1. Awww…some were so good but the bars at the top and bottom messed them up!

    I had to go with #2. It’s hilarious and very TallyHead-ish without screaming “obsessed” to everyone else that sees it, and it looks great on the iPhone since there isn’t any text.

    #3 comes in a close second. It probably would have gotten my vote, but the obscured text at the bottom kept bothering me. I know, it’s extremely anal, but what can I say?

  2. Really good entries. I love the creativity of the last one, but I think for overall design I’d have to go for #10. A lot of them look great on their own, but 10 looks the best with the iPhone stuff on top of it.

  3. No kidding! I think if you’re choosing the top 3, we should pick our three favorites… but hey, it’s not my poll.

  4. I can’t choose. And unlike Michael, I don’t have a Jim (Oh, I really wish I had a Jim.) or a Dwight to call in and make the decision for me. So on my own, I’m weeding it down to 6, 7, 9, or 11 for now.

  5. Some of them were just a little too busy…especially with the incoming call display.

  6. No kidding-that was a hard choice!!! Those were all fantastic entries, though!! (Anyone want to make a version for a Blackberry Pearl by chance? Hehe…a girl’s gotta try, especially when she’s not creative at all!)

  7. Does anybody else think the Toby/Michael wallpaper looks a little like Craig Ferguson’s offspring? Ha Ha

    All of them were great!

  8. Congratulations to everyone who submitted – they are fantastic! (Not giving away who I voted for, but I will say it was really hard to pick!)

  9. #10 all the way. I usually like the simplest design. They were all fantastic, but it seems like a lot of the designs have too much stuff going on at the top and bottom and will get cut off.

  10. Wow, amazing entries. Definitely a tough choice.

    #10 is really nice and simple. But I kind of have a problem with it being a Glarkware design just pasted into the correct dimensions of an iPhone Wallpaper. =/

  11. #10 is just a cropped image from a shirt sold on glarkware dot com. Does that really count as photoshopping?

  12. Oh no my favorite didn’t make it into the top 12, but these are great. My personal fave is back in the contest submissions thread. # 58, its the authentic Dunder Mifflin logo with a little arrow and a note reading “the paper person’s paper people”. I absolutely love those scenes with daryl doing the jingle and it fits PERFECTLY! on my i-phone. Great job everyone!

  13. number 10 was my fave before they were narrowed down so that gets my vote, love 12 too though.

  14. Oh heck! I wish I would’ve adjusted mine to fit within the borders on the top and bottom. Oh well… maybe next contest. These are all fantabulous! Mine’s #9 but if I had an iphone, I’d probably go with #11. Simple yet sweet.

    Seacrest Out!

  15. I voted for 3, but if number 11 wins I will be equally as happy. Both were excellent.

  16. I like #3 with the Toby/Michael split screen because it was so clean, well-done and creative. But I also liked #12 with Dwight popping out of the screen.

  17. It is important to remember that any graphics/text near the top or bottom will be difficult to see due to the iPhone’s UI. As an iPhone user, I prefer the good stuff to be visible in the middle of the screen. Great entries all, but I think #10 looks the best on the iPhone.

  18. Hmmm… not sure if this matters, but entry #10 is simply cut ‘n’ pasted from here

  19. I voted for “there can only be one”. However, I loved it equally with Dwight peeking through the buttons.

  20. Correction from my last comment… mine is #8 not #9. Again, it doesn’t look as good with the borders :(

  21. #3 Was great. It was clear, not to much fuss, and each picture matched perfectly. I wish i could get a poster of that.

  22. It was hard to choose between 3,10, and 12… I went with 12. Amazing job, I totally want that on my phone.

  23. GO #3!!!

    Probably a bit bias because i’m a huge basketball fan…

    Good job everybody!

  24. #12…hands down…Everytime my phone rings, I see Dwight peering glumly at me…cracks me up!

  25. my final choices were between 1, 6, and 11, but I decided on 11. they were all so wonderful! way to go! :)

  26. WOW! These are amazing! and everyone seems to be split! it’s crazy! I say #4 is the most awesome thing ever! it took me a while to choose.

  27. If I had an iPhone I think I would changing the wallpaper all the time… these are great! =-)

  28. Well although it didn’t make it, the one I chose for my new background is by Lisahoo:


    It looks amazing on the iPhone!. Thank you so much Lisahoo for making that one! It’s my personal favorite!

  29. Gotta go with #3 – There Can Only Be One. I know everyone says (types?) LOL all the time, but I quite literally LOL’d when I saw that one. So…. I guess LLOL’d?

  30. #12 all the way.

    I am ready to face any Dwight popping out of my phone that might be foolish enough to face ME.

  31. I think 8 looks the best as a wallpaper so that’s why I voted for it, but they were all so fantastic! I marvel at the way people can manipulate stuff on their computer. MAJOR props to #3 and #12; so great! Awesome job everyone!!

  32. I’m voting for entry #12!
    It’s very creative and funny.. so much so that I wouldn’t mind using it myself!

  33. I really cannot decide between entries 3 and 12… They’re both equally awesome.

  34. AH! I cannot decide which one I like best!! They are all so good. I really wish I had entered, but unfortunately I am no good at graphic design/photoshopping kind of stuff.

    I went with entry 11 at the end. It’s just… THEY’RE ALL THERE!! hehe

  35. Ah, I had to go with 12. Even though I do not own an iPhone, I just had to vote! Number 4 scared me. :)

  36. I uploaded #10 as mine on my new iPhone. I love it. It says “Office Fan” only to the truly initiated Office fans. To everyone else, it’s just a weird wallpaper. :)

  37. I missed the poll by 1 day! Ah. Well, if I could vote, I’d do #7 all the way.

  38. (Not sure if you get comment notifications but it’s worth a shot.) Tanster, any chance you might run another iPhone wallpaper contest this year? I loved the entries last year but would also love updated images from S5 and maybe even S6 previews as well! Thanks!

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