1. Seriously? Jim and Pam didn’t get this much screentime for their “Yay we are finally together/dump the gf/gf dumping aftermath” moments and they are actually well written and played by actors with natural chemistry.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. I was not happy to see this promo with more nonsense from a couple that doesn’t work for me. I hate to say this, but will not be watching this one.:(

  3. @#1 Well, Jim and Pam got together in the last 5 minutes of the season finale. That’s how it goes. I doubt we’ll see Andy & Erin’s wedding, or be in the hospital room with them when they have their first child.

  4. @Beth, why would they spend time giving Jim and Pam screentime when it would take away from this non-compelling drivel?

  5. Yay, a new episode this week! I can’t wait to see Andy/Erin as an actual couple again. I think they are super cute together.

  6. I second Beth’s comment 100%. I miss them having screen time together lately :(

  7. Not to mention that Roy and Karen weren’t just plot devices, but well-rounded characters with understandable feelings. Whereas Jessica is an empty suit, Gabe seems to magically not care about Erin anymore after weeks of threatening Andy, and Kathy left the show without a clear explanation. The rivals in the old Jim / Pam relationship always felt like real people. In the Andy / Erin relationship the rivals are treated like mere obstacles or plot devices, nothing more – same with Kathy, who was starting to become interesting right when she was booted off.

  8. I agree with everyone wanting more Jam screen time but I think that we should stop comparing Jam to Any/Erin. Jim and Pam are the realistic/romantic/soulmate couple who we can actually feel emotions for. I think the writers intend for Andy/Erin to be more of a goofy comedy couple even though I still don’t find them funny.

  9. @5 Rachel, I love watching Erin and Andy too! They are the cutest things on TV right now.

    Please understand that there are people like me who watch The Office because of Erin and Andy.

    I do not care if rivals of Erin and Andy are like obstacles. They are entertaining and they make me laugh.

    Go Andrin!!!

  10. For me, Karen and Roy were definitely one-dimensional obstacles: ambitious bitch with no sense of humor, and drunken d-bag who had no consideration for his fiancee’s feelings. It was obvious from the beginning — again, in my opinion — they weren’t ever going to be REAL characters that you could ever root for. Karen’s “and then she left” exit made that even clearer. Maybe we would have seen more of her if Parks and Rec wasn’t a thing, but we can’t ever know.

    When writers really want two people together and start to see with tunnel vision, they don’t put any effort into potential other love interests. It’s happened a million times on a million other shows, and it’s the same, unfortunately, with Andy and Erin (as well as Jim and Pam).

  11. We’ve seen lots of JAM for years since they got together and they chose not to do a lot with them. They had a wedding and kids. They don’t have real arguments, problems, or dramas like all the other couples. Just ‘cute’ ones. Jim never really changes. Pam kind of has, I guess. JAM are at the heart of this show, but honestly at this point I’m happy see more of Andy and Erin since they barely got a chance last time. I even convinced some friends to try watching again last episode because of this story (not impressed so far). This is a comedy – I want a happy ending for these two for a change.

    Only I’d rather see more of the Andy and Erin from eps like Murder, St Patricks, Pool Party, Goodbye Michael etc, and not the Get the Girl mess. I enjoy Kaling’s, Carrie Kemper’s, Greg Daniels’ take on these characters but some of the other writers just can’t do them and their chemistry goes south.

    I’d like to see Greg Daniels back more, period.

  12. I love andy and erin together!!! they are adorable and awesome, but I think they are B-plots, stick with Dwight Jim PAm for the A-plots.

  13. @Kyle I agree that we won’t be seeing Erin and Andy’s wedding and newborns, good point. I’m a bit disappointed that this is the episode we have to look forward to after weeks without The Office.

  14. Oh, yay, more Andy and Erin.

    My issue isn’t even the amount of screen time they’re getting vs. Jim and Pam. It’s the characters themselves. I find them completely unbelievable characters. Erin is just a little too stupid and Andy’s need for constant ego stroking this season is driving me bananas. As a couple, I personally could not care less about them. I am probably not going to watch this episode. It’s sad, but I am tired of a chemistry-less couple being shoved in my face constantly. Also, I can’t stand Nelly and can’t wait for her to be gone.

  15. Andy and Erin together just don’t work for me. They have no chemistry. They just aren’t interesting. Jim and Pam stories would raise the level of the show.

  16. For the first time in forever, I’m not even going to watch it live. I’ll stream it later and skip all the Andy/Erin stuff that I don’t care about at all. Ugh. Jim, Pam, and Dwight (and Angela) need to be at the center of this show again.

  17. Can’t wait to see this episode after seeing the Sneak Peek! IMO Season 8 is already the best season ever. Erin and Andy were definitely short-changed in Get the Girl anyway.

  18. @Joel, I completely agree! I don’t think Andy and Erin are supposed to be anything like Jim and Pam. My husband and I were watching ‘Threat Level Midnight’ last night, and he pointed out that when they were all watching the movie, Jim and Pam were sitting just behind Andy and Erin, so it constantly showed the four of them in shot. Jim and Pam were leaning into each other the whole time, and they kept looking at each other and smiling and laughing, and there was a very strong impression of intimacy between the two. Whereas Andy and Erin hardly looked at each other at all, and when they did, it was either awkward looks, or kind of comedy looks. There was just such a contrast between them. Andy and Erin are funny and sweet, but there’s just not enough chemistry to focus entire storylines around them.

  19. uh oh, i see they got savannah ga shirts on.. does this mean andy’s savannah accent from murder will make an appearance? it’s sorta like molasses just spillin’ outta your mouth. baahaha, loved it.

  20. Can we all stop the Andy/Erin comparisons to Jim/ Pam. They are completely different.

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