The Office: Jury Duty deleted scenes

Here are deleted scenes from The Office episode, Jury Duty.

Jim’s attempt to win over the office falls flat.
[Video no longer available]

Jim’s jury duty is giving Dwight nightmares.
[Video no longer available]

Darryl puts Andy’s police pal to the vocal test.
[Video no longer available]


  1. Dwight’s nightmare – creepy. not funny.

    but I loved the officer clip!! now THAT is a deleted scene!!

  2. oh my god, the SHOVE IT UP YOUR BUTT scene was HILARRRRIOUS!!
    why do the best scenes never get put in the episode?!

  3. Exactly how stupid are we supposed to think Jim is? Has he had a stroke recently?

  4. I did enjoy Stanley’s reaction, but have to agree enough with making Jim look so flustered by his work mates. Jim has pulled enough well thought out pranks on Dwight to be able to come up with some reasonable way to make amends with everyone.

  5. I actually thought the black licorice thing was way less stupid than the “let me get my wife to draw pictures and pass it off as my baby’s” plan…
    He did it so that the red licorice would be free, so when you think about it, it really is a cute, “Jim” type of thing to do

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