The Mindy Song

And now, for the musical portion of my set visit …

On the last day of filming, April 17, 2009, The Office’s Ed Helms and Creed Bratton brought their banjo and guitar to set, and jammed during breaks in filming.

At one point, they had a small audience, including Mindy Kaling, who requested, “play a song for me!”

Here is Ed and Creed’s impromptu song for Mindy.

B.J. Novak, Ellie Kemper (“Erin”), and producer/director Paul Feig also make appearances.

Read the transcription here (thanks, Ryan!)

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  1. Any chance you could get lyrics on there? I wasn’t sure what he was saying in some of it.

  2. Well that video was pure FUN. Thanks Tanster.

    I’m still wondering if you were able to fulfill my picture request?

  3. That was awesome! I couldn’t catch all the words, but I was toe tappin’ and hand clappin’ right along with them. Oh, and Mindy’s dancing is so cute!

  4. Creed is my fave (and I like everyone in the cast!). He was in a band back in the 70s called the Grass Roots, they had some great songs. Creed always has the funniest lines, somehow he does a lot with his gestures and expressions. He is the best!!!

  5. Tanster…we are living vicariously through you!!! You are one lucky chick! Any chance you post the words to the song, if you know them? Also, I totally thought that was Oprah behind Mindy at first – ha ha ha! I love Andy more and more all the time. Banjo is dang hard! Thanks for posting!

  6. I still can’t get over how good of a Bluegrass player Ed Helms is.

  7. Come on, someone HAS to be writing this stuff for them. How is it possible for this cast and crew to be so ridiculously awesome and quirky?!

  8. “she had us pissing in our pants”

    I about died! That was awesome!
    Thanks Tanster. :)

  9. I Want to work there soooo bad!!! I wonder if they will hire an inexperienced 20 year old?? Hmmmmm…..

  10. Awesome! Creed is truly the best, and Andy is very good with his banjo!

    You are the most lucky person in the world, Tanster, and you deserve it :P

  11. The lyrics (as far as I can tell)

    There was a little girl who came to our town
    to write for NBC.
    She had big brown eyes and shiny black hair
    that all the boys wanted to see.

    Mindy Kaling! They see her name
    she writes those words that make you laugh
    Mindy Kaling! She came to our town
    she writes for NBC.

    Well that Moroccan Christmas was a pretty fun show
    She wrote that one…No she didn’t oh
    Well I can’t believe everything I hear

    Well it was Lecture Circuit part 1 and part 2
    it had us pissin’ in our pants
    Well we laughed so hard I fell to the ground
    I said that Kaling can make me laugh.

    (dance solo)

    Well that B.J. Novak he’s pretty funny too
    and in the first season he wrote a thing or two
    Called Diversity Day
    And I remember I also pissed in my pants.

    Well the writers on the show they know they gotta go
    They got 3 days off and they start it all over.

    They never stop writing I don’t know how they do it
    so looooong.

    Yeah, big shout out to the writers!

    Well my personal favorite is Mr. Paul Feig
    Damn he looks good when he comes all dressed up on our set
    He looks pretty spiffy!

    Well I got a sad little note I’d like to share with you
    We’re gonna miss Michael (someone) when we come back
    Oh I’m sorry
    Love you Michael, and uh have a good life.

    End of song =)

    [from tanster: ryan, thank you SO MUCH for the transcription. you are awesome!]

  12. I love this! Sooo cute. Man they are so good, and if that was improv, which I’m sure it was, then wow.

    I also loved that for the first minute and a half you could see Jenna Fischer walking back and forth in the backround a few times, she looked like she was lost lol

  13. Hilarious video! Thanks for sharing this fun moment!

    I am always seeing Mindy and BJ with each other. They must be best of friends…or they could be a couple! Hey tanster, perhaps you can shed some light on this ;).

  14. It’s completely ridiculous that anyone can be that talented…I’m in awe of that whole crew!

  15. I love BJ’s sense of humour, so sharp and kinda morbid. “That’s been happening a lot Creed…” when Creed mentions pissing his pants again

  16. jenna’s stunt double also makes an appearance! i seriously thought that was jenna until i read the q&a.

  17. wait a sec… just watched it again… 2 people who looked like jenna crossed in the background: one with a visor, one without. one of them was jenna… which one?!

  18. WAIT! I change my answer. the first one is Jenna. The second is her stunt double (this is according to My mom)

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