1. My favorite number from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! Loved the commercial!

  2. I didn’t see that during the game, but that was an immensely enjoyable ad. Favorite things in it: Ron Swanson in character, Liz’s commercial idea, the “Smash” part, and as always, Jimmy Fallon.

  3. I didn’t get to see it either (local commercials…grr), but I too loved Liz’s commercial idea, the Office segment reminded me of the “Nobody But Me” lip dub, and I thought it was awesome seeing Kathy Bates included, too!

    Probably won’t happen, but I’d love seeing this on the Season 8 DVD (or on 30 Rock’s Season 6?).

  4. One word: Awesome!

    I loved it too. I wondered if that was Kathy Bates, cool beans. I didn’t see James Spader, but that’s okay with me. And no Steve Carell =( Oh yeah darth scranton it did have their “Nobody But Me” lip dub feel. As Michael Scott as Borat would say, Ve’y niiice.

  5. Ah, the Office, Parks & Rec, and Community. All of my favorite shows on NBC stringed together. But the Office will always stand tall as my most favorite!

  6. Loved The Office, of course, but I had two thoughts after this: 1. If this is an indication that Community is coming back, then YAY! 2. The cast of Law & Order: SVU in a song & dance number – never thought I would see the day! And, yeah, Creed rocks.

  7. Jenna looked great! I wonder when this was filmed. I loved seeing all my favorite shows!

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