The Office: Senator Robert Lipton

The Office Jack Coleman

Character Name

Senator Robert Lipton

Played by

Jack Coleman. Also played Noah Bennet on the NBC drama Heroes. (Also known as “The Man With Horn-Rimmed Glasses” or “HRG.”)


In Jack Coleman’s first appearance on the show in the episode WUPHF.COM, he meets Angela Martin at Hay Place when he asks Angela if he and his son can share a seat with her on a bale of hay. He laughs at her “Pay Place” and “Thanksgiving-Me-Your-Money Day” jokes. In a later scene, as he leaves Hay Place, this conversation takes place:

Jack’s character: So if I were to call Dunder Mifflin and ask for Miss Angela Martin, would I get through to you?
Angela: You would. And if I were to call your house and ask for your wife, would I get through to you?
Jack’s character: My wife passed away a few years ago.
Angela (stifling a smile): How tragic. I’m very sorry to hear that.
Jack’s character: Thank you.

The Office Jack Coleman

The Office Jack Coleman

Episode appearances

  • 7.09 WUPHF.COM
  • 7.11-7.12 Classy Christmas: we learn that Robert is a Pennsylvania state senator. Robert attends the Christmas Party with Angela. Oscar suspects he is gay, especially when he sees Robert glancing at Ryan’s backside.
  • 7.21 Michael’s Last Dundies: the senator accompanies Angela to the Dundie Awards ceremony.
  • 8.13 Jury Duty: the senator is at Angela’s side in the hospital, introducing their baby boy, Philip Halsted Lipton.


  • According to the Ausiello Files, Jack “would play a government official who possesses a ‘Jon Hamm-esque wholesomeness,’ per a source. No other details were available.”
  • Tipster Murphy, who attended a B.J. Novak appearance at Utah State University in early November, stated that “when asked about any future possible love interests for Oscar, [B.J.] shared that Angela will start dating a state senator who will be more suited for Oscar.” I can’t confirm that B.J. is referring to Jack Coleman, but it would be an interesting twist, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Yeah, he was supposed to be in “Ultimatum”, but no luck. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again.

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