ET on the Office set

Entertainment Tonight was on the Office set last week when the Screen Actors Guild’s JoBeth Williams presented Steve Carell with three SAG Award nomination certificates — two for “The Office” and one for “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Here are two videos: 1 | 2

(Warning: The first video has some audio problems for the first 15 seconds or so.)

Yeah, ensemble, baby!

The Screen Actors Guild awards show airs on TNT and TBS January 28th.

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  1. Let me guess.

    The Ugly Betty actress is gona win for ‘Best Comedic Performance’ and ‘Ugly Betty: The Movie’ is going to beat out ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

    I swear to God — 1st couple of times I saw the Ugly Betty commercials, I thought it was for an old 1999 movie. The idea has been overdone so many times.

  2. Yeah…Ugly Betty…hrm…

    Well the folks at The Office and Little Miss Sunshine totally deserve it!

    ma: the videos are different

  3. i have a mac, so i don’t have WMP so I tried to look up the first clip on You Tube and came up with this

    just thought i’d share that in case anyone else had that problem. and i’m not sure if that’s the same clip, but at least i didn’t have to download the player.

  4. Steve is so hot. ;)

    He said it’s beyond words! He should have added it’s “incacula-a-a-ble”. hehe

  5. try using ie instead of firefox -that worked for me (but like officetally said, the first 15 seconds are screwy)

  6. So since Creed and Craig aren’t in the main credits, does that mean they’re not included in the ensemble? I thought that I did not see their names on the list of nominations. That’s too bad. Even though they don’t show up in every episode (but neither does Roy, really), they’re still a big part of this great group. But I guess Ed and Rashida also aren’t included and they’ve both been in nearly all the eps so far this season.

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