Two down, one to go

The Office has one more chance to win an Emmy tonight, and that is for Outstanding Comedy Series. Nominees:

  • Arrested Development
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • The Office
  • Scrubs
  • Two And A Half Men

I am too shocked to say anything else at the moment.


  1. We know it’s the best show! Steve is the best comedic actor on tv too. That will help me sleep better tonight…

  2. I know, I am so shocked too and ticked. I can’t believe that Steve Carell lost to that Monk guy. Gesshh…well, I hope that The Office wins for best comedy series. Keep your fingers crossed, there is still hope!! :D

  3. If your going to lose it’s good to lose against Tony Shalhoub. Could have been Charlie Sheen. How crappy would that have been?

  4. I am stunned…absolutely stunned. I love Tony Shaloub and think he is brilliant as Monk, but he has won twice! It was Carell’s year, damn it! :-(

  5. I’m so sad. It was supposed to be Steve’s year, but like Nathan said at least he lost to someone like Tony Shaloub. We’ll just have to shake it off. There’s still best comedy.

  6. I could tell from the applause every time The Office came up, there was a lot of sentiment for it, there’s no real accounting for the voters.

  7. I am in shocked that Steve didn’t win. Of course, WE know he’s the best comedic actor, but it would be great to have it validated in front of everyone else. But we’ve still got Best Comedy(crossing fingers).

  8. My confidence about The Office winning has been completely shot after that travesty. At least Greg Garcia (I think?) who won the writing Emmy had an awesome acceptance speech.

    But I’m less confident now, because in this category there are actually worthy opponents. Well, there were a couple worthy opponents going against Steve… but neither of them won either.

  9. I’m rooting but the cynic in me thinks it’ll either go to Arrested Development as a farewell gift, or Curb Your Enthusiasm as a “safe” non-network choice. If Scrubs or Two and a Half Men gets it I will eat a shirt. :)

  10. I’m surprised “My name is Earl” isn’t on that list. Interesting. Hope They win! If they do I may just have to scream and wake my parents. Of course, that would not be a great idea…

  11. Was that John Krasinski doing the voiceover for the commercial they just showed during the Emmys? It really sounded like him.

  12. Fmunkey, haha, I’d have to scream to if The Office wins…i’d run through my house and attempt to do a cartwheel, haha. And yeah, I’m actully glad My Name Is Earl isn’t on that list cause I’m guessing that would be more competition for The Office. Anyhoo, i so hope they win, they all deserve it.

  13. yeah, I was wondering about the ask commercial too. It kinda made me confused until I decided i didnt care if it wasnt, I will still think its him.

  14. Oh i know, that was hilarious when Conan dropped out of that vent from the ceiling!! Haha!! Did you see the look on Dwight’s face, hahaha??

  15. Please somebody post here the SECOND that Best Comedy is announced. (I’m on the West Coast and am currently getting the news via live blogging on various sites …)

    Thanks! :)

  16. Hey guys, guess what, the Emmy voters are dominated by out of touch old people who don’t even watch all the shows. With each passing year the Emmys get closer and closer to joining the Grammys in the award show hell of irrelevancy.

    After a night where we’ve seen the way past its prime West Wing, the washed up Will & Grace, the painfully unfunny My Name is Earl, Julia Louis Dryfus 10 years after she was on a funny show, and a Law & Order spinoff take home major awards over more deserving competition … I will be SHOCKED if the Office wins. Shocked I tell you.

    That’s the way it is. Can we go ahead and start ignoring this nonsense?

    I know easier said than done.

  17. I haven’t been thrilled with several of the choices tonight. The Office HAS to win Best Comedy, or rioting will ensue. Of course it’s just me and my cat in my living room, but we will do our best.

  18. Oh and I posted too soon to mention that 24 is winning awards now that its become an hilarious self-parody. Maybe the Office will win something too when it’s stopped being good for a few years.

    Yes I am bitter.

  19. Oh my gosh, the award for best comedy series is coming up next…ahhhh, so nerve racking!!

  20. My disappointment in Denis Leary not winning best actor in a drama is right up there with my Carell disappointment. If The Office loses to a show other than Arrested Development (which I can see and understand winning), I’m going to punch a llama.

  21. AHHHHHH!!!! YES!!!!! I’m on the West Coast and have been refreshing the page every few seconds! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh man, i’m to happy, hahaha!!! This is a great night, lol. I just did like 50 cartwheels, haha.

  23. My opinions now can be expressed in the final two words of the song title that is on the “Team America: World Police” soundtrack and begins with “America”

  24. Plain White Jim, I actually had to google that. Haha. I’m glad no llama’s were harmed during your viewage of this program.

  25. A great, well-earned victory. And yes, it looked like the whole cast was on stage. Gervais and Merchant remained in the audience, but looked very happy.

    Love it.

  26. Nathan-I’m uploading the ‘Office’ portion of the intro right now into my MySpace. Not sure how long it will take for it to show up. Just click my name below to get to my MySpace page then go to my videos.

  27. I’m sorry but I can’t even say “At least he lost to Tony Shaloub.” Steve shouldn’t have lost to anybody. He was the best in the category, and I am just in such shock because everyone thought he was a lock, including me.

  28. I just saw from an earlier post that someone won for writing? Sheesh, the 2 minutes I leave the room…

  29. Yeah kev, you’re absolutley right. I don’t know anything about the way they vote, but I think its pretty messed up. I’ve seen a few of the shows, and trying to be unbiased, they still arent as good as the office.

  30. XD! thats great, I post a comment, and its at the exact same time, and the exact same thing as the person before me. XD

  31. Haha, I was just re-looking at all the comments posted when The Office won and all our reactions are like priceless, plus in CAPS, hahaha. :) What a great night! I feel like that won gave me a “coffee like” sugar rush, lol, now i can’t even go to bed…gahhh, haha.

  32. Phew, now that I’ve calmed down, I wanted to say that I completely agree with you PWJ about Denis Leary. Sounding commanding while out of breathe is the extent of Kiefer’s acting duties, I think Denis’ range is more award worthy.

    Also I’m thankful the Office won for that llama’s sake.

  33. Like everybody else I was not confident at all after the 2 losses, esp. Steve’s. But I’m glad I didn’t log on (I’m west coast) because the surprise was sweeeeet! I’m still pained about Steve, and partly for selfish reasons (didn’t get to hear what as sure to be another hilarious acceptance speech) but his day will come, Emmy voters, mark our words!

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