 2, Episode 10 = Christmas Party
    Season 3, Episode 10 = A Benihana Christmas

    Both instant classics.


    The Pam/Karen and Angela/Phyllis party-planning committee duel … aaah.

    This show is GENIUS.

  72. JUST NOTICED! The two waitresses that Michael and Andy bring back to the party are NOT the waitresses that served them at Benihani. I’m guessing that the guys were too drunk to notice the difference (especially Michael)

    I thought they looked different, but when I rewatched the episode, it’s without question.

  73. Not sure if anyone posted this yet. Weren’t the girls that Michael and Andy brought back not the same ones that were serving them at the restaurant?

  74. my guess is the episode was filmed at different times and they couldn’t get the same actresses to be in both scenes.

  75. The bros/hos thing had me in tears. This is the best show, How do they come up with this stuff? :D

  76. Ehhh, I was very excited for this episode, but I was a bit underwhelmed. I’m sure I’ll like it even more a second time because there were a lot of things I liked about it, but the episode as a whole didn’t really strike me as a great episode. Call me crazy, but I think the extended episode made it weaker…it made the whole episode seem a little unbalanced.

    What I want to know is who did Michael ask at the end of the episode? I was guessing that they would drop a “Goodbye, Jan” or something at the end of his call, but we got nothing! Argghhh…

  77. Ah I wish I hate the full quote of the conversation where Jim and Michael were talking about rebound. Because if you notice…at thend Jim makes a sort of…”Ohhhhh” face. Like that applies to him too. I loved the episode. It was well worth it. Even though many of this season’s episodes weren’t that great I think this one makes up for it. I also believe the next part of the season…will be more exciting and juicy. Especailly with Roy coming in the picture again. OHHH its a quadrangle! karen-jim-pam-roy. exciting isnt it?

  78. I loved all the scenes everyone has mentioned AND when you hear Dwight in the background at Benihanas saying “Carol had a mustache?” (or something to that effect) so funny!

    My Jam heart was broken but then put back together by the end!

  79. Did anyone else almost pee their pants when Toby felt Kevin’s back (while Kevin was wearing the robe)…and then felt some more?

    The look on Kevin’s face? Priceless.

  80. I don’t know if this is old news or not…

    but posted the first deleted scene from tonight’s episode.

    All I have to say is… poor Toby!

  81. Jan Levinson! What is she thinking?!?!?

    Darryl saving the party with his mad keyboard skills-awesome.

    And Nagasake or whatever Andy was drinking sounds like the worst drink ever made.

  82. my bet is that michael was responding to a singles-ad at the end of the show – asking a complete, but willing, stranger to go on his trip with him.

    that’s the first thing that popped into my head, anyway.

    but my second guess is packer. hee.

  83. Man great episode…

    First off, I know a lot of people think he was talking to Jan on the phone at the end there. I dont think it was her, theres NO WAY she would have agreed to it that quickly. I think he called up a guy friend of his and asked him if he wanted to go, like Todd Packer or the regional manager of the albany branch (forget his name).

  84. Fantastic episode. But where was Andy in the second half of the show? He’s just so strong as a character that I missed him when he wasn’t around.

    Either way, a super-solid installment of The Office. Great stuff from Dwight, Angela, Karen, and Pam, of course. The Oscar moment came and went so fast I pretty much missed it, but I laughed hard out loud thanks to DVR.

    This ep keeps me wanting more. Who does Michael invite on the trip? What’s in store for Jim, Pam, Karen and all the rest? I could watch any of these characters balance their checkbook for an hour, let alone watch them all stumble around in the world of The Office.

    The mark on the arm, Nagasaki, “Carol has a mustache?”, and “The ‘O’ gets the square.” all made me laugh hard-core. And those are just the ones I remember right off hand. Great episode, as always.

  85. Today I held my first ‘office’ party, and it was great watching it with other people that love the show. This is by far my most favority show of the seaon. I loved the whole rebound speach from Jim, it was definetely him telling himself that. JAM all the way!!!!!!

  86. “Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They got your back after your ho rips your heart out, for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other ho’s in the world. And then suddenly, she’s not your ho no mo.”

    I was in tears, no joke!

  87. Yeah, during that rebound speech, Jim definitely drifted off and was talking about himself. The look on his face said it all. You’ve gotta love John’s expressive face and amazing acting skills.

  88. I just had to mention Michael coming out in his bathrobe and announcing “Christmas is cancelled”. That ranks up there with “Happy birthday Jesus. Sorry your party’s so lame”

  89. Oh, and it was totally Jan that agreed to go on the trip. She likes him, even wants him, though she probably hates herself for it.

    Plus, he’s not as ridiculous when he’s not trying to put on a show for the cameras, so maybe a trip with Michael wouldn’t be so bad…

    Oh, who am I kidding? Poor Jan.

  90. It’s between Jan, mom, or Todd Packer. I’m hoping Jan. Isn’t it odd that Jim and him had the little talk about the rebound gal and how after that’s over you still think about the one who broke your heart and then Michael goes and uses the phone to call someone? Maybe that’s a clue it’s Jan.

  91. definitly 2nd Bridget jones movie – (thanks to all who suggested it – gave me a place to start looking) cover matches up pefectly

  92. I agree with those who think Michael asked his mom to go to JAMaica with him. I thought this was a great Christmas episode. Karen thinks Roy is cute so if she and Jim break up, maybe there’s the possibility of seeing some Koy in the future.

    For me, I just enjoy all of the characters so much that they could sit at their desks doing nothing and I’d watch for an hour.

  93. This episode was so funny and touching. I can’t even pick my favorite scene, was it:

    1) Michael singing “Goodbye My Lover” and clicking for a second 30-second preview. “I don’t have to buy it, I just want a taste. I just want a little.. a little taste.” Oh my god, I was crying and laughing at the same time.

    2) Kelly singing “We Belong”.. she has a great voice just btw.

    3) Darryl playing the freakin’ synth with Kevin singing “You Oughtta Know” HOW THE F do they comeup with this stuff? You you you you you you you .. oughtta know. Damn I wish I knew.

    4) You’ve been compromised. Destroy your phone immediately. That was such a beautiful gift from Pam to Jim. I really was ROFL.

    For all you people giving it below 7/10, stop being grinches… this is all the fun parts of TV put together. The only weak thing was that whole waitress arc, but it set up a great talk by Jim. I don’t agree with the idea that Karen is rebound.. Karen is as much if not more of a keeper than Pam. After the episode was over I listened to the full song “Goodbye My Lover” and I agree with these lines:

    I’m so hollow, baby
    I’m so hollow…
    I’m so hollow, baby
    I’m so hollow…

  94. 2 favorite moments:
    -When Creed swiped the gift from the Toys for Tots.
    -The expression on the woman’s face in Benihana when Dwight was describing in graphic detail about the best way to kill the goose.

  95. Best. Episode. Ever.

    Pam is so nice, giving her robe to Toby. Whichever girl Jim chooses, I would be happy with his leftovers.

  96. I can’t say enough about Michael, he brings tears to my eyes. I loved that Pam felt for Karen and wanted to help out. Well, that and getting back at the woman that called her a tramp. Ryan wistful for the days when there was only one party he didn’t want to go to. Jim, you just can’t ignore your feelings. I know they will try to swing things back towards Karen, but, come on. Same with Roy, puh-leez. Roy would have had a chance if Pam had told Karen about him, but she didn’t and I think its because Pam knows Jim is the real reason she isn’t with Roy. Yeah, I’m not with that guy because I’m in love with your boyfriend, hmm.

  97. Really, Really amazing….lots of props to the writers of this one.

    My heart broke when Jim denied Pam’s Christmas gift…and I was so happy at the end when he changed his mind….just give us JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I have no doubt Michael was asking Jan on the trip – considering his phone call immediately followed the conversation with Jim about always going back to the one who broke your heart…we all know for Michael, that’s Jan!

    Great ep!

  99. I was so excited to watch this episode. I did not want to even miss a blink.

    I locked up both of my dogs in the garage, put all my three kids in their rooms to play, and my wife in the other room to watch her Ugly Betty show.

    I laughed my stomach sick. I looked at the clock and couldnt believe it was only 9:35. The one hour episode was a great bonus

    The show was perfectly balanced within the cast. I got a good dosage of Michael, Dwight and Andy.

    Too many funny scenes to mention. I loved the look on Kevins face when Toby rubbed his back.

    Harold Ramis did a great job

  100. 1. Jan is going to Jamaica with Michael. Todd Packer? C’mon…

    2. The Office needs to do hour long episodes every week.

    3. Karen = rebound. (Roy was eyeing her as well.)

    4. Brilliant one second joke with Oscar.

    5. Pam gets hotter every episode.

  101. Wow, that episode far exceeded my expectations, I laughed non-stop through the entire thing…

    Favorite moments:

    -When Kelly hung a candy cane off of Ryan’s nose, that was hilarious.

    -When Dwight couldn’t hear at the restaurant and he was yelling across the table.

    -Bro’s before ho’s…..obviously a favorite :)

    -Dwight singing Styx

    -When Creed stole the toy

    -Oscar’s moment was awesome!

    Oh who am I kidding, this list could go on and on! My heart broke for Michael when he was listening to James Blunt and he started to cry. That was sweet and funny at the same time. It was also so great to see that Jim is still hung up on Pam, yay!

  102. I was really afraid that I was going to be disappointed in this episode after all the spoilers and hype.

    This is my new favorite episode. EVER. I can’t wait to watch it again next week!

  103. Why do people keep saying this episode made them like Karen more than before? I think it showed that she’s actually meaner than Pam – the less nice version of Pam. She didn’t recognize when to let up, and her pranking seemed more retaliatory and mean-spirited. I think the episode is setting us up to realize Karen’s not just the Stamford version of Pam; the writers are preparing us to dislike her.

  104. Favorite Moments:
    Kevin making a mad dash escape from the first party
    “I don’t come into your house and take your Hello Kitty back pack”
    Michael not noticing he came home with a different girl from the restaurant
    Dwight on the roof
    Pam trying to make things right with Angela

    Can someone explain to me why Toby didn’t get a robe to begin with? I missed that.

  105. Michael stole Dwight’s robe to wear while he sulked in his office. When Dwight said he didn’t get a robe, Michael told him to take it from Toby.

  106. I think the reason they took Toby’s robe is because they were short one for the other employees, and being that Michael loves Toby so much he told Dwight to steal Toby’s

  107. Wow, Harold Ramis still got the funny in him after all these years (he directed one of the funniest moives EVA “Animal House”). Anyway I cannot beleive no one mentioned the scene where Michael, while Totally intoxicated, takes a permanent marker and draws on the asian chicks arm so he can remember which date is his. Brilliant funny stuff. The whole thing was great, these characters are the stuff of TV legends….

  108. One of my favorite scenes (that I don’t think anyone has mentioned) was all of Ryan’s excuses not to go to Benihana’s…MSG allergy, peanut allergy….Grandfather died in WWII. hahahaha

  109. My wife thinks that Pam gave Toby her robe, while I think that Pam stole the robe back from Dwight. She was right there when Michael told Dwight to take it from Toby in the first place.

  110. Hey I must have missed the robe thing, why were some of the characters wearing robes?

  111. I did enjoy this episode, but why is Roy all of a sudden back? And that comment from Karen to Pam was totally lame. I thought it was nice that Pam was trying to include Karen, though.

    The whole thing about Toby and the robe was interesting. What I took from that was one got misplaced or corporate didn’t send enough, so Michael told Pam to take Toby’s. I don’t think anyone had more than one.

    There were some very cringeworthy moments – like anything with Michael and the Benihana girls, most of the Karaoke (Angela’s went on forever!), etc.

    I loved the Jim faces, as usual, and felt a surge of hope when he mentioned a rebound! Although I’m now wondering – who is the rebound? I thought Jim was talking about the Benihana girl (for Michael – for him is Pam of course!) as the rebound but that would be rebounding from Carol, so who is the person he actually likes – Carol or Jan?

    Anyway, great episode to show how the Office is progressing, that Oscar will be back at some point, and that Jim and Pam can have some future (please get rid of Roy or put him with someone else, I never thought he was right for Pam).

  112. I don’t think Michael took Dwights robe. Pam handed it to Michael when he walked in in the morning and Michael said something like “Did everyone get one?” (Remember, at first he thought Pam was giving him a gift?). Dwight came around and said they were one short and Michael said to take it from Toby.

  113. Roy never went anywhere. He’s been in the warehouse all along. It makes sense that he would be there for the Christmas party.

  114. Yes, Pam did give Michael his robe, but you see it later, still bagged up in his office, and he’s wearing the one he stole from Dwight.

  115. Maybe there will be something between Karen and Roy? Although I always thought the writers would set Roy up with Katy (Hot Girl, Booze Cruise) as they seemed to have a connection but nothing happened there. I really thought Katy would be the reason Pam and Roy split up.

    Oh and is it me, but I think Jim seems very worried about the developing friendship between Karen and Pam? Jim said something like “Stamford and Scranton are coming together, and thats what we want” and then gave a very concerned look.

  116. How excited was I to see this episode? I watched it starting at 11:30 last night after I got home from my office Christmas party and let me say … it did not disappoint! Great episode … IMO, it ranks right up there with “Casino Night” and “Booze Cruise”!

  117. I was also thinking Roy would hook up with Katie, you know, the jock and the cheerleader thing. I think people began to like Karen more because they were feeling sorry for her when Angela kicked her out, she and Pam seemed to hit it off well, and if Pam likes you then you can’t be all bad. However, I don’t feel sorry enough for Karen to let her hook up permanently with Jim, ugh!

  118. I can’t believe Michael marked her, wow I havent laughed that loud on this show before, i was dying for a couple of minutes!

  119. I missed one important detail from the episode. Who did Michael get to go to Jamaica with him?

  120. It seems I am the only one who thought this episode was O.K. I saw a couple of comedy punches, but overall seemed kinda flat. I thought the convict was hysterical.

  121. That’s the mystery – who did he call? I’m hoping it was Jan but it could be his Mom.

  122. I think he called Jan. At least, I *don’t think* it was his mom. I just watched again and when he is asking he sounds very nervous and hesitant, I don’t think he’d be nervous asking his Mom but might be a little with Jan? (I also don’t think he’d be shy about asking Packer either, gross).

  123. If you look at the description of “Back from Vacation” that airs next month it says that a spicy vacation photo surfaces. I’m guessing that A) Michael goes w/ Jan and a photo gets passed around the office of them together or B) Michael goes w/ Todd Packer….who knows what that picture would reveal!

  124. Andy was brilliant: “I can’t concentrate when I know you’re in pain, man.” I really hope he’ll be around for a while.

    And everything Kevin says is comic gold. Even when he doesn’t speak, he cracks me up. “Brownies? Angela?”

  125. Loved the episode but am so frustrated by the Pam/Jim/Karen thing. Was hoping for a margarita induced Pam/Jim moment. Oh well. Angela was terrific, as usual.

  126. Jim, are you seriously back there?!! SERIOUSLY???!!! You’re still pining over the girl that “broke your heart” when new girl that would not break your heart is right in front of you?!!!!

    I am just…. livid.

    Otherwise, I liked Toby rubbing Kev’s back, Karen pulling down that flyer with such determination, going to commerical break after Stanley is about to choose, everything with Kelly and Ryan, and of course, every scene with Jim in it, because he is the best thing in the show.

  127. Jim and Karen aren’t meant to be and Jim knows it. His heart belongs to Pam. Some wounds never heal.

  128. “…or the regional manager of the albany branch (forget his name).”


    Favorite moments yet to be mentioned:

    -Michael and Andy bringing two different Asian women
    back from Benihana’s (you know, because all waitresses look alike…)

    -Nogasaki’s!!! (anybody know if this is an actual drink?)

    -“I thought you said green was whorish.” Season 1 reference!

    -Dwight analyzing Carol’s work on Michael’s condo agreement

    -Pam’s “this means war!” look after Kevin chooses Angela’s party

    -Toby’s dangling feet

    -Jim and Michael sharing a laugh

    And lastly, when Michael marked not-Cindy’s arm I laughed til I cried. Funniest moment of 2006.

  129. I’m extremely pissed right now…We lost power last night and it didn’t come back on till 9:05…!!!!! I’ve been so excited to see this epi and I MISSED IT!!!! ***runs from the room screaming*****

  130. That really stinks, Janet. I would have cried. Good thing you can catch it next week!

  131. Becky, how do you know Karen wouldn’t break Jim’s heart? So she says she’s “kind of into him” for now. This episode proved that she’s got a mean streak in her.

    Besides, how could Jim not see Pam in that sweater and NOT start pining all over again?

    I mean… COME ON!

  132. Sorry if someone’s already asked this, but were the two waitresses who went to the party different than the two waitresses Michael and Andy were looking at while they were at Benihana’s? The EW review mentioned this – I’ll have to look back at the episode…

  133. Does anyone know the entire speech that Michael gave about Bro’s before ho’s?
    I thought that was the funniest thing ever! =)

  134. Loved the episode! May not have laughed as hard as certain past episodes, but I always have fun watching the show…

    Anyone else find it interesting that Jim bought Karen a DVD for Xmas? (And was I the only one who thought it was weird they exchanged their gifts to each other at an office party? Did I miss something? Was it for something else??) Compare that to what he bought Pam last year for the Secret Santa: the teapot he knew she could use with all their funny memories in it. Much more depth, creativity and originality. And, of course, Pam’s “gift” to Jim involving Dwight was just as fitting and she knew he’d have fun with it. Another hint that Karen just isn’t the one.

  135. Lisa- if you go through the posting a couple of people posted the speech. It’s hilarious.

    MG 714-Yep, they are different girls!

  136. Did anyone feel slightly sorry for Dwight and Angela? It seems like the place they dedicate their lives to is falling apart. I understand their problems are created out of their personalities, but part of me feels bad for them. They are both socially awkward and work is the only place they feel like they belong.

    Anyway, the episode was super. I gave it a 9 out of 10.

  137. Here u go Lisa…

    “Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They got your back after your ho rips your heart out, for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other ho’s in the world. And then suddenly, she’s not your ho no mo.”

  138. Ted, I definitely agree. I found myself feeling really bad for the both of them. You’re spot-on.

    I knew Jim was going to fall back into his old habits. When you spend years pining for someone and actually confess it to them, you don’t just get over them in a few months time. Pam is what feels right; it’s what fits.

    I just can’t wait to see the reprocussions of falling back into his old habits. Karen has got to notice how unusually close those two are for “co-workers”.

  139. I wonder if that will be the root of Jim/Karen’s fight in the next episode, Callan. It should be good.

  140. I’m with Becky. Time to move on, Jim! Do we need to re-visit this again? Stop thinking of Karen as your rebound girl and make a genuine effort to make things work with her. Pam had her shot. I don’t care what she was wearing. Karen isn’t a slouch in the looks department, either, so win-win. If Pam wants him, she should take a chance and tell him (I don’t care if she knows he’s dating Karen – he knew she was engaged and he still took a chance by telling her how he feels). Otherwise, let’s put this tired storyline to bed and focus on the COMEDY of the show!

  141. Is anybody really surprised that Jim still loves Pam? He was pining after her for years! He’s loved Pam since she was only dating Roy, and not engaged to him.

    For all the people who are down on Pam for not confessing to him that she loves him– she’s tried several times to get close to him again and he’s shut her down. Jim’s only been back for a few weeks. Jim literally had years to tell her and waited until the last possible second– Pam was weeks away from her wedding and he had agreed to transfer. Do we really expect Pam to come storming into work and declare her undying love for him without trying to test the waters first?

    As far as I’m concerned, the ball is in Jim’s court. Especially since he knows he isn’t serious about Karen. Pam doesn’t know that and she’s trying hard to be fair to both of them.

  142. You can’t force yourself to have feelings for someone. Jim can tell himself over and over that he has a great girl who cares for him, and a real future ahead for himself, but if he doesn’t love her, guess what: he doesn’t love her.

    True, it’s not fair to Karen to be a “rebound” but that’s the truth of the matter. Jim is trying something to see if he can squash his feelings for Pam, but it’s not working.

    You can’t force yourself to love someone, and you can’t force yourself not to.

  143. Does anyone have the conversation between Jim and Dwight about the validity committee? It went by so fast, and I was laughing so hard… :)

  144. I completely enjoyed the episode, but thought with Harold Ramis directing it might be one of the best. That said, I wouldn’t even rank this as a Top 3 episode this season. On the other hand, the best part for me was Kevin’s Angelea vs. Double-Fudge Brownies quandary was CLASSIC!

    BTW – Did you know that Brian Baumgartner was a temp at a law firm in Minneapolis just before he was cast for the Office? One of my college roomates was a lawyer at the firm. Here is a cool Q&A with him I just read on a blog called HoboTrashcan –


  145. YEAH! – right on Orange Is The New Green

    all these people dislike Karen, but really her character is so amazing. I’m glad that Pam decided to be her friend. It was sad when she looked up at Pam, then looked back down. I hope that Jim takes her more seriously. She’s perfect for him (so adorable)

    Pam should go back to Roy. He was sweet in this episode. kinda awkward when Karen told her she should date him

  146. You can’t force yourself not to love someone, but you can certainly make conscious choices about your actions regarding those feelings. Pam has made a couple of casual attempts to approach Jim. How about she takes the direct route, gets him alone, and says, “I’ve realized I’m in love with you.” Instead, they’re going to dance around it. And I don’t see how the ball is in Jim’s court now. He’s done more than his share.

    I’m not surprised that he’s still in love with Pam. I’m just weary of the story, that’s all.

  147. Angela: Phyllis, I need you to pick up green streamers at lunch.
    Phyllis: I thought you said green was whorish.
    Angela: No, orange is whorish.

    The best moment of the whole show for me! Well that and the mark on the waitress’ arm. Genius!

    The Office has been so great this year and I just love Karen more and more. Though truth be told I got a little sad when Jim said she was the rebound girl.

    GMMR was already drunk by the time this aired, I wonder if she even remembers anything!

  148. “Does anyone have the conversation between Jim and Dwight about the validity committee? It went by so fast, and I was laughing so hard… :)”

    From memory something along the lines of:

    Jim: I think I can help
    Dwigt: Good.
    Jim: As ranking number 2 I am forming the committee to determine the validity of the two committees. I am the sole member.
    Dwigt: This is stupid.
    Jim: Quiet, I’m in session.
    Jim: I find this committee to be valid. Committee adjounred.
    Dwigt: Wait. Permission to join the committee?
    Jim: (appears to be thinking about it) permission denied.

  149. I said that because twice, Pam has taken steps to rekindle their relation/friendship. She asked him out for coffee– pretty much an informal date in my opinion. Then she tried to give him the Christmas present. I mean comon, look at the thought she put into that gift– months of letters to Dwight, only to let Jim reap the payoff?

    Jim has been giving her mixed signals… telling her that he’s seeing someone, then telling Andy to hit on her, then rejecting her present, then going along with the prank after all.

    I’m not saying he has to confess his love to her, but it’s up to him to clarify the situation.

  150. Yes, the ball is definitely in Pam’s court. I’m just saying that Jim isn’t at all serious about Karen. That’s not to say he wasn’t at one time (remember the grin after giving Karen the chips?) but once he had contact with Pam again (phone call, working together again) he’s realizing that he’s still thinking about the girl he really likes…the one that broke his heart.

  151. cousin mose – we assume that Karen won’t brake Jim’s heart, because she’s more open about their relationship, and she seems to be the one pursuing him.

    do we even really know if Pam loves Jim. Has she ever really done anything to prove to us that she loves him?

  152. Wow … that first deleted scene. In the words of Alicia Silverstone from Clueless, “That was way harsh”. LOL! Seriously though … what a b****!

  153. I think that it’s all in her facial expresssions. Her eyes tell all. Also, if you think back to the Casino episode when she’s on the phone w/ her Mom she says, “Yeah, I think I do.” I always assumed that her Mom asked her if she loves him.

  154. Callan – Pam invites Jim to get coffee & she sets up a prank on Dwight??
    that is nothing compared to Jim saying that he’s in love her + kissing her. If anyone’s giving out mixed feelings it Pam… She told Jim after the kiss that she was going to marry Roy, then she brakes off the wedding. Jim hears that she’s dating (while at the Convention), and now she seems to be into him again…

  155. one last thing…
    no wonder Jim’s scared of getting hurt. that girl is all over the place. she needs to make up her mind, so Jim can move on with his life

  156. True, but we need to remember that regardless of how realistic the romance is, and I personally find it to be the best I’ve ever seen, it is still just a show. And accordingly, will unfold slowly.

  157. In regards to Littlekidlover, look at Shannon’s post.

    I think when Pam asked Jim out for coffee, she wanted to talk to him about their relationship. He shot her down, and then told her he was dating someone else. She got the message and left him alone. Then, he pranked her with the Andy thing. That’s probably why she gave him the Christmas gift. Then he rejected her again. Both sides are guilty, but I think Jim needs to give in and sit down with Pam and talk to her. How is he supposed to move on with Karen if he’s not even being up front with himself, let alone anybody else?

    I really don’t think Pam is all over the place. She broke off her engagement, and went on one date. If anyone is all over the place right now, it’s Jim. Especially since he recognizes Karen as a rebound, is still dating her, while pining after Pam.

    We can agree to disagree, and that’s what I love about these boards. Everybody has awesome opinions.

  158. I find their relationship to be so realistic. How many people move through partners in real life as easily as characters do on television shows? Most people can’t just emotionally detach themselves that easily and The Office has done a great job of showing that. Jim misses Pam regardless of what has happened in the past. When the timing is right they will come together.

  159. Dr. Crentist,

    It should be up– I’m downloading it as we speak.

    Ahh, the magic of having five days off between your last two exams…. devoting my life to The Office.

  160. Hey Callan-

    Once you enter the corporate world you can do the same thing at work like me! :)

  161. One thing that last night’s episode reinforced for me is that I don’t really care how long it takes for Jim and Pam to get together, I just love to see them interacting again. The whole balance of the show is back on track and I am loving it!

  162. Agree with you Callan except on one point:

    “How is he supposed to move on with Karen if he’s not even being up front with himself, let alone anybody else?”

    He is upfront with himself in a roundabout way. That’s what his conversation with Michael was all about. He can’t be totally honest with himself so he finds his own nuggets of wisdom in what he says to others. It’s not the first time he’s done it (in the break room with Pam in “Performance Review” and with Kelly in “Valentine’s Day”). It’s just the way he discovers what he really feels, by seeing it in others.

  163. Callan – I think Jim just wants to move on with his life, whether its with Pam or without Pam. Of course he wanted it to be with Pam, but she said NO. He pined for her for five years, finally told her how he felt, and she said NO. there is finally a time when enough is enough and its time to move on, which is why he left, and why he started dating Karen.

    we def agree to disagree on this matter. you make good points and its fun to discuss it with you =)

  164. QUESTION: When, oh when will those oh so soft Dunder-Mifflin robes go on sale???

    I sooooo want one!!!!

  165. I love how Pam’s efforts to connect with Jim are too subtle to count, but somehow everyone thinks that Pam should have been crystal clear on Jim’s feelings last season when (up until the finale) his efforts towards her were no less subtle (teapots, grilled cheeses, etc).

    People who are insecure (like Pam in general and like Jim when it comes to Pam and her feelings for him) don’t read subtlety very well. It’s a fact. They always doubt themselves and their instincts…which is why they’re at a stalemate. Someone has to talk first.

  166. Just in case anyone is wondering, I find that iTunes usually posts the episodes around 1 pm the day after it airs. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s usually posted within the window of 12-2pm. And that’s East coast time.

  167. WOW E – that made allot of sense. I forgot about how insecure Pam is..

    in the “Secret” episode last season, Pam tells Jim that she always thought that Jim might have had a crush on her, cause they got along so well, but I think you’re right about her not knowing. she looked genuinely shocked when Jim expressed his feelings on Casino Night

  168. “I love how Pam’s efforts to connect with Jim are too subtle to count, but somehow everyone thinks that Pam should have been crystal clear on Jim’s feelings last season when (up until the finale) his efforts towards her were no less subtle (teapots, grilled cheeses, etc).”

    Yeah, but since Jim HAS made his feelings for her very clear, that clears at least a small path for her now, don’t you think? The worst he could say is, “No, sorry” (much like Pam’s reaction on Casino Night). Sure it would hurt like hell – no one LIKES rejection.

    And we’re all insecure on some level. It’s no reason to let your life slip past.

  169. I would like to fill out an application to fill a spot on the Validity Committee, please :-).

  170. Oh, here is a quote no one’s really mentioned yet… the one where Michael does a TMI and talks about how Carol might have dumped him because he wasn’t adventurous enough in bed… and how he was scared, but wine might have helped.

    I love these little windows we get into Michael’s soul, and we understand WHY he is the way he is.

  171. Well, phyllis*farm, I am the sole member of that committee, and I have already reviewed my application, and I have decided to let myself in.


  172. I agree Kismet. I think the relationship is a realistic one. Why does there have to be a conclusion quickly?

    It seems people expect Jim and Pam to have perfect relationship skills. They both have flaws and that is what makes the relationship between them realistic.

    If Jim thought, well I put myself out for Pam and she didn’t want to have anything to do with me… so now I will move on to Karen and forget about Pam, I would be a little disappointed. The give and take in their relationship seems to be right in line with where they are at in their lives.

  173. So, Orange, you applied for a committee you are already the sole member of? Or did Future Orange accept it?


  174. I would tell you more, phyllis*farm, but it’s all part of my top-secret CIA mission, so I’m sure you’ll understand if I can’t share details. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m needed on the roof.

  175. littlekidlover, don’t forget that Pam was also still engaged to be married (and really, truly had intentions of going through with the wedding) when Jim told her that he loved her last May. In all fairness to Pam, what else was she supposed to say and do and still be fair and faithful to her then fiancee? In reality, Pam made the only choice she could at the time. I’m just glad that since then she has come to her senses and broke off her engagement with Roy (I like Roy, but he isn’t the guy for her) and even more recently tried to make an effort with Jim even though for the majority of the time since last May he has been in another state and told her that he was seeing someone else. Like I said in a previous message, the fact of the matter is that they are both sending each other mixed messages and they just need to sit down and talk this whole thing out honestly with one another.

  176. CrazyGringa,

    Yeah, I’d love one of those robes too … maybe NBC will put them for sale online at the NBC Store.

  177. phyllis*farm – how do I know it’s really you? why would I give you that information? is this a test? am I passing?

    Shannon – Pam wasn’t worried about being unfaithful to her fiance when she kissed Jim (yes, she did kiss him back). If she wanted to break off her wedding then, she could have, so I guess my answer is: she should have broken off her wedding. I don’t think Jim is sending mixed signals (he’s just being friendly – when Pam does the same thing, we all can’t wait to point out that she’s just “extending the olive branch.”). Pam sent mixed signals for the first two seasons, so…I do agree that a lot of misunderstanding could be cleared up if they’d sit down and talk honestly. Maybe that’s where it’s going.

  178. I loved that Ryan quote on his excuses for not going to lunch as Michael’s “bros.”

    As for the Pam/Jim/Karen thing. I think Jim has a lot of figure out about himself and Pam, too. I don’t think it will be quick, but they have to realize where they want to be and I think this time that Jim has spent being back in the Scranton office has made him realize how much he missed Pam and that he owed her that “present” after he saw Roy gave her something. I think that was something he got after the whole day out with Michael, etc.. I don’t know about his relationship with Karen, but it seems they are still getting along. If Karen were ever to find out about Jim and Pam, well that might be interesting.

  179. The thing is, if they sat and down and really talked they’d walk away a happy couple. End of it. And for the show to continue we need them baby-stepping around it for as long as possible.

    Orange: Yes, this has been a test, and I’m pleased to announce you have passed. Your first mission: assassinate the delegate from Iceland. May the Office be with you.

  180. Loved the episode, but not my fav of the season. Every episode always improves upon second (and third and fourth) viewing, so I’m looking forward to watching again.

    My take on the Pam/Jim thing: Pam doesn’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to herself (i.e. standing up to Roy on the art classes, standing up to Angela on the committee) so when it comes to Jim, I think the only way she knows how to speak is through small things: coffee, looks, pranks. So, to have her come out and say that she wants Jim wouldn’t be realistic. I do think, however, that the ball is in her court. It’s just going to take awhile for it to come into a decision (i.e. probabaly around mid-May, haha.)

    And, we know that they are making Roy more of an option for her. I see a two-way love triangle starting (if there is such a thing).

    Overall, my favorite line was from Michael: Until she isn’t your ho no mo. Laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.

  181. omg.. thanks, Da Belle of Da Ball.

    i swear. i’ll never ever watch that flick to find out if they’re right.

    it just feels like they’re right.

  182. Hi Shannon – I agree with you about the whole Casino Night kiss situation. I understand why she told Jim that she was going to marry Roy. I think we were all alittle disappointed that she choose Roy after the kiss, but it at least made sense.

  183. So around the office today everyone is saying that they think Pam and Toby are going to hook up. I think no way that’s going to happen. I think that he likes her but she was only trying to be nice by giving him the robe because she felt bad. I don’t think that there’s any sort of attraction for her.

  184. Thanks for clarifying belle… I kind of liked the first one and had a little “aw” moment when Jim and Karen both had such a passion for hating it. Now I know that it was the second Bridget Jones I can definitely say I agree; it did suck!

    I forgot to ask, how many of you started singing along to “You Oughta Know” last night? ;) ~raises hand~

  185. Of course we wish they could, Shannon. Vicariously through Pam and Jim we can live out every crush we were afraid to speak on and remember every heartbreaker we still love.

  186. The You Oughta Know moment was great, I cracked up when I noticed that even Stanley was nodding his head to the music!

  187. LOL Callan-

    I totally forgot about that quote (Michael being scared and wine helping)…

    That was HILARIOUS.

  188. Didn’t you guys just love Angela’s hair clip with the green hair extensions? So festive! I also liked the way that she held her hands during “Little Drummer Boy” it was so very proper :)

  189. I forgot to mention the green hair extentions. Great editing too, right after she says that Orange is now whore-ish, you see she’s got green in her hair.

    Becky–I was singing too…

  190. Oh yes, and can someone clarify the “take New Years away from Stanley” quote? I don’t think I get it…Or is that the point…

  191. Good point Emily, that’s funny that she was wearing green after what she said about it awhile back.

    I think that since Michael was taking away Christmas he asked if Jim could take away New Years. I’m not sure why it was directed at Stanley. Does anyone else know?

  192. If I remember right it’s because Stanley was trying to argue with Michael saying that he couldn’t cancel their vacation days?

  193. Michael announced that Christmas was cancelled, and Stanley replied, “You can’t cancel a holiday”. Michael replied, “Keep it up, Stanley, and you’re gonna lose New Year’s too”. I can’t remember what Stanley said in response to that, but Michael responded with, “Jim…take New Year’s away from Stanley”.


  194. I loved Dwights comforting touch on Angelas hand. It showed the true compassion of their relationship

  195. Oh ok, thanks for clairifying. I guess I was still recovering from a previous joke during that scene and totally missed that. I have to watch that episode again this weekend. Thank you DVR!

  196. I am presently downloading the episode from itunes. 321 mb to go. Im gonna watch it 3 times this week, because im a sick puppy.

  197. Thanks for clarifying. I’m going to have to watch it again tonight. I’m remembering some arguement about the holidays.

  198. Did you see the jealousy on Angela’s face when they told Dwight that he won the raffle? That was pretty funny. Why walkie talkies?

  199. I think that I was still laughing about “Will they still air Rudolph” during the argument scene. :)

  200. Did anyone else notice that the cable for the kareoke machine looked like a 220v cable and not a standard 110v?

  201. I loved Jim’s response to Michael’s comment, “Jim…take New Year’s away from Stanley”. He asks does this mean they won’t be showing Rudolph this year.

  202. Oh, oh, i also liked the part when Andy says something like “She’s more beautiful than you described her, Michael” about Carol and then Dwight says “Ooh, Michael, there’s nothing wrong with the way you described her” as if Andy was dissing Carol…too funny!

  203. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this earlier or that anybody else has said anything, but how cool was it that Dwight said he’d return Pam and Karen’s decorations on January 4th…the day of the next Office episode.

  204. I give it a 6.5 out of ten. Good episode overall, but not as many home runs as in previous episodes. Biggest laugh–when Michael marks one of the waitresses with a magic marker.

  205. Thank goodness it is repeating next week… I live in the Portland area and power was knocked out to about half the region due to a massive windstorm. So now I must wait 3 weeks instead of 2. Sounds like it’s worth the wait though.

  206. anybody see the deleted scene? “Ow”, I can’t believe Angela did that but Toby’s “Ow” was awesome

  207. So… the scene where Michael is in mourning, and is listening to the “sample” of that song on his computer… is hysterical.

    But I have to ask…. Does anybody know what song that is??

    “Why don’t you just buy the whole song?”

  208. It’s James Blunt…I think it’s called Goodbye my lover or something like that.

  209. creed was good with the gift donation. good episode overall, ryan seemed kind of out of character later in the episode.

  210. omg
    i just saw the deleted scene.
    that was just wrong.
    angela is pure evil.
    and toby has no passion or emotion at all…except for sadness.
    “michael was right about you”

  211. my fav part was when Dwight walkie talkied Angela
    “Monkey, this is Possum – Do you copy?”

  212. E, i was thinking about it. she doesn’t look like the same waitress that they order food. but maybe is the white make-up.

  213. You can buy it on iTunes now :) Apparently there is part 1 & 2. The episode is 491mb.

    The deleted scene is awesome!!

  214. The scene that made me cringe was when Angela says to Karen: “You tried this out, and it’s clearly not for you. It’s time to go.” She puts her pen down, and that right there reminded me of when I got fired from a telemarketing firm.

  215. People keep asking where Bob Vance was last night, remember that Michael in his anger over being dumped said “NO DATES!”. Of course then he brought a date from the “Asian Hooters”.

  216. Yeah, between her scene with Karen last night at the party planning committee meeting and her deleted scene with Toby, Angela was a big time bee-yotch on this episode!

  217. “I don’t walk into your house and steal your Hello Kitty backpack” – HAHAHA
    ah Angela

  218. “Orange: Yes, this has been a test, and I’m pleased to announce you have passed. Your first mission: assassinate the delegate from Iceland. May the Office be with you.”

    I’m definitely gonna need my paper-box showshoes. Good thing I gold-medaled in flonkkerton.

  219. That’s good because gold medals will prove very valuable on this mission. Otherwise, they’re just gold medals for gold medals’s sake.

  220. i love jim. poor jim. he loves pam. check the “rebound” part. ahh they better get together

  221. “anyone notice the cindy michael brought back to the office was different waitress?”

    The girls they brought back to the office weren’t the ones waiting on their table, they were the ones at the back of the restaurant that Michael made giggle.

  222. Toby and his bathrobe were my favorite parts of the episode, espc when he rubs Kevins back! too funny…

  223. Jenna Fischer has moved to the top of my “Hot TV Babe” trifecta, along with Evangeline Lily and Lauren Graham.

    Just thought I’d share. (Acutally, since Jenna looks a lot like my wife, she’d better be there, eh?)

  224. this episode was hilarious as always.
    I loved:
    +Michael’s inability to tell who his benihanna girlfriend was.
    +Ryan’s line, “I miss the old days when there was only one party I didn’t want to go to!”
    +Karaoke Songs that totally fit the characters
    +The Jim-Michael Peptalk cause it showed that there was still hope for JAM!!!!!

  225. i conferred with another officinano(spell?) at school today and we think
    1. Kelly singing “we belong together” was HILARIOUS
    2.Toby rubbing Kev’s back was equally HILARIOUS
    AND…. the most important one of all..
    3.Jim still loves Pam!!!!!!

  226. I LOVE Stanley! He is hilarious! Hey, was Creed at one of the parties? They really didn’t show much of the parties, considering they were a lot of the plot line. I could have done with about half of the Benihana time going into the party scenes.

    I know we’re supposed to suspend disbelief for television, but honestly, would a couple that was just sitting down really want to sit in the middle of a party, especially with just one person on the other side of them? It serves them right to have to share their steak with them!

  227. I don’t understand Ryan. I love the Kelly/Ryan thing, but MAN is Ryan hard to read. But, that’s probably the intrigue. That’s probably the whole point.

    They weren’t technically- boyfriend and girlfriend? LOL! Oh, really? He says that to the cameras. Yet, he seems pretty happy to be giving her the present, and a tad upset about what Kelly says.

    Argh! It’s so confusing.

  228. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in this episode. Michael’s pain was palpable and all of his comments cringeworthy and the final scene with Michael and Jim was a nice way to get excited for the next week, but everything else was just unremarkable filler (okay, maybe not the Sharpie scene). I am such a huge fan so I guess my expectations were just too high…..sorry.

  229. HinduHalloween, i noticed that the waitresses were different too! i was so confused, it really bugged me.
    overall a solid episode though.

  230. MelB, about Kelly and Ryan, I just figure its kind of like the old saying, you always want what you can’t or don’t have.

  231. loved this episode! my opinions:

    -love kelly and ryan being sweet on each other

    -love pam and karen teamed up together because it’s so weird

    -was upset with jim at first, but he redeemed himself in the end

    -i loved hating angela

    -pam/roy moment: awesomely awkward

    -i just wanna give toby a big hug

    -i’ve only seen the episode once, but i’m pretty sure they changed actresses with those waitresses. or have a just proven that stupid generalization that all asians look alike? (which is especially pathetic since i AM asian!)

  232. Roni, if you see the casting sides in the spoilers of this web, you’ll see that Cindy is the pretty waitress and Nikki is “Michael’s Girlfriend”. Michael can’t get Cindy, so he tried with another waitress. It was so confused to me until i saw the casting sides. Maybe that happen in a deleted scene.

  233. I say definitely Jan… he seemed sincere while on the phone, and of course after the Rebound Speech, he would have Jan on his mind, and would take a chance and call her!

  234. One other thing

    Anyone have any insight into why Ryan and Jim don’t seem to get along better? Ryan seems very indifferent toward Jim and I never understood why.

  235. I didn’t laugh very often. The jokes weren’t as subtle, or as funny. What was I expecting? More humor, I guess.

    I will repeat this until the show goes off the air: it is not “Moonlighting.” It doesn’t have to die if Jim and Pam get together. What about good writing? Good acting? Good storylines? If the show is so realistic, as is always claimed, they could be realistic in showing a realistic couple together under realistic circumstances in a realistic setting. And keep it realistically funny.

  236. Kevin seems to have some issues. I thought he was happily engaged, but so far both of his turns at karaoke have been songs that were

    a) originally sung by females and

    b) espouse being strong in the face of getting dumped. (“I Will Survive” from “E-mail Surveillance”) Hilarious.

    Also, where the heck did Karen go? By the end of the party she was MIA. I’m sure she could have turned out a good karaoke tune or two (given Rashida’s real-life singing ability and the fact that the karaoke party was Karen’s idea). Hopefully this will be solved via deleted scenes…

    Other fave moments:

    – Dwight’s constant background yelling while the camera was focused on Michael, Andy and Jim

    – Hannah vs Angela in the battle of the sourpusses (the first time I could find potential in Hannah’s character being in Scranton, and I actually look forward to more)

    – Michael’s constant clicking of the song sample while wallowing in sorrow. Truly a 21st century comedy moment.

    – “Ho no mo” speech is truly a modern classic.

  237. One of the best episodes EVER!! LOVED,LOVED IT! I’ve watched about 3 times already.The Office really needs to be an hour show.There were so many awesome scenes in this episode,this e-mail would be too long have I mentioned all.Certainely the highlights for me were Dwight and his goose,Michael crying,playing that depressing song over and over(what’s the name of thatsong?),the pranks on Dwight,Jim and Michael’s chat on the couch,it was so obvious that Jim was talking about himself as well.I can not wait until Jan 4th!

  238. Don’t agree, Orange. The “Will they? Won’t they?” aspect is what makes the show. It’s the heart of The Office. That longing for each other is the light at the end of the tunnel, and one that will only be reached, deservingly so, at the conclusion. The show was already changed dramatically by Jim outwardly professing his love. And while I was weary of the new direction, I’m definitely enjoying seeing the roles reversed.

    However, if the two were to finally come together, we would have no more show. No more longing looks when the other doesn’t know it. No more unexpected moments captured by the camera. No more raw emotion they’re unable to deal with.

    Do I want to see Jim and Pam realistically get together? Absolutely I do. On the series finale.

  239. Great Episode. So many funny parts. I especially loved Kelly and her facial expressions. They were hilarious. This episode was an instanct classic and one of the few this season which reached season 2 status.

  240. Phyllis*Farm – I agree that the show has always been about JAM (will they or won’t they). But its getting drawn out and old. they should either bring them together or keep them apart (and focus on other funny story lines). Allot of people think that bringing JAM together would be the death of the show, but why wouldn’t it be interesting to see JAM deal with every day issues that couples have to deal with.

  241. Aw, c’mon, phyllis*farm. You don’t see tons of comedic opportunity if Jim and Pam come together? The possibilities are endless there, just like in a real-life relationship. The creators are always espousing “reality” every time they give an interview about the show – so how about portraying the reality of a relationship? Do real-life relationships come to an end just because they’ve started, finally? It doesn’t make sense. Sure, we wouldn’t have any more longing looks. Instead, we’d have lingering kisses, stupid disagreements, stolen moments of romance, lovers’ quarrels, and the host of other little and wonderful things that go on in a relationship.

    And I agree with littlekidlover (I’m embarrassed to write that :)) in post #336.

  242. Oh – and I don’t know that “will they or won’t they” is even a valid question, since it seems clear that they WILL, and they’re just trying to drag it out for as long as possible. There’s no real suspense there.

  243. “Michael’s constant clicking of the song sample while wallowing in sorrow. Truly a 21st century comedy moment.”

    Los Benitos – I couldn’t have put it any better.

    I was talking with my co-workers about how the writers of “The Office” come up with these ingenious ways of making the most seemingly-uncomedic elements of everyday life unbelievably hilarious – and I was just floored that they wrote such a classic joke about the 30-second iTunes previews.

  244. Orange, David and the other JAM commenters – At this point, don’t you think it would be fantastic if Pam professed SOMETHING? I mean, I know the writers will wait till sweeps or the finale, but if she could just admit her feelings to the camera, I would be elated! She’s never actually ackowledged her feelings for Jim. I think it’s making Jim look like a pansy…

  245. KingoftheStupidUniverse – DEFINITELY! It’s time for her to step up and admit how she feels. I would be elated, too. Let the games begin!

  246. Hey, if you’re looking for something to do while the Office is on hiatus, you can check out this song my band has written, which is inspired by the whole Jim and Pam relationship. It’s called “The Silence,” and if you want to you can download it for free. Here is the site

  247. Yes, Pam should let her feelings be known. Whether it be directly to the camera in a talking head, a roundabout way like Jim’s revelations, or an overheard conversation.

    We saw this partially in “The Merger” when she wanted to go out for coffee with Jim. We, as viewers, know her feelings, and Jim may have his suspicions.

    But we need to have patience. Patience as this relationship builds slowly, and patience as the writers take us on this journey.

  248. Phyllis*Farm – I totally agree with you. Isn’t odd that Pam never ever tells what she’s feeling. not in a talking head, or not even to someone else. Do we really know if Pam even likes Jim. All we have to go off of is facial expressions and reactions to situations involving Jim.

  249. That was such an amazing episode! I love how each song that each character sang during karaoke showed so much about their personality. Brilliant.

  250. Actually, there have several instances where we can tell she has feelings for Jim:

    Christmas Party
    “Yeah, I think I picked the right gift.”

    Michael’s Birthday
    “Today was a good day. I don’t know…it was a good day.”

    Gay Witch Hunt
    Jim: You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.
    Pam: Me too.

    Not to mention how she was waiting for him to kiss her in Booze Cruise, and all the times she’s been put off by him and Katy.

  251. I agree – we know how she feels; now she needs to pony up and be honest with everyone else about it. And my patience is waning. Just take a deep breath and DO it, already, Pam!

  252. Ooh Phyllis*farm, I agree with ya… Let’s not forget on Diwali when Pam says “I was hoping something would happen today too” after texting Jim….

  253. “I don’t know. It was a good day”

    I think that was absolutely about Jim, for two reasons

    1. They flashed to her and Jim shopping while she was saying it

    2. It was a total flash to Jim during Diversity Day when he said “Not a bad day” after Pam fell asleep on his shoulder

  254. The deleted scene with Ryan and Kelly, not the dumpster one, was hilarious. They really need to have more of those two. I can’t get enough of Kelly’s facial expressions. They are so funny. Seriously if they are not going to put enough of those two in the shows, they should do a series of webepisodes about them. Plz!

  255. Kelly being in the dumpster was a bit much even for her, but the don’t dump me in the dumpster line was pretty freaking funny.

  256. I completely disagree with phillis*farm. If (when!) Jim and Pam finally get together, the show will not die. Imagine a whole season of hysterical Michael, lots of pranks, Dwight and a dead goose….but with Jim and Pam together: plotting together, pranking together, their relationship up and downs, the reactions of everyone else in the office. It would be just fantastic, I think. There is SO MUCH material to explore.

  257. And I think people need to give Pam a break. She never really told Jim how she feels – because she was *engaged,* for goodness’ sake. If all you’ve known is the same man for 9 years it’s pretty hard to just hop into the arms of another guy. Plus she was in an unhealthy relationship where she never really voiced her feelings. No wonder she’s afraid to tell Jim how she feels. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to call off the wedding. Jenna has brilliantly protrayed Pam’s confusion and longing.

  258. I think some of you are in too much of a rush to put Jim and Pam together. I honestly like how the writers are creating tension and taking their time to develop this. Although I have to say at times they focused too much on creating the tense situations which sort of led to several substandard episodes (i.e. diwali).

    What’s the rush all about. Are you scared John is going to leave the show before something develops. If so I don’t think you should worry, I really think the whole cast will stick around as long as they feel they can still make a really good show.

    There is so much good stuff going on this show. These characters are all so interesting and funny. JAM will have its day don’t worry.

  259. ohh man the deleted scenes are just awesome…i love kelly&ryan. hehe. secretly i think ryan…adores her. he is just in denial.

  260. Wanting Jim and Pam to get together is not impatience, or fear that someone will leave the show, or any variation of these things. It’s been a long time in the making, so let’s bring it on. We’re not “rushing” it. It’s time. There’s lots of good stuff to be seen once they do get together. What I don’t understand is people telling viewers to be “patient.” We’ve been patient. And we’re human beings, not young Jedis. Patience, smatience.

    Scully, I agree. Toby + Pam = Creepy. And abrupt.

  261. Oh man, deleted scenes with Ryan and Kelly = priceless. Don’t dump me while I’m in the dumpster!

  262. “Bros before hos. Why, because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no reason, and you were nothing but great to your ho, and you told her she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than every other ho in the world, and suddenly…….she’s not yo ho no mo”

    I liked this episode a lot. Oh, and yes, toby and pam would be creepy. At least it would allow for more Toby in scenes and hopefully more opportunity for Michael to hate everything about him.

  263. Scully –
    I think you’re on to something regarding the Toby / Pam relationship. In the Merger episode you can tell that Pam and Toby have something going on, cause she talks to him enough to know that he ran a race (or some kind of run). The in the Benihana Christmas episode they share a sweet moment when she gives him the bath robe. there’s something strange going on there. and I agree with you that Toby + Pam would just be weird and creepy

  264. Cait –
    even Jenna (the actress) has said (in an interview) that if it was real life, she would prob already be married to Jim.

    I had a friend who divorced her husband of two years, and started dating a new guy one month later. So I have to disagree with you, Pam should have already said something to Jim

  265. A Pam/Toby relationship would be really wierd,but wouldn’t it be fun to watch Jim’s reaction?!

  266. It’s the fact that Toby is played by a main writer on the show which worries me.His crush doesn,t add to the comedic value of show but must have been introduced for some reason.I would’ve found Pam ‘accepting’ Michael’s kiss more plausible!

  267. Yes, Pam SHOULD have already said something to Jim. Regardless of how realistic the show is (Jim and Pam in particular), we have to remember that it is still just a show. Things will not progress one hundred percent realistically because, news flash, real life can be kinda boring. A TV show, any TV show, has to take liberties and stretch reality, regardless of how big or small the stretch is, to allow viewers to suspend their disbelief and enjoy.

    And, contrary to what might be derived from my previous statements, it would not be the end of the world if The Office continued with JAM together. I just prefer it the way it is now, and want to see it resolve itself slowly.

  268. I’ve always been really intrigued by the Ryan/Kelly relationship.

    Like, whenever the cameras are on him, he usually seems kind of timid and nervous. Perhaps he has picked up on the fact that the cameras are focusing on the Jim/Pam stuff (like in the first episode of the third season when the camera zooms in on Pam’s ringless ring finger, or when the cameramen obviously ask in this episode at Benihana’s what the difference is between Pam’s prank and Jim’s prank at the restaurant) and he doesn’t want his personal business to be focused on too much.

    I have always assumed that he acts different whenever the cameras aren’t around. Sort of like a normal, caring guy. When he gives her the gift in the deleated scene, it’s a CD. You know, not really a too personal gift, but something that he obviously had to put a LITTLE thought into. And he seemed kind of excited to see her reaction, because he knew she would freak out and be all excited about it. And the scene in the dumpster with both of them? I loved it. He could have gone inside, and if he would have, Kelly probably would have run back to him, and he knew that. But the fact that he got in there with her and talked to her and said cutesy little things to her proves that he actually does care.

    I think the whole relationship with Kelly kind of fell into his lap. He was a temp, then suddenly he got the new job and the new girlfriend when in the first place, he was just looking for a temp job and someone just to “hang out” with. Things in both areas of his life got really serious really fast and he didn’t stop either in time to deal with them, but I don’t think he minds either way.

    I don’t really see Ryan getting along well with anyone at the office, and he’s made it clear that he has a life that is very seperate from the office. But he obviously takes Kelly around his friends (like when Dwight was interviewing her in the Drug Testing, and she was talking about drinking with Ryan’s friends at a party), and that proves that he is willing to let her, a part of his work life, mix with his personal life. And I think that’s a big thing.

    I think the bottom line is that Ryan really likes Kelly a lot. I think she kind of brings a little stability to his life and he likes that. I just don’t think he likes being under pressure by the cameras, and that is mistaken for him not really liking her.

    Wow. A novel, haha.

  269. You know what I just realized? No one mentioned how funny Phyllis was in this episode! I loved how she stood at the door to Angela’s party looking out longingly while asking Daryll how the other party was going. she’s a riot!

  270. sami kay-

    very interesting analysis. I’ve always been intriqued by Ryan and Kelly, too.

    I was surprised a bit my Ryan in both the deleted scenes and the actual episode. It was good.

  271. aaaaaand now’s time for the second go around a benihana christmas (does that make sense)

  272. hey anyone else notice when Angela talks about not backing down, she pretty much quotes Kevin from casino night?? “So … yeah. I’m pretty good.” haha i just thought it was kinda funny, both hour long episodes by the way!

  273. This episode was worth watching a second time. Some things I missed the first time. I loved it when Jim pulls rank on Dwight for the first time as committee chairmen and Dwight becomes submissive. I loved that.

    I agree with king of the stupid universe. Phyllis was great in this episode. I loved the look on her face when she was standing at doorway.

    Its funny when they show Kelly and Ryan in the background playing footsies. Kelly loves balancing stuff on Ryans nose ie: spoons and candy canes. Ryan looks happy in the background but miserable on camera.

  274. I really think that ryan does like Kelly alot more than he shows. He seems really happy during the party with her. Or, he could be happy because he was slightly drunk.

  275. I don’t think that it was just because Ryan was drunk. Because if he wanted to break up with Kelly, he would. He puts up with a lot of stuff for her, and I think he really enjoys her company.

    Like the part where she puts the little candy cane on his nose? I “awed” out loud, haha.

  276. Ireally don’t think that Ryan is that into Kelly,based on his behaviors.I think he feels trapped in the relationship,and probably hasn’t broken up w/her because number 1-they work in the same office together-that would make things way awkward and 2 because he’s how she would react.She would totally freak out and he knows it.

  277. Ryan already broke up with Kelly once, and Kelly didn’t take it that badly. Ryan didn’t seem to mind that they got back together, either.

    In that last deleted scene with them you saw it again. Ryan could have walked away, but he got in the dumpster with her. That says something.

    If you really want to break up with someone, you do it.

    Ryan and Kelly are no different. Ryan really doesn’t have any excuses anymore- except that he actually wants to be with her. He can’t help himself.

    I don’t think he’d ever willingly talk about it, he probably doesn’t even try to think about it.

  278. am i the only one who thinks that jim is being a complete asshole right now? i mean he practically told michael that his relationship with karen doesn’t mean anything since he’s still hung over about pam (which, after so many months, you’d really think he’d move on).

    and i’ve noticed that he’s never really been kind to anyone else except for pam. pam is downright kind to everyone (for example: pam is really nice to angela, which i find rather odd).

    also, ive just begun to realize that jim has always been cruel. like when he dumped katie, he didn’t exactly treat her like a pot of gold. and when he complained to toby about pam planning her wedding in the office. that wasn’t a very kind thing to do either.

    i dunno. i hope somewhere down the road, the writers make jim realize that he’s an asshole and he doesn’t deserve karen or pam.

  279. Dear jack’
    definitely disagreed w/everything you said! Jim is a sweetheart.He has a great sense of humor!

  280. Kitty Kat,
    yes, jim is a sweetheart. but only to pam. i don’t recall a time when he was a sweetheart to anyone else. pam is a sweetheart is a sweetheart to EVERYONE.

  281. Jim is very nice with Michael (like in the karaoke scene in E-mail S.), and he’s a good friend with Kev and a lot of people in the office. But yeah, he was rude with Katie.

  282. Jim is a good dude but he has some rough edges. Like a lot of people we know and care for in real life. That’s one of the things that is great about the show, it is not like the typical sitcom with one-dimensional characters.

  283. I think that it is obvious to Jim that Pam broke up with Roy because of what happened between them. Yes, he told her twice that he loved her, but it was at the worst possible time for her, and he didn’t give her any time to really think about it and figure out how she felt. In real life, I don’t think that any good person would just break up their engagement on the spur of the moment, so Jim’s expectations were kind of unrealistic.

    It seems like his wounded pride has been directing all his actions where Pam is concerned. That’s why he keeps rebuffing her. Deep down, maybe he wants her to feel the same hurt he’s been carrying around. It dawned on him that Karen is only a rebound, and when he noticed Pam and Roy together, maybe he started to realize that she may not wait much longer for him to relent. There’s enough hurt between the two of them now, that there will probably need to be a fight or some kind of dramatic confession before things get worked out.

  284. Did anyone notice that the two Japanese girls that Michael and Andy bring to the office appear NOT to be the same waitress girls that they show at Benihanas? When the two girls are talking at the restaurant the one girl clearly has streaked dyed hair…

  285. Just wondering if anyone has the dialogue with Michael talking about marking the waitress’s arm?

  286. I think that scene between Michael and Jim on the couch talking about marking the waitress’ arm and the rebound is one of the very best Office scenes ever! Some of the dialog from the scene is above in favorite quotes or you can watch the scene on YouTube.
    It’s named: rebound pt 1

  287. whats the name of the song that michaeL sings aLong to in his office to get over his breakup with caroL?? thank uuuuu in advance! haha

  288. The song Michael is listening to after Carol breaks up with him is James Blunt but I’m not exactly sure which one

  289. I don’t care what ANYONE says, the funniest Michael-Moment of the episode (and possibly Office history) was him marking the Benihana girl. I doubled over and laughed–and not just regular laughing, but the silent-guffawing type. That was genius!

    And, “Stevie Wonder is married. Are you going to tell me that Stevie Wonder doesn’t love his wife, just because he isn’t sure what she looks like?”

  290. The absolute best part of this series ever was when Michael marked the Benihana girl. I died!

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