The Office Season 7 finale news

The Office Season 7 finale is one-hour long and airs May 19, 2011.
Here’s the latest news about the episode.

May 16, 2011

My sources tell me that Michael Scott’s replacement as regional branch manager will not be revealed in the Season 7 finale.

May 9, 2011

Variety reports that Warren Buffett will appear on The Office Season 7 finale:

NBC confirmed the billionaire investor will make a cameo in Thursday’s episode, interviewing for the job as a replacement to Michael Scott…

Buffett enlisted the “Office” cast for a skit shown in April at the annual shareholders meeting for his company, Berkshire Hathaway. Carell appeared in the skit, in which Buffett pretends to take over for Michael Scott as the head of the Scranton branch of fictional “Office” company Dunder Mifflin.

April 21, 2011

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Jim Carrey will be appearing on The Office Season 7 finale. I am trying to confirm that with NBC…

April 5, 2011

Michael Ausiello of TV Line reports that three more stars will be appearing in The Office Season 7 finale: Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate.

Tipster: Shane

March 21, 2011

Entertainment Weekly reports that Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett will appear in the finale, and “that there will be other notable guest stars as well.”

Tipster: Shane

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  1. Ricky Gervais AND Will Arnett? As Michael would say, my head just exploded!

    Their presence, to me, suggests that it’s a strong possibility one of them will either replace Michael or become a notable character. Arnett seems more likely to me at this point, but I can’t really predict where it’s going.

    This alleviates my anticipated post-Michael stress disorder a little. :)

  2. Awesome news. I would be happy with either Arnett or Gervais. Somewhat more happy with Gervais though, since he created the office, and David Brent is awesome.

    I can see myself enjoying Will Arnett running Scranton though.

  3. I think EW is just recycling old rumors. I doubt either one shows up on the finale.

  4. Amazing! The possibility of Gob Bluth as the next boss at Dunder Mifflin is so awesome. I doubt Ricky Gervais will take the helm, but I’m definitely down for Will Arnett being a series regular. He’ll fit right in.

  5. Woah woah woah woah! Sounds amazing, although Gervais should definitely NOT replace Steve, but I would LOVE for Will Arnett to be the new guy in charge. I WOULD LOVE IT, I SAY!!!

  6. I just can NOT see Gervais taking the time to become a regular on the show but I also can’t see how he’ll fit in in another episode…interesting.

    But Arnett? Bi-winning!

  7. After David Brent asked Michael, “Any jobs going?” I could definitely see him at least interviewing for the job! But I agree, it should just be a guest appearance. Will Arnett, though…I’d like it.

  8. Also, any guesses as to what actors/characters the “other notable guest stars” will be? Kathy Bates is confirmed, right?

  9. Total win win win situation going on here. Awesome. I’d love either one becoming a regular but would prefer Arnett. Gervais is free to make all the cameos he wants though. I’m so unbelievably excited!

    Just make Arnett a regular and nobody else, have some more Gervais guest appearances, and season 8 is looking pretty freaking fantastic.

  10. I think David Brent will be sort of a lead-in for Will’s character, who I think will be the official replacement of Michael Scott (although nothing can replace him).

  11. Hasn’t Ricky been saying Will Arnett would be the best replacement for Steve before?

    I cannot wait for the rest of the series to air! So excited! This news, plus more guests to be announced, and four episodes with Will Ferrell!

  12. I loved Will Arnett on Arrested Development, but I hope he’s not going to be a regular on The Office. That so doesn’t work for me. Who next, Emily Blunt? :-/

  13. 5/Roy’s Mugshot – It looks like in this case the rumours are true. Hollywood Reporter says it has “confirmed” the news.

    It makes sense in a way, since Ricky championed Will Arnett to join the show permanently. This is sort of an opportunity to publicly back his horse by having them both appear in the finale. I think Will Arnett is great and he’s Canadian – so double yay!

  14. Ricky G. would be the best replacement, hands down. What a great new (kind of) dynamic to bring to an older show. Might be just a teaser, though, and Michael runs into him again waiting for the elevator.

  15. I would love for both of them to make a guest appearance.. But I wouldn’t like any one of them to be the new boss. I was hoping for a different character, have someone completely different than Michael(‘s personality) be in charge.

  16. I’d love to see Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords at Dunder Mifflin. He can play a loveable oaf of a boss just as well!

  17. Very excited to see Will Arnett BUT I still hope that Darryl gets it. He’s still the best candidate.

  18. I’m probably in the minority, but I never found Will Arnett to be very funny. I appreciated him on Arrested Development and 30 Rock, but I don’t think he fits in on The Office. I would love for Ricky Gervais to take over, but he seems to have so much going on already…doesn’t he have a show on HBO now?

  19. Will Arnett is brilliant, and of course, Ricky is the man. But still.. I don’t want a stranger to be the new boss. My chosen ones are Darryl, Gabe, or even Jan.

  20. Wow. About two months ago, I was kicking actors around in my brain for who could replace Michael, and as a huge Arrested Development fan, I immediately though of Will. I even wrote a character for him, loosely based on GOB’s “$3000 suit, COME ON!” personality. I think it would be hilarious. Even if he doesn’t replace Steve Carell, it’ll be awesome to see him make an appearance.

  21. i hope melora hardin is in more episodes…i just still keep thinking that little astrid is really michael’s. jan seemed crazy enough to lie to him about it for her own messed up reasons, no?

  22. I had the same thought jenmark. It would be just like Jan to lie to Michael about Astrid being his. I too second that Rhys Darby would be great on The Office. I’ve been watching Flight of the Conchords a lot lately and would love to see him on my favorite show!

  23. Will Arnett will be a great addition to The Office! Personally I think Jan or Darryl should take over Michael’s job but Will Arnett or even Hank Azaria (mentioned by Alex) who was originally considered to play Michael would be good replacements.

  24. I read an interview with Rhys Darby on DigitalSpy where he said he had talked to the producers of The Office but was not offered the job, and he’s doing a comedy pilot with CBS, so it sounds like he’s not a candidate.

    On the other hand, Will Arnett could come in and be a terrible boss, and then get fired. And then Rhys could come in a be a terrible boss, and then get fired. And then Danny McBride could come in…

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Will Arnett! I can think of a couple of guys who would be awesome: Will Arnett, Ben Stiller, or Thomas Lennon(from Reno 911). Or even Ricky Gervais, but I just don’t think David Brent would fit in. His staff hated him.

  26. I’m totally on board with this! I would love for Will Arnett to join the cast. And any appearance of Ricky would be amazing. See, all they need add is one, maybe two, experienced comedic improv actors. Less is more guys.

    If i could choose anyone other than Arnett, it would be Paul Rudd. That man is hysterical and i think, would mesh with the cast perfectly.

  27. It’s a tough call. You can’t just ‘replace’ Michael. I mean what Steve C has created in Michael – can’t just fill the void with a knock off version of the same character. Much like you could never replace ‘Charlie Harper’ on Two 1/2 Men. But the show needs a strong enough character to lead the show. Can’t see Ricky coming in. He has waaaay too much going on. Besides the original (The Office) is on such a diff platform; British comedy; allbeit hysterical; would not translate well on our “USA” show. Regardless; can’t wait to see who takes over! Hope it continues to be as successful …like how CSI Vegas still rocks with the great addition of Laurence Fishburne.

  28. Speculation time! “Other notable guest stars as well.” Here’s a thought: the UK office characters?

  29. It’s unlikely that Arnett will be the new boss as he’s now signed for a new NBC sitcom, along with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph.

  30. Catherine Tate?! I can’t even begin to express how insanely exciting that is. I adore CT! And her being on The Office is just the most amazing news I’ve heard in a long while!

  31. I don’t see how this won’t be the greatest episode ever! I really hope to see David Brent get it, and then fired some time season 8. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Andy, Darryl, or Ryan get promoted either.

  32. Jason Alexander would be perfect. Also, Darryl, Ricky Gervais, Ryan, David Wallace, and Andy, in that order. That is all.

  33. Ray Romano? He was hilarious on Everybody Loves Raymond! That is a classic sitcom! He probably won’t be the replacement, but it is awesome to see him at it again!

  34. Not a fan of Ray Romano. Wow, they’re really packing in the guest stars. Seems like all these interviewees/candidates will be battling it out in the finale. Wonder if we’ll find out who got the spot or leave it on a cliff hanger. I just seriously hope it’s not Romano.

  35. A little confused here and sorry if I’m not up to speed. But i thought Will Ferrell was Steve Carell’s confirmed replacement. Am I wrong about that? And if that’s the case why are so many people speculating about one of the other guest stars taking his place? Just trying to clarify. But I just watched R. Gervais’ most recent stand up special the other day and he’s so good. Can’t wait to see if he makes an appearance.

  36. Ray Romano yay… James Spader.. ugh. Cannot stand him. My nightmare would be that he’d be the new boss. :(

  37. Haha Ray Romano? I never expected to see him involved in this show! It’ll be interesting to see if he fits at all in this type of comedy (not that I’m hoping he’s permanent, I just want to see how he plays)

  38. @#45 Will Arnett is NOT Michael’s confirmed replacement. In fact, he is shooting a pilot with Christina Applegate.

  39. Mindy Kaling confirmed on Twitter that Will Arnett will be playing the Scranton Strangler and Spader will be his lawyer.

  40. Catherine Tate? Wow. I wonder when they start filming this, because a week from next Saturday (the 16th), Catherine and David Tennant are co-starring in a run of “Much Ado About Nothing” at Wyndham’s Theatre in London. Surely, filming this has put rehearsals on hold.

  41. I LOVE the idea of Jason Alexander. He could play George Costanza and fill Michael Scott’s shoes. It would be fitting after things never worked out for him at Vandalay Industries, NY Yankees, Play Now or Krueger Industrial Smoothing. He could leave the big city and shoot for something smaller like Dunder-Mifflin.

  42. I’m not sure how I feel about all these guest stars coming in for the finale:/. I haven’t seen most of these people act in anything so I don’t know what to think of them. I’m going to try to keep an open mind about it. I feel like they are trying hard to fill the void that Michael will leave by bringing all these people in. I don’t really like this because that’s just impossible to do.

  43. Could someone (Tanster?) clarify #45’s question about Will Ferrell.

    As of April 6, has anyone with authority revealed Michael Scott’s replacement? Didn’t Ferrell let slip last week that he was coming back next season?
    This is why I, #45, and many others are confused.

    Or, are we facing in the Season Finale, the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers?
    Maybe we won’t find out who replaces Michael until Season 8?
    Why load up the finale with all these stars? If the new manager were to be selected in the finale, why overshadow this momentous cast change with all these other stars?

    Because now I’m suspecting that the reason the finale is loaded with well-known stars-at least now 6, including Ricky- is to distract us from the fact that we won’t know who the new manager is until S8.

  44. I might just have to stop watching The Office if Ray Romano becomes Michael Scott’s replacement. I thought I read somewhere Will Ferrell said it was a ‘distinct possibility’ that he would be the new boss?

    If so, that would be awesome.

  45. @#45 Will Ferrell is not the confirmed replacement. He’s just doing, at this point, a 4 episode arc. During which time yes, he’s coming in as a new boss, but it’s not permanent.

    @#50 “Scranton Legal” Regardless if that’s true or not, i would totally love it. Sounds hilarious. And super curious as to how it would fit in. Arnett does seem the “strangler” type, lol.

  46. The Office Season 7 Finale…otherwise known as “How many guest stars can fit into 40-odd minutes of programming?” Count me in the minority, but I’m not super excited about anyone (save Ricky Gervais) on the guest list.

  47. I’m very disappointed in having Ray Romano as a guest. Too “sit-comy”, I know he was a stand-up, won a Howard Stern radio contest etc. but that was >20 years ago, his act has changed. In all seriousness if he becomes a regular I would stop watching.

  48. Has The Office gone crazy with special guest stars like Will and Grace?

  49. @54 – I’m with you – I don’t think any of the people listed is the replacement – although I do think they may announce who is before the finale ends. I think the guest stars will all be people vying for the job, with none of them getting it. Will Arnett’s out (got another series lined up with NBC), Ferrell’s out (that was confirmed by producers already). I think it will be a fun episode though! P.S. Ray Romano is great in Men of a Certain Age.

  50. I will only continue watching the show if either Ferrell or Gervais get the job. Also I think Will hinted last week that he could stay.

  51. I could never stop watching the show. But if Romano got the spot i’d be very discouraged. I still don’t think we’ll find out who gets the spot till season 8. And perhaps it won’t be any of these people.

    I can’t see Ferrell taking it for too long, even if he did come back another time. He’s a major film star. I can’t see Gervais taking it either, he always wanted the shows kept separate.(i would love it if he did though) I would still prefer Arnett, but now it seems like that’s out as well.

    Mindy said in an interview that they don’t really need anybody to “replace” Steve permanently. They could just elevate the rest of the cast and rely on them. I dig that. I’m still most upset about the 3? new additions to the supporting cast.

  52. I’m happy about all of the guest stars, but as I said from the beginning, I strongly believe Ricky Gervais is the only one who can truly replace Steve Carell.

  53. I have enjoyed this show for years and have all the DVD’s and am awaiting season 7 to be shipped. This last show with Mr. Scott on one knee was maybe one of the best written and performed. When, if ever, I feel the show has taken a turn I don’t like, I always have my DVD’s. I just watched season 1 episode 1 and thought ‘ Wow’ if you guys just had an idea of where you are going and how many people you will make smile. Love the show, the people that make it happen and this great board.

  54. I hope this is the last time Ray Romano is on The Office. I don’t care for his work. I think Will would be a great replacement because he has just the right amount of star power to keep people watching. I don’t think Will Arnett can hold a sitcom and he already has another show lined up. But I’m with whoever else said that the most disappointing part was the additional supporting cast members, because they aren’t even needed.

  55. I could see James Spader, Will Arnett and Rhys Darby replacing Carell, I don’t care for any of the others

  56. Any news of Michael’s wedding? Will they show it or not? would love to see it.

  57. I don’t know why so many have to be so negative about the show…I mean it’s not what it used to be it’s still entertaining and funny at times. I, for one, am extremely excited to find out who Michael’s permanent replacement will be. I don’t know who Will Arnett or James Spader is, or rather, I know of them, just never seen them in a show or movie. I highly doubt Ray Romano will be his replacement. I think he’s a funny guy, but he wouldn’t be a good fit for The Office. A cameo is fine though. Like many of you, I really really hope Ricky Gervais is the replacement. I don’t see it happening though.

  58. Will they or will they not show Michael’s wedding? Answer: depends on the deniro to have Carell on set.

    As for the guest stars, everyone needs to chill, frankly. Let it play out, then critique with suggestions for improvement.

    Lastly, pumped to see who replaces Michael. As I did at the onset of the season when I heard the news, I’m vying for Dwight!

  59. I really don’t like Jim Carrey. I feel like maybe they’re trying to throw a lot of big names out there to get people to tune in even though they don’t want to if MIchael is gone..

  60. “Answer: depends on the deniro to have Carell on set.”

    WHAT?! Another guest star?! ;)

  61. Jim freaking Carrey?! That’s nuts! I have no words.. except i really love Jim Carrey. I don’t even know what to think.

  62. Seriously what is up with the random celeb cameos. I thought I remember hearing that one important policy of The Office is to avoid celebrity guest stars.

  63. I had the same reaction as most folks here when Jack Black and Jessica Alba were guest starring a few years ago…BUT I had no idea in what capacity and it turned out just fine. I’m alright with weird celebrity cameos (as themselves or characters) as long as it’s done well. Christian Slater’s comes to mind.

  64. The overload on guest stars is beginning to drive me crazy. The show has had some big stars before, but having at least 6 famous stars in one night is overkill

  65. This is the first I’m hearing about Catherine Tate guest starring. That is pretty incredible, and I’m a little disappointed that others aren’t making much mention of her.

  66. Woah woah woah woah….JIM CARREY IS GONNA BE IN THE FINALE…??? If HE is going to replace Steve Carell…I will poop in my pants! AND I will cry. Tears of happiness of course! Wow… I can’t wait for this season finale! Jim Carrey and Steve Carell are my 2 favorite actors!

  67. I would love to see Carrey or Gervais or Romano get the job. All three are terrific comedians and could really make an interesting atmosphere in the Office. Only a few weeks to wait!

  68. When I read about the Jim Carrey appearance, I was pretty psyched. But I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but what about the scene in the “back from vacation” episode from season 3 where everyone’s in the conference room? After Dwight brings out the tape recorder, everyone starts making fun of him and Phyllis clearly says “Oh Jim Carrey just walked in! Dwight get his autograph for Michael!”
    In the long run I guess it doesn’t matter but it just seems weird to me.

  69. I for one hope that it is NOT Ricky Gervias.. Half the time I can’t understand what he is saying!

  70. Warren Buffett? This is getting ridiculous…this is my line in the sand. Everyone else I can deal with, but him? Seriously? What gives?

  71. Dang! I really wish I had B-H stock so I could have gone to the shareholders meeting since it’s right here in Omaha!
    Also I think it’s cool that the ‘oracle of Omaha’ is in one of my fav shows-he doesn’t really live that far away from me, maybe a mile or 2!

  72. Not happy with Jim Carrey, but Warren Buffett – now that’s something pretty awesome right there!

  73. So, how many people are going to be able to identify Warren Buffet in a cameo?

  74. They are adding way too many cameos in this final episode… I really hope Jim Carrey gets the job though…

  75. I’ll bet with all the cameos it’ll be a series of short clips with each of them at the job interview — Carrey, Romano, Buffet, Gervais, etc.

    I’m still pulling for Catherine Tate!

  76. Is there any way we non-shareholders can see video of Buffett’s skit?

  77. WHAT????????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TOTALLY RUINS MY DAY!!!!!!!! Now all the space I took up on my DVR this season will mean nothing!!! I’m not gonna wait another season to find out. Mark my words, I’ll find out!

  78. Spader: I absolutely love the intimidating personality!!! There is nothing better than having someone who can read you like this character does. Just like with Christoph Waltz during “Inglorious Basterds,” I want to be on the edge of my seat when watching this show! Waltz’s performance had my skin crawling as I felt the pressure and nervousness about me through the scene’s he analyzed people. Spader can do this very well in acting and I can’t even do it in real life. Get inside their heads Spader!! Do it and make this show worth the watch again. I think I was clinically dead for the four episodes that will ferrell was in. Ferrell has to be the worst actor ever, of all time, since the beginning of theater.

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