1. Haha um… sure, Oscar is on the show, I wouldn’t say he’s treated in the most “tolerant” way by his coworkers however.

  2. I’m assuming it’s for the episode Gay Witch Hunt, though, which did a good job of painting the lighter kind of ignorance that some gay people have to go through in their workplace

  3. The clip they show in the video with all the nominees is from Gay Witch Hunt and shows Michael and Oscar kissing.

  4. well, i looked at the list of nominees – and it includes ‘talladega nights’. not exactly the best film protrayal of homosexuality.

  5. Maybe they mean the awkward kiss between Rick Bobby and the French guy. Is they name of category “Best awkward kisss between a stright man and a gay man?

  6. when i heard flashbacks i got really confused.. but then i realized that she probably just tells us about the flashbacks… we dont see them

  7. Gahh spoilers–MUST NOT LOOK DOWN.

    Anyways, the GLAAD nomination is really cool. I don’t completely understand it, but ok…

  8. I also saw that Grey’s was nominated. Didn’t realize that GLAAD awarded a category for biggest homophobe on a cast.

  9. Haha — ‘gay’
    Haha — ‘lesbian’
    Haha — ‘nomination’ [family guy switch: off]

    Great for the office, let’s just hope Ugly Betty doesn’t win again.

  10. Yay for The Office (and I hope V For Vendetta wins its catagory. I fraking love that movie)

  11. I think it’s because Oscar himself is a very positive view on gays.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing 30 rock winning for the Blind Date episode. Tina Fay and her bicurious-ness. :D

  12. i think the office totally deserves this award. i know i am surrounded by people at work and though they are kind, and for the most part openminded people, they have used the word “gay” the way michael does in this episode. (“that’s so gay”) at least, for me, its a pet peeve and sometimes it really bothers me. it was so refreshing to see t.v. were it was shown that using words like gay in a negative connotation is bad and makes you look ignorant. i think its well understood that michael is a guy with a kind heart but has little self awareness. he had no clue of how offensive he was being and by the end of the episode he did. also, note that characters like jim and pam (two favorites) don’t talk like that.

    anywho, this just happened to be the first episode i watched (gay witch hunt) when i decided to give the american office a chance and i loved it. i knew immediately this was a show for me.

  13. haha yeah.. 30 rock had a good gay episode.. one of my favorite episodes of that show

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