The Office: Paper Airplane, 9.20

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The Office: Paper Airplane

Writers: Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein, Director: Jesse Peretz

Summary (NBC): Dwight and Angela compete in an office-wide paper airplane contest with a cash prize. Local talent agent Carla Fern helps Andy with his first acting role in an industrial film. Jim and Pam try to use new skills they have learned in couples counseling. Guest star: Roseanne Barr.

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In a poll conducted April 25-28, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.01/10

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The Office Paper Airplane quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Clark: Hope you got some sleep, because I am going to be hot in your nightmares tonight.

Dwight: Airstream Deluxe A4. The Cadillac of paper.

Pam: I didn’t see you! You should have yelled “crossing”!

Andy: Next thing you know, I’m in “Moneyballs 2.”

Andy: I need to find more colors. Let’s do it six more times.

Toby: You wanted to see the gooey eye.

Andy: I am so freaked out by things going into eyes.

Toby: It’s getting gooier, so we’ll just do it later!

Pam: I appreciate that you appreciate that.

Jim: We’re supposed to call everything we don’t want to do, opportunities.

Andy: Who’s Carla Fern? Well, she’s my agent, my drill sergeant, and one of my best friends.

Angela: I had a chance with Dwight, but I didn’t take it. And if I went back now, when I’m broke, and he just inherited a farm, I’d be one of those gold digging tramps you read about that try to bag a farmer.

Dwight: Let’s be honest, when it came to manured fields, Angela was, at best, indifferent.

Erin: Growing up in an orphanage, you have to fight other kids. For everything. Snacks. Pillows. Parents.

Erin: I once ripped greedy Susan’s pigtail right off her head. Just for a handful of Crispix.

Carla: I made them get you a chair. All my clients sit.

Movie crew member: We just need a picture of the top of your head in case we burn some of your hair off.

Nellie: We now have two creatures great and small, Kevin and Angela.

Kevin: This is flatter.

Angela: Was Dwight rooting for me? Hmm. I hadn’t noticed.

Kevin: I’m going to keep making planes until one of them flies. Like Wilbur and Orville Redenbacher.

Pam: To speak my truth, I switched to coffee in March. There’s a new espresso machine.

Pete: Erin! Erin! Relax.

Esther: I plucked the chickens extra fast, ’cause I knew I was seeing you tonight.

Dwight: I like a little feather in my nuggets.

Andy: I’m not comfortable doing my own stunts. I’ll get nude if you want me to, I’ll go full Lena Dunham.

Darryl: Hold up, I’m looking at my spit in the microscope.

Nellie: It’s time for a little T and A.

Esther: Is there a reason that we’re excited for that little woman?

Darryl: I believe… I want to go home.

Pam: Is that your truth, Jim? That’s really your truth?
Jim: Guess I will swallow my truth.
Clark: Are you guys high? Because if so, to speak my truth, I would appreciate the sacrifice of including me in some hits off your kind buds.

Pam: My heart just feels so… blocked up.

Carla: Kid can act!

Angela: Don’t you dare tank this.

Creed: Two grand, huh. I know a guy who can turn that into eight hundred dollars. Hint, it’s me.

Jim’s brother Tom: Love suffers long, and is kind. It is not proud. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. And now these three remain. Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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  1. Wow, who woulda thought… I can tell you their problem. They don’t communicate! And when they do everything gets brushed off their shoulders. This outta be good. Can’t waittttt! :D

  2. Why uh oh? Counseling is good. It shows that they’re actively fighting for their relationship. Normal and healthy.

  3. I’m a little confused so maybe Tanster can clear up some of that.

    Stairmageddon is Episode 9.19. 9.20 is yet TBA for April 18th. Paper Airplane would be 9.21 for April 25. With 9.22-23 and 24-25 being hour long episodes, I’m guessing there will be an off week in there (looks like April 18th or May 2nd) are possibilities.


    April 11 – Stairmageddon
    April 18 – TBA (possible repeat)
    April 25 – Paper Airplane
    May 2 – TBA (possible repeat)
    May 9 – Episodes 9.22-23
    May 16 – Finale Parts 1 & 2

    Is that right? I’m a little unsure why they’re going to have one more off week in there. I’m hoping they scrap a Season 9 repeat and just show the pilot over again.

  4. couples counseling? ok… a good thing in real life, but this is a COMEDY! can we please relax with some of this crazy angst that’s been going on much too long? watching the promos together would jump start enough conversation between jim and pam and leave the rest of the show to make us laugh. we’ve only got a few more weeks…let’s start laughing again! and jim? he HAS to stop now before he sells his soul to the devil! disturbing character development. this last episode had me feeling like phyllis AFTER dwight doused her with water – which is VERY sad for me to say being such a huge jim fan.

  5. A while ago, Jenna tweeted a link to an article somebody did on the Jim/Pam storyline this season. Jenna said she thought it was really great, and I took that to mean she thought the writer had hit the nail on the head. The article was all about how their relationship had reached a point where it needed to mature – that they needed to learn to communicate better, that Jim needed to include his wife more and that Pam needed to confront her fear of change. The writer suggested that couples therapy might help them to address these things, and get past a problem they were seemingly incapable of dealing with by themselves. Jenna tweeted “Who agrees that we need some therapy?” and I saw this at the time as a hint that’s where the story was going. I also saw it as a hint that the therapy works!

  6. @Jessie: Nicely put.
    “Promos” juxtaposed documentary footage of Pam and Jim after a day of laughing at an awful screenplay (“The Client”) with Jim reading an equally awful screenplay, this time forced to pretend he likes it. I agree that Pam needs to confront her fear of change. Both Jim and Pam are sort of underemployed at DM, and they aren’t that crazy about their coworkers. But I don’t like what the Athlead culture is doing to Jim. He was immune to the boys’ club influence of DM, but he’s trying too hard to fit in with the Athlead jocks, and it’s not making him a nicer guy or a better family man.
    Pam and Jim are a lucky couple; they enjoy each other’s company all day (at least they used to). I’d like to see them make a big change, but end up working together on something they both care about.

  7. I think it’s:

    April 11 – Stairmageddon
    April 18 – Repeat
    April 25 – Paper Airplane
    May 2 – Episode 9.21
    May 9 – Episodes 9.22-23
    May 16 – Finale Parts 1 & 2

  8. I just don’t like how the writers have developed Pam’s character this season. Maybe the Pam of Seasons 1 and 2 would be afraid to move to Philly, but not the new Pam. She’s much stonger and more confident now. She moved to NYC (alone) to go to art school, why not Philly (with her family)? It’s only 2 hours away from Scranton and the life she knows. I know women who have moved across country for their husbands’ job, heck, I know someone who moved from Connecticut to Kuala Lumpur! And why would she want Jim to remain a loser paper salesman at a loser paper company in a loser town (unless he’s putting the family’s savings at risk at the new company, then that’s a different story) just so she can feel safe in what she knows?

  9. It’s been a long time since the show has caused me to have tears streaming down my face. Well done!

  10. That last moment was so great. I was literally screaming, “HUG HIM BACK!” at the TV. And then I cried and cried.

  11. Oh man. I’m bawling like a baby right now. The majority of the episode was one big meh. Excepting the Dwangela stuff, it was yet another waste of precious time on a lot of nothing. And then that ending. Like I said, I’m bawling like a baby. And I’m loving every second of it.

  12. Nellie looked “hot” & sexy! The Andy acting scenes at his shoot were funny…And the ending was very romantic (And I hate mushiness!)…I thought the episode was decent…BUT MUSHINESS is sometimes worth it! Enjoy it when it airs later tonight, you WEST COASTERS!

  13. I actually liked this episode! Although I didn’t like the paper airplane contest, I laughed at all of Andy’s scenes during his filming. I loved his tom brokaw impression. I also was glad they ended the episode on a high note with Pam and Jim reestablishing a connection.

  14. And I LOVED that cold open. The cantaloupe! The plane in Toby’s eye! (HAS THE OFFICE NOT MADE A PAPER CUT JOKE BEFORE?!)

    Erin and the box of packing peanuts also made me crack up a lot.

  15. Just to say really quick I love the Michael cameos the past couple episodes!!! But this episode was both light hearted with Andy and the airplane contest yet the story behind Jim and pam, which looked as if it was deteriorating quickly, now seems strong. I loved this episode! Had me laughing and slow motion clapping at the end.

  16. I disliked the majority of the episode but the ending was very nice. God, I hope that means we’ve reached the end of the horribleness and the clouds are starting to clear. The call back to their wedding was very sweet. And aww, I saw Michael and it made me hope that much more there is a surprise cameo. I miss that silly guy.

  17. I’m not buying into any of this melodramatic crap. If I wanted to watch a soap opera, I’d watch a soap opera. Everything about this episode was fine until “..It’s like my heart is blocked up..” WTF! No one says that. Hate to be the only pessimist, but yeah, this has been the worst season by far.

  18. Man that scripture got me. What a strong ending. That was a long time coming.

    I don’t even care about the ep of P&R that’s on

  19. Yeah, if you don’t cry, there is just something wrong with you…

    And good for Angela – you go girl!

  20. OH MY WORD! I am still teary eyed. That ending was so perfect.
    The greatest of these is love. AHH

  21. Wow, I am a 30yr old grown man and as soon as that flashback of their wedding showed and then Pam hugging him back, I just uncontrollably started crying! I never expected that, right out of nowhere. I had to hold back, of course, since my 8yr old daughter had looked over to me, lol. But man, that moment that hit me put into perspective how much I love these characters and this show and that it’s really ending. I am not gonna be able to handle the finale if I broke a bit in that one scene.

  22. @ 19 Caroline- I was saying the same thing! So glad to get a small glimpse of Michael :). Loved Clark’s line to Pam and Jim about the whole “truth”; that cracked me up!

  23. I agree with 34. The ending felt completely unearned and cheap. We know this isn’t the end of their troubles for this year and if it is they botched it big time.

  24. Erin is so funny. Ok episode but great ending. I hope Pam and Jim can make things right!

  25. On the whole, I felt the episode was weak, but with a few very bright spots. The paper airplane contest was rather weak. As someone who has spent a better part of my professional career counseling kids who have been in the foster and social work system. I still find Erin’s portrayal of this aspect of her life rather bothersome. I’m rather tired of the Dwight/Angela storyline, and I feel the writers are unnecessarily extending it. Darryl’s presence was the lone light in the Andy storyline. Jim & Pam using couples counseling strategies, however painfully realistic, was incredibly awkward, but had a wonderful payoff, giving my favorite TV couple some hope (and a great call-back that included our favorite Michael Scott)!

  26. pam and Jim better end this show on a good note, and together. I’d be so depressed if they split them up for good.

  27. once i saw michael at the end, i started tearing up. then realizing it was their wedding made me even more teary-eyed. i can’t believe that ending. AMAZING. i want to watch it again and again but sadly i don’t have a DVR here at college. i was really annoyed the whole time with jim and pam in this episode because they were acting so weird and i was sick of the word appreciate. but thank god that ending was there.

  28. *still crying* That was… beautiful. And how can you possibly dislike this episode? There are now three episodes left, guys. I laughed and cried, and that is my criteria for “amazing.” And Angela Kinsey? That woman is a rock star. Let’s just say I’m super excited for Dwight and Angela’s wedding =DDDD

  29. @40. Adam – you should let your daughter see you cry so she learns that tears can be happy and we can stop this silly ‘men don’t cry’ nonsense with the next generation!
    @31. theoffive – remember in season 6 (Manager and Salesman) when Andy throws a card at Meredith and gives her paper cut to her throat. She says: “Yeah I have this thing about men cutting or threatening to cut my throat. Don’t try to cut my throat!”

  30. Thank you, finally Jim and Pam have woken up. Hopefully this is a turning point for their struggles this season.

  31. I applaud Pam for sticking to her guns on the relocation issue. Jim has made a number of big decisions without consulting her. She has said a few times over the years that sometimes she is treated like she’s invisible at DM; she should not be made to feel that way by her husband. Athlead is changing Jim, making him a jerk at times. She sees he’s no longer the guy she fell in love with. I’m hoping they’ll see the documentary, be reminded of all they’ve been through and remember that being together is what matters most. Also hope that Jim leaves Athlead, returns to Scranton and fulfills his dream of owning his own bike shop.

  32. @Nazy: Thanks so much for the clarification! I’m surprised that’s the only one. It just feels like a cut to the eye via paper would have been covered by now ;)

    I’m also glad w/ everyone else that there’s been small glimpses of Michael in these last few episodes. With the documentary airing, it just seems odd to me that there wouldn’t be more mention of him. That ‘early review’ featured on the show still bugs me for that very reason. With all the footage they have, Kevin and Andy’s career would not be the things to highlight. It’s 100% OK and actually important to me that that the show acknowledge Michael w/o an appearance by Steve.

  33. I feel like a “wuss”…but tonight’s episode’s ending was great! And I’m a guy saying this as other guys have said already in this comment section! I’m still saddened to see the end of the series coming but I am happy for the life long memories and great lines I can use in my everyday life that “THE OFFICE” has given me…What a great show!

  34. Okay Greg Daniels and Company. I forgive you for scaring the hell out of me since January.

  35. Very gutsy to go with that cringe-inducing awkward hug that for me was reminiscent of the staring match on the Booze Cruise. Both scenes had me holding my breath. Except this time, we got a way more satisfying outcome! Jim’s whispered “I love you” left me gasping for air. Bravo Office!

  36. That moment at the end was so raw. It was an important step for Jim and Pam. But how many of us have been in that same situation? It is so hard to hug someone back when you want to be mad at them. He just wouldn’t let go. It was beautiful. (and now the tears are back)

  37. Honestly that was one of the worst episodes of the season for me. The ending resolve for Jim and Pam was out of nowhere and I wasn’t very satisfied with how they pulled it off. To each their own but I was let down.

  38. Outstanding! Laughed hysterically at Angela’s studio apartment filled with cats, and Erin freaking out during the competition. And the ending was so perfect and classic and emotional. And a brief clip from Jim & Pam’s wedding, another classic episode. It was an episode that had it all, gave a perfect 10!

  39. I will admit it. I totally teared up at the end. And I did it again when I watched it again. Wow, what a great moment for Jim and Pam, and great acting by John and Jenna. I think that Jim and Pam have things to work out and I’m wondering how their story will end in a couple of episodes, but wow what a great way for them to find their way back to each other. Jim’s “I love you” gave me goosebumps. How am I going to survive after this show is done???? :(

  40. The cold open seriously reminded me of seasons 4-6. The talking head about her heart being clogged up was pretty lame, but I guess it worked in getting us nervous. My only complaint is freaking Roseanne Barr. She’s simply atrocious. Favorite line: “Hold on, I’m looking at my spit through this magnifying glass.”

  41. Yep, sobbed at the end. That was a top 3 JAM moment for sure! (After “I’m in love with you” and “It’s a date.”)

    Have to say, Angela was fantastic in this episode.

  42. I don’t understand why Angela was poor all of the sudden. Before her marriage and child she never had money problems. No we are supposed to believe that mayor or whatever he is isn’t paying child support? Seems like a weird plot twist.

  43. That was a really weak ending. Honestly, like six months of this marital strife (which continued throughout the episode,) and then one tender moment and everything is fine? It just felt really forced.

  44. When Erin lost the competition, she acted just liked Andy would have acted. Or am I reading too much into that?

  45. Wonderful ending, looks like things will be improving for JAM hopefully! I really hope that John and Jenna get nominated for some Emmys this year with all the amazing performances they have been pulling out of the can! Sad to see this show coming to an end. Have to say that Andy is getting annoying, liking the Dwight and Angela storylines!

  46. Excellent episode! Erin’s lines made me laugh. It’s disturbing, yet funny. Also, Michael- woo! Hooray! Finally, Bandit callback! :) To Tanster: What did you think about this episode, and the Kevin contest moment? “The one I bought on Craig’s List.”

  47. Yup. I teared up. It was a so-so episode for me except for the Jim and Pam stuff. Didn’t see the ending coming though, which totally redeemed itself for me. Just loved the end.

  48. Question: When Phyllis threw the paper airplane, was that Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration?

  49. How in the world is a newly single mother living in an apartment with her baby a source of comedy? Man, that was dark.

  50. Fantastic ending to an episode that really had me worried! But where was Meredith in this episode? Did I miss her or was she not there at all?

  51. I’m with the majority in that I really liked this epi. I don’t think we’re to believe that everything will be ok between PB & J, but I had started to wonder, “How long has it been since they’ve touched or spoken lovingly towards the other?” before this episode, and I think just that physical barrier being broken meant a lot. Has that never happened to you? It’s happened to me; I’m angry and just a pat on my shoulder or a hand in mine changes my world, even if only for that minute. I think it was more both of them realizing that yes, they’ll have to fight for their marriage, but they are both willing and ready to.

    By the way, is it just me, or were we without Oscar in this episode? I could have missed it.

  52. I believe there IS hope for Jim and Pam. The look he gave her as he left to go out the door to catch his cab was the first time I think we saw of a possible ‘wake up call’ on his part of what he could lose real soon. The ‘passage’ words from their wedding ‘flashback’ was a message to us. Meant strength in their love. Let’s hope. I cried. Good ending.

  53. I loved this ep! The ending made me smile:) the flashback to the wedding was so perfect and touching!

    @BadIdeaJeans Yes, Oscar was in this episode: Andy approached him at the beginning and told him he would think of his break-up with the Senator if he needed to cry.

  54. I’ve read a few comments that said the ending was weak… but I was bawling. Right as they flashed to Michael’s teary-eyed smile at their wedding – I was gone. Perfect.

  55. About the umbrella at the end —

    When Jim proposed to Pam, it was raining. The writers on this show never cease to amaze me with these subtle connections. Amazing.

  56. The ending was beautiful and perfect. I loved this episode. Definitely one of my top JAM moments! So great!

  57. Wow. How about that ending. That little snippet about love during Jim and Pam’s wedding really got to me. Especially with Michael in the audience, it was all very satisfying. I too, was getting fed up with the way Jim and Pam spoke too each other, and to see Jim embrace Pam like that at the end, and seeing that spark again, made me very happy. This episode also had its funny moments, as well! Great episode overall. Makes me nervous/excited for what these last 3 episodes will bring.

  58. Can I just watch that last scene over again and never watch anything else? That was genius saving that footage and I know that some people don’t know many Bible verses but as a Christian I never realized how much that verse could apply outside of a biblical context! Excellent job to the writers!

  59. @73, No, that’s exactly what I was thinking too! Erin’s major anger outburst felt SO Andy-esque

  60. While the ending was a nice change from the recent angst, watching the repeat of “Roy’s Wedding” just before this served to remind me how long this story has been dragged out. And I’m still not sure that final scene has solved anything.

  61. I was on the edge of my seat for the last scene!! I guess that was the best way Jim could “acknowledge and appreciate” Pam :)

  62. Say what you will about the ending, but my wife and I went through some hard times a few years ago and it takes just one moment to not fix everything, but to remember why it’s worth fighting for. That ending didn’t fix their marriage, it just reminded them why they want to fix it.

  63. Loved Creed’s line about knowing someone who can turn that two grand into $800!
    (Hint, it was him!)
    Andy is still and always will be a douche. Clark was great with his talk with Pam & Jim.
    As for the ending, I too yelled hug him back at the screen!
    I hate how uneven and forced these past few episodes have been, but the hug, kiss and deeply felt “I love you” with Jim and Pam made me cry tears of joy.

  64. I really enjoyed this episode. I did, however, feel that Angela’s plot was a bit sad, and it kinda put me in a bit of a sad mood for the rest of the episode. And while I thought that the ending was sweet, Jim & Pam’s constant way of speaking really got on my nerves, but it is certainly looking better for them. (Am I the only one who thought that the shot of Jim & Pam on their wedding day looked a bit like green screen? A bit of a random thought) A great episode for Erin, Nellie, Clark, Dwight & Toby!:)

  65. @91 Exactly! I’m glad someone else interprets it that way. Jim didn’t try to hug her because he thought it would magically fix everything, but because it was finally sinking in what he stood to lose. It’s time they sat down and had an actual adult CONVERSATION to find a way to make this work for BOTH of them, instead of continuing down the passive aggressive route. The Office is far too good a show to opt for a magical solution – I believe we’ll actually be seeing them working on this in earnest next week, and it won’t be easy, but now they realize they have to.

    I’m a guy, and for what it’s worth, I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I cried in front of my girlfriend.

  66. Clark had me busting up. He’s a very great addition to the cast imo. And the ending had me teary eyed, I’m not ashamed to admit it. All in all a pretty good episode. Wish the ending wasn’t so soon. I’m really gonna miss it.

  67. This episode reminded me why I am going to miss The Office so much. I have never related more to all of the characters at some point or another. I have never been in a relationship but the ending scene with Jim and Pam made me cry as if I had been.

  68. To quote Michael Scott on saying goodbye: ‘Well this is gonna hurt like a mother**.’

    I cried. That last scene was just beautiful.

  69. I really enjoyed this episode. After a rough couple of episodes with Andy I’ve come back around to him and am finding his attempts to become an actor funny and endearing. As someone who enjoys a good paper airplane the contest was a lot of fun. And as for Jim and Pam, that ending to me is why they will probably go down as television’s best ever romantic pairing.

    They’ve been through the ringer of late, and by no means did that embrace solve everything. But it was a reminder that even with problems these two love each other so much. It brought back memories of in Friday Nights Lights the predicament Coach Taylor and Tami had near the end of the show. Like FNL, The Office is showing marriage is not easy, but boy, can it be rewarding.

  70. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer continue to amaze me. The last scene was absolutely perfect, incredibly intense and so well acted, I cried my eyes out. This really goes pretty high on my top Jam moments ever.

  71. I liked the nice Jim/Pam embrace at the end, but the writing and directing of this episode was bad. They kept stretching jokes as though trying to beat the audience over the head with why the jokes were supposed to be funny// Erin’s Orphan trauma, Kevin trying to make a paper airplane, Nellie forgetting to tell the size of the prize money, Angela only being able to afford a studio apartment post senator when she had a house pre-senator. Andy seems to be going the path of David Brent that Michael Scott avoided (trying to break into show business). The equality street video is hilarious. I would like to see Andy’s close friendship with Darryl (and Oscar, Erin, Dwight, Phyllis) restored before the end. Maybe this show would have benefitted for half a final season like they did with 30 Rock. The first half of this season was great with episodes like Work Bus and the Whale. The second half with the shoe horned developments has been a littl bleh

  72. Ending was incredible! I Corinthians 13. Wow! And Michael in the center of the wedding crowd! Restored my hope for the ending.
    But please! Please! Let Andy be put to rest and take Rosanne Barr with him! So many more funny things to do without the idiot Andy and Rosanne! Please send Andy back to another “Hangover” sequel!

  73. Man I watched that last scene like 5 times. I don’t think it was meant to be the end of all their problems but now they seem to remember what they are fighting for and trying to figure out. Loved it!

  74. Oh, and the Toby- getting hit with the paper airplane at the beginning seemed to have been directed by the people who made full house. It was obvious he was going to walk in front of Pam. they should have been able to see each other and the ouch moment was too dragged out. The Office can do so much better.

  75. Talk about tears! That last moment with Jim and Pam touched my heart! I have never felt my heart strings being pulled like that before. It was beautiful!

  76. Thanks to that last scene, I will get no work done today. Glorious. John and Jenna were amazing <3

  77. As huge an Office fan as I’ve been in the past, I’ve mentally checked out on the Jim and Pam story. Most of the people who wrote the great Jim/Pam stories from the first five seasons are long gone, or making shows on Fox or shows that rhyme with Marks and Declarations. Most of the Jim/Pam conflict makes me wince because it seems so forced and contrived.

    The paper airplane and Andy’s commercial stories? Well…3 episodes to go, right?

  78. Wow! I am so going to miss The Office Dudes! Great show. Can’t wait for the next new one!

  79. I feel like I’m repeating everyone here, but it’s not often that a TV show moves me like that. After the JAM scene I just had to sit on my couch with the kleenexes for a while. I felt like Jim’s hug was this desperate move, like he was just willing her to feel something, just waiting for her to react, and then the magic worked–snap!– she got it. Seeing Michael at the wedding flashback really sealed the deal with the tears. I agree with a lot of you who say their problems aren’t “fixed,” but now without such “blocked-up hearts” they can start to move forward. UGH this fake relationship inspires me!

    [from tanster: nicely said!]

  80. That last scene with Jim and Pam blew me away! It reminded me a lot of Casino Night, when Jim finally let go and told Pam how he honestly felt. That same wall fell, yet again in the parking lot. While the relationship has evolved since CN, that same sense of high stakes was in place. John and Jenna deserve huge snaps for tugging at our heartstrings so convincingly! Loved every bit of that scene.

  81. Ending scene the best since Michael left, one of the best in all nine years. Seeing that cut scene put in with the new Jim/Pam hug footage was something the show’s been lacking a lot the last two seasons: subtlety and heart. The hug took a while for Pam to want to respond, just long enough, and the inclusion of 1 Corinthians 13 (as a pastor, I’ve read that scripture many times in front of new couples) was really beautiful. Add to that the callbacks to Michael, Kelly and Ryan, amongst all our old friends, and I had to gulp and clear my throat several times.

    For the most part, though, the rest of the episode showed a completely different direction. It’s nice that they’re (hopefully) setting up the Dwight/Angela wedding, but other than that the rest of the scenes were wince-inducing, at least for me. Except for Clark, who has that early seasons subtle humor that makes me wish he had joined up much sooner.

    [from tanster: i love clark so much!]

  82. Just wanna throw out that I loved the missed look between Jim and Pam just before he left. Twas a brilliant little callback to the one in the elevator at the end of The Secret.

    [from tanster: totally!]

  83. I’m just gonna say what I’ve been saying since season 6. Jim can do so much better than Pam.. Her character has become so cold and selfish in my opinion. I mean. Jim does something nice for her, granted it was something little but it was still a nice gesture on Jim’s part. And what does she do? She turns it around and slaps it in his face. AND we still don’t know why she doesn’t want leave DM or Scranton. Her only excuse is “I don’t wanna”. And I’m sorry, but that does not cut it in a marriage or any relationship for that matter.

  84. That last scene reminded me so much of Booze Cruise with the long pause. So beautiful.

  85. The Jim and Pam scene may have been a little forced, but I still liked it. I just hope they continue to work on problems in the episodes to come and everything isn’t just suddenly perfect. I don’t think Jim has truly realized his faults yet. Dwight was, as always, the funniest and most true to his character. I feel like all the other actors are changing a little? Erin’s blowup was a little ridiculous and Kevin was and has been almost a little TOO stupid lately. It’s the subtle humor that makes this show so great and it seems that they’re moving away from that. Andy’s parts were funny, I think he is changing for the better and so is Angela.. although I did think the “broke” thing was a little random. I didn’t mind Nellie at first but now she’s just kind of a narrator. Clark is cracking me up. Wish we were seeing some Dwight/Jim interactions. Loved seeing Michael, even if it was only for a second. I’m going to bawl at the finale but I do think it’s time for this show to come to an end, I don’t want the characters to change too much.

  86. Sick to death of Jim & Pam and the buzzkill of their storyline. Liked the rest of the episode though.

  87. Great tension between Dwangela; Erin so annoying (but was funny to see Pete watch her in horror); Andy is such a diva and love how Darryl brings him back to earth; where was Meredith ?; love Clark; heartwarming JAM (but I missed the Michael shot everyone is talking about – was probably reaching for the kleenex then).
    Speaking of which, may I say how refreshing it is to see how many sensitive guys there are here ? Not only that you experienced the JAM moment so tenderly, but that many of you were so open to sharing. Thank you.

  88. I think this episode is the final turn of The Office.Jim & Pam storyline is the compass of this series. The ending ‘begins’ here. Great episode. Unlike previous episodes, nothing made me cringe this time.

  89. 109-

    I had to watch the end of Casino Night today because I thought it looked like they were almost standing in the same place. Such a great contrast between Jim’s unanswered “I’m in love with you” to the simultaneous “I love you” from last night. Two moments in time that take us from beginning to end of the journey.

  90. Did anyone notice the inconsistency with Andy and eyes? In season 8 episode, the christening, andy asks the bus of youth if any of them have a contact case.

    Overall, this was an awesome episode. Why didn’t Clark start at DM back in season 5?

  91. I have been a huge Andy fan over the course of the show, but this season and episode specifically, I can’t stand scenes he’s in. I rooted for him to get Manager and to win Erin over, but seeing him change this season has been my only disappointment. With that said….still an amazing episode and I can’t wait for the remaining three episodes!

  92. is jim and pam’s recap from the wedding chroma-keyed? i don’t know, someone said it earlier and i’m starting to think they look a little different than back then. something about jenna’s make up.

  93. Just watched the episode. I need a dang hug! lol, geez ol man. Jim and Pam, PB&J, I don’t want this show to ever end. It’s Friday night after work, and instead of living it up, I am wiping tears from my eyes. Time to man up and watch the Nfl draft now:)

  94. I love what they did with JAM in this episode. The flashback to the wedding really brought it home. Amazing episode.

  95. I feel like I watched a different episode than everyone else. The ending was a nice moment, but it didn’t do anything for me and felt kind of cheap and contrived. From reading the comments I’m definitely in the minority here. I felt much more anxious (in a good way) during the Christmas episode when Jim was leaving for Philly for the first time. This time I felt nothing, and thought it was odd Pam just stood there with her arms dangling. Who does that? I can’t really elaborate why, but that just didn’t work for me.

    That aside I liked the paper airplane storyline, Andy’s storyline was annoying, and the dwight/angela tease with another love interest is just silly this close to the show ending. We know they’re going to wind up together, you’re not fooling us. Why even bother.

  96. Honestly, whatever I could possibly say would just be repeating most everyone else on here…the episode was just so phenomenal- it makes me so anxious so see how they wrap it up, as sad as it will be.
    I agree with @122, I think the wedding flashback is re-done, at least the shot of John and Jenna. Jenna doesn’t look the same (it is close though) and something about it just didn’t look the same as from the actual episode.
    Nevertheless, it was quite incredible either way. John and Jenna have consistently done so well this season, and this episode was the best yet in my opinion.

  97. I just watched the episode and had to jump on here right away and see what everyone thought. I LOVED the JAM hug! He was hugging her so hard and I kept thinking well, he’s going to get mad or upset and let her go- but he didn’t. He just kept hugging her and then we saw the flashback! CLASSIC JAM! I love the realness of that scene. As a married lady it really struck a chord with me. Well done!!

  98. PAM: my heart just feels so….blocked up. hhmmm, i don’t know of any of us (female) viewers whose heart would still be “blocked up” after a hug/kiss like that from “jim halpert”. and is it me, or was that scene in the same place as the now-famous love confession from casino night? whoa! way to go writers (and john and jenna!!)!! nice return to the good ol’ days of FUN!! (although i have a sinking feeling they’re not 100% out of the woods yet…yikes). actually, i would have liked to have seen more of this storyline than the paper airplane scenes, however, i loved the last scene with angela and esther. to me, that’s a dead giveaway that angela and dwight will end up together.

  99. I’m gonna just go out and say it. I’d share some hits off my kind buds with Clark any day. But back to the important issue. This episode was hilarious. Neillie is surprisingly extremely likeable to me now. I don’t know what happened, but she’s been exceptionally hilarious this season. I do wish they’d tone Erin down just a tad. She’s still adorable, but her behavior was a bit too childish I think.

  100. SO I am thinking since they had Erin act all angry…(ahem…remind anyone of Andy’s anger management issues?) and Pete was somewhat thrown off by it… Here is my prediction. Pete and Erin split, Erin gets back with Andy… but here’s one person missing I would like to see again… GABE. He better be on the finale. His quirky weird out of the loop-ness always got me laughing… like when Dwight told him he looked like he was going back to the stick insect exhibit at the zoo bahahahaha. Also are they ever telling who the Scranton Strangler is? My prediction is it’s the senator and he kills someone in the last episode, hence the black dress we saw Mindy wear in a promotional tweet.

  101. Pretty good episode. Erin rocks! She did pretty well in folding/launching paper airplanes, didn’t she?

    I doubt Pete would be put off by her behavior, although it is looking less likely that Peterin is going anywhere.

  102. When Jim tells Pam “let’s keep at this,” I was struck by something Brian told them at the Valentine’s Day lunch. He said that right before his marriage was over, everything went numb. Even though Pam responds “okay” to Jim, her face shows that she has reached that point. In the seconds that follow, you see Jim read that in her face, and he realizes that his marriage could be over.

    When he hugs her in the parking lot, the image of her outspread arms made me think that for Pam, her marriage was hanging over a cliff. She was that close to falling over, and Jim holding onto her, desperately hard, kept her from tumbling over. When she hugged him back, she was brought back from the edge of divorce. It was that close.

    I can’t imagine many actors bringing those emotions so subtly alive as John and Jenna – partly because of their talent, but also because of their chemistry, and 9 years of playing opposite each other.

  103. I watched Roy’s Wedding before this ep and it added context I had forgotten. From personal experience, I think Jim and Pam’s situation is very realistic and extremely well done. Every gesture, expression, look is pitch perfect. I loved Jim crossing his arms when talking about couple’s counseling. And wowza! Is Pam a Scranton 9.5 these days!

  104. How come we are still making predictions as to who the Scranton Strangler is? It’s not Toby or Gabe or Creed or Dwight or Devon or the Senator or any of them. It’s George Howard Skub. We know this.

  105. @134 @135 @136 — i agree with you all 100%! because of their chemistry (check out season 6 wedding promos-how cute were those!!)… and the length of the series, you KNOW they have to be feeling like a real-life couple bringing all these genuine feelings to the surface. let’s face it, the tension at the beginning of the scene could have been cut with a chain saw! the ending…what a relief!! i’m guessing it took a few takes because they were both so emotional in the last few seconds of that scene. (seems like i saw them crying …???). EMMY! EMMY! EMMY!

  106. Loved this episode! Especially the last scene with JAM! With their relationship hanging in the balance, like Pam’s arms hanging in mid-air as she came to a decision while Jim just kept holding on to her—hearing the words from 1Cor.13 read at their wedding—-absolutely perfect!! John and Jenna—awesome job!!

  107. Just to chime in on whether or not they refilmed the wedding shot of Jim and Pam…I have too much time on my hands today so I did a side by side comparison, and it was definitely filmed recently. Jim’s boutonniere was very different, his tie was cut at an entirely different length (how could they not have kept the original?), he had no pocket square, and Pam’s hair is much darker now than it was then.

  108. @131 – With you on that. I’m actually more anxious about whether or not he’ll pop up for the swan song episode more so than I am Michael.

  109. @125 I agree, I thought this was a semi-enjoyable episode, but when it’s put in the context of being the 4th to last episode of The Office EVER, it doesn’t float. Why are we still exploring new storylines (Andy’s acting) when there are still so many better storylines to wrap up well.

    And that last minute or whatever of Jim/Pam was what this entire rocky marriage / counseling thing culminates in? Ouch.

  110. @141

    Also, I looked back and I’m pretty sure that Angela, Oscar and Kevin were sitting on the other side of the church…but I can’t imagine that Steve Carell, BJ Novak, Mindy Kaling etc are back unless they are also going to be in the finale.

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