The Office fashion sense, then and now

Jim Halpert Then and NowNew York Magazine hilariously reviews The Office characters’ fashion sense, then and now.

Who do you think has changed the most fashion-wise, aside from Kelly?

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  1. Definitely John Krasinski has changed a lot. He’s a lot more buff and his hair looks much better than it did in early seasons, especially S3 where Jim needed a haircut badly.

  2. The pictures don’t really indicate it, but I think Andy has changed the most. He went from being a regular office worker to a guy who wears hot pink pants with polka-dots on them.
    Ryan has had the most changes, such as growing the beard, dying his hair, and getting glasses, but comparing the very first Ryan to the Ryan now he hasn’t changed much.

  3. Definitely Ryan. He has a different fashion sense every season. My personal favourite? When he went blonde. Aaawsome!

  4. I laughed when they described the early “floppy-haired” Jim as… looking like he “lost a fight with a low-flow showerhead.”

  5. I LOVE Jim’s old hair I wished I had it, he should have kept it…although he isn’t Bieber so

  6. Fashion wise i think Pam has definitely changed the most. We all thought she was Fancy New Beesly in S4, just look at her now. I love her S7 look, with the return of the cardigans and skirts and half up/half down hair. A touch of the old, but still new.

    I will always prefer Jim’s old shaggy hair. I don’t care what anybody says, that mop looked fantastic on him.

  7. Love the “many faces of Ryan Howard” – he could have a slideshow unto himself!

    I always find it so weird watching Kelly in the early episodes – not just the look (with her blouses and bun), but also her character (which was kind of non-existent). So amazing to see what she’s become.

  8. The pictures of Meredith were HILARIOUS. Seriously though, Michael season 1 looked so different than in the other seasons.

  9. Overall Kelly has changed the most. But then i don’t really count her early season one look as any “true” form of her. I think she was always meant to be the person she is now. It’s just crazy to look back on.

    Michael’s slicked back hair was so bad. What an improvement. I wonder if Ryan will change yet again next season?

  10. I sometimes think/retcon that maybe in the first season she was still worried about being judged on her juvenile record so didn’t want to look too silly or boy-crazy as a boy had caused her to end up in juvie. Then she became more comfortable to be herself.

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