The Office: Customer Survey, 5.07

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Writer: Lester Lewis, Director: Stephen Merchant

Summary (NBC): Dwight and Jim are shocked when they get the results of the annual customer survey report. Pam and Jim decide to spend every minute together using their bluetooth phones.

The Office Customer Survey extras

Writer Lester Lewis answers fan questions in the Customer Survey Q&A.

The Office Customer Survey rating

In a poll conducted Nov. 6-10, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.62/10

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The Office Customer Survey quotes

Dwight: Nothing can hurt you now. You’re a man in love!

Darryl: I’m not a big believer in therapy but, I’ll go into my own pocket to cover his co-pay.

Michael: Whenever I’m getting married, you don’t believe me.

Michael: Kelly Kapoor is our dusky, exotic customer service rep.

Michael: Sort of a Kapoor’s List. Schindler’s List parody. That’s not appropriate.

Jim: Pam’s a gold digger.

Jim and Pam: Sprinkle of cinnamon.

Michael: If I were joking, you’d be laughing. Do you look like you’re laughing?

Andy: Yo. Tommy Tuna.

Pam: Don’t give up Snoopy! That’s mine!

Pam: What color mustard is his shirt? Yellow or Dijon?

Dwight: You’re an idiot.
Jim: There’s the charm.

Dwight: What do you think I am saying to you?!

Dwight: Get a friend, loser!

Andy: I found the best “tentist” on the East Coast.

Andy: Would you be able to do the same design, but with walls of gray?

Michael: Jim, they are poopy.

Michael: “Jim Halpert is smudge and arrogant.”

Jim: Microgement.

Jim: I am Bill Buttlicker.

Michael: It’s a million dollar sale.

Andy: It has a bridal suite for my bridal sweet.

Angela: I don’t want to be married in a tent like a hobo.

Angela: Nana Mimi can’t be in canvas that long.

Andy: Done. And done-er.

Jim: The mob? Maybe NASA.

Kelly: You always say that. And I almost never know.

Kelly: You can’t just come into my nook and call me stupid.

Kelly: Dwight, get out of my nook!

Pam: That’s what she said! That’s what she said! That’s what she said!

Ryan: I don’t play the politics game anymore, Jim.

Pam: Right Dwight is loud.

Dwight: You juked the stats, cupcake.

Kelly: I love your tie, Michael.

Kelly: I lied, whatever.

Michael: I can’t tell you how much leftover guacamole I have ended up eating. Over the years.

Michael: Can you make yourself cry?

Jim: I want to talk to this guy. Put me in his ear.

Jim: He is into you.

Dwight: Is that the Matsuhashi B400? The world’s tiniest Bluetooth.

Dwight: This wedding is officially out of your hands.

Andy: You are gonna make us so happy.

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  1. CLASSIC! CLASSIC episode! Straight back to the Season 2/3 roots. Jim/Dwight comedy, Michael’s headstrong unprofessionalism, Office politics, and a wonderful Jam moment that was ALL TOO realistic (conveniently enough, the writers’ goal). Wonderful episode.

  2. There was a lot going on in this episode, but unlike last week (when I thought it was too much), I LOVED this one! The Jim/Pam plot was perfect, because it blended into the other action so well. This is my favorite episode of the season!

  3. To be perfectly honest, I am not liking the new direction The Office is taking this season. Jim and Pam’s separation–in addition to the Dwight, Angela, Andy love triangle–is creating too much drama. Consequently, in my opinion, the episodes are losing their overall comedic value. Granted, there were some classic moments (i.e. Jim/Michael/Dwight sales call simulation, Pam’s TWSS outbreak, etc.). Hopefully, with Pam’s imminent return, The Office will regain its classic feel.

  4. Oh my goodness, probably the best episode since Beach Games. Everything was spot on. The humor was right there. The interaction between Jim and Dwight was excellent. The bluetooth thing was awesome. The shoes quote from Dwight had me nearly in tears. Plus we get the tension between Jim and Pam that we desperately need. Ten stars out of ten. Good work writers!

  5. I really liked the episode! So, so improved on last week. I love Kelly and her pettiness…and Michael’s reaction to it. The only thing is sigh, more JAM angst. Those two can never be happy can they?

  6. REALLY great episode! I loved when Pam started screaming to Jim “That’s what she said, that’s what she said” after Kelly said “Dwight, get out of my nook” The whole mug thing was so clever…and so was Jim hearing the conversation between Pam and the NY guy(name escapes me). I give it an 8 out of 10 – nice job to everyone involved.

  7. Not too bad. Cute Jamness, until the end. But I kind of want them to break up anyway.

    Jim and Dwight stole the show. Michael was pretty weak.

  8. Well that was hilarious.

    I’d like for Stephen Merchant to direct more. A LOT more. Yeah, yeah. A single scene of Jim/Pam drama, but 95% of this ep was absolutely hysterical.

  9. Best episode so far! Especially loved the TWSS line from Pam. This gives me hope for what the rest of the season might be. Keep em’ coming writers! :D

  10. This was such a great episode; however it was so sad. The end was just heartbreaking because I just feel that Fancy New Beesly is not going to return to Scranton. Jim’s face absolutely crushed me and I wish Pam would have offered some reassurance. I knew I didn’t like that art school guy. It was so sweet to hear Jim’s plan for his bonus. Dwight was awesome in this episode! I fell off the couch laughing when he air-kicked Phyllis! I hope that the writers don’t feel that they have to create conflict between Jim and Pam for us to keep watching and be entertained.

  11. Everything with Jim and Dwight was amazing in this episode.. from the phone conversation in the conference room to Dwight making Jim jump in his car only to drive about five feet forward into the parking spot..

    This was definitely one of the better episodes of the season..

    and the TTWS! That was incredible!

  12. It was amazing. I was blown away. Best episode this season, maybe of last season too?

    It was just so FUNNY. And I love how they’re keeping things interesting with Jim and Pam without making it overly dramatic or lame.

  13. This was definitely the best episode of the season so far! Aside from all of the obvious things that made me laugh out loud, there were so many great little moments– Andy and the coffee mugs, Ryan avoiding politics, Dwight’s shoe comments, Michael talking about how he always has too much leftover guacamole… BRILLIANCE!

  14. Awesome episode!

    Are Dwight and Angela hooking up again?

    Loved Jam! Worried that next week as Jim is counting down until Pam comes back we will see her choose to stay in New York. But it’s been said a few times NY is expensive so it does not make sense for her to stay.

  15. Ahhh…best episode of the season!!! The comedy and the drama were all so perfect. And, time was used so efficiently, it seemed so much longer than all the other half hour episodes.

  16. I really loved this episode, probably the best all season. I’m so glad that we got to see more of Kelly she’s so funny! And i loved the Dwight/Angela scene at the end…so funny! But that Pam’s friend better not mess with Jim and Pam! Who does he think he is?!!

  17. All I can say is WOW!! What a great episode. Kelly was awesome in this episode. I love the mugs she gave out at her party. I also love how she tried to get back at Jim and Dwight.

    Jim and Dwight were hilarious. It definitely had a season 2 feel to it.

    I loved Pam’s TWSS. She is too cute for words.

    As for Jim & Pam, what a way to bring back the tension. I don’t think I’ve seen those expressions on their faces for a long time. My guess is Pam will return but I would like to see how they conquer this obstacle in their relationship

  18. Just realized that Smerch directed this episode. I’m sure his direction is a big part of what made this episode so hilarious. Hopefully Ricky will direct an episode sometime or maybe they’ll write another episode (The Convict is definitely one my favorites.)

  19. Loved it…can’t wait to watch it again!! And I can’t wait to see how these plots are resolved!

  20. good episode… however, they should take the whole jim and pam garbage and spin it off into a daytime soap opera.

  21. Best of the season! Completely hilarious top to bottom, with great stuff from Dwight and Michael, and no sad, dramatic parts.

    Kelly continues to steal every single scene she is in. My wife said that “she begins to laugh just Kelly appears onscreen…” because we know it’s going to be good. They have to put her in the show more!

  22. Oh those writers with their realistic writing. ;) I was totally fine with Jim and Pam not having any problems at all. I know, very boring. They’ll make it through, though. They need to. Except we know Pam needs to stay in New York. Too damn realistic. :)

  23. Great episode, but I already don’t like Pam’s friend at all. Who the hell does he think he is?! If she does stay in New York and abandon Jim, I hope she gets cut from the show =]

    So glad to see that Dwight is going to help with the wedding.. and I use the term help very loosely.

  24. I am now officially in love with this show again.

    Jim and Dwight back together again, dealing with the same problem = gold.

    Kelly was the absolute highlight, and has been knocking it out of the park this year. I want more of her! Writers, spin off Kelly!!!!!!!!!!

  25. A fantastic episode. I would agree that this episode felt a lot more like Season 2 (which still is, in my opinion, by far the best season of the series and one of the best seasons in the history of television), while at the same time it retained its Season 5 flavor. Plenty of one-liners, and more grounded than the show has felt in a long time. I know I can beg for Season 2 for ever and ever and will never come back. I understand that stories must evolve and dynamics must change. But if this is what I am given to live with, I will be perfectly happy.

    All in all, a great episode that gives me real hope for the future direction of the show.

  26. Best episode of the season. So much was going on, and it was hilarious. Kelly was awesome! “Get out of my nook!” Classic.

  27. Best episode of the season so far. The bluetooth thing was cute, but not super mushy. Kelly being a “mastermind” was wonderful. The use of Michael in this episode was perfect. Angela and Andy at Shrute Farms is going to be INSANE!

    Really a great episode. It felt like a Season 3 (ALMOST Season 2) pace! I was pleased :D

  28. Best episode of the season so far! It had the Jim & Pam interplay that I had been craving all season long. Though the art school guy messed it up. Though we knew this crossroad was coming, the delivery felt a little forced. But I have faith that Jim & Pam will find a way.

    Jim & Dwight’s interplay brought back memories of previous seasons. The practice phone call was hilarious! Great pranks, and even better was that they worked together (a la Traveling Salesmen). I think Jim (& Pam) really do adore Dwight and consider him a friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer him a role in their wedding.

    And of course, I was squealing with glee with the final scene with Dwight, Andy, and Angela. It looks like Andy really has been cuckolded by a superior male.

  29. Any Kelly-centric episode is a win in my book! They have to highlight her more often. “you said I could get it in any color I want, so I got it in white.”

  30. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh.

    That was some gooooood Office! This epi reminded me of why I love this show.

    Jim and Dwight stole the show. Hands down.

    And I loved bouncing Pam as she shouted ‘TWSS’ like a schoolgirl. She was so cute.

    And loved spicy mustard brown shirt. :)

  31. Best of the season so far! SO funny! I absolutely loved it.

    “Michael, don’t do it.”

    “It’s a million dollars.”

  32. Great episode. Had the potential to be an excellent episode…

    Now, if we can just get over the whole Jim and Pam soap opera. The writers are clearly bored with that story line.

  33. This was a very quotable episode!

    I just love the thought of the beet farm hosting weddings.

    And I must have that Andy mug!

  34. #20 – I love your screen name.

    As for the episode. This show is in a downward spiral. Season 4, and now Season 5, are just terrible. These “love” relationships are uninteresting and do not belong as the focal points of a comedy show.

    The Dwight / Jim interaction was good. The “TWSS” moment was good. The mugs were funny.

    The rest…blech.

  35. Great episode!!! So many great moments – having Pam in Jim’s head while messing with Dwight was brilliant!!! Definitely deserves (not needs) a re-watch. Great comedy, and interesting plot twists… Andy and Angela’s wedding at Dwight’s Beet Farm (I smell Cousin Mose!) and Jim and Pam’s location dilemma with staying in NY vs. Jim’s parent’s house…
    By the way, how fantastic was Michael in this episode?!? Steve is genius! Great episode!

  36. I knew something bad was bound to happen with Jim and Pam this episode. The past three episodes have had something somewhat negative happen and it ended on a positive note. With this one having something positive happening, I knew it wasn’t going to end well.

  37. HUGE rebound from last week’s so-so episode. Kelly using something as awful as rape for her own means: hilarious. Stephen Merchant did an awesome job directing too!

  38. Wow! That was just how I like The Office: a little offensive, a little silly, a little sweet, and a little sour. Great job guys!

  39. This felt a lot like last week’s episode for me, I hate to say. Something is not right. On paper it looked good — it took place almost completely in the office and it had Jim & Dwight interaction — but something felt wrong. If I can think of one thing to blame it’s the lack of talking heads and general interaction with anyone in the office who wasn’t part of the main storyline. To paraphrase Jim, “This is not that show.” Obviously it’s REALLY a scripted show with characters and a storyline, but I prefer when it doesn’t feel that way, and it just feels like cameras that happen to catch what a bunch of people are doing naturally. (Plus talking heads.) The show will always have its favored characters and minor characters, but I really hope everyone gets involved next time.

  40. I KNEW that Alex would come back and stir trouble for JAM. But you know what? I kind of like it! We had to go through 3 seasons of tension between them two but it kept things interesting and we all loved those cute moments between them two. So maybe some of that magic has come back.

    Did anyone else melt when Jim and Pam said “I love you” to each other? *sigh* I also loved how Jim knew how she wanted her drink.

    I wish Pam would have reassured Jim though. But I have complete faith in the writers that they will do what is best.

  41. Awesome episode, best of the season so far! I had every range of emotions. LOVE it! This will be a classic episode.

  42. Question: Is this the best episode of the season?
    Answer: Yes.

    The perfect blend of Jim and Dwight hijinks, and jokes I can’t see anywhere else like, “I was raped!”, makes this one of the ages. I personally think Kelly is one of the best characters. Her dynamic with Michael as emotional wrecks seems untapped and funny.

    I second whoever said spin off Kelly!

  43. AMAZING EPISODE! For real. I loved it. Best of the season. Even beats baby shower. I am amazed.

    Just, everything about it was so perfect. We had the super cute JAM interactions, classic Michael moments, Kelly being hysterically funny, Ryan being a jerk, Dwight being Dwight, and Angela with that whole secret lust thing. To top it off, it was ALL within the walls of our beloved dunder mifflin – not off at some golf course or restaurant. :)

  44. #48 – no, I did not “melt.” I cringed. Those two characters have lost all of their appeal to me, since season 3. In fact, I feel their relationship gets too much attention and eats up screen time that would be better used on Creed, Oscar, Kevin, Meredith, Stanley, Phyllis, Ryan, or Kelly.

    And as for bluetooth moments…honestly, there’s no way they’d be able to hear as much of the conversations that they did. You can sometimes barely hear the person that you ARE talking to…

  45. This episode was far better than others. Why? Because they did what The Office did best: used Jim and Dwight in a funny way, together. Also, it showed Michael being a responsible boss. That was great.

    Also, no female on this show is as funny as Mindy Kaling playing Kelly.

  46. If Greg Daniels and Mike Schur’s new show is called “The Kelly Kapoor Story Hour”, I am in.

    More Kelly, please.

    Also, more Smerch!

  47. 17- You make a great point. The episode did seem longer and not crammed. That’s a testament to Stephen Merchant’s directing abilities. The thing that I loved the most about the episode was the fact that the plot centered around an office problem or office politics a la season 2. THAT’S the episode we’ve been waiting for!

  48. Fabulous…Fabulous episode. This one is for the books. Classic “Office” all the way. I was back to laughing over scenes. I had to rewind my DVR. The Jim angst is back. I knew at the sight of Rich Sommer in the beginning we were in for something, but I feel, deep down in my Office-y loving heart, that this is going to set up some fascinating conflict between Jim and Pam that will be great to watch. It will be good, solid, healthy conflict. But wow. Poor Jim. Kudos to John for providing the heartbreaking face of the year without gooey sadness. He had the cold slap of serious reality in his eyes.

    Krasinski, Carell and Wilson kicked some major butt in the phone call scene. Hilarious.

  49. Great episode! I absolutely loved all the PB&J stuff (am I the only one who prefers this to Jam?) and my favorite moment of the night was Pam’s “that’s what she said!” she was so proud of herself. Her and Jim are adorable! But, I was glad my fave couple was back, Jim and Dwight! Still perfect together.

  50. While I was definitely happy to see the show return back to the office finally, I just wasn’t feeling this episode much. I did enjoy the Dwight/Jim stuff a lot though, but the rest of the episode just wasn’t as funny for me. Still, I’m happy with where the show went this episode!

  51. Loved. it. This was easily the strongest episode of the season. Spicy brown mustard? Classic.

    However, I am unhappy at this little turn of events with JAM. They just break my heart…

  52. #57, Debi – I have to say, that sales phone call scenario scene was flawless… Fantastic, and hysterical!!!

  53. This one was awesome! I loved everything about it! Jim and Dwight slayed me! I seriously think that I laughed the entire episode. Except, of course, in the final scene with Pam and Jim. I got a text from my sister right after that and it read, “WOW Titanic just hit the iceberg…speak up Jim!” I did want some type of resolution but I’m sure we will get that next week. Pam is going to look back in 50 years and be glad she married Jim, right? Right?!? Anyway, aside from the 30 seconds of JAM angst, I absolutely loved this ep. from start to finish. Classic Office, classic Jim/Dwight, classic Michael and I LOVE KELLY!!! I was going to give it a A+ but I forgot there was such thing as a A++!

  54. Best show of the season so far. I was laughing constantly! The Jim and Dwight interaction is the perfect formula for awesomeness. Also, I loved the Pam “that’s what she said.”

  55. Dwight prancing around was one of my favorite moments. And this was classic, classic Jim. Loved it. Where do I get that ear piece? It was tiiiiiiny.

    Ditto on whoever said Mindy Kaling is the funniest woman on this show. More Kelly!

  56. Maybe it’s just me but…did anyone else feel the “I’m getting married” bit by Michael at the begininng was just strange? (I mean, even for this show where strange humour is usually a plus – lol!)

    …Also…didn’t Dwight give Angela a timed ultimatum about their relationship, which she, by not responding, basically ended? Watching the knowing looks between Angela and Dwight during the wedding planning at Schrute farm made me feel like I missed something. Can anyone clue me in?

  57. Michael is great in this episode. You expect tons of fallout from last week’s breakup, and some crazy Jan drama or something, but he keeps it low key and he actually seems to be managing his job properly! I love the bits with him and Kelly, especially the part about the guacamole and how they fake Kelly getting yelled at. It’s nice to see a more low-key Michael! More please!

  58. Man I love this show!

    It makes me so happy when Jim and Dwight form an alliance :O)

    ALL of it was sooo great :O)

  59. Wow… great episode, but even more wow is I don’t think I’ve seen this many positive comments in so long, good to see people! Favorite line:

    Dwight- “What do you think I’m saying to you?!” Haha, golden!

  60. That was a good watch because it took place mostly at the office and it had less drama. Plus now that Holly is finally gone Michael can finally be himself. So, all ingredients for a great episode were present! 9/10

  61. Stephen Merchant is such a great director, really underrated in this business. This episode, while hilarious, was able to seamlessly fit together perfectly. I hope he gets more involved with the show in the future.

  62. The joke about rape was unacceptable. I was very disappointed with this episode because of that.

  63. Ohmigod!! This episode was so frickin’ hilarious! My friend and I were texting each other during each commercial break laughing our butts off!! :D

  64. Great Michael stuff, was good to see Dwight and Jim talking about something other than romance (well, at least Dwight). I agree — where can I get that ear piece? That was so cutting edge.

    Kelly stole this episode though. The rape thing and the laughing are two things I’ve never seen on TV before and she killed it. More Kelly and Michael please. I’d definitely tune in for the Kelly Kapoor Story Hour. Also, is it just me, or is Mindy Kaling strikingly pretty?

  65. A really good episode – I think one of the better ones this year. I think it’s good for them to focus more the politics of the office instead of romance/personal lives like every other sitcom.

    Does anyone think it’s weird that the show has never addressed who took Ryan’s job? After Jim, and Karen were finalists, who else could they have picked?

    Also…Does Jim have ANY ambition in him? Doesn’t he want to do something with his life? I mean, it’s nice that he loves Pam, but does he do ANY work? I thought he was the Assistant Regional Manager?

  66. What are Angela and Dwight planning?? I’m so curious-but I think today’s episode foreshadowed that Andy’s way out of the picture will be the return of his anger problems.
    Hmm, this wasn’t my favorite episode. But I thought that one scene where Michael was “reprimanding” Kelly was incredible! Michael and Kelly bursting into laughter while Jim and Dwight watch disbelievingly through the glass- favorite moment of the episode by far.
    I miss Holly…

  67. Other than when Jim prodded Michael to say “TWSS” during that potential lawsuit, Jenna’s “TWSS” moment was the funniest yet! Steve did a wonderful job directing the episode! I felt that the entire 21 minutes was Old School Office :) Thank you, Office cast and crew, for another brilliant episode!

  68. Definitely my favourite episode of the season by far!! everything about tonight was completely awesome that it would take too long to point out my favourites!! a 10/10 for SURE! I love this show!!

  69. I loved this episode. From the blue tooths to the new tangle in Jim and Pam’s relationship. I hope there’s a Q&A for this episode.

  70. This was the best episode of the Office in a very, very long time. And I’m going to burn Utica to the ground if John Krasinski does not get an Emmy nomination for it.

    Stephen did a fabulous job directing as well.

  71. I really enjoyed this episode. There was a great balance between the Pam and Jim story line along with what was going on between Dwight and Jim. I loves the conference room scene. It reminded me of Conflict Resolution. And does the closing scene mean that we get to go back to Shrute Farms soon?!?!?!?

  72. Great episode!! Loved the Dwight/Jim humor and Jim/Pam connection over the bluetooth — until the end — I’m sure Pam will come home now!! Why would she stay in NYC when she could be in Scranton with Jim!!

  73. Best episode of the season! For some reason I loved it when Jim was going through all the coffee mugs.
    I was a bit surprised by the non-existent Michael plotline, but it was quite refreshing.

    Also, did anyone else do a mental air-punch when we got our first official Jim/Pam “I love you”? So awesome.

  74. “You can’t say you were raped and expect all your problems to go away….not again.”

    It is so wrong that I laughed out loud at that.

  75. This was the best episode of the season by far. So funny…everyone was bang on. The rape joke wasn’t offensive…it was classic Kelly. The same girl who tried to keep Ryan by saying she was pregnant. Everything felt fluid and natural. I think Stephen Merchant did a great job.

  76. I so want those mugs. Definitely on my Xmas list or tomorrow’s shopping list. I don’t think I can wait that long.

  77. Another solid episode. Some favorite moments:
    1) The whole sales call scenario scene – Bill Buttlicker & a million dollars!
    2) Kelly pretending to cry & then laughing w/Michael =D
    3) Michael’s leftover guacamole
    4) All the mugs – hopefully becomes a product in the NBC store :)

    Andy & Angela’s wedding at Schrute Farms? That must mean the return of Mose, right? Yahoooo!!!!

  78. Stephen Merchant brought the best element of the UK Office- the actual “documentary” feeling. Loved the writing, but loooooved the directing more! Stephen seriously needs to direct more. Maybe get on camera? THat would be too exciting!

  79. Great episode! I agree; Mr. Krasinski has his Emmy submission. Does anyone else wonder if Jim’s parents’ house has a terrace upstairs?

  80. I agree with everyone that this was one of the best episodes of the season so far. I definitely laughed the hardest at this one, mostly because of Dwight’s confusion over Jim’s ‘mumbling’.

    And I thought ‘I was raped’ was hysterical. And Michael’s response that basically said she’s actually used that excuse before was the perfect punchline to that joke!

    Guh. I looooooooooooove this show! Glad to see everyone else enjoyed it as well!

  81. 78. ChrisM70 – I totally agree with you about Jim’s lack of ambition other than to be with Pam. I keep wondering what happened to that arc that seemed to be starting with “Philly Jim” in Local Ad right before the strike last year.

    As for Pam, it makes perfect sense for her to stay in NY. It also makes sense for Jim to get a job at Corporate and be there with her. Unfortunately, I don’t think the show will work that way. So if Pam does come back, I hope they have a good explanation as to why.

  82. I got to say, this was the best episode of fifth season so far. That’s surprising…I thought weight loss was going to be unbeatable. But I absolutely loved Jim in this one…how it wasn’t all lovey dovey the whole time, just really freaking hilarious. I had TEARS rolling down my eyes when he said, “I love you,” and Dwight said something like, “What?” Or when he pretended to be william buttlicker. :] haha

  83. Easily my favorite episode of the season and probably top 5 overall!!! Loved how they finally got Pam “back into the office”

  84. These last 2 episodes have been immediate re-watches for me. The Office is baaaaaaaaack!

    *Mindy Kaling looked HOT in her yellow top.
    *I lost it when Dwight air-kicked Phyllis’s head, and when Kelly and Michael were cracking up in his office.
    *My heart is cringing for the fate of JAM! They are doing a great job of keeping it real, but ohhhh, the angst. *sniff* Dibs on Jim if they break up. ;)

  85. I usually laugh when The Office crosses the line, but for some reason that rape joke did not strike me as funny. Or maybe I was so numbed by my boredom with Jim and Pam’s relationship that I could no longer laugh at anything. I’m a little confused at the idea that Jim is planning on forcing Pam to settle in Scranton by buying a house WITHOUT TELLING HER! That seems like a decision that should be made by both parties. It makes it seem like his encouragement of her artistic and design ambitions is almost shallow – like, go do this now for a few months but then come back to boring old Scranton and maybe be a receptionist. Why wouldn’t he be looking for jobs in NY right about now?

  86. I love Lester Lewis episodes! So many great moments that had me laughing my head off–Dwight yelling Buttlicker, Pam asking what shade of mustard shirt Dwight was wearing, and most especially Dwight getting so sincerely invested in and excited over Michael’s fake million dollar sale! The story line of Kelly’s retaliation at Dwight and Jim for skipping her America’s Got Talent finale party (ha ha ha) was simply wonderful, as is anything that gets to the essence of who Kelly is. The scene where Jim was frantically searching for cups and spotting them on desks was so well shot. Paranoid Dwight’s conspiracy theory was actually right on the money this time!

  87. Probably the most fast paced episode as far as dialogue goes. Not that many long awkward pauses like The Office is famous for. BUT, easily the most laugh out loud moments this season. I had a bad feeling about Pam’s “friend” in NY since he first appeared at the beginning of the season and now I know why. Dwight’s air kick to Phyllis’ head was my favorite part in this episode.

  88. I remember reading so many comments last week about keeping Holly on the show and everyone is gonna miss her. Now all I’m hearing this week is how this was the best episode of the season. She was awesome but I think the show will survive without her!

  89. It was dark, funny, subtle, and completely relatable. This was the best episode of the last few seasons. Definitely a return to the longing tone of Season 2 and the original British show. If the Office can be disappointing at times, this is the sort of episode that redeems it as one of the best shows on television.

  90. this is such an amazing show, one second i’m bursting out laughing and the next my heart drops for jim and pam…seriously though i could not take another jim and pam separation… :[

    however my favorite part was the “practice sell calls” and i looove how jim goes “how dare you”

    yet i did miss creed…

  91. Did anyone else feel like Pam’s friend’s confession was a little…off? Like, I thought it was kind of hastily done that he would confess his feelings like that at her work. I just thought was kind of off.

    I wasn’t feeling this episode at all. I feel like everything is kind of predictable now and that instead of guessing where it’s going to go, you just have to guess when it’s going to get there.

  92. OMG Pam screaming “That’s what she said! That’s what she said!” I was dying laughing! So cute!!

  93. I didn’t think I would be this out numbered on this episode. I actually thought it was the worst of the season so far. It started out really slow and I didn’t have a good laugh till well into the episode. I also hated the bluetooth thing. It just felt really awakward and out of the realm of a documentry. I guess it’s one of those that you have to rewatch. I do like how they seem to be be focusing on the minor characters more this season. It seems like each one is getting their own little involment in episodes. This was Kelly’s episode.

  94. Great episode. I’ve looked all over to find a bluetooth like Jim and Pam’s. Did they make that up?

  95. LOVED the episode! I am hurting for Jim though…this is going to be bad. And, although I kind of agree with the person that said “why is JIm buying a house in Scranton without telling Pam”…I know why he’s doing it. He’s doing it from a good place and just wants to make her happy.

    Dwight and Kelly were hilarious. Also, great TWSS and the “I love you” also. Sigh.

  96. Now this was a GREAT episode! So many laugh out loud moments. I was so happy to see Jim and Dwight interacting again. Like everyone else, I’m beginning to wonder about Jim and his storyline with Pam. Why is he buying a house without telling her? Why is he sticking in Scranton when he can do so much for the company and move up? And by the way, is it bothering anyone else that Pam has been at Art School for more than 3 months now?

  97. Ugh. I just couldn’t get into this episode. The show is too plot-heavy right now – balancing 3+ plots means we haven’t seen much from the secondary characters in weeks now. Also, the timeline is wrong and there’s no way Pam would still be at art school – Halloween has been over and she left during the summer; it’s been way over 3 months. Also not feeling this forced relationship tension. I understand Jim and Pam need different career aspirations, but the second main characters leave Scranton the show will be over.

  98. I don’t care that he only directed, but the minute one of the original creators of the show played a role in the episode, the spark came back. This episode was phenomenal. Easily one of the best episodes since the end of season 3.

    The writing was spectacular with all the stories working, and it left so much room for development. I kind of like the rockiness Jim/Pam are hitting and I nearly lost it with Dwight and Angela at the end. Also enjoyed Michael acting more like a boss then a spacey character.

    Past two episodes are great, and they need to keep this type of writing going. If they do, season 5 will be as good if not better then season 3.

  99. This was easily the best work John Krasinski has done and I really hope he submits it for Emmy consideration.

    I thought the JAM interaction with the Bluetooth brought back the Jim/Pam dynamic we’ve been missing in the office. I do hope Pam considers that Jim gave up NY to be with her and I hope they are able to come to a resolution that will make them both happy. I trust that the writers know a JAM break-up is not something the fans want and would be too much of a drama at this point. Plus, they need to get Pam back to Scranton because the show is just not as good without her there.

    The mug idea was awesome, Kelly was hysterical (in a good way), Dwight & Jim’s interactions were fabulous, and I cannot wait to see what happens with Dwight/Andy/Angela!

    Really an enjoyable episode–great job from all!

  100. Awesome episode highlighted with the buttlicker phone call. Michael covering up the phone to talk to dwight like it was a real call was amazing

  101. Loved the episode! However, is anyone else having an issue with the width of their TV screen and people’s faces being cut off? I changed my ratio on my Tivo, but it still seems as though the show is being run in “wide-screen” format for HDTV and will not fit on a regular TV set? Anyone???

  102. By far the best episode this season!! I loved the Pam Jim moments. This is the Office from previous seasons.

  103. Best one yet! This was the CLASSIC Office episode. I can’t wait to rewatch it. Also: I would love, LOVE to see outtakes from the conference room scene between Dwight, Michael and Jim. I mean, come on! That looked like one continuous shot, didn’t it? Either awesome editing or awesome acting, but I want to see the takes where they’re cracking each other up! :)

  104. Definitely my favorite of the season so far! The Jim/Pam bantering was cute and funny all at once. Dwight’s air kick at Phyllis was classic. And Pam’s TWSS is definitely in my top 5! Plus, we got an “I love you” from both Jim and Pam!

    And is it just me or is anyone else beginning to suspect foul play with Andy and Angela’s wedding? I’m betting on Dwight kidnapping Andy at the wedding and locking him in the America room while he “stands in” for a “rehearsal” and then pays off the minister to marry them for real. I know…too soap opera-y for The Office, but you have to admit it WOULD be awesome!

  105. This was by far the funniest episode of the season and is probably one of the best ones ever.

    But I can’t say that it doesn’t bug me that not one of these brilliant writers picked up on the fact that Pam’s been in NY longer than three months. It seems sloppy and I expect better from them.

  106. 4/10. Comedy much too contrived and forced this week. Why would Dwight know the exact make and model of Jim’s bluetooth thing, but yet be so utterly fooled by Jim apparently talking to himself? And that day-long Jam conversation…too cute, too long.

  107. And season five continues to bring the awesome. Some epically funny moments in this one from the entire conference room sales call, during which I didn’t stop laughing once, to Dwight’s second greatest line ever (“What do you think I’m saying to you?!”) to Dwight’s greatest line ever: “I dunno. Two, maybe three in case one wears out. How many shoes do you need?” “Greatest lines” is probably hyperbole but, dammit, those made me laugh.

    I love how the writers continue to surprise us, because you can’t go wrong with Jim and Dwight working together. Dwight’s pure exuberance at Jim declaring him “right” was phenomenal.

    One major dislike: the camera being in position, filming Kelly working, when Dwight surprises her. Two cameras were on his conversation with Jim and suddenly there’s a third tucked away in Kelly’s nook? Come on, Merchant!

    Best little moment: upon second viewing Jim’s decision to buy his parents’ house in Scranton is heartbreaking considering he hears Pam’s “Don’t Go Back to Scranton” conversation. Sniffle.

    Bring on Business Trip!

  108. This was the classic Office I know and love! Reminded me of season 2!! I’m really happy it didn’t center around Michael this time and that Dwight and Jim teamed back up again.

    Anyone else think Andy is going to have another -punch a hole in the wall- meltdown anytime soon? :P

  109. I just finished re-watching the episode- GREAT!! This is the best one of the season thus far.
    Just curious…does anyone else think that maybe there really is something fishy going on with Kelly and the customer reviews? Like maybe she really IS teamed up with someone (Ryan)? I think Kelly came across as devious in this episode and we saw a side of her that has never really come out before. We actually saw the “smart” side of her.
    I would love to know what others think.

  110. My first 10 of the season. Loved it. So far I’m enjoying this season better than last season.

  111. For sure the best of the season. And it was good to see some actual drama again for once! The Office needs to ditch the new writers responsible for some of the earlier episodes this year. I don’t think they get it. Lester Lewis (The Deposition) does.

  112. TERRIFIC EPISODE…my favorite of the season!! Jim/Dwight were hilarious…I hope John gets an Emmy nomination for this one!!! ;) Plus, the JAM interaction was WONDERFUL!!! :)

  113. My favorite episode by far this season. Is someone leaving for the spin off in January? That’s not too far away. I am curious how Pam will fit back into the office at Scranton.

  114. I loved, loved this episode! I liked the part at the end where Angela & Dwight were staring at each other and Andy kind of scoots over to be in the shot! Hilarious. Jim, Dwight & Michael were amazing on the sales call. If Pam comes back to Scanton, what happens to Ryan? Plus, I felt that the Alex conversation was weird. Couldn’t he wait to tell her that after she got off work?

  115. I wrote down the lines that made me laugh out loud.

    Michael’s mom: Are you getting married? Michael: No.
    Dwight: Impossible to say – I can’t see myself.
    Jim: I’m going to buy one million dollars worth of paper.
    Dwight air-kicking Phyllis.
    Michael: You can’t just say you were raped and expect all your problems to go away.
    Michael: I don’t even know why I’m making such great quantities.
    Dwight: And I’ll use the paper to write my memoirs.

    Obviously, it was all about the delivery. Michael and Dwight MADE this episode, imho.

  116. I think that the situation with Pam thinking about staying in NY is setting Jim up to take Ryan’s old job so they both end up in NY ..

    Maybe not .. I dunno

  117. The whole Jim/Pam drama needs to end. It is annoying. This show is supposed to be a comedy, right? Also, what happened to Oscar, Creed, Meredith, Kevin, etc.?

  118. Best episode of the season so far in my opinion! Was laughing all the way through.

    I literally had tears rolling down my face when Jim said “I love you” and Dwight just yelled “What do you think I’m saying to you?!”

  119. I *REALLY REALLY* wanted to give this episode a 10, because the bulk of the episode was amazing in every way… but the cold open was less than excellent. I actually didn’t laugh at it at all. But then I was wonderfully surprised by the rest of the episode, which has skyrocketed to one of my favorites EVER. Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent directing (Stephen Merchant FTW!), excellent episode (except the cold open)!

  120. If Art School Guy is like most guys, he isn’t saying that with Pam’s best interest in mind. I guess we should have expected this, though. I hope the writers come up with a creative way to solve this.

  121. This episode was just awesome. Lester Lewis did a great job writing; The dialogue felt grounded, cohesive, and easy to follow. Maybe even more notable was Stephen Merchant’s directing; You could tell he had more strict adherence to the “documentary style” of filming, and it really complimented the episode nicely.

  122. I thought that the conference room scene with Michael, Dwight and Jim was hilarious. Instant Office classic! Excellent episode.

  123. John Krasinski was brilliant in last night’s episode. If he doesn’t win an Emmy for his performance, I think there will be a group of us burning Utica to the ground!

  124. Ugh. Why on earth is NYC the ONLY place where Pam can be an artist? You can be an artist anywhere! Why can’t they just let jim and pam have a happy relationship? This drama with them is too much.

  125. I knew it was Kelly causing trouble! I totally loved this episode, but would have liked for Kelly to have shouted out that she was pregnant rather than raped. Her saying she’s pregnant is more consistent and would have called back to Phyllis’ wedding and when she was trying to get back with Ryan after he went to Corporate.

    The sales call scene was classic and amazing. I agree… John Krasinski should get an Emmy nom for that. I love JAM and still believe they need and should be together. I guess we’ll find out more next week, right?

    Great writing and directing…

  126. The Office is back! Funny and melancholy at the same time. Best episode in several years.

  127. Honestly, this was one of the best episodes since season 2, in my opinion. Everything about it was so great. It had a small enough plot to keep the episode going but wasn’t too story-heavy. It just had a lot of awesome moments. I loved all the stuff with the bluetooth, and I especially loved the Dwight+Jim+Michael stuff. It was priceless! And I love Dwight and Angela again. So devious! Ahh, a great, great episode. The only thing I didn’t find very funny was the cold open. The rest was pure gold.

  128. last night’s episode was amazing. the last two have been on fire. I gave it a 10! the conference room phone scene with Dwight, Jim, and Michael had me on the ground laughing.

  129. I loved this episode! Whenever Jim and Dwight interact it is hilarious. I also loved Drug Testing for this reason.

    And Angela suggesting Dwight’s barn as a wedding site, SNEAKY! I can’t wait to see how this storyline plays out….

  130. did anyone understand why pam said, “i miss him,” as andy walked into the break room? it was made quite obvious that they could clearly hear what each other was saying. or could she have meant that she missed andy maybe? but that wouldn’t really make sense since she didn’t really like him? i’m confused…

  131. @ comment 100|Elle: Do we know that Jim’s parents live in Scranton? I didn’t think we knew that, but I may have missed it somewhere… my first thought was, ah ha, now they’ll have to tell us where Jim’s parents live!

    We loved the episode at our house, too. Jim (+Pam) + Dwight = awesome! Kelly and Michael in amazing form… and I too knew that the wedding would end up at Schrute farms. I didn’t expect Andy to let it go that easily, though…

    Hooray for weeks of new episodes, all in a row!! :-D

  132. i think she was saying that she missed andy and i think she meant that she missed how ridiculous he was. she said it a little bit sarcastically.

  133. I can’t imagine Angela actually wanting to go to Kelly’s “America’s Got Talent” party.

  134. She said “I miss him” because in a way, she misses everyone at The Office. She’s away in NY working at corporate with boring non-Halloween-costume-wearing coworkers. Pam misses the zaniness of characters like Andy and Dwight.

  135. I can not wait for this wedding!!! Angela-ela-ela-ela and Andy at the beet farm with a gray tent and Andy’s Cornell friends. And Dwight!!!! I’m so excited! I hope they give the episode at least an hour!

  136. Re: Gregory #156

    That’s what i thought! then again, she did do beauty pageants as a child and really enjoys things like parents exploiting their babies for those ridiculous pictures, maybe she put aside her hatred for kelly cause she really likes shows like that. who knows.

  137. Best line of the episode:
    Pam: That’s what she said! That’s what she said! That’s what she said!
    Jim: Good one!

    Hahaha, priceless!

  138. Wow. I haven’t seen this much approval of an episode in a long time. I usually read a lot of mixed comments but this time… just, wow.

  139. re 162. There is little doubt that Pam will return to Jim and Scranton. The dilemma is Jim’s. He knows if Pam returns to him she is giving up perhaps a more fulfilling life in the big city. So either way Jim can’t be truly happy. Love the angst!

    BTW, did any one else notice that Pam’s expression talking to Alex was so similar to the lunch room scene from Season 2 when Jim told her he had a crush on her but was over it? This time it is her dream of being an artist that is fading away.

  140. Sort of worried this show is starting to morph into what happened to Friends. The brilliant humor is being somewhat put off to play up the emotional relationships. Way too involved in the relationships and not staying true to the doc style presentation as much.

  141. I was a little put off by Kelly not getting into any trouble and it ending without any closure on that, Dwight would not just let that pass, but great episode for everything else!

  142. Dwight dropping down and almost punching Jim in the “‘nard dog” and then air-kicking Phyllis, awesome.

    Michael and his left-over guac. Kelly pulling out all the stops, she’s awesome.

    No worries folks, we’ll find out who replaced Ryan at Corporate. All in good time. . .

    Bill Buttlicker – bahahhahahah.

  143. Hooray!! I feel like the Office is finally back to form!
    *The pacing was perfect – the last few episodes were too choppy.
    *Pam was “back in the office” so to speak.
    *Angela’s sneakiness expands.
    *Kelly got a great storyline.
    * I cracked up at the Michael/Dwight/Jim phone role playing. Michael always plays along so seriously.
    *And best of all, I love it when Dwight and Jim have an honest “buddy” moment.
    Brillant, Lester Lewis!!

  144. 166- I thought that conversation reminded me more of the Jam interaction in Boys and Girls where Jim encourages Pam’s pursuit of an art program in New York. Maybe there’s a parallel there.

  145. Okay, so I thought that Pam was just going to be gone for the summer. I thought she said three months. It dawned on me yesterday that it has been a lot longer than that. Did I just imagine that she said that? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… after this week, I’m desperate for her to come back!

    Also, who will be replacing Holly? The fact that that wasn’t addressed this week surprised me. I’m thinking(hoping!) Toby?

  146. I’m a little surprised everyone loves this episode so much. I thought the stuff with Jim and Pam was really boring. But the last scene with Dwight, Angela, and Andy totally made up for everything! I loved it and rewatched it about 10 times. =)

  147. man i don’t get why so many people are complaining about the relationship aspect of things i mean it’s not like this stuff is new. jim and pam, dwight and angela, michael and jan, ryan and kelly were all from season 2.

  148. #177 – are you kidding? In Season 2, the show was about office hijinks, shenanigans, etc. It was more of an ensemble piece, with “the office” as the focal point of the show. It felt like an actual documentary. It was funny. And the relationships were second place to the plot.

    Season 4 and now Season 5 are not very good. The show feels VERY scripted, the relationships get the focus, and everything just…feels…disappointing.

  149. The way Jim physically reacted to the squeal of Dwight’s car coming around the corner was perfect! Nice one, Krasinski. Count me among the fans who absolutely adore the Jim/Dwight alliance dynamic. Pretty much every scene between them is golden, even if the episode overall isn’t a high-ranking favorite. Dwight: “Could be the mob…[snipped]… and there’s little evidence of that.” Jim: “Is there SOME evidence?” Who wants Dwight to be Jim’s best man at his wedding? LOL

    Also count me in as nominating this ep for Krasinski’s Emmy reel.

  150. Am watching for the third time right now and when Dwight goes in to Michael’s office for his scores, Michael says, “Alrighty Dwighty”. That totally got me, then Andy shouts out, “Tommy Tuna!” when Jim walks in the kitchen.

    Ahhhh the little things.

  151. Oh wow I just rewatched the episode and I caught the cemetery wedding picture in Dwight’s presentation. That’s awesome!

  152. So much better than all the other episodes of Season 5 combined. Stephen Merchant is the MAN! But there were still some annoying leftover plots that need to end. Angela needs to stop being a slut. Michael is better off being a boss rather than a relationship disaster maker.

  153. Solid episode! Have a feeling since next week’s episode has Jim counting the days that Pam will not be coming back to Scranton yet. I think they’ll drag it out which is sad because I loved having Pam “back” last night. I don’t see the show working the same without all the characters in Scranton. Like when Jim was in Stamford- so sad! It’ll be interesting to see how they solve the problem.
    I also LOVE when we get to see Michael do real boss things- like him closing the sale in The Client. We need those once in a while to ground his character in reality. Granted, he’s always crazy in his approach to work, but he manages to get it done, which makes his status more believable.
    LOVED Dwight speeding 10 ft into the parking spot and his air-kick.

    tanster- Not trying to be nit-picky- (and I could be wrong), but I think Pam says, “Don’t give HIM Snoopy.” Not “UP”. It was actually one of my favorite lines because it sounded exactly like something I would say myself. I’m a baby about stuff like “MY Office mug”.

    [from tanster: i heard it the way you heard it. but my closed captioning showed “up.” oh well!]

  154. And I forgot to mention that my favorite line of the episode isn’t listed on here.

    Pam: Cute shoes online
    Jim: How many shoes do you need?
    Dwight: Two, maybe three

    Just so classic Dwight!

  155. What a good episode! Not my favorite, but the TWSS moment redeemed it all for me. :]

  156. I knew that Alex character from NYC was going to have some significance. He made that joke in week 1 and he has some of the same qualities as Jim. His speech about waking up 50 years from now and having regrets about what could have been…. Even if pam became a famous artist, she would be wondering what could have been with Jim. Jim had a great opportunity in NYC once, and he turned it all down to be with Pam in Scranton.

  157. tanster- haha! I came back on to say I just captioned it and it showed as “up!” Then, I saw your reply that said it came up for you that way, too! It’ll be interesting to see when the season 5 DVD’s come out to see what the subtitles say, because I’ve noticed the closed-captioning from television can be wrong. I’m convinced she says, “he!” We may never know… ;o)

  158. I’ll try this again minus the typos!

    I’m falling more in like (!!) with Dwight’s character all the time! Rainn Wilson and the writers are doing a great job developing Mr. Schrute. Just great.

    Andy and Angela . . . will they make it to the altar? Should they? I’ll probably be laughing and/or cringing either way!

    Jim and Pam . . . I would like to see the aftermath of Alex’s suggestion. As others have pointed out, New York is not the only place in the world to be an artist. I hope both Jim and Pam realize that. Plus, I do think Alex is into Pam so there could be an ulterior motive to his suggestion. Hmmm . . . maybe Dwight can do a background check?

    Kelly — bwah! Don’t scorn that woman!

  159. #188 The Scribbler…I totally agree. When Alex walked in that office and asked to talk to her privately, I looked at my husband and said, “OMG he is going to tell her he has feelings for her!” I wanted to puke! I think you are right on the money…he does not have her best interest at heart. Pam already knows what it is like to wonder “what might have been,” remember S3? Jim apparently had moved on because she shot him down. If only she had broken things off with Roy when she had the chance…Thank God those days are over. I don’t think she would make the same mistake twice. She can pursue her dream and still be with Jim. Yeah, I knew that guy was a total douche the second I saw him…hurry back to Scranton Pam!!!

  160. Have to agree with the others who loved this episode. The writing in this episode felt like such a return to earlier times. There were so many throw away moments that were hilarious. After last week’s downer episode something light and bubbly was just perfect!

  161. #178 – this episode was about the customer service girl faking bad client reviews, the boss trying to mentor two of the salesmen on better customer service, the plot being uncovered by discovering the employee’s office mugs- how do these things not fall under the category of office hijinks and shenanigans? the office has always had multiple stories in each episode and at least one of the stories has always been about a relationship. i think the show is going to evolve over time as are the characters. that is only natural and more than that, it is an intelligent progression, but i would have to disagree that this is somehow a totally different show than season 2, that is simply not the case.

  162. My favorite line was Dwight saying, “Kelly the whole time, let’s get her.” The look of sheer determination on his face is priceless. Good to see old Dwight back again.

  163. I loved this episode! So many moments where my roommates and I had to rewind to rewatch because we were laughing too hard to hear what was going on.

    One thing I didn’t like (this may have been brought up before): I really did not like that Jim would consider purchasing a house for both of them without Pam’s input at all. A house is a huge deal, and that he is assuming that he knows she will like it is a little too much. I know I would certainly be angry if my fiance, no matter how well he knows me, made that decision for me!

  164. This really was a good episode!

    I think the question on the minds of all of Jim/Pam fans was, “Now that they’re engaged…what’s going to keep us watching?” This episode presented a conflict, which was needed to keep that storyline alive.

    The writers did a great job bringing Dwight back into the Andy/Angela (Andega?) wedding…though it IS a little bit doubtful that Andy is so complacent and just OBLIVIOUS. Then again, it’s Andy.

    The only request I have is MORE PHYLLIS, MEREDITH, OSCAR, and KEVIN! I think everyone is really underestimating their merit as characters. They do such a great job, and are consistently hysterical when the writers focus on them.

  165. This episode was good not great. It didn’t seem like the screenplay was written to make us laugh in most parts. I liked how it stayed in the office for the most part though. I also liked how there was a random incident.(Kelly giving fake customer feedback) It reminded me of Season 1 and 2.

    I still don’t understand how Employee Transfer got such a low rating. I definitely thought it was better than this week’s episode.

  166. By the way, the best part of the episode:

    Dwight almost kicking Phyllis in the face when Jim told him he was right.

    LOL..The real Dwight is BACK

  167. I hate to say it but this was a terrible episode. I have been a hardcore fan since the beginning and I honestly think this is the worst episode of all time. I chuckled once or twice but I did not laugh ONCE…every single scene was undercut by some kind of conflict or tension, and not in a funny way, in an awkward and out-of-place way not befitting a half hour COMEDY show. Last night’s episode felt more like a drama and I walked away with an icky taste in my mouth. This season has had really high highs and really low lows and this episode was the lowest low yet.

  168. I’m suprised no one’s name is Bill Buttlicker. Dwight, Jim and Michael in the conference room was the best. Old school.

  169. This episode was totally enjoyable start to finish and all of the performances were fantastic!!Personally, I think Rainn Wilson is amazing!! Plotwise though, I sincerely hope that Jim doesn’t give in and tell Pam to stay in NY. He’s obviously a great guy but come on, he’s not a saint. He should be able to tell the woman he’s about to marry that he expects her to come back (as they agreed) so they can start their lives together. New York is a great goal and one they can strive for together, but it doesn’t have to be right this minute. Frankly, I’d really love to see him stand up for himself on this issue. Also, I think Ryan is the motivating factor behind Kelly’s vindictive behavior. I don’t think he’s over causing problems and he’s using her feelings for him to get her to do his dirty work.

  170. Favorite episode all season. Actually, my favorite episode since the season 2 finale. But I could have done with a little more Phyllis, Stanley, Meredith, Creed, Kevin, and Oscar.

  171. I disagree with those who have said that this episode was worse than last weeks’. Employee Transfer was the not great, of course I found a few moments to laugh, but overall it didn’t do it for me. Customer Survey, on the other hand, was classic. Wonderfully scripted, so many subtle quips in this episode. Those quips are what make The Office the show we love. It was easily one of the best episodes of the last two seasons.

    Also, I can’t wait for next week. I usually don’t like when they leave the office but there is a silver lining here. Since Michael is taking Andy, it gives us a chance to see some Dwangela alone time. ;)

  172. Best episode of the season so far! The Office got its groove back!

    I agree with some previous posts that it was good that the plot stayed mostly within the office and that the “random incident” with Kelly faking the reports was reminiscent of seasons 1 or 2. It was nice to see the show go back to what worked originally.

    I laughed harder and more often during this episode than I have at any episode so far this year. the Jim/Dwight stuff was priceless. So was the Andy/Angela/Dwight stuff. I can’t wait to see how that whole love triangle comes to a head. And the stuff with Alex and Pam in New York with Jim listening from Scranton was heart-wrenching. I can’t wait for next week!!!!

  173. I need a little help. I can’t see the significance of Pam’s (adorable) scene as she sits at her NYC coporate office desk and hums a tune. What song is she humming. How does it fit? Help? But, what a golden episode! Oh Angela, you barn-rat. Have you (and any farmer we know) been testing out the hay loft in a crumbly, ole barn, star gazing thru the rotted roof slats? Your view of the antique tools as you flip over…priceless. Beet soup for bridal buffet, anyone?

  174. #188 & #189 – I agree. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of there being an “Alex” character, but after seeing the episode a few times, I realized how much he’s needed. We’ve seen Jim and Pam be lovey-dovey, best friends, etc., but we haven’t seen a good, passionate, heated moment between them. I would love to see Jim say, “Hey. I came back for you!” (Oh, and writers, it would be awesome if the house Jim is buying from his parents has the upstairs terrace that Pam has always wanted.)

  175. Libby, maybe my sad and infinite knowledge of cheesy pop songs can help. Dwight was cranking (My Angel Is A) Centerfold by the J. Geils Band in his car, and Pam overheard it via her bluetooth. She was humming the refrain. I thought it was cute because it’s one of those things that you might hear in the background at the grocery store, and then you later realize with annoyance it has since gotten totally stuck in your head…all day.

  176. As much as I hate to say this…I missed Holly.

    The rest of the show was excellent, but there feels like there’s a part missing without Amy Ryan on the cast.

  177. What a great episode! It was totally one of those episodes that makes you proud to be a fan. I realized (as a couple people have mentioned) that Michael was not as “present” throughout the episode. However, when he was in a scene, Steve Carell was brilliant, as always. I absolutely loved the Dwight/Jim connection in this episode, as well. Some people have expressed their displeasure at all of the relationships now in the show. But I think the sign of a good show is one that evolves from year to year and doesn’t stay stagnant. If the show didn’t address the progression of the relationships (Jim/Pam, Andy/Angela/Dwight, Holly/Michael/Jan) and didn’t show their interactions, we would be at square one; going nowhere. I do understand the frustration from some fans, but a real office deals with those connections, so why shouldn’t the show? There have also been a couple of people who have, week after week (especially over the course of seasons 4 and 5), shown their disappointment in the show (for whatever reason). Please remember…no one is making you watch. And keep in mind, this is a FANsite. I mean absolutely no disrespect, if that offends anyone.

  178. I’ve watched this one twice now, and I’m not seeing why people think it was all that great. There was no satisfying resolution to Kelly’s shenanigans (which, even in Office land, should have had her fired immediately). The tension between Jim and Pam continues to feel contrived. And Bill Buttlicker? Does The Office need to be coarse now to get laughs? The cold open was weird, even for Michael. And the pacing and cutting were too quick and just felt…off. This was my least favorite of the year.

  179. I loved this episode, and season 5 has been really good so far! I think last season was kind of a big “transitioning” season and since the writers strike cut it short, it wasn’t as good as it could have been. But I have loved every season 5 episode so far… they do need to bring Amy Ryan back though!!

  180. Wait one more thing…. I’ve been dying to know who has Ryan’s old job. Why haven’t they addressed it yet?

  181. Okay episode. Better than the last two. Actually liked it a lot more on the second viewing. But it was just an okay episode nothing special. Honestly I think this show has hit a rough patch.

  182. #208 — good point! (Same for #207 & # 211.)

    I’m still bummed that because I’m north of the 49th parallel, I cannot watch the deleted scenes or Webisodes on Yes, I remember a post about downloading something to make it work, but I haven’t yet mainly due to busyness in my life and not being sure if it will work on my iMac, which ties back in to the busyness thing. :-/

    I so enjoy the stress-relieving laughter provided by “The Office” each week!

  183. #191/PAMJIM- I realize that Pam should technically be back to the office by next episode. What I meant- maybe I was unclear- was that I have a feeling she may choose to stay in NY for a little longer, whether it be for more study or whatever. I feel like the writers might choose to drag it out longer than was originally intended to add drama.

    #211 CreepyCreedBratton- I agree with your comment about some of the repeated hating on the show. By no means do I think people should have to love every episode- I’ve expressed my disappointment or gripes about certain things from time to time. I enjoy reading different critiques/viewpoints. We rate the episodes every week and sometimes they are rated low. But if you are really disliking the show EVERY WEEK for two seasons now, maybe it’s time to move on to something else. It’s kind of a buzz kill for people who still really enjoy the show. Like CreepyCreedBratton, I don’t mean to offend or disrespect- just hopeful that this fun place can remain fun.

  184. PAMJIM- you may be right. Personally, I feel that this idea of Pam staying in NY longer may play for longer than some expect, even into next year. Just a hunch.

    Of course, the only people who truly know what will happen are the writers, so JAM fans- rub elbows with them!

  185. When Dwight air-kicked Phyllis, I thought I was having a heart-attack.

    Dwight Schrute, my hero.

  186. When Michael has Dwight and Jim role play a sales call, I about peed my pants, not to mention I did not breathe for a whole minute. It was hilarious.

  187. Does anyone else still think that Dwight was right about Kelly not acting alone and Ryan’s actually plotting to tear down Dwight and Jim?

  188. I was, and still am, deeply troubled by the rape joke between Kelly and Michael. I find it disturbing that the writers, cast, show runners, censors and network people all approved and went through with a scene that clearly made light of rape, as though it is ever acceptable to joke about the most serious threat every woman in this world faces. Kelly throws around a pointless rape accusation as a last ditch effort to get out of trouble. Do the people involved with this show really think that happens? Are the people responsible for this so uneducated that they believe that women routinely use rape accusations as a tool? Is rape so unimportant an issue to The Office staff that they would portray to millions of viewers the idea that false, meaningless rape accusations actually even happen, that women are so unaffected by the terror of sexual assault that anyone outside of the mentally ill would do such a thing? And Michael immediately dismisses it, furthering the extent of the “joke,” telling Kelly that she can’t always accuse people of rape to get herself out of trouble.

  189. I know there’s been some discussion as to when Pam’s coming back… and maybe this has already been discussed – but the point that Pam has only been in the city for 3 months?? She has been in classes much longer than 3 months, right? “Weight Loss” covered the summer, and she moved to NY in the beginning, even if she didn’t start classes until July, in Office-time it is still after Halloween, and now November. So.. she has been there at least 4 months, if not 5 or 6. Has this been explained, or am I just off here?

  190. To 222:

    I doubt that the writers believe every woman uses that as an excuse.. It just fits Kelly’s ridiculous character.. that’s an excuse she would use in order to get out of trouble.. Sure, some people may not see it as in good taste, but it was a harmless joke; something that matches the tone of the character.

    Also, I have to say, the conversation between Michael/Jim/Dwight in the conference room in the “Customer Service Testing” was easily one of the best scenes from the show. It was incredible!

  191. I don’t get it, so have we seen the last of Jan in “Baby Shower”? Is Melora Hardin coming back? What’s gonna happen to Jan?

  192. 224 PAMJIM—My thoughts exactly. I felt like even in her voice, she seemed very defensive as compared to past scenes where Pam is confronted. Great acting by Jenna Fischer, by the way, because when I was watching for the first time, I felt defensive for her. And did anyone else happen to notice that when she was leaving the conference room, she turned back and looked out the window? I just wonder what that is supposed to mean.

  193. #221 – i agree, i think ryan is involved. i could see him coming up with some of the descriptions of jim – i can’t really see kelly coming up with “smug and arrogant”. i tried to ask lester lewis about it but my question wasn’t chosen. i have to say i found this episode a little off the first time i watched it, something about the pacing, but the second time through i wasn’t distracted by that and i thought it was great. i have really been enjoying this season so far but i started reserving my opinion of each episode until after a second viewing. my anticipation and excitement is too distracting the first time i watch. also, lester lewis must like writing for kelly!

  194. oh, and is anyone else with me that we should stop stressing so much about seeming continuity errors and whether or not pam SHOULD be back? they are developing the plots and story arcs of the season. pam is in new york, she is at art school, now she is faced with the decision of when and if she should move back to scranton. i guess i just don’t care if technically there were a certain number of weeks in weight loss and 3 months from whenever that fictional time was has technically already gone by; who cares?

  195. #229- Tuna, I do the same thing with all the new episodes; I seem to almost always enjoy a new episode more in the second viewing, because the first time is like a flicker… too much to soak in with all my eager anticipation. I always catch a lot more things and end up laughing a lot more in the second viewing (I especially found that true in this episode). I would recommend Tallyheads do this before commenting.

  196. the part where kelly and michael laughing was very funny.
    also, can someone tell me the song that was playing in dwights’s car . thanks

  197. Another OK episode. Tired of all the product placements and the various other product mentions (Outback).

  198. I loved this episode; thought it was certainly one of the best of season 5 (so far).

  199. I really enjoyed this episode. Kelly’s ”I was raped” was Classic.

    I felt sorry for Jim when he overheard the conversation between Pam and her friend

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