1. Will there only be one Santa this year??? Will Tranny Claus be making an appearance? Can’t wait to find out:)

  2. I wonder if they’ll throw a party and Michael will do something to ruin it half way through.

  3. Looks a lot like last season’s Christmas episode. Hopefully Michael ruins everything again. Why was Toby here? I thought he’s supposed to be out and Holly fills in for him?

  4. The best part of Michael’s santa outfit from last year was how they glued the beard on just right so that it moved when he talked, that just slayed me. or should I say sleighed me?

  5. I really miss Dwight the Elf. :( (One of my favorite scenes in Christmas Party is when Dwight is listening to the iPod through his elf ears!)

  6. 5/Nathan – if you go to the Spoilers page and read the synopsis for the episode, it all makes sense (I don’t want to give it away here in case – although anyone looking at these photos in advance is obviously not afraid of spoilers!)

  7. oh pam… just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to wear mom sweaters! come on costume department!

  8. @Brigette – I love Pam’s sweater too! Don’t know what you’re talking about @FlonkertonChamp!

  9. I love that Pam has a heater under her desk in the sixth picture. I have to have one under mine at work too!

  10. YES! I was looking through each picture looking for Ed Helms and I was so happy when I saw him in the background of number 6! I can’t wait for this Christmas episode and I really hope Ed’s not going to be missing in any future episodes because of The Hangover 2!! So, can he get back with Erin now, or what?

  11. Does anyone know where I can get Pam’s sweater? I know where to get Stanley’s because I got the same one for my husband 3 weeks ago!

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