The Office wins Best Comedy Emmy!

The Office Emmys 2006

OMG — The Office has just won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series!

It is the oddest thing reporting on something that I haven’t actually seen myself — Wendy (who gets the live East Coast feed) was giving me the play-by-play via chat. Thanks Wendy!

Wow. After the whole Best Actor debacle, I wasn’t sure if The Office would pull it out for the big one.


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Photo courtesy txvoodoo at LiveJournal.


  1. This is so exciting, I literally jumped out of my chair! Haha, they all looked so great and so deserve it! Congrats, what a great show!!

  2. I could not believe it! I really wanted them to win, but since Steve got screwed I had my doubts, but they did it!!! I had to laugh when they all trailed up there…congrats to them!

  3. I litterally couldn’t breathe when they said “the emmy goes to… the office!” I really didnt think it would win cuz we lost all of the other ones. but it did! YES!!!

  4. OMG! I like screamed and my uncle ran downstairs because he thought I was hurt or something. AWW and it was so cute what Greg said about him and Conan! I am sooo happy!

  5. Woooooo! I let out a big cheer and waved my arms. I’m usually more subtle. :) If they were only going to get one award, it’s great it’s an award that basically honors everyone on the cast, crew and otherwise. :) It was fun to everybody (cast and crew) on stage together.

  6. This is the ONE award I think we deserved. The Office is not a script or a comedy actor. It is an ensemble! Yes, we have great scripts and comedians, but it is the ensemble concept that makes it the best!

  7. I couldn’t even believe it! The other shows I was rooting for got almost nothing, but then THIS. Beyond fantastic. I almost completely forgive the Emmys committee for their new system.

  8. YAY!!!!!!!!

    that was so exciting!!!! and ricky gervais was there tooo!!!! oh how awesome!!!!!

  9. i was holding my breath until they read the envelope. i was so excited that i jumped up and down on my couch.

  10. I was thrilled. After Steve lost, I was worried that they wouldn’t win.

    Congratulations cast and crew!

  11. I think there was a wardrobe malfunction. Watch Mindy Kaling in the videos when they get uploaded.

  12. *Tears in my eyes* WOOOOO! They did it. Totally made my entire night, week, month…whatever. Wow, that was awesome. You could just see how happy everyone was up there on stage. *Sigh* The Office = Love!

  13. I think I have said this in like 3 other posts, but:

    WAAAHHOOOOO!!!!! YAY! Congratulations to The Office!

  14. I know how you feel FMunkey! I gotta start college tomorrow, hahaha. We should all just forget about everything and just throw a huge party, like on the Booze Cruise! Haha.

  15. I was so bummed that Steve didn’t win, but this was a great, huge win!! Yes!!! Didn’t everyone look so good up there? Can’t wait to read some blogs from Jenna, Brian and Angela on how it went.

  16. YES!!! Outstanding COMEDY. We were running out of categories but saved the best for last. It was awesome to see everyone on stage!!

    Awesome. Just awesome. Congrats to the cast and crew. and to us fans. We’re the best fans of any TV show on television.

  18. Hey, if anyone finds a clip of the opening portion of the Emmys be sure to post :) I want to watch Conan coming through the ceiling again!

  19. Just thought I’d pile on with the congrats and general ecstaticness. Yay!

  20. Shaloob over Carrell???????? That’s like Kevin Federline over Elvis Presley….how does that happen?

  21. BTW, Conan at Dunder-Mifflin was hilarious.
    Dwight and Jim’s exchange was great. Michael was funny, and Conan even did a talking head about how good looking Pam is. Seriously though:

    {Conan falls through cieling tile}
    Dwight: Jim!?
    Jim: I did not have Conan O’Brien fall through the cieling.
    Conan: How do you get to the Emmy’s?
    Michael: Practice.


  22. Becky…

    It was before the speech began. Keep an eye on her (Mindy Kaling), and you’ll DEFINITELY see it! It was bad. After it happened, she was holding her arms near her chest during the entire speech.

  23. Ahh they all looked so beautiful! Amazing amazing. Anyone else see the dude from Diversity Day up there? Maybe he writes or does something else on the show…

  24. I’m a big Monk fan, so I’m glad for Shaloub…I’m in the “if Steve Carell had to lose to anyone” catergory.

    The new season is 24 days away!

  25. I was watching them winning over and over, and check out conan’s reaction to them winning. Right when he says the office, its priceless.

  26. Help! Missed it all! Any video clips of them winning, and the below mentioned Conan/Office clip?

    (tried your myspace denise, wasn’t there)

  27. Haha, i think streamers are a good idea, FMunkey!! But no, green is to “hore-ish.” Hahaha. But yeah, that’s a smart idea to have a party on the 21st with a group of friends! We should all have like an internet chat party or something while the season premire airs too!

    Everyone, if you are all still up, go watch the channel E TV, they have after Emmy coverage. And yeah Becky, even Tony even thought that he was gunna loose to Steve! I wished Steve could have one though, that would be iceing on the cake with The Office win.

  28. Denise, maybe its a space problem. Try saving the cat video and replacing it with the award clip.

  29. I honestly screamed at the top of my lungs! I am so excited that they won! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  30. The clip is just about done uploading on my MySpace. Should be there in a few minutes to view. Just click on my name below!

  31. Gah, I don’t think i can go to sleep now, I gotta get up tommorow at 5 to go to school, crap. I’m also so happy i want to jump even more, stopping me from sleeping!


    Bad news: I woke my parents up by cheering in celebration. Oops.

    … but it was TOTALLY worth it! LOL


  33. We should Noel! We could have streamers! but what color… I like green.

    I know I’m gonna throw a party on september 21st! I hope my friends will be able to stay until 9 on a schoolnight…

  34. Wow. Seeing the entire cast and crew up there on the almost felt magical. I’m serious, my smile could not have been wider.

    And now to all the critics and haters who didn’t believe in the show in it’s beginnings, IN YOUR FACES! XD

    “ARRGHH Dammit Jim!”
    “No, I did not get Conan O’Brian to fall from the ceiling.”

  35. Tony Shaloub is in an E! conference right now and he said how he is shocked that he won. Not an exact quote, but he said he thought it “would have gone in another direction. That other show is very hot right now and that guy that stars in that show is very hot right now in tv and in features.”

  36. Joseph-I posted it on my MySpace, but it doesn’t seem to be up there yet. I REALLY need to get to bed now since I’ve gotta get up for work in 5 hours for work, so if it’s not there when I get up I’ll try re-uploading it. To get to my MySpace page, just click my name below. I also have the red carpet interviews there.

  37. Dan-the clip of Conan in the office is up for sure and I’m trying to re-upload them winning since it isn’t showing up yet.

  38. Joseph-took your advice and deleted it. Crossing my fingers and hoping this works cause I REALLY need to get to bed soon!!

  39. the jim/pam promo aired midway through. and, towards the begining, there was an Earl/Office commercial that I missed. (My familt tivoed the awards, started late, and skiped the first few commercial breaks, and my dad controled the remote, leaving me powerless to yell “ZOMG!!! OFFICE COMMERCIAL!!!”) did anyone see it? was there new footage? do we have video of the presentation of the “Best Comedy” Award?

  40. Did anyone see the promo for the upcoming season. It made The Office look like a daytime soap. Kind of a strange marketing idea.

  41. Actually I don’t think “dinkin’ flicka” is quite appropriate for this thread; moreso the previous one about The Office not having won anything yet. In the context of the scene in which it was used, dinkin’ flicka is shown to be a saying along the lines of “C’est la vie”

    Just a nitpick. :-)

  42. Plain White Jim – Dink’n Flicka a la Steve Carrell not winning…which in my mind is c’est la vie (or better yet, wait until he wins next year).

  43. Thank you so much for the pictures! What great quality, everyone looks so beautiful and happy! :)

  44. So my memory from watching the broadcast is that the bearded guy with eyeglasses is Greg Daniels. But, who is the guy with rimless eyeglasses (no beard), who’s being held aloft in some of the Emmys photos? The NBC president? Just wasn’t sure.

  45. Hey, if you look reeeealy close at some of the ones where they’re celebrating, you can see David Denman in back, and he has (as he was told to grow) a beard. :)

  46. Are there videos up yet? I’m looking for Conan’s entire monologue and The Office winning. Thanks Denise for the others! I looked on Youtube and nothing yet!

  47. corporalgeo, that’s Kevin Reilly, head of NBC Programming. He was the corporate suit who pushed to bring The Office back after its first season.

  48. “WOW” (รก la Jim). I am sorta sad Arrested Development didn’t win anything. That was such a fantastic show. And Steve Carell—WHAT??? I’m so glad they all went up on stage to accept, everyone looked so great, and incredibly happy. That just made my night. And I can’t believe how many comments there are already! Sometimes being on the West coast is not that cool! 3 1/2 weeks til the premiere!!

    Okay that victory dance throughout the house screaming and yelling was very tiring and scary to the rest of my family. =D

  50. I ditto everything everyone has said so far. Steve was robbed. Office won! Yay! No, AD did not win anything (Arnett should have won over Piven, but that’s my two cents). And i still think Schur should have won over Garcia for writing the Christmas Party ep. But, overall, Conan’s reaction said it all: The Office deserved it!

    And yes, that opening w/ Conan falling through the ceiling and his talking head = priceless!

    Question. Do you think those post-Emmy interviews from the E! will be posted on youtube? Please, let me know!

  51. So this is stating the obvious but…if you win “Best Show” the principal actors get Emmys but who else? The producers? And I’ve always wondered this-is there a clause in the “standard showbiz contract” if you as an actor or the show you are on wins a major award, you get a bonus?

    Aside from that, I was SHOCKED Steve lost Best Actor. But they made up for it in the end when the show won.

    I was so happy about the program winning Best Comedy, last night I dreamed I was sitting in on a story meeting. I wanted to get Jenna to take a photo of John and I but my camera was out of film (of course).

  52. Actually, Melissa, I think Jenna said in one of her blogs that only the producers get an actual Emmy when the show wins.

  53. I’m with Elisabeth – we watch Monk whenever we catch it, and Tony Shaloub really is great in it.

    Also, for those who don’t know, Mr. Monk’s dead wife is played by Melora Hardin (Jan). So… catch-22.

  54. So if it’s the producers that get the actual Emmys, does that mean that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are getting some gold as well?

  55. Crystal – I hope they get some part of that Emmy!! They so deserve it and should have won best script writing too.

  56. Have you guys seen this (on the USAtoday site)? They show a photo of steve, bj, jenna, john and rainn with their emmys and it says:

    When ‘The Office won for best comedy, Rainn Wilson (Dwight) ran up to co-stars John Krasinski (Jim) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) and gave them each a kiss on the lips.

    HAHHAHA. Ahh is that for real? That’s amazing. How did i miss that!?

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