Steve Carell performs in Second City alumni event

UPDATE: re-posting this since the event is today. If you attend, please post a report!

The legendary improv comedy institution The Second City in Chicago is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a weekend of events in December, including a live performance of alumni including The Office’s Steve Carell, Kate Flannery, and Dave Koechner.

From press release:

Saturday, Dec. 12, 7:00pm: “The Second City Alumni: One Night Only” – will feature alumni from every generation performing classic scenes from The Second City archives.

The list of alumni slated to return … Jim Belushi, Steve Carell, Dan Castellaneta, Stephen Colbert, Robert Klein, David Koechner, Jack McBrayer, Harold Ramis, Horatio Sanz, Nia Vardalos, George Wendt, Fred Willard and many, many more. (The Second City Mainstage and e.t.c. Theatres – Tickets $125)

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  1. wow that would be great! our favorite steve carell and stephen colbert are both on the list. how exciting!

  2. If i lived even slightly close to Illinois then I would be there in a heartbeat. To see Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert back together when they first met? Be still my beating heart!

  3. Wow…I would sacrifice an appendage to go to this event!

    Of course, any Tallyheads who attend are required to send info and pictures!

  4. SO TEMPTING. My bank account won’t miss $125, right? This is far more important than having to support myself through grad school… :P

  5. Oh man I really want to go to this! This would be the perfect bday present… maybe I can get my parents to buy me tickets…

    Wish they had more info, are ALL those people going to be appearing at 7:00? and what theater is Steve gonna be at? ARGHH so many questions!

  6. Man, I would have loved to go to this and I am from Missouri, so not too far away. Too bad my college graduation is the same day lol

  7. I’ve been hitting refresh for 15 minutes and have got nothing. The theater for the show is less than 300 people!

  8. I would love to go to the entire weekend. The big draw besides the list above is a reunion of the “SCTV” folks and a performance. Of course, John Candy isn’t with us anymore and Rick Moranis says he’s “retired.” Still, that would be a great weekend.

  9. Oh no! I have lived in Chicago for the past 18 years and NOTHING happened. I went to Indiana for college this year, and of course now Steve Carell shows up!!! Curse you, finals, or I would so go home for this! :(

  10. I went to some Second City events this morning but wasn’t able to get tickets for the Alumni show when I originally bought my tickets. I was hoping to see some of The Office cast walking around, but I didn’t see any. (I saw Stephen Colbert though!)

  11. If they can get David Koechner for this, then why haven’t we seen Todd Packer in years?! WE NEED HIM BACK.

  12. I wanted to go to this so bad! Words can not express how much I love the fact that Steve and Stephen were going to perform together. Not to mention that Amy and Paul were going to be there too. Sigh. If only I had money and could afford to miss a few days of school.

  13. Just to post an update, Nofactzone has some very detailed reports of the event which includes one report of Steve and Stephen’s sketch together.

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