The Office: Traveling Salesmen, 3.13

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The Office Traveling Salesmen

Writers: Michael Schur, Lee Eisenberg, and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): Michael has staffers team up for sales calls, leading to some interesting moments in the field. Dwight attempts to cover for Angela after she misses an important deadline.

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The Office Traveling Salesmen quotes

Harvey: I am Harvey, a computer. Jim sucks.
Jim: Zing!

Harvey: Pam, you look very hot today.

Harvey: Me so horny. Me love you long tim.

Pam: Who’s Long Tim?

Harvey: Me lobe yoy long time.
Jim: Well Yoy should bring Long Tim in one day.

Harvey: Get out of my off-five.

Harvey: Boobs.

Angela: Is it a big deal? Is it, Kevin?

Andy: I’m not falling in a chocolate river.

Andy: Hey, Dwight, pass the tardy sauce.

Michael: Next up, the Super Fly himself, Stanley.

Stanley: I’ll take the kid.

Ryan: I’m very flattered. I was his second choice, after “pass.”

Jim: Oh young Jim, there’s just so much I need to warn you about. And yet, tragically, I cannot.

Andy: Sebring, by Chrysler. A heck of a motor carriage.

Dwight: You want shirts on hangers?

Michael: And you guys are the gay couple.

Michael: It’s Amazing Race, Phyllis, okay?

Michael: I am now having him do my laundry as punishment.

Andy: I used to work at Abercrombie, so … pretty good folder.

Karen: Why are we turning in here? This is a beauty salon.

Dwight: Leave the keys.

Michael: Hawkman.

Andy: I have walked two marathons, so …

Michael: The men’s room was disgusting.

Dwight: I never let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear.
Jim: Ok, well, that still leaves a 30% chance that I will attack you from the front.
Dwight: Uh, yeah, but it will be easier to stop. I can always block the blow. I can counter it with… [Jim slaps Dwight]

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Andy: I caught an 80-pound shark off Montauk.

Andy: Sniped it with a rifle from the crow’s nest.

Andy: Okay, this is the classic undersell.

Andy: Man, that is like poetry. I swear, this guy could sell paper to a tree.

Andy: Oh man, talk about your classic lame-dash-o.

Pam: Angela, you seem so happy. I bet you wish you were like this all the time.

Andy: I really Schruted it.

Michael: Who knows how words are formed?

Stanley: And you just said, “Hi. Hi. Hi.” You sounded like my niece. And she’s six months old!

Kelly: Omigod, Jim, how are you?!

Dwight: Here’s my card. It’s got my cell number, my pager number, my home number, and my other pager number. I never take vacations, I never get sick, and I don’t celebrate any major holidays.

Phyllis: He was hung up on Pam for such a long time. I didn’t think he’d ever get over her.

Phyllis: You can pay me back later for the makeover.

Andy: Why would Dwight go to New York without telling anyone?

Andy: Someone told me a story about this, with, like, laundry and betrayal.

Michael: Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice, strike three.

Dwight: I like Karen. She’s pretty. Appears intelligent.
Jim: Well, I like pretty women who have the appearance of intelligence.

Dwight: She could be a model. Or a college professor.

Jim: We should go on a double date.

Jan: And where it asks you to state your business, he wrote, “Beeswax Not Yours, Inc.”

Andy: Ooooh, doggy.

Dwight: I overslept. Damn rooster didn’t crow.

Michael: Why do you lie, liar?

Michael: I want you to think about it long and hard.
Dwight: That’s what she said.
Michael: Don’t you dare. I want to know what you were doing this morning by the end of the day.

Dwight: I’ll just stand up in front of the office, and reveal our true love.

Angela: I hate those two people more than anything in the entire world!

Karen: Did you ever have a thing for Pam?

Dwight: It’s been a pleasure working with some of you, and I will not forget those of you soon.

Dwight: While today it is me, we all shall fall.

Dwight: In other words, I’m quitting.

Andy: Oompa loompa, doompadee dossum, Dwight is now gone, which is totally awesome. Why was he gone, he was such a nice guy. No, he was not, he was a total douche. Doompadee doom.

Ryan: Dwight will be missed. Not by me … so much, but he will be missed.

Dwight: One of my life goals was to die right here, in my desk chair. And today, that dream was shattered.

Karen: What happened on your sales call?

Andy: Am I happy about the way things turned out? Well, happy’s such an ugly word.

Additional scenes from the newpeat aired on March 15, 2007

Pam (on phone): Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam. This is Pam. I did? (Talking head) Yeah, I did a watercolor of Francis Willard Elementary School for a contest they were having. They were calling with the results. And I won. I won! My painting won. So I’d like to thank my mom, for always encouraging me. And I’d like to thank my dad, for buying me my first set of art pencils. And I’d like to thank the sixth grade class that picked me.

Pam: Hey Kev, guess what? I won an art contest today.
Kevin: How much did you win?
Pam: Hundred dollars.
Kevin: I won four hundred bucks on the Celtics game last night.
Pam: Cool, congratulations.
Kevin: Thanks. So sweet.

Pam: Hey, Angela. I got good news today, too. I won an art contest.
Angela: That’s great, Pam. I like having these little moments with you. You know what? Sprinkles recently had kittens.
Pam: Oh!
Angela: I would like to offer you the dominant male. His name is Ash.
Pam: Oh! Hmm. I don’t think so. But thanks. My … building manager is … you understand.
Angela: Well then. Have a nice day.

Jim: Beesly, coffee?
Pam: No, thanks, I had some already.
Jim: All right.
Pam: But hey, Jim …
Jim: Yeah.
Pam: I won an art contest today.
Jim: No way! All right Pam, congratulations! (Jim and Pam high-five.)
Pam: Thanks.
Jim: Which one was it?
Pam: I sent in one of my watercolors.
Jim: Cool.
Pam: It was a new one I did.
Jim: Oh nice.
Karen: You ready, Jim?
Jim (to Karen): Yeah. (To Pam) Can I see it when I get back?
Pam: Yeah.
Jim: Congratulations!
Pam: Thanks.
Jim: Big deal.

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  1. Probably my favorite episode of all time. Everyone had a moment. As sad as I was to see Dwight go, I want to see Angela get her revenge. Plus, I think the Dwangela romance is better as their twisted little secret.

    I love Andy, but he’s causing too much rancor. Loved everyone’s sales calls. Phyllis’ and Jim’s were brilliant.

  2. I feel so sad. Two blows to the heart- Dwight and Jim/Karen.

    He’ll be back. He can’t leave. He makes the show complete. (the look on Angela’s face at the end was priceless!)

  3. AAAAAh Dwight can’t leave!

    Let’s see, I thought it was a good episode overall, especially with poor Ryan.
    “What have you got for us, Ryan?”

    And could Andy be a worse salesman?!

    Michael with “Harvey” was really funny!

  4. Andy is an a__hole. Can’t wait for next weeks “prank”. I’m sure it will be on him.

  5. ok c’mon guys, why do you think next weeks episode was changed from “oscars return” to “The Return” use ur brains!

  6. I wonder if Karen saw through Jim’s lie about Pam…
    They really need to end that relationship. Pam and Jim belong together.
    And Dwight needs to come back, pronto. I think Michael was actually getting annoyed at Andy today, so that is a good sign.

  7. Though Jim and Dwight HATE each other, their sales call was BRILLIANT.

    And Phyllis knowing just what to do was awesome, too.

  8. What was with Jim saying that one thing about being attracted to pretty women who look intelligent? Kind of a jab at Karen, no?
    Fav. moments: Dwight hitting the the back of the driver’s seat and hugging Jim at the end.

  9. Hell hath no fury like an accountant scorned!!! Angela looked DEMONIC at the end. I can’t wait!

    I have never had more respect for Dwight.

  10. Maybe it was just me, but this episode seemed a little down, like as in a drama with a not so happy ending. It had its parts but just because dwight left it made me angry he is gone. He better be back by next episode or I will be killing someone! ex. Andy.

  11. Dwight has to come back sometime this season!!! And I HATE ANDY! What is wrong with that guy?!

    And Jaren sucks. There’s no chemistry between them like there was with Jam (although there isn’t anymore).

    Pam hasn’t been herself this season and it is really making me mad. Come back, PaM!

  12. wow – 1. andys a dick
    2. if dwight leaves im never watching the
    show again
    3. Season 3 isn’t as good as season 2

  13. Becky, Jim was just mocking what Dwight said, which was something like “Karen is pretty and APPEARS intelligent.” hehe…

    This episode was alright…I’m glad Karen found out about Jim/Pam thing, hope it causes some trouble soon. Some funny points, but a lot more extended “serious” moments than usual…

  14. dwight will come back. that i have no doubt of. he loves michael way too much. and maybe jim too…:)

  15. I loved the sales calls but gotta say that while I normally enjoy Andy, tonight he was way too much and was really starting to just piss me off.

  16. during the whole ending i kept waiting for angela to say something but she was just too arrogant! she has too much foolish pride to stand up for the man she supposedly loves? just ridiculous…

    and it really seemed like michael was annoyed with andy tonite. it won’t be long before he realizes how much he needs dwight…

    i want things to be like season 2 again!…

  17. Love the way Dwight pumps himself up to Motley Crue’s Kick Start My Heart in the back of the car.

    Becky, Jim was dissing Dwight not Karen because Dwight said Karen “seemed intelligent”. So Jim just repeated what he said.

    Ditto not Angela. Andy used to be somewhat charming. No more. It clearly pained Michael to see Dwight leave. His return should be awesome.

    Loved Kelly’s effusiveness when she answered the phone.

    Andy sucks.

  18. WOW. that was a great episode. it’s amazing how much better the last two eps have been than the most of the ones post-merger through the xmas special. i’m so glad!

    can’t WAIT to download this one from iTunes… this’ll be in my top 5 i think.

    and yes I agree, Andy’s going to get his…

  19. And oh yeah, you so know the person that Jim is going to target in the prank next week (with Pam and Karen) must be Andy. From the look Angela gave Andy, it’s going to become obvious who caused Dwight’s downfall…As much as Jim can get really annoyed with Dwight, I think Andy is going to get a backlash for what he did…and Dwight will then come back! haha

  20. This episode was one of the best!!! This is a perfect twist for the show and although Dwight isn’t my fav I miss him already! This is only going to get more interesting!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wow have they brought this season back or what the last few weeks. After a slow start to this season these last 3 to 4 eps have really brought the show back to season 2 status.

    It was really cool to see an episode focused on actual work issues at dunder mifflin, that hasn’t really been done as much this season.

    While this episode wasn’t that funny I thought it was really interesting and entertaining. This episode just had a very different feel to it and was almost challenging to watch in a way.

    I really liked the way this episode was shot, it was shot in a different way than we are used which was a nice change of pace from the usual.

    Some other observations and thoughts:

    We got to see a cheery side to Angela (midway throught the episode) that was nice. Angela’s actually kinda cute when she smiles.

    We also saw the more annoying jerky side to Andy. I kinda hated him after this episode.

    I like Karen more and more every week. They are making it really hard for the Jammers out there to hate Karen.

    Ryan is such a bad salesman. Sales is one of those things too that you don’t really learn, you either have the passion and skills for it or you don’t. How much longer are they going to believably keep Ryan working there. I thought it was stretch from the beginning of the season he was still there. Maybe he’ll miraculously become a good salesman someday. Ehh…

    I was shocked by Dwight’s decision. My jaw just dropped. For a second I thought Angela would stop him and just admit their relationship. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it that they managed to keep their relationship relatively hidden that long.

  22. i think that was a good episode that i would have liked more if i hadn’t watched the spoilers. i am swearing them off!!!

    and i feel bad for karen.

  23. All I knew about this episode going in was the title and the little bit about it Angela posted on her blog last week. From the title I thought it would be something like Hot Girl from season one, and for some reason I had low expectations for it. Boy was I wrong, this episode was great! I’m glad they did an episode with them doing work for such a large part of it, even if it was out of the office. That it was so hilarious, with the interactions, especially between Jim & Dwight and Karen & Phyllis, as well as the great visual gags, just made it that much better. I thought the whole thing with Dwight & Angela was pretty ridiculous, which I guess means it makes perfect sense for them. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes things to get back to normal with that. And when are they going to start airing the documentary in the show’s universe? Is that still going to happen this season or did they put it off?

  24. hey does anyone else think that phyllis told karen about jim and pam on purpose. i think that phyllis knows what’s going on with jim and pam and she knows how pam feels about jim and i think that maybe she was just trying to help pam out because she thought that it might cause some problems. maybe i’m reading too much into it though. also. i hate andy and love dwight. he has really shown his gallant side these past two weeks and i really like that :)

  25. I really think this episode was primarily to warm everyone up to Dwight again.

    He hadn’t been up to snuff this season and the writers needed a way to make everyone appreciate him again.

    Can’t wait for the return(of Dwight, not Oscar).

  26. Yankee Swap…no…Phyllis had just gotten through telling Karen she was smart, or some such compliment. Phyllis likes Karen (it’s why she chose her to go out on the call with her) and she likes Jim…so I think it was pretty innocent what she said to her. She probalby figured Jim had told her. And Karen’s reaction was so good…she didn’t take a nutty on Jim she just basically told him she relocated to be with him. It was all mature (even Jim not admitting it at first…real reaction). We’ll see where that goes.

    Dwight would have forbidden Angela to say anything. He is gallant where she is concerned.

    Ditto about Andy being a dick. And a lousy salesman to boot.

  27. Interesting point, Yankee Swap (44).

    I really like Phyllis and I think she is rooting for Pam but I dunno if she would think it through that thouroughly. I wouldn’t rule it out, though.

  28. I think she was just making conversation Yankee swap. I don’t think it was intentional, just gab in the car I think.

  29. Does anyone think it’s weird that apparently Jim still doesn’t know that Dwight and Angela are an item?

    Also, I was so sure that Pam was going to tell Michael what happened, and save Dwight and Angela from having to say it.

  30. The brilliance of tonight’s episode cannot be understated. For the entirety of the show, none of the background characters has really pulled their weight… you watch and you wonder how these losers would be able to hold on to their job. Tonight, we found out how sharp Phyllis is, how well Jim and Dwight can work together as a sales team, and how devious Stanley can be.

    I also loved how Angela was so sweet to Pam. I wish she were like that all the time, too.

  31. everyone seems to be claiming that Karen is becoming more likeable every week and i just don’t get it.

    in fact, it’s just the opposite for me.

    jaren don’t have nearly as much chemistry as jam did and it pains me more and more every week to see jim ignoring pam.

    dump him, karen! its for the best!

  32. Bingo ChrisM70!!! That’s why Andy will get pranked next week…because Pam will indicate something to Jim? Then again, Pam made up her mind last year not to spill the beans on Angela and Dwight. Point is, she knows. And Dwight was very nice to Pam last week, so we know Pam is in Dwight’s corner. I hope they don’t make Dwight normal when he comes back!

  33. Ahh Phyllis!! She’s the best! I love the whole stop at the barbers–all i could think of was Dwight being like, “is that clown paint?” hahah

    And yeah Phyllis DEFINITELY knew what she was doing by telling Karen that Jim had a thing for Pam.

    I miss Dwight already.

    and ditto to whoever said that Angela’s going to destroy Andy. I can’t waitttt

  34. Ashley, I know the jammers hate karen, that’s why I was saying that. As much as the jammers want to hate her they have made her character really vulnerable and likeable, that is why it is hard to hate her.

  35. Although I have been trying not to be anti-Stamford, this night’s episode made it all but impossible.

    To see Andy overthrow Dwight and Karen overthrow Pam made my heart wrench. It’s even more disheartening to see Jim and Michael forget about what they had.

  36. I thought this episode was hilarious…especially the
    way the different teams interacted together. Jim and
    Dwight, suprisingly, made a great one!

    I was really disappointed though that Karen got over
    the whole “sorry I neglected to tell you that I liked the woman that sits five feet from me”…I don’t hate
    Karen but she is way to gullible.

    Oh, and don’t worry, I am sure that Dwight will be back in no time. I read somewhere that Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson were seen filming scenes at Staples. This plot twist will be really funny, I am sure. And the last look that Angela gave during Andy’s final monologue says that she is pretty UPSET (I wouldn’t want to be him)!

  37. Wow that was a great episode! Michael and Andy going on a sales calls together really reminded me of Tommy Boy, I was ready to see Andy mess it up even worse by lighting a model car on fire or something haha.

  38. Dear God (oh brother),

    Phyllis did not intentionally say something rile Karen. She was complimenting Karen on the fact that Jim seemed happy again. Why do people find that duplitious?

  39. Wow- I never thought I would hate Andy and want him to leave….The writers are too good. Yay for next weeks episode :D

  40. that was a great episode, it was not only funny, but also dramatic…i never really had a problem with andy until tonight. the stuff he did definitely ‘crossed the line’, and i’m pretty sure angela is going to kill him, if not with her stare, then a gun. Also, the interaction between Dwight and Jim was amazing, maybe even the best in a single episode.

  41. i think michael got/is getting the classic case of not knowing what you got ’till it’s gone (literally-gone).

    i hope it’s contagious! ’cause if it is, jim is sure to catch it, too…

    don’t go pam, don’t go…

  42. I hope this just wasn’t me. When andy was talking down about Dwight in the car and how Michael was just there listening and not talking. I wanted Michael to step up for dwight and shoot andy down but he just kind of sat there and listened to it all… almost like pam!

  43. i dunno, larissa (63)

    phyllis has long been obsessed with JAM (referencing “email surveilance”-at the party Pam asks Phyllis about any office couples and phyl says ‘you mean you and jim?’)

    but it’s more likely phyllis is obsessed with office couples

  44. Maybe it was just me, but did anyone else think the theme song got cut off? Maybe it was my TV.

  45. Michael is too self absorbed (he used the ladies room for goodness sake!) to stick up for Dwight. It’s all about his narcissistic self. Will be fun to watch the fallout.

  46. The writers are smart..they mad us all hate Andy now and thye know we want him gone ASAP now they dont have to struggle to figure a legit way to get rid of him any way can do now since we hate (I know I hate him now) even when he was trying to be funny at the end I couldn’t laugh at all….

    Did anyone else shred a tear when Dwight hugged Jim at the end.

  47. Is there a way that EVERY episode could be super-sized?
    The show just isn’t long enough!!!

    I loved Karen and Phyllis’ new ‘dos. It was extra funny, when it was made apparent that it was Phyllis’ technique to butter up the client! Brilliant!

    One negative: I’m not crazy about how they have eliminated just about EVERY member of the Stamford branch. I was hoping that some of the transfers might become fun new characters (besides Karen). I would love to see them add a new temp (like Ryan was) or two to spice things up!

  48. So i definitely noticed the theme song got cut out. That was crazy! Also Dwight can’t leave. Its not allowed. And as much as i can’t stand andy right now, his song about dwight and the oompa loompas was hilarious. and when jim slams dwights head into his seat when hes sitting in the back. oh man. seriously as much as i hate dwight he just can’t leave. his character makes the show what it is.

  49. Yeah Michael was not going to stick up for Dwight, but I’m sure he’ll miss him in the next ep. I really expected Angela to stick up for him and just admit their relationship. When you think about it, it is pretty ridiculous they keep their relationship hidden anyway.

    If it was out in the open, it would probably make total sense to everyone in the office and they would just laugh and not care. But it is a good source of comedy the lengths Dwangela go to keep it hidden.

  50. It was pretty good. For a second I thought that Jim wasn’t going to admit that he had liked Pam. I felt so bad for Karen at that moment–she did a good job coming across as vulnerable. Also, I don’t think Phyliss was trying to cause trouble, she was just commenting on Jim’s happiness. Poor, Dwight. But of course he’ll be back, and I think that when he returns Andy will soon be gone. One last thing–Pam wasn’t in the episode that much, too bad.

  51. I love how Dwight and Angela sit in the break room together and yet they don’t sit at the same table and still talk all secrative to make sure no one notices… makes me laugh.

  52. Mr Egregious,

    Obsessed…not just interested? Phyllis was the one to tell Pam Jim was coming back to Scranton. Now you’ve got me thinking maybe Phyllis is being manipulative. She did tell Karen to pay her back for the “makeover”. I guess because she has a maternal side to her and can get hurt so easily I don’t think of her as manipulative.

    I loved it when she corrected Michael again by saying they were the same age.

    Let’s hope someone else does her makeup for her big day!

  53. I have a feeling Andy will probably quit. He’ll probably figure out or should I say concede that Scranton is Dwight’s territory and he’ll quit. It is pretty obvious at this point Dwight and Andy can’t both be there.

  54. My dad’s a really good salesman, and he said that if he was still doing the sales training for the teams, he would show the clips of all the sales calls. He thought Jim and Dwight’s was the best, but that Michael did a good job, too. Yay for Jim, Dwight, and Michael.

    On to other things…Angela is quite cute when she smiles. I really am starting to like her a lot more. And I do think Dwight’s a sweetheart.

    I *loved* the continuing ‘Willy Wonka’ reference. haha. But, I do loathe Andy with all my heart. He will die next week. Or soon. Angela gave me the CREEPS with that glare. She knows who’s fault it is, and she is going to get R.E.V.E.N.G.E.

  55. I loved the timing of the scene where Michael comes out of the women’s bathroom. I had just finished saying, “What the hell was Michael doing in the women’s bathroom?”

    No sooner had I said it, Michael looks right at the camera and says, “The men’s bathroom was disgusting.” Like he knew exactly what I was thinking. Genius.

  56. my favorite part: jim’s face when he asks karen if pam has said anything about him! just the way he kinda hid behind his coffee cup and he looked so hopeful…it’s sad that Pam/Jim lover’s have to live off moments like these right now.

  57. I liked this episode. It did what it was meant to do and progressed the story forward more. Still a big Karen fan here and am surprised they didn’t use this as a means to have her leave The Office like the other Scranton people. I still like JAM but how can you not like Karen. C’mon.

    As for Andy, wow, just wow. I didn’t expect the dagger to be twisted so quickly. Dwight will be back, that’s pretty obvious. How and when? We shall see.

  58. P.S. For Andy-Haters:

    I’m not sure how many episodes Andy has currently been in, but I heard on the Daily Show (where Ed Harding occasionally plays a reporter) that his guest-star spree on the Office would last 6 episodes. Start counting down!

  59. Jackson, I hate to admit, even I agree with you, and I never liked Karen’s character. She just handled herself so well tonight. She relocated to be with the guy. And we know it’s not being reciprocated (as he told Michael, the “diversion” is fun, but it’s not the real thing).

    How funny was Dwight’s signing “none of your beeswax” as his reason for being at Corporate. Even Jan is used to Dwight…that alone could get one fired.

    Why are the supporting actors on this show never nominated for anything?

  60. WOW, i’ll start off with that! probably tied with the coup for my favorite episode of the season. it was actually funny, i laughed at pretty much every joke. starting off with michael throwing phyllis’ keys under her car!

    this was one of angela’s best episodes i think in terms of acting and funniness. she had so many funny lines, especially the one about ryan and kelly!

    jim was funny and dwight was absolutely hilarious during his and jim’s sales pitch! stanley was great also. i had absolutely no idea of dwight quitting and if rainn really does leave the show, (which i don’t think he will) i really hope this is the last season.

    one minor complaint is that i really did not like andy this episode, and especially his “singing” head after dwight made his announcement.

    i’d say a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me

  61. Okay, this episode was great. I’m speechless.
    the get out of my offive line was great.
    as was dwight’s ‘in other words, i’m quitting.’

    haha. :]

    great episode i give it an eight out of ten. :]

  62. This was definitely the best episode of Season 3 so far. Generally, I don’t like it when they take the characters out of the office, but the sales calls and driving shots were genius…I loved Karen’s “makeover.” This episode was only lacking in Daryl and Creed appearances. And, of course, Oscar.

  63. I missed the first four minutes :-(

    I’m mad to hear about the lack of theme song, but if it means more show, that’s OK I guess.

    Was there not a cold opening either?

  64. Loved this episode! Dwight-what a guy! Willing to quit his job for his true love! I don’t think Dwight forbade Angela to say anything (48). He would have been totally fine with letting their secret out of the bag. I can’t believe Angela didn’t stand up for him! How could she let him quit for her mistake? her pride? Wow. C’mon, Angela!

    Dwight and Jim make an awesome sales team! I loved watching that!

    I thought that Ryan asking Stanley to critique him was quite a compliment to Stanley! Why would Stanley do that to him? Ryan may not be a natural salesman, but he is making an effort to learn! It’s just that no one will teach him!

    Phyllis was in no way being vicious to Karen(44)! She was just making conversation. Phyllis is a sweet and caring woman.

    Yes, Jim was lying to Karen. But, not on purpose. I think that he is lying to himself. He is trying to make himself believe he is over Pam. He is trying soooooooo hard to be over Pam. But, you can tell there is no emotion in his face whatsoever when he tells Karen his is glad she is here. Give up the fight, Jim! Go back to Pam!

  65. Theme song was there. Cold open was Harvey. See:

    Preview clips of ‘Traveling Salesmen’
    Monday, January 8th, 2007

  66. Perhaps theme song was abbreviated? Did it go to the bass/drum stuff? I’ll watch it again later. Man, so many laughs. Big improvement from last week for me.

  67. Just when I think I gave a favorite character, I find out I’m wrong. I love them all. I missed Meredith and Creed though. And definitely could have used more Kevin. But it was a great episode. I loved, loved, loved Jim slapping Dwight and giddy Angela!

  68. I AM SO MAD AT JIM HALPERT RIGHT NOW!!! BAD BAD JIM! Very poor form. Be a man and tell the truth and don’t softball it.

    And I’m sorry, but Karen was STUPID to move for a man that she hardly knew. I wanted to slap her for pulling that line out.

  69. Perhaps Stanley still has some thoughts about Ryan going after his daughter (Take your daughter to work day) which could explain his mirth at hanging Ryan out to dry like that!

  70. Funny episode…but at the same time, very well acted with some awkwardly dramatic moments. Another great episode. This mid-season upward trend has been amazing!

  71. What is this about the lack of a theme song? Mine was intact. Maybe your local news or commercials cut into it.

  72. Who relocates just to be with a guy? I mean, when Stamford went under, Karen and Jim had not officially started dating yet…there was nothing going on, right? Karen tries to make Jim feel guilty, saying she moved to Scranton for him, but, uh, he never asked her to…and he never promised her anything. That was a pretty bold risk on her part, and she shouldn’t blame Jim for it, if things don’t work out (and of course we know things won’t) :)

  73. SPTS, cut her some slack. She just lost her job and had a decision to make. He was part of her decision. At least he is with someone being honest with him. Don’t be too mad at Jim. He did tell the truth. He just didn’t tell the whole story.

    And Matt, I think Stanley genuinely has a mean streak. Not a big mean streak, but a mean streak just the same. Like Michael, he thinks of himself first. He hates his job and it spreads over all facets of his personality.

  74. Great many others, I really loved getting to see the sales team work.

    Is Ed Helms really leaving the show?? That actually bums me out. I think he is hilarious…and it is always fun to have a character to “hate”. It wouldn’t break my heart to see Rashida go. I’m ok either way with that. But Ed Helms is a hoot. (I wish they would have kept that big fella too…he really stood out to me in his couple of moments…liked him instantly.)

  75. Loved this episode, but now i’m feeling something i’ve never felt this season……
    complete and utter HATRED of Andy. He’s so pathetic and insecure, and i can’t believe he felt no shame about what he did to Dwight. He’s just cruel. How can there be Office without Dwight??? I’m counting down the seconds till his return!

    Oh, and as for Jim, I hope Karen bought that little speech becasue i sure as heck didn’t lol

  76. Bean, at the end of Branch Closing, Jim tells Karen if something opens up in Scranton, he thinks she should take it. Then they did that head shot when Karen said she was kind of into him (and there was a loud groan around the country from all JAM fans). It was him going there that pushed her in that direction. When you hear that the guy you are seeing used to be involved with someone who has befriended you, it puts you in a vulnerable spot, no? I LOVED the look on his face when he said “did Pam say something”.

  77. i miss dwight sooooo much. i never thought i’d say this, but i really love dwight and i hate andy for being so mean.

    and karen needs to leave…and take off the “clown paint” (anybody know what episode that’s from/who said it about whom?)

    where was everybody in this episode?? creed, toby, kelly? i missed them too. but i looooooved dwight’s way of pumping himself up before a sales call.

  78. allie- the “clown paint” thing is from taking their id photos in conflict resolution, not that i stalk the office or anything lol

  79. Thank you Bean!!! A voice of reason in the middle of the insanity.

    I would slapped one of my girlfriends for moving for a guy. Unless you have a ring. Stay put. If he wants you, he’ll make a way. Sorry, but that’s just my opinion. And it was selfish of Jim to not be upfront with her or himself for that matter.

  80. It’s official, Happy ‘Noel’ is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all season.

    Jim and Dwight were so great working together..and that hug at the end? I really hope Jim does something to get Dwight back. I think in some weird way they need each other.
    And how is it everytime you try to pull Karen and Jim apart they always seems to mesh back stronger and more in love then before? Pam really needs to get back in the game because Karen has one heck of a lead on this relationship.

  81. my theme song was perfect btw…and i just recently got the office theme song as my cell ringtone and it kicks!

  82. Andy stinks!!! at first michael did not fall for all the crap andy was saying…but at the end….stupid andy…..he has to go!!! poor angela too…whatever will she do without Dwight

  83. Karen took care of him when he was drunk. In fact, that’s probably when she decided she liked him. She’s hot, he’s hot. She lost her job, he ‘suggested’ she go to Scranton. She figures what the hell, might as well. They hook up. He doesn’t want her to move too close. BFF Pam says don’t be stupid. I don’t blame her for giving him a shot. She’ll eventually get shot down. Or maybe she’ll do the shooting…who knows. But she might as well play whatever cards she’s got…nothing to lose.

  84. What an episode! Is it just me or is Jim becomeing more and more sure about Karen? And how great is it that despite all, Jim and Dwight are great together on sales. But the end!! Dwight can’t leave!!! Oh…I love when shows are like this!

  85. really quickly lemmee just say–
    phyllis’s method of sales call (dressing up exactly as the guys wife) was PERFECT!
    haha at first i thought she wanted to look ‘good’ but in the end, it was all about business

  86. Even though it was Dwight who made the awful clown paint comment to Phyllis (114), and even though it has been Dwight constantly kissing up to Michael (just like Andy has been doing) and being annoying, we come to his defense. That’s what families do. Andy needs to be hauled out to Cousin Mose’s shack for a dose of “FEAR” and left on the beet farm.

  87. I don’t think Jim and Karen are in love by a long shot. I still think she’s way more into him than he is into her, but I think he genuinely likes her and given time, it could become love.

    But I am starting to doubt Jim’s continuing love for Pam. I haven’t been this disapointed from a Jim/Pam fan perspective since last season’s Valentine’s Day episode.

    I think it says a lot that he tried to lie at first and then downplayed his “crush” on Pam to Karen – but there are two different ways to read that. Maybe more.

    I just don’t see the love from his end anymore and that makes me sad.

    But what I love about this show is that despite how much I love Jim/Pam, I love the show more. It isn’t just about them and their trials. Its about the whole SHOW. I’ve been a fan of so many other shows and when my couple isn’t getting together, I’d get frustrated and quit watching

    The Office is all all around terrific show and that’s what keeps me coming back week after week – despite my broken Jam heart :(

  88. Just watched it again and actually got teary when Dwight embraced Jim at the end of the ep. They really connected making that sale, like it was getting back on a horse afer not riding for years! And the pic Jim held up of the two of them was hysterical.
    Re: Phyllis. I’m convinced she’s a hard core Jammer. And IS manipulative, playing Karen like a violin. Sweet lady? No way!

  89. Wow…I really miss Dwight…I mean, as annoying as he is, you have to love Dwight. I’m sort of broken-hearted that he’s gone…I’m just trusting that he’ll be back soon.
    I don’t really know what to think about Jim/Pam/Karen. I hope next episode something JAM-esque happens that will remind Jim how much he really loves Pam, he just likes Karen. I’m sort of getting a really worried feeling that Pam is going to get back with Roy, just because she’s feeling lonely. And by that time, Jim will break up with Karen, but she’ll be with Roy again, so back to the good
    ‘ol days. I [barely] feel sorry for Karen, just because she’s never really done anything wrong, but at the same time I sort of have to hate her for taking Pam’s place. Hmm. We’ll see what happens.

  90. why the shortened opening theme?

    I saw no whiteout used, no adding machine (9,653 and 11,532), no copier with paper falling out, no yellow highlighter, no watercooler. Why?

  91. not Karen, I think Stanley has more of a bored streak than a mean streak, except on…………

  92. In Boston we had the full opening theme. At least I think so. I don’t love the opening theme so maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. It seemed to start a little before 8:30 but maybe I wasn’t paying attention to that either.

    I did pay attention to the show though.

  93. jim got a new car, but can’t tell what it was. looks like the promotion included an upgrade from the red corrola

  94. “You can pay me back for the makeover later.” Get it, just after Phyllis “made over” Karen’s relationship, because I really think this a turning point.

    Love Jim and Dwight’s sales call. They work no matter what it seems like on the surface. And I agree that Jim will retaliate against Andy.

    Wait til Karen finds out about the broken engagement. That will get her a clue.

  95. What bothers me about this season is the amount of stories based on cast changes and drama. Whatever happened to the simple plots based on every day situations?

  96. Maybe Karen and Jim talked about her moving before either one made the move back to Scranton. Maybe he encouraged her to move, gave her an indication that he was into her enough that it wouldn’t be a stupid move on her part, made her think it was a smart choice. I’m not going to blame her for thinking with her heart, regardless. And I DO think they were dating before they moved. “A month” can mean more than 4 weeks; plus, we’re not even sure what real time is in the course of the show anymore.

    Regardless, he was honest with her. He told her he used to have feelings for Pam, that she didn’t reciprocate, and that he moved. What else was he supposed to tell her? Nothing happened between them. End of story, like he said.

  97. i wonder if next week’s prank of andy has the unintended consequence of enlightening the pranksters of there own true feelings for one another? one can hope.

  98. Regarding Angela’s made-up explanation to Pam explaining her good mood:

    Maybe someone drew attention to this already, but the false male name she gave, “Kurt”…. isn’t that Dwight’s middle name?

    I wonder what Angela’s middle name is…

  99. Vandar02, I agree with you whole-heartedly. I’m kind of jonesin’ for some everyday hilarity. I’m a big Jammer but it’d be good to see Kelly, Creed, and Meredith a little more. We need more group scenes!

    Additionally, I, too, knew that Phyllis was a Jammer for life and would be the one to spill the beans!!! (the beginning of that sentence was very Michael Scott :)

  100. Keith,
    Kurt is indeed Dwight’s middle name. I can only surmise that Noel (our beagle’s name too!) is Angela’s.

  101. Keith you are right! I remember an episode where Jim knew Dwight’s middle name and it was Kurt!

    Angela must be sad, mad yet pleased that her man “grew a pair” just for her tonight.

  102. 2 things:

    Either Pam is going to reveal to Michael that “Kurt” did a favor for “Noel” by going to NY.

    Or Michael is going to have a change of heart and it’s going to be Dwangela vs. Andy ’07.

    That or something else is going to happen for Dwight to come back — The show will lose millions of viewers without him.

  103. I have a feeling that Karen will be the catalyst that eventually brings JAM together. I don’t know how or when, but she obviously likes Jim and she seems to like Pam, so I can see her coming to the realization, as she learns more about their past history, that Jim and Pam are still in love and should really be together. I think she’ll see that Jim is “just not that into her.” (That’s what she said!)

    In this way, Karen will still be a likable and sympathetic character to the viewers. Perhaps Roy and Karen will eventually get together. I can picture the double date now…

  104. Dwight’s “That’s what she said” was classic. So dead pan and Michael’s reaction was even better. “don’t you dare”.

  105. Lori,
    I think you may be on to something with your theory. Karen has grown on me as I’ve seen more of her. She seems genuine and sweet. I can see that double date too. Why would Roy go out with Karen? Because she’s hot. That’s enough for him. She could indeed be a catalyst.

  106. If Dwight is “Kurt,” then Angela’s middle name must be “Noel.” Because we all know how good she is at spreading Christmas joy! This was a great episode-it will definitely stand the test of time with me. I can’t wait to see how next week changes things! Those of you who read spoilers know what I’m talking about ;).

  107. Hey, just in case anyone overlooked this, or maybe I’m just slow, but I just read the synopsis for “the Return” and I saw that Rainn is casted…which means that Dwight is DEFINITELY in next week’s episode. Just a heads up…

  108. You know that bit of music at the end of the SPIDER-MAN 2 trailer? I imagine that was playing in Angela’s head as she glared at Andy at the very end. She was barely concealing her rage at that point.

    All I gotta say was that THE OFFICE has been on a real roll this and last week. We have Pam crying in the hallway, and now Dwight tendering his resignation to keep his lovelife secret. And Andy has gone from amusing suck-up, to the first real villain of the series. Can’t wait for him to fall into the chocolate river. Or get zapped to a microscopic level.

    As per Phyllis, I think her Jim/Pam comment was innocent. She was complimenting Karen on the good influence she’s been on Jim, so the whole Pam thing was more of a throwaway bit.

    And it was a bit startling to see Jim and Dwight not only on a sales call, but a sales call done incredibly well. As much as they might dislike each other, they really do make a good team. Maybe this and Dwight consoling Pam was a slight build up to him leaving and wanting the fans to bring him back.

    Frack LOST, BATTLESTAR and the other serials on the air now (except 24). I want to see how THIS turns out. Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  109. Hands-down, the best episode of the season!

    (…Still laughing at Jim slapping Dwight…)

  110. Another awesome episode!!!Dwight is becoming more likeable.That part where Dwight hugged Jim was so priceless!!!

  111. Ok, i’m going out on a lim here and am going to be the first to say this (I think) but, Do we REALLY TRULY like Andy and Karon? I got nicknames for both of them that arn’t nice and i would not be sad if they left the show. HE MADE DWIGHT QUIT!!!! Thats going over the edge. Andy, I’m on to you! And Karon, Let Jim go, Your just the rebond. Anyways other then that i loved this episode! Gotta get it on iTunes.

  112. The theme song was DEFINITELY shortened!!! And did anyone notice that David Denman’s name was not listed in the opening credits? I swear it is wasn’t…

    And yes, Matt (138), I miss Toby too! I’ve been waiting for more Pam/Toby scenes since they showed the first one in “the convention”…although the short bit near the end of the christmas episode was cute too:)

  113. This is the office I have been missing. The last few weeks following the merger seems to be bringing things back to normal for the most part. The thing I loved about this episode is the surprise ending i.e. Dwight resigning. With the exception of the first episode of season 3 where we find out what happened with Jim and Pam the writing has been somewhat predictable as to what was going to happen. Not tonight. I know Dwight will be back but to end an episode unresolved like that. It’s great. Not enough Toby though.

    And another question: DID Jim ever take that Australia trip?

  114. Note to the Office writers:

    The Office is NOT a drama.

    The Office is NOT about ridiculous, one-dimensional characters.

    The Office should be about normal situations with mostly normal people with a few REALISTIC strange, or mean characters.

    Stop ruining my favorite show.

  115. 1st deleted scene is up and once again makes me wish that The Office was longer than 22 minutes because the scene is classic Dwight

  116. 124: Karen didn’t lose her job…she was transferred to Scranton. If she refused, she would HAVE lost her job.

  117. so i seriously gasped and threw my hands over my face when Phyllis spilled the beans! kind of pathetic, i know.
    i love this episode because you get a different side of soo many charecters: Stanley’s funny side, Ryan’s nervous side, Michael’s serious side, Andy’s manipulative side, Dwight’s generous side, Angela’s happy side, Karen’s volnerable side, Pam’s outgoing side, Jim and Phyllis’ salesman side.
    How many sides is that?

  118. This is my favorite episode so far this season. Anyone who says this show shouldn’t have drama should start watching 30 rock, or another sit com with live tapings. I like the individuality that this show offers.

    Tonight’s episode was a nice balancing act of everything. I loved when Jim slammed on the brakes.

    Too funny.

  119. Future Dwigt (#136) –

    I noticed Jim’s new car too! Actually, from the looks of it, it looks like Phyllis is now driving Jim’s old dark red hatchback…(we saw Jim’s car in The Carpet, among other episodes that I can’t recall)…

  120. Jim wasn’t completely honest with Karen. He told her he had “a crush” on Pam “right before he left”.

    Come ON. He’s either bending the truth there or he was lying to Pam when he told her he was IN LOVE with her. And cried in front of her while he said it.

    Not that I blame him…he’s made a series of mistakes this season, but in this situation, there really wasn’t anything else he COULD say to Karen. BUT it wasn’t really the truth.

  121. i loved it when dwight was in trouble and told andy to be quiet “quiet you!” in his angry voice

  122. This episode was fantastic. The way they kept building up Andy and Dwight’s hatred was fantastic. The writers are more clued into there audience and there fans then any other show. Wow is all i have to say.

  123. Does anyone know if Dwight is really and truly leaving?

    That just can’t be.

    I kept thinking Angela was going to stand up and take the blame…. what is going on?!

    I want to cry…

  124. I didn’t notice that David Denman’s name wasn’t in the credits, but I did notice that Melora Hardman (?) was and she wasn’t even really on the show that much!

    This was an amazing episode!!! I loved it so much! I couldn’t stop laughing at “That’s what she said.” Poor Dwight. He is finally fitting in!

  125. P.S. I am so glad they’re back on their game! They had me a bit worried with those earlier shows …

  126. note to barryman:
    the office was created essentially by the writers* so let them do what they want with your favoritte show.

    the office is seriocomic…which, does indeed model life.

    the office has archetyple characters, that doesn’t mean they’re one dimensional.

    * i say essentially because it was created by ricky gervais and stephen merchant but at this point differs so greatly from the uk version that it really is greg daniels and the writing staff that have created this permutation of the office

  127. cyclopticcupcake–

    Characters that were absolutely brilliant last season, like Creed, for example, were so amazing because they were so realistic: Creed wasn’t a freak, he was just a weird old man you could imagine encountering on a street corner. Creed this season is either not funny at all or just plain ridiculous.

    Michael was amazing in the first two seasons because he was simply a self-concious, awkward, arrogant jerk, not a archetypal, mentally unstable buffoon.

    This season has been getting progressively worse and worse…I’ve pretty much given up on the Office for the time being.

  128. I was so upset (kinda) when Phyllis spilled the beans on Jim and Pam with Karen. I don’t think Phyllis meant it, but it sucked.

    It was also nice to see Angela all giddy and happy. It was strange, but funny. I wonder what she’s going to do to Andy. hmmm…

  129. hey,

    i watched this episode with some of my friends and they really disliked it. i thought it was GREAT. the jim/dwight moments have really been lacking recently, and angela is clearly going to murder andy in his sleep, so it’s worth it to have dwight leave for one episode (probably not even that)

    ed helms is scheduled for at least 10 episodes, according to NBC, so andy-haters better get used to him. i foresee some kind of “cage match” conflict resolution and then andy and dwight will begrudgingly get along with one another. i have to say, though, it was funnier when they were going at it directly.

    i have been trying hard to like karen (she sold me with her two-second “CALL OF DUTYYYY” talking head in The Coup — i mean, come on, jim deserves to be happy and he clearly isn’t ready to put anything on the line with pam for a third time. but it really bugged me that she and jim didn’t joke at ALL about her makeover. imagine that situation with pam, it would have been amaaazing.

  130. also, barryman– i hear where you’re coming from but look at dwight and angela, they are getting progressively less one-dimensional. you have to admit that dwight can be a little like a caricature of himself (sheriff’s outfit, complete with the hat?) and he’s clearly showing his nicer side this season.

  131. I was very impressed with this episode. My wife had me TiVO back 3 times when Dwight’s noggin slammed into Jim’s seat. The varying sales techniques were brilliant, I only wish we could have seen Packer in action as well.

    And I disagree about these being one-dimensional characters…for this being a comedy that’s 2.5 years into the storyline, these are some of the most well-developed characters on television. Creed and Meredith are always going to be one-trick ponies (unfortunately); there’s just not enough time to expand every single character.

    The character of Michael Scott, for example, has shown his depth as a capable salesman and boss (this episode), insecure boyfriend (Diwali), caring future dad (with Toby’s Sasha in Take Your Daughter to Work Day), and a man unaware of his persona and surroundings (Basketball)…just to name a few…

  132. Kelly,

    I did love the return of “Quiet you”. We haven’t heard that since Halloween last year. In my opinion, this episode ranks number two on my favorite episodes, just after “The Injury”.

  133. After I got finished watching it the first time I have to admit, I was a little let down. I guess I was expecting to see something about the Michael/Jan storyline, and I felt like while it had its moments, the main feel of the episode was to advance some plots for future episodes to take care of. But then I just watched it two more times (I know, I’m a little obsessed) and I have a few things, I’m sorry I tried to read all the comments but there were a lot and I started skimming so just yell at me if I repeat stuff:

    The theme song WAS abridged a bit, it didn’t go through the whole opening montage, BUT the episode was 20:55, whereas last week’s was 20:33 and had the full intro, so we got like a half minute more Office time!!!

    And I think that this episode, while not an alltime best, was very good upon rewatching and looking for some things I may not have noticed the first time, subtle things that The Office does best, like Michael’s line delivery after he came out of the women’s room. And I liked the way they shot the car scenes, some of the side characters had a much bigger role which was nice, I especially loved Stanley’s reaction to Ryan tanking his sales pitch, he showed so much emotion!

    Dwight and Jim are like The Odd Couple, it was so funny their whole sales call, and it was actually sort of nice seeing them work so well together in there, I was impressed.

    And my favorite moment of the night, and possibly my favorite moment of the entire show, ever, was when Jim slapped Dwight, that whole scene was just a perfect example of what this show does best, it had me roaring with laughter.

    and finally, I hope Jim/Karen/Pam really get Andy good for what he did next week, Angela’s look pierced my soul at the end

  134. I hope along with so many others here that Dwight does return SOON. But just because next week’s ep is called “The Return” that doesn’t mean it refers to Dwight. In fact, this blurb is on the homepage:

    “Oscar returns from his long vacation with mixed emotions on whether or not he still wants to be a part of the office.”

    So I guess we shall see if Dwight comes back right away or not!

  135. I loved this episode, as well as the last one BfV, I’m so relieved the show is back in its groove.

  136. I don’t think Jim did anything wrong talking to Karen. Maybe at first, but he fessed up that he had had a crush on her. There was no need to mention the kiss or that the feelings were deeper than that. It would only hurt her feelings.

    Would you tell your current wife/girlfriend intimate details about an ex or an ex-crush? Or would you want your wife/husband to tell you intamtes about their previous relationship?

    I did catch Halpert’s reaction, though, “Why, what did she say?” I do think he still has it big for her, he just either doesn’t realize it, or he knows he’s stuck in an awkward situation.

    my two pennies. :)

  137. it’s official!
    The Office is the greatest show of all time. It’s intelligent and absolutely hilarious. Each week I laugh till my stomach hurts. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it

    THANK YOU!!!!

  138. Jon Jon – Jim use to drive a toyota corolla, and now he’s driving a Saab wagon. I guess he decided to step it up since he’s #2 now (the promotion did come with a raise)

  139. Sadly I have to ask my fill in the blank freaking tivo cut the end? Was there anything after the comment about the sales call? I was annoyed kind of like after the second matrix? Was there more?

  140. my tivo trimmed the ending was there anything after the Sales call comment or did it just end?

  141. Great episode! 8/10. Cutting back on the over the top moments has improved the season. Some of the earlier ones this season were way too over the top (The Initiation)

    Season 3 is getting better and better.

  142. Michael is a GREAT salesman and I don’t think he gets enough credit. He’s characterized on the show as obnoxious, stupid and ignorant, albeit lovable. While that description isn’t entirely inaccurate, he’s also very skilled at sales. Michael worked very hard to compensate for Andy’s repeated blunders and almost pulled the sale off. His promotion to regional manager makes a lot of sense, especially after this episode.

    I don’t think Phyllis brought up Jim’s former “crush” on Pam to break Jim and Karen apart. I know she’s fiesty, but that would be a little much for her. In her own way, Phyllis probably thought she was complimenting Karen, saying that she’s good for Jim, he seems happy, etc.

    I’m liking Jim less and less. I understand that he was trying to spare Karen’s feelings, but he shouldn’t have lied to her when she first asked. That was low. I used to see Karen as a threat to Jim and Pam, but now I see Jim as a threat to Karen’s happiness. She should get out of that relationship for her own sake. Jim just doesn’t love her. It’s not his fault, but he’s disrespecting Karen in the meantime, which is unacceptable. Poor Karen looks pathetic and Jim seems like a jerk.

    This was a really enjoyable episode – definitely one of the best of Season 3. I want Oscar and Dwight back now, though! No more taking time off to film movies! The Office comes first.

  143. I love, love, love Ed Helms and cannot wait until Andy gets his for what he did to Dwight. I hope they don’t fire Andy, even though he’s a pain in the ass. Several of the characters have their obnoxious moments.

    I agree that Creed isn’t very funny this season. He’s mostly just creepy. I DID like in the “Back From Vacation” episode when he asked Stanley if he wanted some ganja, though.

  144. Adriana,

    Totally agree about Michael. We’re constantly reminded of what a crappy manager he is- ignorant, sexist, racist, and homophobic… all to a certain degree, that we forget he has redeeming qualities.

    I personally love it when they give Michael little moments to shine so we can see his talent as a salesperson. He was born to sell, not manage.

  145. not a bad episode, but still not my favorite favorite. I feel really bad for the situation between Dwight and Angela. It was really sad! And you finally got to see Angela express happiness over Dwight, with Pam?!?! so cute. I loved the sales department last night! Stanley was awesome! He was genuinely laughing! Dwight and Jim, so many memories were made last night…so funny. I loved the slap, and when they called Kelly, and she was really excited, it was extremely funny. As much as I enjoy the addition of Andy, I really thought he got on my nerves, as well as Michael’s last night. Poor Dwight! (this is a really long paragraph…)

    BUTTTT, I absolutely LOVED Phyllis and Karen! Karen’s hair was awesome! Wicked funny. And the suprising news, well, to me at least, wasn’t that suprising, but it should make for some interesting interactions between Jim, Karen and Pam. I can now picture Karen paying special attention to how Jim and Pam act towards each other, and can’t wait until the Pam/Roy thing comes out, if it ever does. I love how Phyllis was totally non-chalant about telling Karen that piece of information.

    Finally—Dwight, poor Dwight, and Angela’s look to Andy at the very end, just said revenge!

    Next week is “the return” and I hope it doesn’t mean just Oscar, I hope Dwight comes back! lol…

  146. Hi everybody, want to grab a coffee?
    How many times has this phrase been uttered over the course of the past few weeks, not to mention last night alone? Turns out it’s code for “we need to talk.”
    I was right about this episode being action-packed – it really zipped around in cars, slapped, slammed on the breaks, exploded some hair, confessed, lied, plotted, overthrew, and finally packed up and left.
    Seriously, wonderful episode. As others mentioned, it was good to see some of the one-liner types like Stanley and Phyllis expanded and fleshed out a bit. And to see Angela being nice, and Pam indulging her. (Though other characters were missed, ie Creed, et al)
    Andy – sooo hatefully sadistic! That was actually a bit painful to watch; reminds me of my office. Don’t get me wrong – Ed Helms is an amazing actor. And frankly there was a lot of sadism directed at poor Dwight. Who knew Jim could be so violent? I didn’t enjoy the slap or the head slammed into the front seat. By the way, I think Jim has changed a lot since, say, season one. He’s just meaner & colder. He’s less exasperated and more nasty when pranking Dwight. He’s becoming a less sympathetic character. Let’s hope it’s just a phase.
    I liked the documentary feel, especially the car scenes with the wide angle.
    The Phyllis-Karen makeovers: they looked god-awful, especially Karen, which was just the point and wonderfully effective; but why would Karen “grab a coffee” with Jim while still coiffed thus? How could Jim maintain his countenance??
    Karen’s comment “I moved here from Pennsylvania” was nothing but manipulative….though she omitted the “for you” at the end of it, it was certainly implied….designed to make Jim feel culpable. Overall the Karen character has “entitlement” issues. She knows what she wants and fully expects all of it, and no arguments please. After all, back in Stamford, though she conceded that Jim did not return her feelings, she acted full-throttle on hers. What kind of person in reality would risk so much on so little? Jim-Karen as a couple generate no chemistry or warmth whatsover. Their exchanges are always about negotiating what Karen wants. And yet Karen is not a totally hateful character.
    Steve Carell did a brilliant turn succumbing to Andy’s machinations. I am always struck by the range of his acting style. He is so assured when clinching a sale, for example. As far as the Michael Scott character goes, I can see why lovely women such as Jan and Carol can be attracted to him: he has a lot of redeeming qualities – & a marshmallow center.
    They really step up the quantity of commercials at about 10 minutes before 9:00. Car commercials – obscene. I am almost ready to give up television entirely. TV is so 20th c after all. Thank goodness for iPods.

  147. Good episode, not great. I like that they are making Dwight a little more sympathetic rather than just a boob.

    Kickstart my Heart….easily the best moment, and the slap was classis too.

    Angela’s wrath approaches.

  148. That was wild!!! SOOOOO much happened! We all suspected that Phyllis was going to spill the goods to Karen, yet when it happened my mouth totally dropped. Also because of the time left, I didn’t think we were going to get to see Karen and Jim’s coffee break so that was a nice bonus.

    I was hating Andy! how dare he? It was brilliant though and I like how Michael didn’t turn on Dwight right away and didn’t jump in on the bashing, shows that he did have alot of loyalty towards him.

    What else….

    Oh yes, someone asked below whether Angela’s middle name is Noel! Good catch! I’m sure others have mentioned it too but I haven’t read the entirety of the comments. But yeah, her middle name must be Noel and we know that Dwight’s is Kurt!

    Loved the cold open with the talking computer. Typical Michael, discovering something that’s been out there forever and thinking he’s so cool. Then it backfiring on him (mispronounciation of words).

    So all in all, a fantastic episode!


    Dwight will work at Staples (as has been speculated) and Michael will see Andy’s true colors and fire him, then try to win Dwight back.

    Jim, Karen and Pam will become chummy but Karen will be paying close attention to JAM’s interactions. I also suspect Pam will briefly go back, or almost go back to Roy. What I’m most curious about in this whole thing is whether Jim will leave Karen on his own, or only when faced with Pam’s confession of her feelings.

  149. Wow… looks like I’m really late to this discussion. My bad. I’m not going to read every single post, but I will add in my two Abe Lincolns:

    1. Phyi-lis! Phyi-lis! Phyi-lis!

    2. Karen is all but holding Jim hostage emotionally now. And, she doesn’t believe him totally about his past feelings for Pam being gone.

    3. Angela + Andy = Thunderdome. Two people enter, one woman leaves.

    I guess that was three cents.

  150. Greatest episode, so far in the season.
    I was so sad when Dwight decided to quit.
    Also, I was never really against Andy, but this episode really really made me hate him so much.

  151. Hey this episode was a GREAT COMEDY, you guys are overanalyzing it just a bit this week. Let’s step back and enjoy some of the FUNNIEST TV MOMENTS we got this week…

    Jim smacking Dwight mid-sentences! LMAO, I almost cried!

    “Hi, Hi, Hi…like my 6 month old niece!” Hilarious!

    Don’t worry people, Dwight will definitely be back! Michael will come to his senses and see Andy for the sub-parr suck-up he is and send him to the curb, and go rescue his ultimate suck-up, Dwight from Staples…begging him to return because he’ll realize that no one, especially not Andy, truly loves him as much as Dwight!

    In the meantime, enjoy all the comedy in between. This is the best television you’ll ever get!

  152. Hysterical, absolutely hysterical. Loved last night’s episode.

    I hate that I am sort of liking Karen. UGH

  153. I love Phyllis, she is smart and kind. The trip to the beauty parlor cracked me up. I don’t think she said anything about Jim and Pam to hurt; it was a compliment. Michael is some kind of idiot savant at sales and they must be getting rid of Andy to make him so despicable. I thought Dwight and Angela were perfect; they really rounded out their characters. Love Angela’s look of death! I’m sure, because of his bizarre friendship with Dwight, Jim will be plotting to get back at Andy. Dwight and Jim work their sales pitch; and Kelly not shutting up on the phone, great. Jim is being a jerk, even if he doesn’t mean it. It is obvious he still loves Pam and is trying to “move on” but he really shouldn’t use someone else to do that. Of course, I like that they are adding some realistic flaws to his character. If I was Karen, I would be a little nervous about that half-hearted I’m-Glad-Your-Here speech. Don’t move to close to me and your just a distraction, but I’m glad you here, whatever. The worst part was not enough Pam and I wish they had a little more Kevin. His first bit with Angela was too short!

  154. I love the part when Dwight ask Jim for the keys to sike himself up for the sale with 80’s rock. Apparently, he does that all the time. Jim didnt look to surprised.

  155. oooh! this was more like an episode of Desperate Salesman. Andy is an evil manipulator. Went as far to grab Dwights car keys and search his vehicle.

    Writers did a great job of shifting the Dwight/Andy duel in Dwights favor

    I love the Offive!!!

  156. I loved this episodes and was laughing every second up until Phyllis told Karen about Pam and Jim. I knew it was coming and I think she did it in a way that was not malicious at all. But then the rest of the episode just showed what a soap opera this show is turning into. Used to be episodes could go start to finish and stand on their own, but now the characters are being manipulative and sometimes downright creepy, and the only reason I continue to tune in is because of some cliffhanger that needs to be resolved, and not because of it being a good story. For example, who did Michael go to Jamaica with? Will Dwight come back?, etc. The episodes have just been – meh – in my opinion and not particularly well-developed or original anymore. When I think of Season 1 I could pretty much watch any of their episodes and they are funny and clever without depending on another episode to back it up. That’s not the case in Season 3. I just feel like the Jim-Pam-Karen triangle is taking up too much time and isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

    Jim has just become kind of lame. He can’t seem to figure out how to be honest with either of the women in his life and his pranks on Dwight last night were just mean. That being said, I loved their interaction in the sales call and the perfect way they worked together to show-off the Dundler Mifflin customer service. The timing on that was just perfect and came off really naturally.

    Favorite Moments:
    Phyllis and Karen’s makeover
    Stanley & Ryan
    Mike completely ignoring Andy in the car
    Dwight taking so much pride in getting Michael’s laundry

  157. I definitely think we are supposed to notice the lack of chemistry between Jim and Karen. What I loved about Jim with Pam was how attentive he was to her…he knew her favorite flavor of yogurt, the extra surprises in her tea pot (including a hot sauce packet that, if you listen closely, he saved from the original hot dog incident), the grilled cheese sandwiches he made for her, asking Michael not to give her the longest engagement award. I could go on and on and I have.
    I just don’t see any of that in the Jim/Karen relationship. She seems to guilt him into everything (I moved here from Connecticut)! I wanted to slap her. I think Jim’s response about his “crush” on Pam was realistic. I know he’s not coming off as the most wonderful guy right now, but we need to see the contrast between his feelings for Karen and his love for Pam

  158. I didn’t read through all of the comments yet, so I don’t know if anyone else said this. But, I absolutely burst out loud laughing when Jim stopped the car short and made Dwight hit his head. It was the first time I laughed like that since The Coup when Dwight got up with the snot coming from his nose. He’d better come back!!

  159. Amy:

    I understand where you’re coming from about season 1 versus season 3, but remember that there wasn’t anything before season 1–of course you could watch every episode without having to have a previous season!

    I’m teasing a little, but my point is this: the Office isn’t Seinfeld, where you can write for years without having major, overarching story arcs. Pretty much every episode of Seinfeld was a stand alone episode.

    Yes, season three is heavily reliant on the previous seasons, but why shouldn’t it be? They are telling numerous stories, not just the Jim/Pam story.

  160. In response to Amy’s comment – I think that just shows how much The Office goes above & beyond the average sitcom. It has heart & soul, & I don’t know how you can’t care about these characters & what they’re going through. By season 3 of “Friends” I don’t know how many people really cared if Ross & Rachel hooked up, but I can’t stop caring about Jim & Pam (or even Dwight & Angela now, after last night!) b/c it’s all so realistic. A soap opera would have Karen running off after finding out about Pam – not confronting him, which is what two mature, normal people in a relationship would do. This is what really happens, & this is how relationships really work. I just wish my life was that funny too. :)

  161. I agree threec.

    Another glaring difference between the relationships is how full force Pam would go at their jokes and pranks. Karen just isn’t that way. She was ready to give up on the chips ‘adventure’ way early into it. She changed her voicemail message to something Italian to appease him but when he walked away, she changed it back to the boring way it was before.

    Its like they are both interested in having that kind of connection, but I just don’t see it. The only thing she seems to have over Pam is that she was emotionally available.

    Sure it may be what Jim needs *now*, but that’s the definition of a rebound relationship.

    They just don’t have a connection and the longer they seem to last, the more forced their scenes are.

    I don’t know, its just like he’s going through the motions and for someone as ‘bold’ as Karen is, you’d think she’d see right through it and call him on it. Yet she remains with him when his heart clearly isn’t into it (judging from his half hearted attempt to assure her that he’s glad she’s there)- How does that make her any better than Pam?

  162. Jim sees Karen as a temporary get-over type of thing. Karen sees Jim as possibly “the one,” and this is becoming more and more apparent every week. Initially Jim and Karen seemed to have a chemistry all their own but now that it is painfully obvious Karen is much more into him than vice versa the chemistry is all but gone.

    The writers have made Karen very likeable so it is hard to hate her but at this point I think it is obvious their relationship has no legs.

  163. I loved how Michael was totally annoyed with Andy in this episode. I can’t believe no one has mentioned his “Talk Man” comment in the car. It took me a couple of rewinds on the DVR to figure out what he said, but it’s obviously a reference to the fact that Andy just won’t shut up. Michael is doing his best to ignore him, but he just keeps going on and on about Dwight.

    Let’s not forget that the reason Michael was so upset about Dwight’s coup attempt was that he considers Dwight his friend (probably his best friend, since he doesn’t seem to have any friends outside of the office except Packer, who almost doesn’t even qualify because they used to work together, too). He wouldn’t have let him stay if he didn’t really like him. Dwight will be back.

  164. I agree, Agent Michael Scarn…I think that became really apparant (that Karen’s into Jim a LOT) when she said “I moved here from Connecticut”. She moved there for him, not the job. I think she’s going to end up heart broken soon enough.

  165. Well m3k1,
    I think Michael did say Hawkman not talk man. He’s not dissing Andy..he’s just being Michael

  166. Personally, in the absence of Jim/Pam interaction, I’ve been following Dwight and Angela more. I love their storyline. I adore how their relationship has gone from its secret trysts in the beginning to a full-blown loving relationship now. It may be weird, it may be a little scary, but it works for them.

    As we all know from the Christmas episode how Angela hasn’t spoken to her own sister in 17 years, this girl can hold a grudge. I hope she puts her talents to use on Andy. I really hope it isn’t just Jim, Pam, and Karen who prank Andy next week. I hope Pam pulls Angela into the prank, or Angela goes rogue and gets Andy herself.

    In the Merger episode, Andy said his goal was to marginalize Dwight. Has he ever….

  167. Oh and to address everybody who’s saying Karen shouldn’t have moved to Scranton… I totally agree. In Branch Closing, when it was apparent she would go if she was offered a job, I thought she was dumb to do it.

    She’s smart; she could clearly get a job somewhere else. Jim was the main tipping point. Maybe if she had been dating him for more than a month, it would have been a smart move. But it wasn’t since she was only harboring a crush at that point.

    I feel bad for her, because she’s going to get hurt.

  168. 238 – The side looked like a subaru wagon, but I’d have to watch again to be sure. I think I just might :)

  169. It looked like a Subaru or Saab wagon. Pretty ho-hum car for a single guy in his mid to late twenties. I guess it was in keeping with Jim’s laid back, low-key style.

  170. Let’s not forget the hilarious picture of Dwight and Jim in their *early* days!

    Everything about that picture looked authentic…even the body language looked like that of two fresh-out-of-school guys starting their big new job haha.

  171. I definitely care about the characters. I think that’s why I’m so bothered by the way things are progressing. From my perspective, I don’t see Pam and Jim developing as characters, they are just carrying along in what (to me anyway) is a plot that we’ve all seen (which girl will he pick?) – and I guess I’m just bored with it. I really love Dwight and Angela – they are just perfect for each other and the fact that two people as annoying as them can find each other and fall in love makes all the more likeable. I would be devastated if anything happened to them but lately I’ve found myself less and less interested in Jim and what happens.

  172. Jim’s car was a Saab 92-X Aero, based on the Subaru Impreza, pretty cool car, actually. But I think they mixed up the cars this episode: it looked like Phyllis was driving Jim’s red Corolla, and I thought Toby was the one with the Saab/Subaru; at the end of the “Take Your Kids to Work” episode, Toby put his daughter in the back of a silver/grey Saab 92-X/Subaru Impreza

  173. I NEED HELP!!!
    I am an officefanatic, seriously, it’s like crack-cocaine to me, but anyways, I’m studying abroad in France until May and usually if I have to miss an episode (orrrr, i just really want to watch it again) i watch it on youtube. Unfortunately, youtube doesn’t come up with the same results.

    SO, if anyone know where on the web (in France) that you can watch the office, other than iTunes, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  174. Schruted — I think the only way you’ll get that picture is by doing a screenshot of when Jim holds it up to the camera. (See the link under my name for an example.) Probably the real picture is in John the Prop Guy’s possession and nowhere else….

  175. Hartman (#235),
    I just watched it again, and you’re right. I guess I just don’t get the Hawkman comment. Who was he referring to, himself? And why Hawkman? What am I missing? I am sure I’m going to look like a total fool, but will someone please explain this to me? :-)

    Andy was obviously irritated by Michael’s comment, either way. Immediately afterward, he had a talking head where he said that his plan was taking longer than he thought. Since he wasn’t directly dissing Andy, was it because Michael wasn’t taking Andy’s bait? Michael didn’t take the bait, so he wasn’t itching to get on the anti-Dwight bandwagon.

  176. I thought he was saying “Talkman”, too, but it seems that he was saying “Hawkman”.

  177. First of all, for all of you wondering about Phyllis driving the Corolla, in real life she owns it. (Watch the commentary on Season 1– “The Alliance.”

    Secondly, Jim and Pam can’t get together this season unless they are going to end with 4-5 seasons. Every show dies when its main couple gets together for good.

    Lastly, I’m really glad that I’m not the only one obsessed with this show.

  178. that was THE best episode ever!!! so much better than last week, and last week was hilarious. cant wait 2 find out wat angela is gonna do 2 andy.

  179. Now that Andy has vanquished Dwight, anyone think he’ll go directly after Jim? Jim is, of course, the only person standing between him and Michael.

    I’m recalling his line from The Merger: “Cross me and I will destroy you.”

    Great episode, they are really picking up steam despite a change in tone from Season 2.

  180. Oh yeah, and Michael said “Hawkman”. Hawkman is a super-hero with wings and a goofy hawk mask. Don’t ask me how I know that…

    He brought him up because Andy had mentioned the Superfriends. His doing so just showed that Andy’s efforts to undermine Dwight weren’t working, hence the following “I’m not going to give up” scene in front of the women’s bathroom.

  181. I was really annoyed that Karen said “I moved from Connecticut” because at least we the viewers didn’t know they were dating before they moved to PA, so why would she expect undying love and truth from Jim if they just started dating? What was he supposed to say “Oh by the way, I was in love with the receptionist there, but you should come anyway, even though we are not dating.”

    Lame. They could have told Karen of Jim and Pam a bit better, I think.

  182. this is my prediction on the Jam/Karen situation……
    now that Karen knows about the JAM relationship, she’s going to be more attentive to their interactions. I think Karen will witness moments between Pam and Jim, that will make her realize that they are true love. She will prob quit and leave Scranton after coming to that realization

  183. Ok, there are far too many posts to go back and read them all, but did anyone pick up on the subtly of the Jim/Karen conversation when Jim goes ‘no, I never had a thing for Pam…why did she say something?’ Just a teensy glimmer of hope.

  184. Toby from HR:

    Thanks for the Hawkman clarification! As a person not familiar with comic book characters and superheroes, the Hawkman thing just went right over my head. I assumed (I should know better) that Michael made something up; it didn’t even dawn on me that he might be referencing a “real” character. Hence, the confusion!

    And, speaking as a woman, I don’t have a problem with Jim’s behavior, except to say that I think he is stringing Karen along, even if not maliciously. I think he WANTS to like Karen, but he knows deep down who he loves. It’s self-protection and pride driving him.

    And I agree with everything else you said in post #254. I don’t mind the Pam/Jim thing dragging on as long as we are entertained along the way!

  185. Did you all notice in the meeeting the hopeful glance Karen shoots Jim’s way when Michael announces there will be teams — and then the corresponding disappointment when Phyllis picks her instead?

  186. Can someone clarify something for me? I thought Jim and Karen were keeping their romance a secret, yet everyone seemed to know i,e, Dwight and Phyllis. What happened? Did I miss something?

    And… last night’s episode was classic. The Office is the best show on television.

  187. from johns blog (about phyllis and karen) “embracing their inner tacky” ROFL!

  188. Re: Abbreviated opening theme

    Comparing what aired last night with a that of a week ago (and every previous episode), you can see several scenes are gone. Has anyone heard on any other blogs why they did this (other than to squeeze a few more seconds of show content in)? Will they go back to the long version next week, or is this the new permanent one?

  189. About the opening, I think they did the same in Hot Girl. I supose it is related with the length of the episode. But I don’t know.

  190. Just read the last few comments but..
    I definitely think the Jim/Pam thing will be drug out for a while, in order to keep it interesting. Someone commented about Karen probably being more aware of that situation, probably becoming increasingly jelous, and I totally agree! I think we should be more disgusted with how Pam acts rather than how Jim acts…I mean he told her his feelings and she just plays games with him, since the beginning. I also think Angela is going to begin to sabatoge Andy, that will be hilarious :)

    The best part in this episode, maybe even the show so far, is when Jim slaps Dwight when they are coming back from their sales…that was hilarious!!!

  191. 246 – mccoy1230

    i have watched all of the episodes that i have missed on this website:
    but you can only watch it not download it
    but its still good if you want to catch up on stuff youve missed

  192. that sucks about the opening theme i noticed it too
    they need the old one back
    ive got it as my ringtone and its amazing

  193. As a woman, I totally love the Jim character. I appreciate that when he finally got up the courage to declare his feelings, he was devestated by Pam’s rejection. I think he is puzzled about what to do concerning the Karen situation because in contrast to Pam, Karen is so much more assertive/aggressive.

    My husband is a sort-of-Jim type and he said, in school the pushy, aggressive girls always came on to him. That’s why he liked me, I didn’t go after him first.

    Anyhow, I admit I have a total soft spot for the Jim/Pam relationship. Although I wish Jim would cut Karen loose, I can forgive him just about anything (even when his Dwight pranks turn a little mean) but when he shows his feelings for Pam, he is at his best.

  194. Excuse me (dragging out soapbox):

    I am so tired of hearing the “Poor Jim, Pam lead him on” line of conversation. Jim waited until the last possible moment to share his true feelings with her (weeks before her wedding) and then runs away like a wounded puppy when she tells him she can’t be with him. He gave her an ultimatum- either love him back or they are no longer friends. While is was heartfelt and honest on his part, it was also completely unreasonable for him to not even give her a chance to come to terms with the feelings that she has for him.

    Then, she comes to her senses and breaks things off with Roy! Jim, instead of seeing this as a time of huge personal struggle (and a clear indication that she probably has feelings for him), just decides to ignore the whole situation and hook up with Karen. I like Karen, and it’s sort of sad to see that she is just getting set up to get hurt.

    Jim’s actions at this point are completely selfish and while I know that he got hurt, you can’t put the blame solely on Pam. Pam has tried to reach out to him and he has shut her down repeatedly. Pam isn’t a fighter, so she has backed down.

    Ultimately, it is going to have to be up to Pam to really put herself out there for Jim, but come on people, she just isn’t ready. She just got out of a ten-year relationship for heaven’s sake!!!

    Dammit, I know they’re not real people… most of the time. haha

  195. This episode shows so well how sales-savvy Michael really is. He knew exactly what to say to the client to make him give Michael a sale, only to have Andy ruin it. Unfortunately, this episode really turned me off to Andy – and I really used to love him!

    Jim definitely did “lie”, I’m not going to say that he skirted the truth, because it’s just not true. He said it because he KNOWS that Karen is simply the rebound, and there’s no reason to get involved with explaining to her the story, and it’s basically irrelevant to their relationship on the level that it’s on right now. He did the right thing in claiming a “crush”, because to Karen, that’s all the information he needed to give her so she’d believe him and not push the subject any further.

    Anyone else feel the sadness when Dwight hugged Jim? It was a very, very touching moment. But I’m not dwelling on Dwight’s departure, we ALL KNOW he’ll return. I don’t really need to go into detail about how we know this, because all of us already know that Dwight is a very important character, and the way that they’re drawing out his and Angela’s relationship – it would be absolutely stupid to take him out for good.

    I loved – absolutely LOVED – Angela in this episode :)

    I’ve never seen Stanley so animated in any episode before this (except for BYDTWD), and I loved that side of his character!! Great stuff.

    ALSO – Did anyone notice Jim’s car? He used to have a red Corolla, and now he’s got some station wagon… I couldn’t place it. Anyone got any ideas to where that change arose from.

    I thought it was simply adorable when Jim asked if Dwight still did “that thing” before sales calls… and then we got to see Dwight go nuts in the car with the crazy music!

    Sorry I dragged out this post… I just now got to a computer, and haven’t been able to read all 200+ posts before me, so I wanted to comment on my observations first.

    Can’t wait til next Thursday!

  196. Has no one yet mentioned Andy’s rendition of the OOmpa Loompa song?

    Oompa Loompa Oompadee Dawsome
    Dwight is now gone, which is totally awesome.

    Why is he gone, he was such a nice guy?
    No he was not, he was a total douche.

    I laughed a lot during this episode, but the way he does it made me laugh the hardest.

  197. Figures…just as I was typing that, it appeared under favorite quotes up above.

    Now I feel like a douche.

  198. I am waiting with bated breath for this website to put up the picture of young Dwight and young Jim. That pictures is just itching to become my computer’s new wallpaper!

  199. The opening credits were 10 seconds shorter because it gives the director/editors 10 seconds more new content to add to the show. This episode had so much going on, they probably needed every second. Sort of a “mini super-sized” episode.

    Either that or it gives NBC 10 more seconds to sell for commercials.

  200. In terms of who is to blame more Jim or Pam, they are both to blame but Pam definitely wins. You can’t blame Jim for waiting as long as he did to tell his feelings to Pam, Pam was in a long term relationship, she was a close friend, and she was a co-worker. That would be a very difficult situation for any guy to handle. Pam meanwhile has never been upfront about her feelings. She definitely bears the larger responsibility.

  201. Does anyone know is that a scarf hanging in between Angela and Pams cubicle? It’s always there in the same spot; purple w/black and white checks. It seemed to have a cross or something on it. I didn’t know if it was a souvenier Angela got from the Vatican or something!

  202. Agent Michael Scarn,

    I can sort of see your point but at the same time I have to disagree. Yes, Pam does need to put her feelings out there. But it seems like Jim isn’t even giving her the chance to do it. He just seems to have this grim determination to move on. I just think that it should have had some significance to him that Pam called off the wedding. He doesn’t even seem to acknowledge what a big deal that was for her. It just doesn’t seem plausable to me… he loved her for YEARS, and he gives up just like that? Especially now that she is completely single and available??? Geesh!

  203. “Ryan is such a bad salesman. Sales is one of those things too that you don’t really learn, you either have the passion and skills for it or you don’t. How much longer are they going to believably keep Ryan working there.”

    Maybe’s he’s transfered to another division within Dunder-Mifflin Northeast. Customer Service, perhaps? With Kelly? Hmm…hilarity ensuses.

    Plus, that leaves his desk open. Now, I wonder who in the world could sit there…?

    A few other thoughts:

    -Harvey’s “voice?” Was that Greg Daniels?

    -Angela looked SMOKING HOT in the scene asking Pam out for coffee. Wow…

  204. Oh, and Hawkman is a member of the Justice League of America, who stared in their own cartoon as the Superfriends.

    Embrace your inner geek.

  205. I just noticed in this episode that Karen has the most adorable freckles on her nose. Sooooooo CUTE!!!!

  206. Pam-a-lama-ding-dong (277) – ive already got it but my friend sent it to me over email and its really clear and good quality but i don’t know where he got it

  207. I just read a comment to the review of last night’s episode on Someone said they thought Jim’s downplaying his infatuation with Pam would come back to haunt him later.

    That got me thinking…will any of the “documentary” footage ever be broadcast and might Karen see Jim’s declaration of love to Pam on the air?

  208. Best Week Ever has a decent screencap of the Dwight/Jim picture and a nice mention of Office Tally.

  209. there we go – the pic of jim and dwight from the past

    click on that best week ever link posted by “the great” and scroll down just a lil’ bit

  210. ive got 3 questions:
    1. How many minutes into the next episode until he comes crawling back? (Or Michael crawls back to him?) 2. How many minutes until Angela slits Andy’s face, ear to ear? and
    3. What will Jim do in his spare time now that Dwight’s gone?

  211. tanster, if you read this, the “yoy” quote was actually “Long time. Me LOBE yoy long time.”

  212. Maybe Jim should take Dwight’s old desk… the one with the great view…

    How do you think that would fly?

  213. Kevin just stated in his latest myspace blog that Scrantonicity will be coming to an upcoming episode….

    as Kevin would say…………..nice

  214. Why won’t iTunes let me download this episode yet? It keeps getting later and later in the day when they let us download it… maybe because apparently this episode was the highest rated of the season! Go Office fans :)

  215. I just watched the coffeeshop scene again and noticed that Jim brought the cup to his mouth #1 when he denied having a thing for Pam and #2 when he told Karen he was really glad she was there.

    I could be overanalyzing this, but it struck me as his way of hiding he fact that he’s not telling the truth. And the tone in which she said, ‘I moved here…’ was TOTALLY a guilt trip.

  216. I forgot to add, are we to assume Jim & Karen are sleeping together and that she’s become VERY emotionally attached?

    Its a legit question. I know MANY women that keep sleeping with a guy in hopes of him changing his feelings because they are way more in to him than he is in to them.

    I have a feeling Karen may witness some Jim & Pam interaction and see how much different the level of their connection is and knowing Jim has not ever shown her that type of connection.

  217. Woudlnt it be something if Jim decides to take Dwight’s desk and all of a sudden he is facing Pam again

  218. So I totally bet Scrantonicity plays at Phyllis’ wedding to Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration

  219. I think that there is some continuity errors in this episode car-wise. Jim is driving a Saab 9-2x from the interior shots, but it appears to be a Saab 9-5 wagon on the exterior (I believe Saab updated the interior when the refreshened the 9-5 this past model year so they may have given it a similar interior to the 9-2x) Toby has a Saab 9-2x so I don’t quite know what the deal was in this episode. Phyllis was driving Jim’s ‘old’ car, his red Toyota Corolla, which, itself, randomly replaced his previous-gen Corolla he had the first and early 2nd season. The cars just don’t match up, except for Michael’s infamous Chrysler Sebring.
    (BTW: The Saab 9-5 wagon is not a ‘JIM’ car the Corolla was, because it reflected his personality best [Play it safe, nothing flashy but reliable], while the 9-5 screamed “I have kids who play soccer!”) lol, but I’m sure there’s a rental reason for why the cars are different in the episode since they, most likely, rent the cars for when they need them for scenes.

  220. yeah great episode! would be neat if jim took dwights desk so he could be facing pam..i must say he needs to choose pam over karen…

    and also..dwight is coming back right?..

    he better be.

  221. Stupid iTunes :(

    They must stagger new episode availability for load balancing because for my account it is still nowhere to be found!

  222. Hamburger Halper & kingmello, I agree with you two. (see post #293)

    I wonder how Pam “Fancy New” Beesly will react to Karen “in your face with the guilt trips and overall emotional hostage taker” Fillipeli? Yeah, this last episode was the first solid reason I’ve had not to like Karen (aside from the fact that she’s just in the way…)

  223. Not on itunes for me. How does that work anyway? We were looking forward to downloading it yesterday. itunes is fun but can be quite annoying at times. Maybe Michael’s got the right idea to just “taste” the music instead of buying it!

  224. Call me old fashioned, SPTS, but there’s no reason to assume that Jim and Karen are sleeping together. I know that’s considered crazy talk by most people, but hear me out.

    They’ve been dating, what, a month? It’s not unreasonable to think that Jim, still unsure of his feelings for Karen while still VERY sure of his feelings for Pam, would be hesitant to move so quickly into an intimate relationship with Karen. Believe it or not, some people differentiate between ‘dating’ and ‘sleeping together.’

    Karen represents a safety net for Jim–a way to deal with his past by not dealing with it at all (which is, for the most part, how Jim and Pam have operated lo these many years!). I see him hiding behind Karen rather than being with her–if that makes any sense.

    On the other hand, I suppose the argument could be made that Karen isn’t the type of woman to stick around if nothing was happening in the physical department. But consider for a moment that my theory is right–doesn’t that just add more fuel to her concern that Jim isn’t really interested in her? From what I saw, Karen didn’t believe Jim’s response in the coffee shop, and I think she’s worried. (Frankly, Jim should be worried too–he’s a terrible liar).

    Combine all that with the synopsis for the upcoming Feb 1st episode, and I think we’re seeing definite cracks in the Jim/Karen relationship.

    Anyway, this isn’t meant to sound preachy or holier-than-thou at all, so I hope nobody takes offense. Just my semi-nonsensical ramblings over a show I love.

  225. Excellent points. I agree with all except the fact that Karen is ok with things. I think he convinced her but maybe only temporarily. She’s a smart cookie. I could see her sitting back and observing Jim & Pam and that leading to the confrontation along with some comments from others possibly.

    Anyway, I as trying to think like most people I know. I dont always agree with their tactics, but I understand what it is they are trying to do and it seems to be the most popular idea unfortunately.

  226. “Kickstart my Heart” by Motley Crue. Also, he was listening to “”Wild Side” by Motley Crue on Performance Review

  227. I loved this episode
    except for dwight leaving boooooooooo
    he better be coming back!!!!!
    i love the picture of jim and dwight its hiliarous.
    and when phyllis tells karen about jims thing with pam
    i was like ooooooooooooh my

  228. Click on my nickname to see a really nice, and BIG picture of Jim and Dwight.

    Don’t thank me all at once. :P

  229. Thanks for the pic, O-Dizzle!

    When you are able to see the position of that hand on Jim’s shoulder for longer than the instant it was shown on the screen before, does it look a bit funny to anyone else? I think it might have been Photoshopped in to make them look a bit more like buddies. It doesn’t look to me like it could be coming off Dwight’s arm.

    Our friend John the Prop Guy might have more for us on that shot in his blog…

  230. The humor of seasons one and two is gone. It has been replaced by an overload of plot turns for all characters. Something seriously happened to every character in this episode. Though I have noticed that Michael is gradually being shoved in the background like Andy, Jim, Karen, etc.

    Quite simply, Karen MUST go away before the JAM connection gets dry. Dwight MUST come back or I will no longer watch the show. But I must say, I can’t wait to see the devil in Angela finally come out of its cage!

  231. E- Michael can’t be the center of every single episode! I enjoyed seeing some of the other characters get their time this week. Stanley was great this week :D

  232. Wow. Such a great episode. I have a feeling Dwight will be back though, maybe some sort of cliffhanger.

  233. I like jim and karen. There i said it. Please quit with the Jim-likes-Pam-likes-Jim storyline. It is so tired at this point in the show. Thank you.

    P.S. BOOBS

  234. Seriously, though, I thought the look on Jim’s face at the end was pretty telling. He looked determined, maybe mad. I bet he’s instrumental in getting Dwight back. (of which Dwight will never admit thanks)

  235. Cousin Mose, I agree with you. I doubt that they’d be sleeping together. Jim seems a bit too innocent and hesitant with the relationship- probably even “old-fashioned”. Last week he was being wary of moving a little too fast by living two blocks away. I suspect he didn’t change his heart THAT drastically in the last week (or we would’ve seen some different behavior this episode).

    I think what we see is pretty much the extent of their relationship. Part of Karen’s attraction to him is his boyish innocence- she’s doing what she can to be patient. But that patience is starting to wear thin…

  236. Question…this has been bugging me ever since Thursday night. At the coffee shop, Karen said something like “I moved here…” when they were talking about their relationship.

    I was under the impression that they didn’t start dating until they were already in Scranton. I remember being confused at the end of “The Merger” b/c Jim had high-fived Karen at the begining of the episode, but then told Pam that he was dating someone at the end of the episode. So…I am un-clear about when their relationship actually started. Karen made it sound like she wouldn’t have moved to Scranton except for her dating Jim, but that is different than the way I thought it had happened.

    What are other’s opinions on this?

  237. Oh, and I also want to say that I don’t think Karen and Jim are sleeping together. We haven’t even seen them hold hands, so I would be suprised if slow-moving Jim has already progressed that far.

  238. So, I was thinking/noticing. Jim never kisses his girlfriends on screen. I dont remember him kissing Katy and I know he hasn’t kissed Karen yet. Hmmmm.. Makes you wonder about where his mind’s really at. I will agree with the no sex thing. I don’t picture Jim as the kind of guy who would jump into something so intimate with a person, especially if we are all correct in assuming he’s still hung up on Pam.

  239. So Jim and Dwight are the freaking dream team. Their sales call was excellent. Best part of the episode.

  240. I don’t get how Jim and Karen just leave during the middle of the work day to get a coffee. Aren’t they supposed to be at work?

  241. RE: 338

    I can leave in the middle of the day to get a coffee. And they have a pretty laid back office, too.

  242. Maria, Karen moved there in hopes of a relationship with Jim. He told her she should accept the transfer, which she interpreted as a possible interest. They were hanging out, but not officially dating at the time of the phone call in the parking lot. Then he talked to Pam, who backpedaled and said, “We’re friends.” My guess is that the relationship started soon afterward.

    So Karen became a rebound, just as Jim described to Michael in Benihana Christmas. They “can be a really fun distraction, but when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you Really like- the one that broke your heart.”


  243. Re: Maria’s comments in number 334:

    he didn’t actually SAY that they were dating at the end of the Merger episode…he merely said he started seeing someone. Now, for some people its’ like saying “you call it ketchup, I call it catsup” but to some it’s considered progression in a relationship. Like: first you’re seeing each other, then you’re dating, then….you get the idea ;P


  244. Excuse me, I’m just wondering why my comment was deleted. I did not cuss, nor did I attack anyone personally.

  245. Re: 280 | Ping Fri. Jan. 12, 2007 at 11:20am

    Has anyone noticed the scarf hanging on a cubicle wall between Pam and Angela?
    My guess is that scarf belongs to Angela. She must have received here accounting degree from the University of Scranton, as the scarf appears to have the school logo and school colors.

    Compare the scarf with this item from the school’s bookstore.

  246. I just saw the second deleted scene for this episode.
    Poor Toby! I feel so bad for him.

  247. When Jim and Karen had coffe together he didnt said that the crush that he had for Pamwas over so… :)

  248. i dont feel bad for toby at all – he’s funny but him and pam don’t have anything together

  249. When Andy and Michael are in the car, there is something in the top-left corner of the screen and I really think it the finger of the cameraman. What is it?!!

  250. Hi everyone!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your entries. I just discovered this site and I know it will add to my enjoyment of this first-rate show. I loved the original BBC show – which ended after two short seasons and a two-part Christmas Special. I think it’s great that the NBC version has really come into its own and developed the original characters in a whole different way.. plus adding new and equally important characters to its rouster.

    I like what Karen’s character has added to the whole Pam and Jim dynamic. Andy is the perfect foil for Dwight. Watching Andy get what’s coming to him will be fun.

  251. I just read where The Office and My Name is Earl are already renewed for next season!!!What a big surprise!! Just kidding. They are the 2 best shows ever on TV. I think that we will be seeing both of them for many years to come. Made my day!!

  252. did anyone read this from Kristen’s gossip column (E!)
    this is what she wrote:

    Is Office Romance in the Air? When John K. wasn’t chatting up Ben Affleck, he was spending most of the night at the side of Rashida Jones, aka his girlfriend on the show, Karen. As you may remember, the two once dated before she came on the show, and if my Spidey senses are tingling correctly, they could very well be back together—ditto for B.J. Novak (Ryan) and Mindy Kaling (Kelly).

  253. i dont think i could continue watching the show if dwight was to leave, rainn wilson is life.

  254. For Dwight, another heartbreak leaving DM rather than betray his gal. Reminds me of Drug Testing, when Dwight handed in his volunteer sheriffs uniform after helping Michael pass his urine test. Dwight only knows the straight and narrow.

  255. This is by far the funniest, best-written episode of the season so far! I love it.

  256. this was like my favorite episode besides cocktails…and all the others…lol…i love this show sooo much!!! and the phone part with andy was soo funny!!! “Maybe you’re in the ceiling.”

  257. The Pam/art storyline on the newpeat was so adorable. I hope the include it on the season three dvd!

  258. phyllis and karen’s makeover was so funny- i laugh everytime i watch that scene in the car after they get their makeover. that was awesome!

  259. The Karen-Roy thing is just ridiculous. A talented, independent white collar with a tactless, drunk blue collar worker? She might’ve mentioned that he was ‘cute’, but she’s smart enough to know that he isn’t her type.

  260. i crack up every time i see andy going into dwights stuff. it really shows his character. well, his old character.

  261. Did anybody else notice on the DVD of this episode the original cold open with Harvey the computer (check the deleted scenes) when Michael is typing “Me lobe yoy long time.” the entire rest of Harvey’s lines are there on the monitor even though Michael hadn’t even typed it yet? In the original broadcast the shot of the monitor was correct. Why’d they change it?

    Also, I’m watching the DVD and I’m wondering what the heck happened to the scene where Jim asks Ryan if he wants to pull a prank on Andy and Ryan says “Not right now, but ask me again ten years ago.”? It’s… GONE!!

  262. Mr. Snub

    i noticed both of those things missing….. i’m actually not very happy about that. i hope it was just a mistake, because i feel that dvd’s are supposed to have more content, not less!

  263. What a great episode! Kudos to the writers on this one :) I love that Jim tells Karen how he feels about Pam. Jim loves Pam that’s all there is to it! I don’t have any sympathy for Karen. Dwight’s job at Staples was priceless! How awesome, I just love it :)

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