The Office Emmy photos

Here’s a bunch of red carpet photos:

If you see other pics online, post a link in the comments section!


  1. ALMOST everyone looks fantastic. But as I mentioned below, what in God’s name is Jenna wearing? Is that a bowtie with a really long tail? Jenna makes it look decent, but that dress is atrocious.

  2. thanks a bunch for the pics/vids, the emmys aren’t even airing here yet. pam looks like a present and roy looks like a lumberjack, but they all still look great

  3. Aw, Creed and Phyllis look lovely. And Rainn and his wife seem very hip. They all look great. And that concludes my fashion critiques. OOOH! Steve’s award is up! …..




  4. (Sorry, I didn’t hide my spoiler very well. If you are on the west coast and do not want to know outcomes yet, please don’t read my comment below this one.)

  5. Ah well, Steve will get it next year. I love Monk too so I would’ve been happy if either deservants won.

  6. I shall continue my quest to meet someone face-to-face who has actually watched that show. So much for all the changes and new blood that whatever new voting process was supposed to bring.

    Even from whatever critics I’ve read, I’ve heard that this was even a down year for Monk. So I can probably think of a good 4-5 actors who weren’t even nominated that are more worthy of the award.

    Conan has been fantastic as the host… the rest of the first couple hours have been complete trash.

  7. I’m working on uploading the videos I recorded of various cast memebers on the red carpet on my MySpace account. They’re loading kinda slow, but they will all be up by the end of tonight. Also if they win, I’ll put that footage on there as well. Just click on my name below and go to my videos on my MySpace! (I kinda cut the first couple seconds of most of them off due to lack of fast reflexes of the record button when they came on!)

  8. I take back what I said about Conan after that last comment. There had been no political commentary, as he had specified in the monologue, up till then. Tired of that crap. Tired, tired, tired.

  9. Wow, did John loose some weight? I mean, before he was cute of course but now he looks even more dashingly cute and hansome!!

  10. everyone looks incredible. John and Jenna pics are soooo cute. Phylis and Creed are cute together (re, dancing together in Booze Cruise). And, Michael Scott and Guest?? Try Nancy Walls! (Carol). Gotta say it, I love Rainn’s sunglasses.

  11. All videos are uploaded at this point. Of course if they win for best comedy I’ll be putting that up as well. There is a total of 12 clips from tonight and last I looked 8 of them are ready for viewing and the rest are still processing. Hopefully those should be done soon!

  12. I love Jenna’s dress. Totally not something I’d think to pick out for myself (you know, assuming I was attending the Emmy Awards and all :-) or would even look twice at on a hanger, but wow! I’m not usually a fan of strapless gowns, but she manages to look cute and sexy at the same time. Great hair, great $900,000 ring…very classy, too, all of it. Nice job, Jenna!

  13. Come to think of it, where are photos of Angela Kinsey? I wonder where she finally found a dress that fit!

  14. I love how the picture of Creed and Phyllis is listed as “Actress Phyliss Smith and guest”

  15. Kaanon, thank you for your last post, I got a really good laugh out of that. Poor Creed. Did anyone see that picture of John looking at Jenna on the red carpet? They may not be love interests in real life but it still made me swoon!

  16. Melissa, there are no red carpet pics of Angela because she and Brian had car troubles and didn’t get there until the red carpet stuff was over. Bummer.

  17. Yay – Jenna made a Best Dressed list. Personally I loved the dress. DIfferent with the big bow but very elegant & classy, and a great color for her.

  18. Yeah, I really liked Jenna’s dress too! It was unique and looked very elegant on her. And oh my goodness, John did loose some weight! He looks so good, heck, everyone does! :)

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