The Office Fan Ratings, Season 4

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are The Office fan ratings for Season 4.

  1. 4.14 Chair Model (Avg Rating: 8.74)
  2. 4.18-19 Goodbye, Toby (Avg Rating: 8.67)
  3. 4.07-08 Money (Avg Rating: 8.56)
  4. 4.05-06 Launch Party (Avg Rating: 8.43)
  5. 4.01-02 Fun Run (Avg Rating: 8.41)
  6. 4.12 The Deposition (Avg Rating: 8.36)
  7. 4.09 Local Ad (Avg Rating: 8.26)
  8. 4.10 Branch Wars (Avg Rating: 8.05)
  9. 4.13 Dinner Party (Avg Rating: 7.91)
  10. 4.17 Job Fair (Avg Rating: 7.82)
  11. 4.03-04 Dunder Mifflin Infinity (Avg Rating: 7.65)
  12. 4.16 Did I Stutter? (Avg Rating: 7.58)
  13. 4.15 Night Out (Avg Rating: 7.41)
  14. 4.11 Survivor Man (Avg Rating: 7.29)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.


  1. I love this new feature! Now at the end of the season when we do survivor, we can compare the rankings to these.

  2. Daniel, these ratings are based on what OfficeTally readers rated each episode as on a scale of 1-10. It is not the actual national ratings from watching the show.

  3. Huh. Odd. To me, Survivor Man was one of the best episodes of the whole series.

    Honestly, I liked Michael in that episode, but I hated Jim.

  4. it looks like people think that each episode gets worse and worse.
    interesting, no??


  5. I’m surprised Survivor Man is the lowest-rated one, too. Maybe everyone was just in a bad mood from the strike.

  6. All I see when looking at this, is how sad I will be if this list, plus one more, makes up our entire season 4. It’s completely insane. I never would have thought it just a few months ago. This strike needs to end now, or my long cold midwest winter is looking very boring, at least as far as TV land goes.

    And isn’t that why we watch this show, to escape reality for a bit? And because we’ve built such an awesome community of fans and communication with the creators/actors/writers. I’ve never been a part of anything like it, and to think we won’t be able to discuss another new episode for another 10 months! I want to cry. Getting through summer was hard enough, how will we do this guys? :(

  7. this is rather similar to the order i have favorites ranked in. “Money” took me back to the feel of the season 2 which was much appreciated. “Survivorman” was my least favorite thus far. it did have its funny moments (Mr. A Knife), but i agree with these rankings for the most part.

  8. Are there any other people besides myself who have a really hard time ranking these individual episodes?

    Anyway, thanks Tanster for a cool feature brought back. (I love statistics!!!)

  9. I’m also surprised at Survivor Man’s low rating. Maybe because the continual build-up of Michael’s craziness? I think this whole season has flowed really nicely; all the storylines being brought up and such. They’ve set up a really interesting season and I hate thinking that this Thursday’s going to be the last for awhile. :(

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the ratings back. :) I really missed that feature.

  10. I have a hard time ranking these too, and I do think that Survivor Man should be a little higher. It’s a tough call!

  11. Ah, Money. I rewatched that one the other day. I was pretty much squealing all the way through [:

  12. @ Luke:

    It’s actually an old feature that came back. Office”tally” was derived from having the weekly polling. I’d love to see the old polls from the first two seasons, too, Tanster.

    Everybody loves ranking things.

    Money was my favorite episode from this season, and is probably in my top 5 or 7 of all time.

  13. UGGGGGGGHHH…Branch Wars had it all! I guess i’ll stop peddling that episode now that the masses have spoken!

    Is it just me or is the lack of office news a bummer? I stop by one, two, three times a day, yet since the strike a stop by every few days is all that is needed. grrrr. support the strike, and bummed out fan of the office, that cant figure out how to fill the thursday 9pm void.

  14. I’m surprised Survivor Man was ranked so low, it was my favorite of this season. It reminded me of a first or second season episode. I love the awkward moments!

  15. I personally did not like the survivor man episode. The reason was because they were forced to add the Michael in the woods part because of NBC doing there green week thing.

  16. I also loved Survivorman, in part because I love Steve Carell, and I want to support the episodes he writes in the hopes that one day, preferably soon, he writes another one that aspires to the greatness that was Casino Night.

  17. I think the bad/sad mood from the strike affected the ratings of Survivor Man- I thought it was quite hilarious, and not far-fetched, but, that’s just me. :)

  18. “Money” totally rocked the house. It’s my favorite of this very short season. I’m surprised “Branch Wars” did so well. It had funny lines, but it crossed the line of “Office” standard, and became a silly sitcom romp. If only they ditched the costumes and toned down Dwight and Michael’s silliness, it may have worked better for me. But…to each his own, I guess.

  19. I actually loved Local Ad. It was the only episode that brought the beauty and greatness of Season 2. Everyone had such great lines in the episode. Not like Branch Wars, which was great, but not everyone had lines: Angela, Meredith, and where was Creed. I really loved Money, who doesn’t love JAM, but for comedy and plot, Local Ad takes the cake for me. It seems that this would actually happen in an office. And of course, the commercial was completely awesome!!! Money is a very close second. Gotta love Lovelorn Dwight!

  20. I have a feeling that Survivor Man’s low ratings were an aftermath of the strike. It was WAY better than DMI. Money still holds the top spot in my heart.

    Oh, The Office, everytime we say goodbye, I die a little.

  21. I’m with you NealPVA – Branch Wars was the best of the lot. The hour long episodes weren’t as sharp.

  22. 20 – Mike G.

    It’s in my top 3, so suck it.

    (I can’t resist an opportunity to throw in a quote :-P)

  23. 9 and 16-I think we’re going to need a 12 step program. We could meet on Thursday nights.

  24. OMG! How is Branch Wars #5 on the list? At the very least it should be #2 (behind Money)

  25. #33 Exactly! We need to start group counseling for Office withdrawals, might as well start now. :(

  26. OH god, I officially have a problem. I was on the phone talking to a client and at the end of the conversation I said “Thank you very much sir…” and it was all I could do to not finish that up with.. “you are a gentleman and a scholar”, as Michael’s voice rang through my head. lol, oh boy.

    Oh Office what have you done to me? :)

  27. I agree that we all need a support group. I am still in the first stage (denial), and am going to need some support when I enter the anger stage!

    All of this season has been so great; I’m really sad to see it coming to an early end.

    Refreshing Officetally, and not seeing the spoilers or upcoming pages updated any more is just so depressing.

  28. Money was a really good one but Local Ad was so heartwarming!
    I didn’t like Survivor too much, but I have to see it again. I only saw it once

  29. Money was… Probably the best episode EVER.

    I, too, am going to need some serious help when our show is over. It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears…and at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer…and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone, and I’m crying, and nobody can hear me, because I’m terribly, terribly…terribly alone.

    Lord, help us all.

  30. Survivor Man last? Can’t believe it–it’s become one of my favorite episodes ever!

    Thanks, wonderful Tanster, for this site, as reading it might just be the only way I survive the long winter from tonight until. . . :(

  31. I think that even if a resolution is a few months away there will still be episodes for season 4, as long as it doesn’t last into April or beyond. Let’s hope the current negotiations will be fruitful.

  32. I’m kind of surprised “Dinner Party” is so far down on the list. That is my second or third favorite of the season.

  33. I’m pretty sure I taint these statistics because I give every episode a 10…. whoops. I’ll stop doing that (next week).

  34. Dinner Party so low? I think it’s one of the best this season! Here’s my ratings…

    1) Money (9.5/10)
    2) Fun Run (9/10)
    3) Dinner Party (8.8/10)
    4) The Deposition (8.5/10)
    5) Local Ad (8.3/10)
    6) Chair Model (8/10)
    7) Branch Wars (7.9/10)
    8) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (7.6/10)
    9) Launch Party (7.5/10)
    10) Survivor Man (7/10)

    Launch Party should not be that high up. Sure it’s funny, but all of them are. It’s just a teeny bit much for me.

  35. Wow. I didn’t expect Dinner Party to be number 7. I wonder what Chair Model will rate — because frankly, I prefered Dinner Party over Chair Model.

  36. 51 – I did too, but not at first. The ratings should be taken with a grain of salt because I think many of us came to love Dinner Party more on rewatch than we did at first.

  37. I liked Dinner Party but in comparison to other episodes I think its ranked about right…The Deposition actually might be my fav just because of how Michael is portrayed in the episode is perfect…”I think you’re a nice guy too”

  38. I really hate that ANY episode with Jam-interaction gets severely overrated. Did anyone watch the rest of that episode? One of the most average Office episodes ever.

  39. I would have thought Fun Run would have been higher up. And I don’t get why Dinner Party was so low – that has been my favorite episode since they’ve come back from the strike. Hmm.

  40. I think that it is kind of funny that most of the actors and actresses thought Dinner Party was the best episode ever and that we voted it #8. I agree with our voting :)

  41. I wasn’t really a fan of Branch Wars or Survivor Man, but Night Out is one of my favorites! It deserves far more love than it has gotten.

  42. I’m glad that Money is second (great episode), but I would rather it be first… and I’m confused as to why Chair Model is first. I didn’t really like the episode, with the exception of the JAM moments. And Dinner Party at #8? I LOVED that episode. While some people thought it did not live up to all the hype, I certainly did. It was the most awkward episode ever, with hilarious Jan-and-Michael moments.

  43. “Night Out” and “Dinner Party” were a lot better than the uneven first half of the season. I don’t know what you guys were thinking.

  44. Pretty good list, but I think Launch party should be lower. I didn’t like the whole thing with the pizza delivery guy. Also, as much as I loved Chair Model, Money should be #1.


  45. Night Out was much better for me the second viewing. Wish I could change my vote…

  46. i liked chair model the first time i saw it…and after watching it a couple more times i think its clearly the best episode of the season.

  47. I absolutely loved Local Ad. It’s still my favorite of this season- it involves everyone and Michael’s version of what Dunder Mifflin’s ad should be always makes me smile (especially Stanley and Kelly, very Michael-esque).

  48. My Ratings

    Chair Model(9.7)
    Deposition (9.5)
    Night Out (9.3)
    Local Ad(9.2)
    First Half of Infinity (9.1)
    Launch Party (9)
    Money (8.9)
    Branch Wars (8.5)
    Survivorman (8.3)
    Second half on Infinity (8)
    Fun Run (7.9)

  49. My list is pretty similar to the one posted:

    1. Chair Model
    2. Dinner Party
    3. Money
    4. Launch Party
    5. Fun Run
    6. Local Ad
    7. The Deposition
    8. Night Out
    9. Branch Wars
    10. Dunder Mifflin Infinity (loved the first half though)
    11. Survivor Man


    1) Money (9.5/10)
    2) Fun Run (9/10)
    3) Dinner Party (8.8/10)
    4) The Deposition (8.5/10)
    5) Local Ad (8.3/10)
    6) Chair Model (8/10)
    7) Branch Wars (7.9/10)
    8) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (7.6/10)
    9) Launch Party (7.5/10)
    10) Night Out (7.3/10)
    11) Survivor Man (7/10)

    Night Out was okay, but Ryan’s drug problem was killing me.

  51. I thought Night Out was way more dark and sad than funny. I can see the intelligence behind the writing, but it was also just depressing. Definitely was disappointed! Money is still my favorite, but I think Deposition was absolutely brilliant too.

  52. How is “Dinner Party” rated so low? It is probably the best episode they have every done.

  53. Do these ratings only count people who watched the entire episode? I ask because I wonder if “Did I Stutter?” was rated lower because people didn’t like last week’s episode and didn’t tune in this week, or if they started watching this week but didn’t like the episode and switched the channel.

    Sorry, I don’t know how these things work!

  54. Really? That low for “Did I Stutter?” That episode had the most laugh-out-loud moments of the season. For anyone who didn’t like the seriousness just go back and watch Dwight. He was absolutely classic in this episode.

  55. The problem with the ratings these days is it still doesn’t count multiple people watching in a dorm room or people who download from Bitorrent or Hulu. Or people who watch it a week later on their DVR/Tivo or wait for the DVD. The actual number of viewers is quite a bit higher in the end.

    [from tanster: the ratings shown on this page reflect poll results here at OfficeTally, not Nielsen ratings. a poll appears at the bottom of each episode post for four days, asking Tallyheads to rank an episode from 1 (worst) to 10 (best).]

  56. I can’t believe Survivor Man is last, that was such a great episode. In my opinion it was better than Did I Stutter? and Night Out. I’m a bit disappointed by Dinner Party as that had to be one of the best episodes of the season. Not sure why people didn’t like it….

  57. Darn it! Those looked just like Nielsen ratings at a glance, in the 7s to 9s. Thanks.

  58. All these ratings indicate is what a very, VERY specific demographic thinks about a particular episode. Of all my family and friends, we’re about 25+ loyal Office viewers, and yet, I’m the only one who’s ever even heard of OfficeTally. So when people comment that they thought people liked Episode X better, keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, but rather a sampling of

    [from tanster: get those 25+ people reading OfficeTally! :) ]

  59. I would’ve thought that ‘Fun Run’, being the season premiere and ‘Dinner Party, being the first episode of the longest strike ever, would’ve been the highest rated episodes. Kinda weird that they’re not…

  60. How the hell is Survivor Man last? That was such an awesome episode? Chair Model first? Come on people… :)

  61. My list:

    #1 Branch Wars (10.0)
    #1 Chair Model(10.0)
    #1 Did I Stutter? (10.0)
    #1 Dinner Party (10.0)
    #1 Deposition (10.0)
    #1 Dunder Mifflin Infinity (10.0)
    #1 Fun Run (10.0)
    #1 Launch Party (10.0)
    #1 Local Ad(10.0)
    #1 Money (10.0)
    #1 Night Out (10.0)
    #1 Survivorman (10.0)

  62. wow, did i stutter was my favorite of the season. i also loved money, the deposition and dinner party. i guess that is part of what makes this show so amazing, there are so many layers of appreciation that we all can find different things to love. sometimes i read things and think “what?? how can you think that?” but ultimately it just makes me appreciate the genius of the show, that it can reach so many different people in so many different ways.


    1) Money (9.5/10)
    2) Fun Run (9/10)
    3) Dinner Party (8.8/10)
    4) The Deposition (8.5/10)
    5) Local Ad (8.3/10)
    6) Chair Model (8/10)
    7) Did I Stutter? (7.9/10)
    8) Branch Wars (7.8/10)
    9) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (7.6/10)
    10) Launch Party (7.5/10)
    11) Night Out (7.3/10)
    12) Survivor Man (7/10)

  64. What? Did I Stutter is third to last? It was one of the best! Though I love JAM, episodes with little interaction between them automatically are thought of as worse than those with interaction. I agree, but I think that people should look at the episode as a whole!

    This is my list:
    1) Dinner Party
    2) Money
    3) Fun Run
    4) Did I Stutter?
    5) Chair Model
    6) Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    7) Launch Party
    8) Night Out
    9) The Deposition
    10) Local Ad
    11) Branch Wars
    12) Survivor Man

  65. I’m surprised “Did I Stutter?” is kind of low. That is in my top 5 for the season at the moment.

  66. I can’t believe Survivor Man is LAST! I thought it sounded weird and gimmicky at first, but it is an amazing episode. I think it will go down with ‘The Convict’ as one of the most underrated episodes of all time. Go watch it again, everybody! “I have tented my pants.”

  67. huh. chair model is 1st?? and survivorman is last?

    that’s a little surprising…i liked suvivorman and certainly did not think chair model to be the best.

  68. Wow this list is so different to how I would rate them, other than Money being near the top.

  69. My List

    Chair Model 9.7
    Did I Studder 9.6
    The Deposition 9.5
    Local Ad 9.3
    Night Out 9.1
    Launch Party 9
    Dunder-Mifflin Infinity Part 1 8.8
    Dinner Party 8.6
    Money 8.5
    Branch Wars 8.4
    Fun Run 8
    Survivorman 7.9
    Dunder-Mifflin Infinity part 2 7.3

  70. Tanster, about how many people vote per episode? I’m just curious. :)

    [from tanster: in the thousands. :) ]

  71. 1) Chair Model
    2) Did I Stutter?
    3) Money
    4) The Deposition
    5) Local Ad
    6) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (part 1 was good)
    7) Launch Party
    8) Dinner Party
    9) Night Out
    10) Fun Run
    11) Branch Wars
    12) Survivor Man

    That’s pretty much how it is

  72. Did I Stutter actually had, I thought, some really lovely JAM moments, although they were quite subtle.

    (That Pam knew something was wrong with Jim after his “warning,” even though she couldn’t see his face, for one.)

  73. Sprinkles’s list:

    01. Money – 10
    02. Night Out – 10
    03. Fun Run – 9.5
    04. Launch Party – 9.5
    05. Chair Model – 9
    06. Dinner Party – 8.5
    07. Did I Stutter? – 8.5
    08. The Deposition – 7
    09. Local Ad – 6.5
    10. Dunder Mifflin Infinity – 5
    11. Survivor Man – 4.5
    12. Branch Wars – 4

    I don’t think “Night Out” gets enough love from the fans. I also think I need to rewatch “The Deposition.”

  74. Tanster:
    Do you vote on these episodes as well? If so, what were your scores? I’d love to hear them!

    [from tanster: excellent question! no, i do not vote in these polls. in fact, i don’t even look at the poll results until after the poll has closed! i would have voted ‘job fair’ lower, and ‘dinner party’ much MUCH higher. :) ]

  75. Given that there is just a difference of 1.5 points between the top and bottom of the list, I’m not too upset that some episodes I really like are lower down (I, too, loved Survivorman… “Lunch!”)

    I also think maybe rankings are affected by the order the episodes aired (I know I probably rated Fun Run higher than I might have if it had not been first, and Did I Stutter and Job Fair may have suffered from coming after Chair Model, which people loved.)

  76. This is my list:

    1) The Deposition (xoxo Michael)
    2) Dinner Party, Fun Run, Did I Stutter?, Night Out, Branch Wars, Money, Dunder-Mifflin Infinity, Chair Model, Launch Party, Local Ad, Survivor Man

    “Everyone inside the car was fine STANLEY.”

  77. Job Fair looks about right and it is where I’d place it. I still wish Dinner Party and Did I Stutter? were a smidge higher.

  78. Updated once more, my list.

    1) Money (9.5/10)
    2) Fun Run (9/10)
    3) Dinner Party (8.8/10)
    4) The Deposition (8.5/10)
    5) Local Ad (8.3/10)
    6) Chair Model (8.1/10)
    7) Job Fair (8/10)
    8) Did I Stutter? (7.9/10)
    9) Branch Wars (7.8/10)
    10) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (7.6/10)
    11) Launch Party (7.5/10)
    12) Night Out (7.3/10)
    13) Survivor Man (7/10)

  79. Since we’re doing lists:

    1. Survivor Man
    2. Fun Run
    3. The Deposition
    4. Dinner Party
    5. Money
    6. Night Out
    7. Local Ad
    8. Chair Model
    9. Launch Party
    10. Branch Wars
    11. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
    12. Did I Stutter?
    13. Job Fair

    Mine is NOTHING like the official list. But as someone else pointed out, the rating difference between them is pretty minimal.

  80. i find the hour longs so hard to rate. for me the first half of fun run was okay and the second half was awesome. dunder mifflin it is the opposite. branch wars and night out, i loved the a story and thought the b story had funny parts (of course) but i wasn’t in love with the plot. i think every episode of this show is great i feel like i have to be strict with the episodes in order to rank one over another! every episode has moments and lines that are outstanding and rank at the top with any other episode.

  81. Us Tallyheads have been so hard on post-strike episodes! Chair Model being the exception, of course. But nothing tops Money!

  82. i agree with, besides chair model, pre-strike episodes crushing post-strike episodes

  83. Hey, people actually liked a post-strike episode! The super low rating for “Did I Stutter?” confuses me.

    14. The Deposition
    13. Night Out
    12. Launch Party
    11. Job Fair
    10. Branch Wars
    9. Survivor Man
    8. Local Ad
    7. Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    6. Did I Stutter?
    5. Fun Run
    4. Goodbye, Toby
    3. Dinner Party
    2. Chair Model
    1. Money

  84. Wow never expected the finale to rate that high.

    14. Branch Wars
    13. Goodbye, Toby
    12. Launch Party
    11. Job Fair
    10. The Deposition
    9. Survivor Man
    8. Dinner Party
    7. Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    6. Did I Stutter?
    5. Fun Run
    4. Money
    3. Night Out
    2. Local Ad
    1. Chair Model

  85. I think people were hard on Did I Stutter because of how serious part of it were. Watching it again, I really appreciate the funny in it, too.

  86. 1.)Launch Party–9.9
    2.)Goodbye Toby–9.9
    3.)Chair Model–9.8
    4.)The Deposition–9.8
    5.)Night Out–9.0
    6.)Did I Stutter?–9.0
    7.)Local Ad–8.8
    9.)Fun Run–8.5
    10.)Survivor Man–8.4
    11.)Dinner Party–8.2
    12.)Job Fair–7.8
    13.)Dunder Mifflin Infinity–7.5
    14.)Branch Wars–7.0

    I think Launch Party, Goodbye Toby, The Chair Model, and the Deposition are the greatest combination of humor, pathos, editing, and acting.

  87. hmmm…not really happy with the list, but what can i do? lol…here’s mine (favorites to least favorite)

    1. goodbye toby
    2. money
    3. did i stutter?
    4. fun run
    5. the deposition
    6. launch party
    7. dinner party
    8. local ad
    9. night out
    10. survivor man
    11. DMI
    12. chair model (it really wasn’t funny to me…too much focus on JAM)
    13. branch wars
    14. job fair

  88. Man, Dinner Party is not getting a fair shake. I thought it was a brilliant episode, one of the best of the series. My only guess is that since it was the first episode back from the strike, people were ready for more wacky Office-antics, but instead they got this really different, dark episode.

    I’d say my favorite 3 episodes are:
    1. Goodbye, Toby
    2. Dinner Party
    3. Money

    I agree that Survivor Man was easily the worst episode of the season…it’s the “Phyllis’ Wedding” of Season 5, if you will.

  89. The last updated list *tear tear*:

    1) Goodbye, Toby (10/10)
    2) Money (9.5/10)
    3) Fun Run (9/10)
    4) Dinner Party (8.8/10)
    5) The Deposition (8.5/10)
    6) Local Ad (8.3/10)
    7) Chair Model (8.1/10)
    8) Job Fair (8/10)
    9) Did I Stutter? (7.9/10)
    10) Branch Wars (7.8/10)
    11) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (7.6/10)
    12) Launch Party (7.5/10)
    13) Night Out (7.3/10)
    14) Survivor Man (7/10)

    We should start season 4 Survivor!

  90. Tanster, how many people typically vote each week? It’d be interesting to know if these numbers are backed by a huge number of votes or if it’s just a small # of us voting to get these ratings based on how much we either liked or disliked it. For example, I tend to only rate an ep when I didn’t like it!

    [from tanster: typically more than 1,000.]

  91. Just re-watched season 4, some of it was just awful. Season 5 though has begun to go back in form but man after season 3 things went downhill.

  92. 1) Chair Model
    2) Local Ad
    3) Goodbye Toby (Parts didn’t work for me though)
    4) Dinner Party
    5) The Deposition
    6) Did I Stutter
    7) Night Out
    8) Survivor Man (The birthday bits were my favorite of the season)
    9) Fun Run (Second Half wasn’t nearly as good as the first one (which was awesome))
    10) Branch Wars
    11) Money (Beet farm and train stuff were stupid)
    12) Launch Party (second half was terrible)
    13) Dunder Mifflin Infinity (again second half was awful)
    14) Job Fair (Cannot watch this episode)

    The half hours weren’t bad, some of them were great. Part of me wonders what would it have been like if the writers had never had to make the four hour long episodes at the start. Probably would have been a far more successful season.

  93. My wife and I watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 over and over, but I just can’t watch any of seasons 4 and 5. It is as if the soul of the show has disappeared. The characters in post season 3 episodes say things and do things that their characters would not have said and done in seasons 1, 2, and 3. That and the writing is nothing like it was in earlier seasons. It used to be smart with multiple story lines going at the same time. The cold openings were actually funny.

    For me, The Office died after season 3.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  94. Local Ad
    Launch Party
    Fun Run
    Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    Branch Wars
    Survivor Man
    Goodbye, Toby
    Night Out
    The Deposition
    Did I Stutter?
    Job Fair
    Dinner Party
    Chair Model

    Really enjoyed Season 4, esp. after liking 3 so much (didn’t expect the over-all quality to remain so high, for the most part.) Not seeing all the love for “Chair Model,” the least interesting episode by far for me. The 2nd half of the season isn’t as clever nor as funny (as it could’ve been) than the 1st. Still, S4 soars compares to the hits and mis-fires of 5, 6, and 7.

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