The Office: Welcome Party, 8.20

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Writer: Steve Hely, Director: Ed Helms

Summary (NBC): the office plans a welcome party for Nellie — Robert makes the office throw a welcome party for Nellie, and the party planners try to sabotage it. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin practice how Andy will break up with Jessica. Guest stars: James Spader, Catherine Tate, Eleanor Siegler.

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In a poll conducted April 12-16, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.38/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Jim: “Glad they didn’t mix up your tonsillectomy with a mustachectomy.”

Jim: Stanley doesn’t have a mustache.

Jim: The man’s worked here for 25 years. How can none of us picture his face?

Dwight: Neither of those looks like any person that has ever existed or been dreamt of in the history of human insanity.

Robert: “Good morning, Robert,” says no one, because the receptionist is in Florida.

Robert: Is this a video conference you’re having with Drake featuring Swizz Beatz?

Robert: I’ve never believed willpower was very important in a woman.

Nellie: No offense, but are there a lot of Irish people living around here?

Nellie: Ay caramba! The natives are getting restless!

Erin: I knew you as a lover, and I’ll remember you as a gentleman.

Dwight: Don’t listen to Jim. Have you ever seen him play Tetris? “Oh, I think I’ll just use this line horizontally.”

Dwight: Watch the great Schrutini work his magic.

Nellie: Nothing is more repellant than magicians.

Jim: Just haulin’ cube with Dwight.

Dwight: I wonder if king sized sheets are called presidential sized in England. I really should have a Tweeter account.

Jim: “Nellie, don’t open stupid. Love, Nellie.”

Nellie: I see you’ve discovered Benjamin. That’s what I call my box full of photos of Henry.

Dwight: If it would help you to forget, I could hit you in the brainstem with this candlestick.

Phyllis: We’re not stopping this train, so get off the tracks.

Andy: Do you want a gummy penis?

Darryl: Andy was Jellyroll, Mike was Dennis the Menace, Ryan was douchebag…
Ryan: That’s not a code name. That’s just an insult.
Oscar: Plus everyone would know who you meant.
Ryan: Yeah.

Creed: Everybody get comfy now. This first song’s over a half hour long.

Creed: Best gig ever. They ask me to play only originals. I said, have you heard my originals? They’re terrible. They said, even better. I said, I get it. It’s an ironic party for Nellie.

Andy: Super honesty time. I’m gay.

Andy: I had to imagine I was in a steam room with John Stamos.

All: We hate Pam! We hate Pam! We hate Pam! We hate Pam!

Erin: I feel really tired. Probably from seeing that turkey when we drove by the farm.

Magician: No hablo el cardo, señor?

Robert: Why is Jim treating the magician poorly?

Kevin: You think this is a great party? This cake has vegetables in it! Like a salad bar, Robert.

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  1. Well it looks like the Andy/Erin arc is going strong after Get The Girl…not really looking forward to it, but hopefully the writers have learned how to make these two interesting

  2. The way Andy & Erin crashed and burned in “Secretary’s Day” was one of the low points of an angry, brutal, mostly unfunny 6th season. I really hope that, whatever else happens, they write their reunion without any cake being thrown!

  3. @2 Ben, really? I thought Secretary Day was the best episode ever. It had so much anticipation, so much joy, so much anger, and so much fun!

    I seriously doubt a cake will be thrown again, LOL.

    What are they welcoming anyway in this episode?

  4. I don’t get this arc anyways. Erin and Andy were together for like 2 months. She leaves for Gabe. Now she’s obsessed with him like 2 years later. Jim and Pam in 2-3 were relatable. Erin is just a weirdo stalker.

  5. Whoa there… is Nellie the manager? And the Andy/Erin thing is a HUGE spoiler!

  6. @pete

    I thought the way they broke up had a big plot hole about it. Erin broke up with Andy because he didn’t tell her about Angela, but if you watch that episode again, you’ll see that no one bothers to mention that Angela had been cheating on him for months with Dwight, not even Andy.

  7. @ASFan, the fact that nobody mentions that Angela cheated on Andy is besides the point. Erin breaks up with Andy because she finds out he had been engaged to another woman in the office, a woman they both still work with, and he never bothered to tell her. Also, the whole point of the lunch with Michael was to highlight how insecure Erin was, and how she has huge trust issues. In her mind, Andy keeping something from her is the same as cheating.

  8. @ASFan,

    I have always wondered about that, too, because I thought that if Erin had known what Andy went through, she might have softened a bit. But, her issue was the fact that he was in a serious, committed relationship for a year and she didn’t know about it. Also, I believe she was pretty disturbed by the fact that he’d had sex with Angela (Erin was pretty innocent, after all).

  9. @ASFan, yes, the way they broke up had a big plot hole.

    @Pete, I think there will be a cake for the welcome party. But I am not sure whether Jessica will throw it.

  10. Their breakup was as contrived and ridiculous as the fact they haven’t managed to get back together for 2 years. The fact that they have written Erin to be so immature and dim makes Andy’s pursuit of her kind of creepy. The random relationships they’ve invented to keep them apart (Gabe and Jessica) feel tacked on and undeveloped and so are even less realistic than the Jim-Karen stuff of S3. All in all this “relationship” screams sitcom and not The Office.

  11. Jessie and darth scranton, excellent analysis! :-)

    Those are quite close to my views. Erin has definitely grown emotionally as a character. We will see how things unfold very soon.

    @4 Mose, Erin and Andy were together much longer. It was a love at first sight. They just did not know what to do about it. That is the fun part of the relationship.

  12. A welcome party for Nellie? Huh? It says she arrives to claim the manager position in “Get the Girl” doesn’t it? I truly hope that she doesn’t take center stage while Andy is pushed into purely Erin-centric stories. That would suck

  13. Well, I was cool with allowing C-Taters to play around in Tallahassee, but if this is implying she’s a regular in Scranton, it will be the final in a series of death nails the series has tried to use to get me to step away from it. Scrubs: Medical School…. meet the Office.

  14. I thought that Tate was hilarious in the Talahassee episode, but like Robert California, the writers may do well to keep her small and not let her overwhelm the show. The Strongest moments this season have involved the Jim/Dwight dynamic, the Jam cutesy stuff, Creed’s small, but Hilarious parts and Characters like Ryan, Andy, Darryl and Erin to have their moments. The show doesn’t need “star power” It was Steve Carell’s Talent, not his “star power” that made the show great when he was on it.

  15. @Roy’s Mugshot:

    Well, a creepy relationship isn’t unprecedented for Andy. Remember the episode where he and Jim went to a high school and discovered Andy had been unknowingly dating a high schooler?

  16. @emanon

    True, but I wasn’t expected to root for them to get together was I? Because that would be wrong.

  17. @Gunslinger – You are not alone.

    I disliked the “Nellie” character seconds after her appearance in Search Committee. The episodes featuring her this season have not helped. Just…blech. If it wasn’t for Dwight being in most of the scenes with her, I would’ve fast-forwarded. Praying that she does not become a ‘regular’ in Scranton. I can do fairly loveable annoying, like Erin, and funny dumb, like Kevin, and even crazy random Creed…but a wacko Nellie. No thanks.

    The Andy/Erin saga…it’s like the love story no one was wanting to be told. Let’s get it finished and get back to Dwight/Angela and their baby!

  18. @18 iheartDwight, I love Dwight too, but I am also a big fan of Erin/Andy. Frankly I do not want it done so soon. JAM got TWO 1-hour episodes for their wedding and first born. I want to see at least the same amount of coverage for Erin/Andy.

    Nellie does not bother me too much but I am starting to dislike Robert California, which is a shame because I am a big fan of James Spader.

  19. @pete, I don’t think Andy and Erin will ever get the same screen time as a couple as Jam. I don’t think the writers are as in love with them as they are with Jam – they’ve never gotten the same treatment. They’ve always been more of a comedy couple than a romantic one. I remember last year reading that one of the writers – I can’t remember who, but it might have been in a Q&A on this site – said that they’re not the same as Jam because Jim and Pam are soulmates, but it isn’t clear if a relationship between Andy and Erin would actually work. And even Ed Helms has said that the only thing they have in common is how weird they both are!

  20. @emanon thanks for reminding us of the true Andy Bernard. I remember as clearly from that episode how betrayed and angry Andy was when he found out she was dating somebody else – despite her age. And this guy deserves a happy ending why?

  21. @20 Jessie, I also think that Erin/Andy is nothing like JAM. In fact, I wish the writers do not force them to become a “perfect” romantic couple. However, they are super hilarious as a comedy couple and I would like more screen time on them. I am sure there are still a lot of undiscovered awkwardness if they would just try.

    When I watch The Office I expect to be literally rolling on the floor laughing. So I hope for more over-the-top weirdness from this couple. :-)

  22. Are we going to see the rotten Cathy again? The audience needs to be rewarded by seeing Pam get her revenge on that character before writing her off completely…

  23. I don’t think Cathy will be back; she will probably just stay in Florida. I don’t think Jessica will be that upset. She is pretty nice to Erin.

  24. @24 Carli, I think Jessica has been “diplomatic” towards Erin. We all know what happens when diplomacy fails… it may be more than chicken fight. Someone mentioned there will be a cake, right? :-)

    Why would Cathy stay in Florida? I don’t really care anyway.

  25. @pete I can’t think of a single moment between Andy and Erin that has been even amusing let alone hilarious. Their relationship has been a concept poorly realized.

  26. @26 Roy’s Mugshot, what about the fake-asking-out in Murder? It was so funny and well acted it got me started watching the show.

  27. @Roy’s Mugshot:

    The episode where Erin and Andy did the hot/cold thing (New Leads?) was one of my favorite Office moments.

  28. Nope, sorry. Both of those incidents remind me of awkward teenagers. The relationship from the start has seemed childish and forced and things like that just make it worse. It’s impossible for me to root for two twelve year olds to get together.

  29. There were some great Andy/Erin moments. The two mentioned below are perfect examples. I just think that they’ve dragged on the will they/won’t they thing too long and should move on already

  30. @Roy’s Mugshot What about when Andy was yelling at her in the photo booth? That was freakin hilarious too!

  31. Can’t remember what episode it was off the top of my head, but my favourite moment was when they bumped into each other and pretended it was a car crash. However, I think my favourite thing about that scene was Pam’s face in the foreground. She started off thinking it was cute, but then after a while she gave a look like it had gotten really weird. That really made me laugh. It just sums up Andy and Erin.

  32. Based off of this part of the synopsis “and the party planners try to sabotage it” I’d say that the majority of the office wants Nellie gone. I think this could definitely be amusing, especially since many of the employees have a tendency to seek approval from management rather than try to drive them away (which seems to be the case here).

  33. It’s interesting how the fans are so divided on Andy/Erin. My husband does not like them at all. He thinks they’re ‘creepy’ because Erin is so childlike. He also thinks that Andy has really matured over the past two seasons, but he doesn’t think Erin has. He thought Erin dealt with Andy and Jessica in a really childish way, compared with the “grace and dignity” with which Pam handled the Jim/Karen situation. He also pointed out that what Andy really wants is to get married and have kids (Koi Pond) but Erin seems like the worst choice for that. She couldn’t even look after Cece for a couple of hours!

  34. Thing is, sure Erin is childish but their personalities match each other perfectly much like Pam and Jim matched. They ‘get’ each other and sometimes that’s all people need for a great relationship.

  35. I think this episode could be really funny. I wonder if the sabotage will involve everyone being on their absolute worst behaviour and doing all the things that the party planners usually try so hard to discourage!

  36. I like the Nellie character. Well, Erin as Naughty Nellie (Murder, Season 6) was funnier, but still. I always admire good female comedians and Catherine Tate does not disappoint.

  37. I’ll be really upset if they make Nellie (Catherine Tate) the manager. It is very likely that I’ll stop watching the show, simply because I can’t stand her character. I don’t mean upset like it will have any real effect on my life, but upset that they’d be ruining what I think is a great show by putting an obnoxious character in a lead role. Michael Scott was obnoxious, but in a loveable way. Nellie is just plain obnoxious.

    As another person commented, Catherine Tate is totally overrated. It was already unpleasant to see her guest starring on the show… it would be unpleasant enough to see her get a permanent position as one of the employees… please don’t go so far as to give her a major role in one of my favorite shows. One part that I enjoy the most is that the characters all fit really well together, but Catherine Tate would certainly ruin that balance.

    I’m not the only one who thinks this; I have three friends sitting next to me who just watched the last episode and agree 100%.

  38. I really don’t like the Nellie character either. I will be ok with another episode of Jim and Pam trying to undermine her, along with some others like Angela or Oscar, because that aspect of Get the Girl was actually funny. Nellie as a character is just annoying and obnoxious. I don’t see how they can make Andy manager (with which he has done a pretty good job) and then just suddenly allow Nellie to take over after he missed a single day of work. I highly doubt the writers would do this permanently, but I really hope when Andy returns to his position (fingers crossed) that Nellie will be gone for good.

  39. Glenn was by far the funniest person in this episode! It’s so interesting to see a completely different character than the one introduced in a deleted scene from the last episode. If The Office crew ever developed a spin-off which would have Irene and Glenn as central characters, I would absolutely tune in.

    No idea what’s happened to Cathy. Lindsey Broad, if you’re reading this, would you please enlighten us?

  40. @roy’s mugshot

    wow i thought Jim and pam from the first three seasons were like awkward teenagers(not that i didn’t like them), and andy and erin are very sweet and comedic.

    i hope this is the last Nellie episode. i like her, but in small doses. Thought she was great in search committee, tallahassee, after hours and test the store. I didn’t understand a word she said in Last day, and she was just a little weird in GTG. She’d be fine as the CEO, showing up every once in a while and handling disputes via video chat from Florida. I don’t really see the need for new boss like characters. Andy is great as manager, just leave it at that.

  41. Weird how the synopsis says nothing of Andy taking his job back. Does the subplot with Erin take place on the road? Why else would he accept Nellie stealing his job.

  42. I love the andy and erin thing, I didn’t like the pool episode, but otherwise, it’s great. I especially loved the 12 days of Christmas with the drummers drumming… And I’m enjoying Nellie. She’s obnoxious, just like Michael was..

  43. Well, I am just ordinary guy from the middle of the Europe but Nard dog and Erin won´t be such a great couple as “Jam”. And Nellie is definitely not that funny as Michael Gary Scott was. I just want to say, that is very hard for me to watch this thing! (and yes, that’s what she said..)

  44. I have yet to laugh at a Nellie line or situation. This seems like a very tired and desperate act to me. She needs to be gone well before the finale.

  45. I very much agree with post 47. She’s been in WAY too many scenes considering all the other people vying for screen time in Steve Carell’s absence. She pops in, does the same “I’m a bizarre British lady” schtick and it’s been going on for FAR. TOO. LONG.

  46. I agree that it can be hard watching Nellie. She’s sort of played like Michael Scott, except far less loveable because she’s much more ruthless.

    In other words, the character that you love to hate. I’m actually looking forward to Andy versus Nellie. In my wildest dreams, Andy would return to some of his pre-anger management agresssion (which I miss so much). But that seems especially unlikely now that he is in a relationship with Erin.

  47. I will be horrified if Nellie is allowed to permanently steal Andy’s job. It is a bit of a silly plot. Andy is absent for a day and an interloper just walks in and takes his job and pretty much the whole office acquiesces. Eh?

  48. Nellie is not funny. I don’t like Andy as manager. I think they should have hired Darryl or brought in Ricky Gervais. But we’re past that. Robert California’s character has been pretty cool but he’s let Nellie do anything. Robert, Toby, Kelly & maybe Dwight are leaving, what’s that mean for Season 9?

  49. @42: Andy and Erin are pale imitations of Jim and Pam with 1/10 of the thought put into their story. Every few episodes they trot out a “moment” unconnected to anything that has come before and we are supposed care. If they wanted me to be interested in their relationship, they wouldn’t spend so much effort convincing me Erin is mentally challenged.

  50. It’s so long to wait for this episode. I’m in the camp that does not care for the Andy/Erin storyline. I like Dwight/Angela and Kelly/Ryan because they are played by interesting actors. And of course, Jim/Pam, who are the heart of the show. ‘nough said…. lol

  51. I never saw Andy & Erin as trying to be like Jim & Pam. JAM were the show’s heart and treated quite seriously. Andy and Erin were played for comedy from the start, as romantically inept people with trouble expressing themselves, but with occasional meaningful moments too. I like having a different sort of couple on the show. I used to follow the Office forums on another well-known site, and there was a surprising amount of negativity toward JAM because people thought they were too perfect and Pam too smug. So go figure.

    Also Helms and Kemper seem quite popular so it makes sense to use them more, if they can reign in the recent bout of sloppy writing. Erin developed into one of the more effective characters under some writers – but if I see more stupid gatorade/hotdog water/toothbrush type jokes I’ll scream. Unfortunately there’s yet another hurdle for them this episode which doesn’t sound promising.

    And I’m glad someone above mentioned Scrubs. I thought exactly the same thing.

  52. Nellie is one of the funniest characters at the moment! other than that it’s all gotten kind of old…

  53. To me Erin is the funniest character on the show. I like Nellie and Dwight too. JAM represents the perfect couple. However, I prefer watching a perfectly imperfect couple like Erin and Andy.

    Ellie is doing a great job making me laugh. Catherine Tate is excellent too, but I understand that most of you do not like the character.

    Carrie should write more episodes. Undoubtedly she can create lots of cringe-worthy comedic moments for her sister.

    I love one-liners.

  54. Pete, I love your enthusiasm for the show! It’s very refreshing. I still love it as well. So excited for this episode – can’t believe it’s going to be two more weeks before we see it.

  55. @58
    Thanks Jessie! The Office is the only show I watch on TV nowadays.

    Judging from the description of Angry Andy, this episode may still have Erin and Andy outside of the office. So they may not even be in the party.

    Can’t wait either. But the anticipation will hep me enjoy this episode more.

  56. @59
    The Office is for me also one of the very few shows I always watch. Even when the plots and scripts are somewhat lacking, I still come back because of the characters I’ve followed for 8 years (which is also why it can be disappointing to see some of them handled poorly sometimes).

    It would be nice to see Andy briefly unleash a little bit of his old self to deal with Nellie.

  57. one can only hope that RC and NB’s parts in this episode are minimal. Whatever happened to the writers’ claims that season 8 would be about delving into the original cast a bit more? All of these new folks need to hit the road. Catherine Tate was hilarious in all of the Florida episodes, but now she seems to be flogging a dead horse.

  58. I have decided to stop reading these comments. Too much complaining. I’ll just watch the show and enjoy!

  59. Just finished the episode, all I can say is interesting. Things to pay attention to Savannah t shirts Andy and Erin wear. Since we all know what happens in Savannah “murder and intrigue.” From Murder episode in season 5. Stay tuned you all have to watch. :-)

  60. I enjoyed this episode a lot! Definitely in my top 5 for the season, and not far behind Christmas Wishes and Tallahassee, if not better in some ways. 2 of my favorite episodes directed by Ed Helms this season, which I guess is notable. I thought he did a far better job than Rainn last time, although that episode was horribly written. Loved the cold open with Stanley, Creed was funny, and Jessica’s family and that big woman and Kenny seemed hilarious in their quick glimpses. Nellie is still so meh to me, not really feeling her, but it didn’t ruin the episode like the last one. And lol at Dwight calling the magician a wizard.

  61. ZACK GREAT CATCH WITH THAT! But Murder was season 6 NOT 5. And YES i am going to watch that ep right now!

  62. While I won’t say that this was the funniest episode this season, it did warm me up to Andy and Erin, and also kind of eased Nellie into the office a bit more. I don’t think it was the strongest way to start the return from the mini-hiatus, but it did manage to get through 30 minutes without pissing me off, and that’s an accomplishment?

  63. Just watched the episode. I really enjoyed all the Andy and Erin scenes – they are very cute together. Nellie still grates though.

  64. I really enjoyed this episode. I think Ed Helms did a wonderful job directing it. He should direct more episodes. I really liked all the Andy/Erin scenes. I also thought Nellie wasn’t as annoying as she has been in previous episodes. Hopefully the next 4 episodes will be even better than this one.

  65. Very good relative to the rest of the season and over all I enjoyed it! It was a neat way to ease Nellie in but she is still not funny in the least bit, same with Robert. They still haven’t found a way to make Robert funny so they shouldn’t be trying to do it with two characters at the same time.

  66. I loved this episode! I really like what Nellie has brought to the show, and this episode gave more depth to her character. I know many people don’t like her, but she is the only thing that has kept me interested over the last few episodes. I think she is a perfect fit for the manager’s position and she is very similar to Michael. I hope everyone will give her a chance and I hope the writers further develop her character.

  67. It was a pretty good episode and had its funny parts. Nellie is just horrible in my opinion. She’s not funny and I feel like they’re just trying to shove her into The Office. I wish they would remove her from the show. Nellie makes watching The Office much less enjoyable.

  68. Ouch, I felt sorry for Jessica. It was better if she thought Andy was gay.
    What is Andy’s excuse to be away from work for so long? Well, perhaps not too long but the hiatus made it long. (That is what she said).

    It’s interesting that Ed Helms directed this.

  69. I liked this episode. Andy & Erin were cute, and Nellie wasn’t annoying. And we even got some Jim & Pam.

  70. Brilliant Erin/Andy plot but horrible Scranton bits. Was the episode written by two people?

    Go Andrin!!

  71. Did it sound like someone yells out GD when Andy and Erin get in the car after he breaks up with Jessica?

  72. Wow, I really liked this episode. And being the Andy/ Erin fan that I am, that kiss they shared after Andy spilling the truth really got to me. Haha. Jim had some pretty funny moments as well! It was just a great episode altogether!

  73. Good job writers, taking Andy and Erin from annoying to hateful. Having Andy return to spit on Jessica was a nice touch. And can someone explain why we’re supposed to care about Nellie’s love life?

  74. Wasn’t super hilarious but it was a feel good episode.
    They made Nellie a bit more likable and did something good for Erin and Andy’s relationship.

    I still think they need to write Nellie better, she was funny in Florida but not as funny at the office. She needs that edgy stuff back.

  75. Great story, enjoyed this episode. There were so many funny moments – the cold open and tag at the end were awesome. Laughed so hard at Dwight’s dim/naive comments while looking at the Henry photos in the Benjamin box, Erin and Andy’s roadtrip, and Jim was really sweet.

  76. I guessed ‘no mustache’ on Stanley. Unbelievable! That was a pretty good cold open. Not a fan of Andy and Erin and Nelly and Robert.

  77. Please, for the love of all that was once good about The Office, end the show! Last night’s episode was an unfunny mess of throwaway scenes. Erin’s laugh as she absconded with Andy was hateful. I’ll remember series 1-7 fondly, and do my absolute best to erase the painfully humorless and directionless S8 from memory. The show has had an almost pitch-perfect run. Now move on, people.

  78. I didn’t think this was a very funny episode but I enjoyed it none the less, it made me hate Andy/Erin less. Also it was nice to Pam following Jim’s lead with the magician even though she had no idea what was going on.

  79. This episode was the best in a very long while– but that said, It really hammered home the fact that if this is the best The Office can be now, it’s really time to end the slow decline and just let the show die.
    Also, has anyone noticed that Jim is almost incomprehensible sometimes. HIs dialogue is delivered so quickly and so softly that I have to turn the sound up on the tv to attempt to understand what he just said.

  80. I cannot stand Catherine Tate. She’s not funny at all, and it’s making my beloved Office so hard to watch.

  81. Overall, I thought the episode was good. Why must Andy and Erin scenes always be so awkward? And did anyone else find it off putting that the funny chubbier girl’s name at the bachelorette party was Megan (Bridesmaids, anyone?) This probably makes me a terrible person, but I didn’t feel bad for Nellie. Everyone in the world and in The Office has been through a bad breakup. That doesn’t suddenly make her a good person. Is it obvious that I want Nellie out?

  82. Ed Helms did a great job directing. Overall thought it was a great, loved Andy/erin, loved seeing the entire office conspiring against Nellie, also great way to humanize Nellie. Also it was funny, Hauling Cubes!!! We Hate Pam!!!!

  83. Good cold open but overall it was a terrible episode.
    Not funny at all. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about closing the Sabre/Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch altogether.

  84. #83 Alan, you took the words right out of my mouth. Honestly, I´m having a hard time sitting through the episodes of season 8. The way they´ve been picking and dropping storylines randomly since s7 gets very frustrating. Add to that the fact that Mindy, John, Ed, and or Rainn might not come back for a full season, and it´s officially time to bid adeu to this great show.

  85. I don’t find Robert all that funny, however when I go back and read some of his lines and imagine him saying them, they crack me up:

    Why is Jim treating the magician poorly?

  86. Yes I completely forgot that murder was in season 6 thanks to you know who you are. :-) I think I am suffering from long term Michael Scott loss. Instead of long term memory loss.

  87. Decent episode. But I don’t like the fact that Andy breaks up with Jess because of Erin. I know, true love and everything. But Jess seems like a nice girl. Breaking a girl’s heart like that is just unfair. Now I feel like Erin is a bad girl for taking Andy away from Jess. Btw, I’m a guy.

  88. The girl that plays Jessica (I won’t waste my time looking her name up) is horrible. I caught the show in the middle and landed on the break up scene and I thought they were doing a mock break up. There were a lot of great one liners… I don’t like how Robert California is being phased out. Catherine Tate is starting to kill my love for the office. I don’t like that there is no ‘office’ humor anymore, and that there is no boss left. Dammit Steve, why’d you leave.

  89. Do you want a gummy penis? They’re delicious. Yeah, but it’s a penis.
    Cracked me up. I loved this episode.
    Also, I am waiting for the deleted scene which shows Creed’s 30-minute guitar solo in its entirety.

  90. I don’t understand all the negativity towards the show. It is going strong and I look forward to more Erin/Andy in Season 9 and 10. I like this season more than any other previous seasons. And the worst episode is still better than most TV stuff out there.

  91. “Whuuuuut?… whut-is-it-I-didn’t-sleep-well-last-night!!!” :D

    (It’s the gif-makers at Tumblr who are disappointing me now.)

  92. I agree with #95 though I don’t see erin as a bad girl..yet! I felt bad for Jessica :( she seemed like a nice sweet girl.

  93. I would just like to add to my previous comment that the deleted scene from Get the Girl where the office were discussing Andy’s whereabouts (the one where Pam said “yeppers”!) was really great and reminded me so much of what I have missed about the show. I would love a lot more of those group scenes.

  94. I really liked this episode. Nellie seemed human at the end. We got the feel good with Jim and Pam. A sincere moment with Erin and Andy. And, a human side of Angela.

    @94 – Buster Bluth: Darryl talking about the code names they had in the warehouse. “Mike was Dennis the Menace”.

  95. I love this season, so I’m in the minority. Michael was becoming too much a caricature. This episode had what I think The Office lacked since season 3, and that’s a touch of drama. The Andy and Erin plot really solidified for me that the two were meant for each other. Jessica got burned, which is unfortunate, but Andy HAD to go back and tell the truth. Nellie was a bit more likable given she was so hurt by her last relationship. I don’t like Nellie’s character so much because she reminds me of a British, female version of Michael. But I REALLY liked this episode. I just hope Andy claims his old position next episode. I like him as the boss.

  96. YES!
    “Mike was Dennis the Menace”

    Thank GOD for at least one other Michael Scott reference this season! I think this was the second one? but YAY!

  97. Add to 95: Jessica did seem very nice aside from her only talking head in a ‘Pool Party’ deleted scene with her bragging of being a previous champion of pool-chicken. Check it out; It might remind you of the old “Cornell; ever heard of it!” Andy!

    Speaking of which, do not like the title of next week’s …

  98. I was surprised, not brilliant but not too bad. I had to laugh at that opener because I’ve had that same problem with people and moustaches.
    It was good to see Jim and Dwight doing something together again, even briefly. Also Pam was in it more for a change, it feels like she hasn’t done much this season. The magician thing was quite funny. Thankfully Nellie managed to keep her mouth shut for a while in the second half.
    I thought Andy was going to blow it again but he did the right thing by Erin even though it was difficult. A&E were a lot more sincere here than the previous episode (though Erin seems a little detached and spaced out recently, she hasn’t been the same since Florida). Nice ending too.
    California is kind of wimping out now.

    One of the better S8 efforts.

  99. I really don’t understand why the writers think we would rather see Andy and Erin over Jim and Pam or even Dwight and Angela. I couldn’t possibly care less about those two, and they are taking screen time away from couples and fully-developed characters that I actually care about. It is incredibly frustrating, and once again, Robert and Nellie need to go away, too.

  100. Jim/Dwight are always hilarious. Jim/Pam were a normal couple which for them is terrific. Andy/Erin seem like brother and sister rather than a couple. I did not get the whole family at the cabin thing.

  101. No disrespect to JAM fans but I much rather watch Erin/Andy. Both couples are good in different ways but I can relate to Andrin better. They are barely getting enough screentime at all.

  102. I thought this was the best season eight episode since “Tallahassee”! It was quite funny, especially the party, in which Pam and Jim mock the magician. Andy and Erin, surprisingly, have the least bit of chemistry together, which is pleasant considering their complete lack of chemistry in “Get the Girl”. Probably one of the best episodes this season.

  103. Since contract renegotiations with John and Jenna seem to have stalled, I wonder if Jim and Pam’s tenuous positions with the rest of the office and Sabre (aside from Nellie) may be those characters’ potential outs, should renewal not happen.

  104. Afraid I must boycott the show until they remove the “Nellie” character. Poor writing, and not amusing to watch her, just annoying.

  105. LOL at Dwight hiding Nellie’s photo box with a pillow.

    Good idea; if the box suddenly disappears from view she’ll forget Jim and Dwight rummaging through it, that’s certainly plausible.

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