The Office interactive set tour

The Office interactive’s just posted a new interactive tour of ‘The Office’ set. Make sure to click around to find all the hidden goodies.

There are 14 nifty gifties to find, and a few of them are gems. :)


  1. The Threat Level: Midnight script is the best, I’d say.

    [from tanster: that was my favorite, too!]

  2. “I fo-get it brother,” makes me laugh every time. Just because I hear B.J.’s voice, haha.

  3. Dwight’s resume was awesome. Especially the ‘assistant to the’ part in college.

  4. “Agent Scarn kicks open the plane door with a karate chop” gets me everytime. I’m reading this at work trying to fight back tears.

  5. I loved the script and the videos! My favorite: Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Kitchen. I never got around to watching it on the DVD! It’s hilarious!

  6. “no more talking, I’ve got evil to shoot”

    So funny! I also really like Dwight’s resume. Love that he was named Assistant to the Teacher’s Assistant in his Management 214 class!

  7. That was awesome! I wish you were allowed to go to more places like the annex or the break room, or even to accounting, but it was still pretty awesome! Gotta love the Threat Level Midnight! The interesting thing I found that I never realized before is that they address to the office in scranton is a reference to the town that the original office was set, Slough! very clever!

  8. That was very cool, I didn’t find the Threat Level Midnight script though.

    They should have had a bat come out of the ceiling tile above Pam’s desk!

  9. Very cool tour. Is that Kevin Cooks thing on the DVD? That would’ve made a great webisode.

  10. The script was awesome, and so was Dwight’s resume. Did anyone else try to call the number at the top of the page? I did, but unfortunately it wasn’t valid. :(

  11. I found 15 (6 in kitchen, 3 in Michael’s office, 4 on Dwight’s desk and 2 on Pam’s desk).

  12. Dwight’s resume is great – I went to college near Sharon, PA and he lists “Best Wings USA” as his employment – that’s actually the tag line for Quaker Steak and Lube, a franchise that has its original restaurant in Sharon. Good work on authenticity! Only problem is that the phone number for “Best Wings USA” has the wrong area code – 570 for Scranton, it should be 724 for Western PA where Sharon is. Oh well, still cool!

  13. I always wished I could read some of “Threat Level Midnight!” That was so funny I was snorting. Seeing the sketch that accompanies it up close was great.

  14. This had made all of my Threat Level: Midnight dreams come true.

  15. Did anyone else notice that the script was not the same as what they say in the actual show?? The line with “dwigt” is way off..

  16. This was so awesome! I wish they would really film Threat Level: Midnight! How awesome would that be?! I would love it!!!

  17. Ben (#20), in the episode itself there was an inconsistency between what they said out loud with the “Dwigt” line and what they zoomed into on the page. This is the same as what we *saw*, but not what we *heard*.

  18. oh my gosh. that script was PRICELESS! the sketch made it so much funnier.

  19. #23- When you see the drawing, scroll to the bottom and there should be an arrow to the next page..

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