The Office attracts upscale viewers

From Variety:

Among adults 18-49 living in households earning $100,000 or more, ABC sets the pace with an index of 112 (meaning its audience is 12% more likely than the average adult under 50 to bring home the big bucks). NBC was close behind at 107 …

The top-indexing programs in the $100,000 category through January were NBC’s “The Office” (138), ABC’s “Boston Legal” (135), NBC’s “The Apprentice” (132) and rookie dramas “Brothers & Sisters” on ABC and “Studio 60” on NBC (both 131).

Link: ABC, NBC draw upscale audiences


  1. Maybe if I can actually get my husband to watch the show with me we could make some more money!!!

  2. Personally, I’m unemployed, well technically I make under $10000 a year. But I still love The Office!

  3. I work at Staples! haha I’m well below 100k but this is good news for The Office, Greg Daniels says NBC loves these numbers.

  4. Well, I don’t earn anywhere NEAR that amount, and I love it, too.

    Callan – I feel your pain. I’m a college student again after a many-year break. I think college and brokeness automatically go together…

  5. How many people do you think lie about their income?
    I never tell the truth when being polled. I hate polls. I never suspect real answers from polling data.

  6. I’ve wondered if this is why they saddled the series with this pointless Karen story all season, to appeal to upscale viewers.

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